Bermuda triangle

Where is the Bermuda Triangle?

In the Atlantic Ocean there is a mysterious place located between Puerto Rico, Florida and the Bermuda islands. These 3 landmarks on the map form a triangle shape which covers an area that has many stories of ships and airplanes disappearances.

What is the Bermuda Triangle?

There are many Bermuda triangle theories which try to explain the psychic mystery in this location and especially why there are so many reports on missing ships and planes. For example, some researches claims that there is weird magnetic force which confuse the compass and can direct the passengers to the wrong and sometimes fatal direction to their death. Other theories blame these accidents on bad weather and the most interesting one is that underwater there is a secret aliens` base which affect every thing that comes near this location. It is like there is a gate to another dimension which consuming lots of energy and when it is on full power draw everything near like very powerful magnet force. A whirlpool which there is no way to escape from. No one knows exactly how to get to this device that helps aliens to travel between different worlds but everyone who wanted to do it risked his life. Some psychic scuba divers even founded there a huge crystal pyramid underwater, which might be linked to the lost city of Atlantis. They also reported that they hear a psychic voice telling them not to come there again.

Is the Bermuda Triangle real?

Like every mystery in life there are some facts that are true, and some facts that blended together with what we want to believe and myths. Some skeptics argue that every paranormal activity has a logical explanation and all the Bermuda cases can be solved in this way. But still there is too much unexplained information and something really strange is happening under the water of the Bermuda triangle.

Bermuda triangle facts

Even is the early history of USA, there were something really strange about this territory. Christopher Columbus also said that his old navigation system (compass) could not work when he came near there and he also documented that he saw lights in the sky which are not stars.

The most famous story in the history is taking place during the World War I. The USS Cyclops ship has pass in this mysterious place and never got to its original destination in Baltimore. It was totally disappeared and there were no survivors. Until now, no one has ever found the remains of this ship.

On 1945 flight 19 took of for a normal training in this area but something went wrong and they wrongly entered to the dangerous triangular. Few minutes after, they lost all their communications with the navy base. Later when the fuel runs low they crushed in the deep sea and they never been found until this day.

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