Aztec calendar meaning and symbols

The countdown has begun thousands years ago as the Aztec calendar predictions should have brought the end of world in December 21 2012.

The Aztec calendar is also refers to the Mayan calendar which try to explain and predict religious events by the position of the sun and other plants out there on space. This prophecy played an important role on the Mayan believes and scared rituals. What makes it more amazing is the on December 21 2012 the calendar is ending, they didn’t keep on developing it after that exact date, so what is the point to continue and engrave symbols and meanings on the stone if the world is coming to its end? Therefore we assume that the Aztec civilization predicted the end of all times.

The symbols on the calendar are based on the sun orbit and the solar cycle which will start all over on that date. But something more important happened to the stars at that day, all the nine planets in our area were aligned in one line with the Milky Way, this astronomical event almost never happened before. But we don’t have to go so far to the Aztec and Mayan history to see the fear from the end of the world. Even on the year 2000 people thought that the world will end, we were also frighten by the computer bug called Y2K that will crush the data and computers in the world. One day after this nothing really happened and we went back to our life, forgetting all about it.

But the question of is the world going to end in 2012 didn’t raised only because of the Aztec calendar symbols, we had many other reason to believe that something will happen. It doesn’t have to be on that specific day; in fact it is already happened. We saw these little events coming alive slowly like enormous tsunamis, earthquakes, economic recession, growing hunger, wars, the invent of the internet and many other signs and signals that gives us small clues that we and our worlds are changing together. Many psychics were trying to explain these symbols, and concluded that probably the world will not end on that date, but something did happened under the surface.

Even though the Aztecs lived a long timeline ago we still use their tradition and ideas in our modern daily life. Everything fro their daily lives have influence on the modern days. There is such a vast amount of information that connects our present to our past. As the Aztec grew up they have very similar life to ours: when they were first born there was a large celebration and the baby was named this is very similar to a baby shower. When they passed the toddler years the Aztec children we start to go to school. There were two choices of the type of school. The first one is a religious school and the second was a military school. For ordinary Aztecs the school was free but nobles paid more to attend better schools. At all these schools they were learning mathematics, law and how to read and write. Even though the nobles and ordinary people received different education they all learned the virtue of good manners, dignity behaviors and especially hard work.

Children were taught to be very helpful around the house, just as modern children do, the Aztecs mesa were memorize popular songs by heart in their free time. When an Aztec turns 20 years old it would mean that it is time for him or her to get married. They believed in arranged marriages it was up to the parents to find a match and hope that the bride and the groom will agree on it. Once the couple agreed on the marriage there was a large feast and many presents were given. As researchers find more and more relics the world realized that the Aztecs civilization not so different after all.

One interesting feature that last until our time is the market life. At the market the importers and sellers sold their merchandises which could be fruit, vegetables, spices, flowers and eatable meat. During this process the Aztec mesa were swapping stories and information. Today in South America many people live similar life. Since the sellers were constantly on the move they had to carry high weights between each city of village. Today people also carry on their back these weights. The Aztecs used to buy specialist items in one time and than trade them for high process in another town where the items were rare. This great idea is still relevant to our society and even in the form of eBay on the internet.

Most ordinary Mayans lived fairly simple lives: first of all, women were wearing skirts they were warriors and practice the ancient tradition of spinning and waving with swords. All Aztecs went to bed with the sun, get up with the sun and spent most of their times at the outdoors. This way of living is connected to the areas of the world that don’t have an electricity and modern technology because if the person didn’t have these equipments their only source of light would be the sun.

When the Aztecs were not working they were performing plays, even though they had simple life they still knew how to enjoy it. An additional activity that the Aztec did for entertainment was travelling to the zoo. This may surprise people because they may normally think that zoos were invented in the past century history. The ancient Aztecs laws were closely related to the America judicial system. In the Aztec curt room there were judges and also juries if you lied to the curt it was just like lying to the gods and you be killed. For minor cases they were using local curt rooms with less experience judges but for severe cases they were taken to a large city. Serious Aztec crimes were to steal someone else crops.

It is amazing how we are so attached to the ancient Aztecs timeline. They lived through many different situations that modern people also have. Still they invented many ideas that humans are probably going to use far into the future timeline. As modern people figure out more about this mystery civilization we will all learn from our past.

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