Ace of cups tarot card meaning upright reversed keywords guide

Ace of cups tarot card meaning is fresh start and new opportunities. It also has a meaning regarding feelings and emotions that should be flow like water and be expressed. Furthermore it symbolizes a connection to the divine and spirituality. In most psychic readings the ace of cups tarot card is associated with marriage and relationships because love is the ultimate feeling.   

Ace of cups tarot card upright card keywords: positivity, happiness, new beginnings, abundance, love, compassion, honesty, opening up, giving back and sharing.

Ace of cups tarot card reversed keywords: lack of emotional intelligence, not feeling, confusion, indecisiveness, sadness, depression, blockage, interfering, self love and acceptance.

Ace of cups tarot card meaning

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Ace of cups tarot card meaning and symbolism guide

Grey color: the background of the ace of cups tarot card is clear grey, there are no specific details in order to amplify the main image. Grey color is the symbolism of possibilities, a reassurance that everything can be changed and mostly for good.

Divine hand: out of the emptiness of the background from a cloud we see a picture of a divine hand. What deity is associated with ace of cups? It belong to unknown deity, it might be god from heaven, goddess, angel or some kind of other spirit. The hand is white, similar to a clean glove, hence symbolize purity and good intentions especially if we look at the sparks or white aura surrounding it.

Because the thumb is on the far part of the chalice we conclude that it is the right hand and not the left. It also appears from the right side of the tarot card. This signifies again a higher level of spirituality, a leader and authority. So the offer is coming from a trusted source which is very genuine and without any catch or tricks. 

Gilded chalice: the measurement of the golden cup or chalice is very big, in addition it is heavy and solid denotes something we can not ignore because it has lots of value. It is a good offer someone is giving you, an opportunity for success you wouldn’t want to miss. A chalice is a symbol of feminine energy and also the element of water which related to emotions and feelings.    

Water: out of the big golden cup there are five streams of water creating a wonderful sense of fountain. In the end they are being poured to a bigger body of water like the ocean or lake.

The five rivulets imply the five senses: smell, touch, hear, seeing and listening that helps us to assess and recognize every object in the world. They are the basic means of interaction on earth. The sixth sense is the spiritual which is represents by the dove. The five senses are also related to the emotions. If we are tired and sad we will look at life in pessimistic view. But if we are happy than all our sensors will absorb good energy influencing to believe everything is wonderful. 

At the surface of the water there are red lily flowers indicating fertility, pregnancy, creation and new ideas that are coming from the Holy Spirit’s offer. The green leaves are the renewal of the manifestation. Some argue that these flowers are actual the lotus. In the Far East it also indicates a combination of physical reality with the spiritual, because it plant deep in the ground but blooms at the surface of the water.

Little drips of waters are also falling from the cup. The drips are in a shape of the Hebrew letter named “Yod”. This is the first letter of God’s name which is not allowed to be said. Additionally we already seen these figures of sparks in the tower tarot card where everything was collapsing in a negative way, here it is an omen of optimism.      

Bird: at the top spot of the ace of cups tarot card there is a white dove upside down. It looks like it descending from the sky and bring us the message of peace. Furthermore it is a sign of guidance and help from above or the other world. The bird is holding in its mouth white and round object with a cross inside, it can be some sort of flag or a little coin but most likely a sacrament. The meaning of it is a transmission of higher power from the divine into the world, and hopefully to the person who is getting the ace of cups in a psychic reading spread.    

The letter W: on the chalice there is a big black “W” letter. No one knows exactly what the meaning of it is, but many are speculating that it is the first letter of upright keywords such: wisdom, water and even Waite which is the name of this specific tarot deck (Rider Waite). If the card is pulled in reversed position the letter is read as “M”. Few reversed keywords possibilities are mystery, mother and mess.

All of these symbols at the ace of cups tarot card are coming together into one main meaning which is a new opportunity. It can be general but also specific depending on what question you asked the psychic. Few examples are: it might denote a new spiritual quest because there are lots of water symbols in the card, it can be a new relationship or love because the chalice is an indication of feelings, it can be surprising message and good news.

Another basic element in the ace of cups is the motion. The water is moving effortlessly from top to bottom because if the law of gravitation. This can be interpreted as a sign to trust the universe. The randomness of future events will collide in perfect order for your favor. So even though results will not come easy they will be good.

The heart is the center of our emotions and it is also one of the chalice interpretations. The purity of the water makes it real and meaningful. It is a gift from the deity to help us in our daily life. Emotional intelligence is giving us another perspective on modern life, but more important a survival mechanism, especially because we are social creatures. 

Our emotions are also a mean of communication with the spiritual world. There are many levels of conciseness we can not access by logic alone. In fact many paranormal phenomena can’t be explained by science which uses only critical method of investigating, observing and data analysis.

The ace of cups tells us to express ourselves, to show the world who we are and what we want. In return the universe will bring us the things we want. So beware of what you are asking as it might just come true like a dream becoming a reality. 

Ace of cups tarot card upright card keywords meaning

Ace of cups tarot card upright card keywords: positivity, happiness, new beginnings, abundance, love, compassion, honesty, opening up, giving back and sharing.

Positivity and happiness upright card keywords: the ace of cups indicates joy and good outcomes, it means you are going to be happy and also other people will love to have you around. You will feel like you are in interactions that grow and nurture each other. As things develop you will get great chance to meet new friend, create new relationships and even find love.

New beginnings and abundance upright keywords: the ace of cups meaning is abundance. There are enough resources and opportunity in life, there is absolutely no shortages of great opportunities. If you will unlucky or that something is not fixed it’s because you are not open enough to do the change. In the end of the line, if you want to get results you have to act. Thinking, dreaming, feeling and manifesting is fine but an action must be follow them.   

Love and compassion upright keywords: the ace of cups is a major omen of finding love because it is the ultimate feeling. It can be love of any kind and don’t subject only to romance. You might discover new passion for certain things, adopting a new pet or falling in love in a different country and move to live there.

Another lesson is to be more compassionate as a way of life. For example try to look at the world from other people’s perspective, temper the judgement distinction between deviant and virtuous, don’t compare everything to what you have or how you do things differently and live at the present moment.   

Honesty and opening up upright keywords: the ace of cups tarot card show us that being honest and open up our feelings might bring us success. It usually prosperity related to communications and friendship which will result in having more friends and expanding the social circle. When you treat people with honesty and morality they are more likely to reciprocate and give help if needed.

Giving back and sharing upright card keywords: you got love, happiness and everything you wished for and hence you should share it with others. The energy have to flow in both directions, if you accumulate resources and never give it back or transform it to something different, it create a blockage and feeling of being fixated. Therefore help others, share whatever you have and it will deliver more good karma in the future. If the universe is giving and supporting you, take can of the nature and the environment because we all act as one big system built on many parts.       

Ace of cups tarot card reversed keywords meaning

Ace of cups tarot card reversed keywords: lack of emotional intelligence, not feeling, confusion, indecisiveness, sadness, depression, blockage, interfering, self love and acceptance.

Lack of emotional intelligence and not feeling reversed keywords: the ace of cups is the holly grail of the feelings. When it is reversed something is not working as it should be. You have problem to feel or to interact with the world on emotional level. You might be the smartest person in the world but there are other forms of intelligence as well.

Confusion and indecisiveness reversed keywords: there are bad feelings inside of the soul or hurt which causing you to get lost in the way. You reached the point that you don’t know what to do and can not making the correct decision. You might think that someone is playing tricks on you or trying to deceive, but it is you who is not crystal clear about the motive. In this fragile situation you must find the strength. Learn to differentiate between those circumstances. Also if you don’t express your needs than other people will have to guess what you want and it doesn’t always be exactly what you intended. 

Sadness and depression reversed keywords: the ace of cups in reversed position indicated overall negative emotions. The drips of water might turn to be tears from the eyes. Something is bothering you and you have to solve it soon. It usually related to revelation or epiphany regarding living in a lie or fake reality. You might discover that someone does not like you or doesn’t want to be around. It is the feeling of disconnecting like a break up or divorce even if the situation is not related to romance at all.   

Blockage and interfering reversed keywords: in general meaning the ace of cups tarot card is still having good energy when it comes to divination. However there is something in the way that interfering you to reach the desired goal. The blockage is not external influences but something in your inner reflections that related to emotions and feelings. You are not communicating with yourself on subconsciousness level so you don’t really know what you want and hence what to do. The answer to the question is inside the soul, if you can’t figure it out than maybe an oracle, guru, psychic, seer or a spiritual guide can decipher the mystery.

Self love and acceptance reversed keywords: the ace of cups tarot card encourages us to explore the connection with ourselves. We need to learn to love ourselves before we enter a relationship, choosing a career path or even finding a new home. The key concept is to define what we truly want and only after this realization to go after the goal and not backwards.

Ace of cups yes or no – tarot card meaning (upright & reversed)

Is the ace of cups yes or no tarot card? This distinction might be very misleading and many psychics refer it is a “yes” upright card. But the hard truth is that it is actually a “maybe” card because of its basic meaning which is possibilities.

Possibilities don’t indicate if the outcome will be good or bad. The fact that you have many choices in life or in certain situation doesn’t guarantee that you will choose the right path or even do something with it. You can be confused by too many choices and be wrong, you can miss the opportunity, you may be lack of motivation to grab the lucky situation and of course you can spot the right moment and prosper.

Therefore the ace of cups might have a “maybe” answer to the question. If its reversed it can also suggests being a “no” answer.

Ace of cups tarot card meaning in love and relationship (upright & reversed)

When upright the ace of cups is one of the best cards to get in a spread related to love, romance and relationships. It suggests emotional connection between two lovers that will grow, be deep and meaningful as thus who are described with soulmates and twin flames.

What does ace of cups tarot card mean? You and the spouse will want more commitment, it will happen naturally and slow without previous signs. The relationship will flow easily like water in the river, without big waves and storms. Small calming waves will take you to serenity and harmony without any unnecessary drama. 

For singles that are getting the ace of cups tarot card it is also a great omen. It signifies lots of nice possibilities for finding the one and the only. However there is a little obstacle in the sideways you need to pass. When we have too many choices we usually don’t know what to choose because it makes us overwhelmed. So define for your self what kind of relationship you are interested in at go only after that definition.

If you are divorced or after a break up the ace of cups upright position might indicates reconciliation date. The relationship will have one more last chance, if everything will go well than the couple will be much closer and feel more secure.

The reversed ace of cups in love reading is also denotes positive outcomes but right now it doesn’t seems like it will be manifested. Things are not aligned enough for the development to take place. Something is missing and it is recommended to find out the missing pieces and think how to assemble them together.

The process should be as follow: first look inside yourself and find the love within and look how you express it to your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife. Review if the life partner is really soulmate or twin flame or just someone to pass the time and have fun with, because sometimes we are not fully aware of these tiny nuisances.     

Ace of cups tarot card: Career work and finances meaning (upright & reversed)

The ace of cups tarot card is a wonderful card to get in a career, work and finances psychic reading. When the card is in upright position it signified promotion and prosperity at the work location. Managers and company owner knows that you are an asset to the firm or business and they count on you to deliver the results.

This is the reason why it is crucial to keep doing what you do, don’t get lazy or neglect work. On the contrary be more profession in the career path, keep on learning and excel in your field so you will remove any possible competition.

Unemployed men and women you look for new job offers in unconventional ways. For example think about a different occupation from what you have done in recent years. Go on job interviews in different cities. Exploring new prospects will brings luck from the unknown.

A new source of money will be presented so accept it even though it might be from something you didn’t consider before like a new job, business opportunity and even pure luck to win the lottery. Although all chances are that it will be a good offer, still be cautious it doesn’t holds any danger or complication. 

When the ace of cups is in reversed position it means that things will take more time to be accomplished. The stock market will not go up immediate so you cant cashed out the profits now, the promotion you have been dreaming of will be delayed and if you are unemployed and looking for a new job, it will take time many months till you find a place that suitable for all your needs. Hang on there, walk on the path of life, take small steps and most important – don’t stop until you get there.

Another work related problem with the reversed ace of cups tarot card is that you are emotionally connected to the job or business even though you are making less money. You might be caring to much about how fun is it to be there but in reality the job is not very interesting or rewarding. Ask yourself a simple question whether you will stay there forever without ever getting a promotion or a better occupation.

Ace of cups tarot card: Health meaning (upright & reversed)

Upright ace of cups tarot card in health reading is a good sign that your health situation is going to improve. You body is charge with lots of energies and good vibes. Use it for something good like doing exercises, yoga mediation and to create beautiful things. However remember to moderate the effort of the activities, don’t overload yourself with tasks that will erode the body.

In the reversed position the ace of cups tarot card indicates negative emotions that might cause health issues. Being angry, sad and depressed hurt not only the spirit and decrease motivation level but also the body. It is well known fact that people with positive thinking and optimism live in healthier lifestyle than those who are pessimistic and grumpy.   

Ace of cups tarot card as feelings (upright & reversed)

The ace of cups tarot card as feelings can be very confusing. Basically it is about the flow of emotional energy and it doesn’t have to be positive. If it is in reversed or inverted it surely means negative feelings like sadness and depression. However in the upright position it’s not automatically says that you are going to have happy feelings. But still it usually denotes feelings of excitement in love and relationships 

The ace of space is about being fully emotional until you can not accommodate them. It can be someone who is too happy and can not control itself but also someone who explode because he or she accumulated to much negative influences inside of them and never shared, talk or express it until they erupted like a volcano maintain.

So if you are heaving free tarot reading about these questions: what someone thinks of you, how someone sees or view you, does he miss me, his feelings, will he contact me, does he love me, keep in mind that the answer will not be always positive.

Ace of cups tarot card zodiac sign astrology meaning

Ace of cups tarot card zodiac is Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio and sometimes Aquarian. In astrology these star sign are associated with the water element, which is very prominent in the imagery and symbolism of the first card in the suits.   

According to the horoscope knowledge these three zodiac signs are also related to emotions in the deepest meaning. It is also an expression of powerful female energy, a light and gentle proceed of love, renewal, creation and sensitivity.

Water change it form according to the container they are in. Hence those three zodiacs can be influenced very easy. Another interpretation is that they can adapt and survive in any given situation. In addition they are ruled by different planets like Jupiter, the Moon and Mars that have more influences and make them related to action, leadership and flexibility as well.       

Ace of cups tarot card number and numerology meaning

The ace of cups tarot card number is 1. This is the first card in the cups suit of many decks such as Rider Waite, Thoth and de Marseille, it represent new beginning but from emotional perspective. According to numerology number one is related to the divine, the one creator who build the beautiful world and of course the human kind.

The mythic deity gave people emotions so they will feel and be connected with each other but also with the creator on a spiritual level. Every person has the ability to do it. Some are born with the gift and other would need to learn how to use it. Many people are psychics and they don’t even know it. They think that they are lucky or that the world is just good for them from unknown reason. But the reality is that it all connected to the number one. 

Ace of cups tarot card meaning: past, present and future

Past position: the ace of cups in the past denotes meaningful events. Like any other person some of them were good the other bad. All of these happenings left marks on your personality. Be smart and decide which memories you want to remember and which you would like to forget. The past can not be modified anymore but the current action will dictate the future outcomes. Don’t let the past to influence negatively on the present or future. Being wiser is all about not falling for the same mistakes, so use the experience you gained in order to avoid failures and uncomfortable situations again. 

Present position: a new beginning is coming and you have to be prepared accordingly. It might be something completely different from the past. Sometimes we are afraid of change because we will face unknown situation. Still it shouldn’t hold us back, if we truly want to progress. The ace of cups tarot card teaches us to be open for new chances even if they are not seem to be very positive or beneficial at first glance. Life is mystery and there are many ways in which a certain situation can unfold. 

Future position: the long distance future looks bright, however in the near future there might be some obstacles, problems, challenges and adventures. Don’t get confused because it will destroy the motivation until everything will collapse. Instead keep on the fate and don’t look for instant rewards. Small victories are nice but it is much better to stay hungry for the big success that is waiting for us at the finish line. The harder it get the sweeter the prize will be. Life is about going on even in hard time frame.

Ace of cups tarot card as a person

Ace of cups as a person is someone who is connected to his or her soul, a person who is spiritual and interested in psychic affairs. They can be very offended by little comments and insensitive remarks. It usually affected them on deeper level but they don’t fight to restore the situation. Eventually they might explode all at once, they will remember someone who heart them and wait for the right moment to shout or get angry on them even if it will take years to spot it.   

As a person someone who is drawn to the ace of cups energy is very relax. They don’t jump for one thing to another or looking for big challenges, they like quiet atmosphere and serenity. Noises make them uncomfortable and maybe crowded places as well. They also are very creative and are great lovers in romantic relationships.

Ace of cups tarot card combinations guide

Queen of cups combination denotes that something is wrong wit a certain relationships. Basically there is a problem with communication.

Queen of wands is representing a person that doesn’t afraid to say what he or she wants. So they usually can also express how they feel. This is a good characteristic trait and it is beneficial when we are interacting with people.

Queen of swords might indicate a good balance in how we look at act upon life, she is more about thinking and analysing while the ace of cups is more about feeling the situation. Queen of swords often depict a person who is cold and not very cooperative but the ace of cups is softening this tendency and lead to equilibrium.    

Wheel of fortune is sending you a message to make sure you act in the best timing, therefore you have to practice and be ready. The ace of cups is a symbol of good outcomes once you execute the correct action.  

The moon tarot card is warning you from illusions, what you feel is not real and you are subjected to manipulation. It also suggests you have bad feelings that need to be processed. 

The sun denotes happiness and fun because you chose the right direction in life. Furthermore it is just the fresh start you still have wild adventures ahead but it will be just fine.

The world signified nice ending because you have been in control all along. Moreover there is a huge potential to create other phase on a greater level. 

The star is the hope and the reward you wanted so much. With the ace of cups it symbolize that you are on the right direction. But this is only the first step when you trying to verify what exactly you want. The next step is to decide how you going to get it.

The tower and the ace of cups combination is about emotional break down. You gathered too much negative feelings inside of you and now everything is falling down.

2 of cups meaning is about the growth of a connection which started with the ace of cups tarot card. The direction is good but nothing is promised yet, the situation can go either ways even to a break up. When we talk about connection is refers to twin flame or soulmate but can also be related to friendship, family, work colleagues and even business partners.  

Knight of cups is still immature there is a seed in your soul and it didn’t bloom yet. A lot of inside spiritual effort should be done if you want the prospective to evolve into the desired goal.  

Knight of wands and ace of cups combination suggest that you are too eager to accomplish a certain task. Being excited and passionate is a desired personality trait but it can also lead to problems. Living too exciting life can cause health issues and stress. So relax and get away from situations with lots of pressure.   

Knight of swords meaning is about defending point of views and believes. When we are under attack we tend to shut ourselves emotionally and building a high wall around us.

Knight of pentacles tarot card is about willing to put extra effort to get things done. The ace of cups denotes the abundance of opportunities available in the world. 

3 of swords meaning is heartbreak with the ace of cups it only make the unwanted effect much prominent. However there is still light at the end of the tunnel because new alternatives will show up afterwards.

The high priestess in this case denotes emotional instability. You have been hurt before and now you don’t share what is bothering from the inside.  

King of cups is someone who has lots of knowledge when we are talking about healing. Basically it is about a closure because the ace card is the first and the king card is the last one in the suit of cups.

King of wands is someone who is rushing into action right away, while it is all good and fine, it can also be a problem because unexpected issues could pop up out of nowhere.

King of swords is aware that there are emotions in the air but doesn’t let it affect the daily life because he is more intellectual than spiritual.

King of pentacles is an omen of financial situation. So when it comes to money, business and occupation it is crucial we will leave a side the feelings and be more calculated with our actions.

The emperor is someone who has control over any situation and especially himself. He keeps the emotion and don’t share them with anyone else. When it comes to romance he is not the ideal lover in this manner, although he has other quality traits in relationships.

Ace of swords in this context means you have too much thoughts in your mind and too much mixed feelings so you don’t see clearly the path. The energy doesn’t stream as it should be.

Ace of wands is a fire element, so in this reading it combines with a water element. They are opposite to each other but might also get along together. It will not be easy but they also symbolize luck and good outcomes so it has potential for good future.

Strength is the ultimate tarot card for controlling emotions. With the ace of cups the importance of it is much bigger.

The devil suggest that you know something is not good for you, but still don’t have the courage or the maturity to admit it. Once you will be honest with yourself you will be able to escape from the bad grip of the devil. 

Death clarified by ace of cups means a transformation with no way back. You shouldn’t care about the past because the present moment will bring new alternatives.

Justice indicates you have a bias between what is going on and how you perceive it. Something that is belonging to you is going to be taken unfairly due to emotional manipulation, beware of people of pretend to be trustworthy.  

Judgement tarot card denotes waking up and stopping the old habits. With the ace of cups combination it means stop being so fragile and sad, the negative period is about to over.

Eight of wands imply moving too fast without considering how you feel about it. Don’t make a choice right now, wait a little bit until things will be clearer.

Eight of cups reveal disconnection between people while ace of cups is a good omen. So we have here unbalanced interaction between two people or inside of you. In unrequited love one part is more friendly and opened and the other one is the opposite.

Eight of swords is not a positive card it suggest many problems you have to take care of. The ace of cups is the hope but it also urges you to start something new. A fresh path will take you away from the bad things in life.

The empress is the constituency of the perfect start from the ace of cups tarot card. It is very similar to fertility that enabling pregnancy and than a new child is born. 

Page of wands is also a good signifier of vision and higher inspiration. There is an initial idea but road to happiness is still obscured. 

Page of cups meaning in tarot is about getting a good offer. So take it because the ace of cups usually predicts good outcomes. It also means lots of alternatives so even if the first attempt will fail, you will get another round.

Page of swords is a reckless act because someone is not emotionally mature yet. If you are in a relationship or know someone like that, then it will not be easy to get by.

Four of cups is the opposite of the pace of cups, you are going to decline a wonderful offer because you are too occupied by internal issues.

Four of swords tarot card is about getting some rest before you continue to be creative or productive again. A short time retreat is crucial from time to time but it is beneficial only if you will come back with new power and ambition.

Four of wands reveal good results and celebration. Additional interpretation is a relationship that started in the past will lead to marriage and building a new family.

The hermit suggests you will take deep look on how you feel about certain things in the world. Furthermore it encourage us to have a spiritual journey and learn more about psychic topics and how exactly the cosmos is balancing itself.

The hierophant is a guide when you are in trouble, he can give you answers related to tradition and old values. Sometime this approach collides with what we want or believe. 

The hanged man tells you to make some sacrifices if you want to enter into new phase. Another advice is to look on life’s situation in a different light.

The fool suggests a new fearless adventure. The quest could potentially lead to few different outcomes so when a cross road is in front of you make sure to have all the information before acting.  

The magician is a person of ideas and creativity. Therefore with the ace of cups it means lots of possibilities. So choose carefully the right path, don’t be blinded by too much potential outcomes. 

The lovers is about soulmates and twin flames, a mirror image of each person in the relationship. It is also about a bigger kind of feminine energy.

The chariot appearance is about being a winner and reaching to the exact point of triumph. The ace of cups is the will power which brings us there. 

Nine of cups and ace of cups combination denote a feeling of happiness because we have achieved something very important for us.

Nine of wands denote having problem to let go of some unwanted emotions. The struggle in the past was hard and you are still hanging on old paradigms, so be more open especially as you become closer to the goal.

Nine of swords mean you are holding some secrets and it make you feel very bad. It might cause nightmares and bad mood.

Six of cups is about good feelings of the past, nevertheless sometime the meaning can also be immaturity and childish perspective.

Seven of cups is about high intuitions that interfering with making a decision. It is just like you have psychic powers but afraid of them because the future has been already revealed.

Ten of cups denote wanting a relationship, home, family and stability. The ace of cups is here to remind you that it is all possible.

Five of cups a big disappointment and you are ashamed and don’t want to talk about it. The ace card is the healing process.

Five of wands is all about the challenges we are going to face. it also includes an emotional turmoil and therefore we should do anything within our capability to black the negative external influences. 

Five of swords is about losing and going away. Someone is trying to annoy you or take something for you. You had enough of this and just go far away from him or her.

10 of swords clarified by ace of cups is about looking on the glass half empty. After bad situation our perspective might be little negative. So it is up to us to look for positive signs as well and the ace of cups is the hope.

Ace of hearts tarot equivalent is the ace of cups.

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