Can your guardian angel leave you? Will he do it?

A guardian angel will not normally leave you. However in some rare situations he will leave and you must be prepared for that situation as well. Don’t lose your spiritual protection and spiritual ability, learn how to keep your guardian angel always on your side.

Can your guardian angel leave you

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Will your guardian angel leave you?

Usually not, they are always here to protect you. However there might be some rare cases when your guardian angel might leave you and you should be aware of it. Furthermore some people actually try to expel them from their life and make them leave. They might do it on purpose or by accident.

The one reason why a guardian angel might leave you is because he got an order to do so. The command is given by God, the arch angels, spirits or the vibrational cosmos. If this is the case it is done after carefully review what actually happened. And the decision is based on your action only. For example if you did bad things or made unforgiving sins.

You might also feel that your guardian angel is actually against you. Every time you want to do something he or she sabotaging the natural course of action. If you think that the spirits are limiting you it might be a sign to let them go. The situation can get tricky when you really don’t know if he is helping or hurting.  

Guardian angels can leave you permanently or temporary. When it happen you will feel left behind with no security or stability. You might feel loneliness, sad and vulnerable. You will not get another spirit to watch over your head, you have only one guardian angel and you must get along with him, you can’t replace him.

So when you feel abandoned by the spiritual beings you can call them back. Make them listen to your wishes, go and meditate and manifest. Do whatever spiritual or psychic ritual in order to bring them back into your life. They will clear all the negative energy and will replace it with high vibrations.   

The good spirits don’t get upset and they never go for revenge. So even if you have treated them badly in the end they will be with you forever.

How do I know if my guardian angel is with me?

There are many signs (7, 12 or even more) which can help you to know if your guardian angel is with you. Before going to explain them, as a cosmic rule, the guardian angels always with you event if you don’t feel or know it. Their presence is near by, you don’t have to see or think about, just know they are by your side. Sometimes very close, sometimes a little bit far and they also can ear many forms and shapes.

Among the sacred signs are feathers, lights, angel numbers, shiny coin or other object like crystals, angelic smells, relaxing music especially harp, birds, butterflies, wings and many more. These might sounds odd but when it happen it will come out of nowhere, the sign will be very prominent as it will not blend in the surrounding, it will be outstanding and you will notice it clearly.

Every guardian angel has also few angels behind him. So even if he is busy in something else, there are other spirits who can replace him for a while. You usually won’t feel it. However sometimes you might recognize a change in the energy or vibration. That something is a little bit different than the usual.

Many people want to know if their guardian angel is with them, just because they want solution or answer to their burning questions. And when they don’t get immediately what they want their start to blame the spirit. They think he left, don’t hear their will or just useless because they don’t deliver the expected results.

The reality is simple: the angel never left you. You are the one who need to figure out most of the problems. No one will do the hard work for you. You need to learn some lessons, gain experiences and be more active before the spirits from the sky will step in. this is the spiritual law of the universe.

What age do you get a guardian angel?

You get a guardian angel at age zero, meaning on the day you are born. At your fist birthday a guardian angel will be assigned to you and will accompany you for the rest of your life. It is very common to actually have a guardian angel for even longer period of time.

Guardian angels usually don’t go away or being replaced without a good reason. So because of the fact that they also guide us in the after life he can actually be with you for longer period of time, even hundreds and thousands years ahead.

The guardian angel is connected to you with spiritual forces but also with great love, light and dedication. However they will not automatically be there for you, you will have to call them. This is because you have free will. They come when you want them to do something, otherwise they will let you to deal with the situation alone.

The only time a guardian angel might step in, even if you didn’t asked, is if it is a matter of life and death. Although you get a guardian angel when you are born, it might take a while, sometimes years before you will notice its work.

Furthermore, you don’t have to wait until you are in a big trouble in order to call the guardian angel. In fact you can do it also when you are having a good time and everything is just going fine. You can ask for luck, good fortune and to manifest many things that you might want to have.

The best way to communicate with the spirit and the psychic world is to stop trying to control everything. Just be fluid, relax and let the world unfold the mysteries in front of you.   

What happens if you see your guardian angel?

Basically nothing happens to you when you see your guardian angel. Life continues as normal after the contact with the spirit or psychic being. However you might feel strange things that are happening before or after the encounter.

Furthermore angels are not humans and they can look like many things, they don’t have to wear a form of human body, or as describes in the bible – a person with white wings and halo over the head. So you more likely will not recognize or realize that you are seeing a guardian angel.

Guardian angels are actually energies, we can not see or touch these kinds of mystical existences, and we can only feel them. So seeing angels is almost impossible for the average man or a woman. They also don’t make mistakes, so you will not catch them off guard.

Seeing guardian angel is not the goal, your mission is to get the guidance and assistance and it doesn’t matter how it is being done. The spirit is not the focus point, your life and destiny is what matter right now and you have to concertante in this subject. It is just a mean to get your goals.

In rare conditions you might see a real vision of angel in its pure form, however this might happen only if he or she have crucial message for you from God or the cosmic forces. It might look as a hologram or holograph very similar to a ghost or a soul of a lost person. It might be in many different colors or just pure white.

The more you get into spirituality like meditation and reading tarot cards, the more likely you will be able to see the angels. You will gain clearer visions and will be trained to connect with them whenever you need their presence.

How to recognize an angel in human form?

In order to recognize an angel in human form you have to sense, feel and develops psychic abilities. It is really hard to spot them and in most cases you will probably wouldn’t see the difference. The essence of angels is spirit, and we can see them only to know somehow that they are near by.

The spiritual world is divided from the physical world completely, there are boundaries and things that can not be done. Sometimes people do have the ability to cross to the other side or to see messages or get some signs of communications. But it doesn’t happen a lot and the most important thing is to guard these boundaries.

Therefore you will hardy be able to recognize an angel in human form. Furthermore angels don’t need to dress up in a human form because they can move objects, create synchronicity and advise to people without having a physical form, they are actually talk to us in telepathic ways, make us feel things, the emotions are driving us to the right direction.

An angel will take a human form if the message he or she need to deliver is really important. And if it is a matter of life and death, to save you from accident or to grab your attention in to certain event you must participate.

Anyway, if you want to recognize an angel in a human form, know one thing: there will be a lot of light around them: light of the moon, the stars or the sun. They can also be obscure, meaning positioned in the shadows, hide their faces and most of the other body parts. They usually wear long clothing to cover as much as possible, as it saves their energy. They are focus on spiritual vibrations rather than material energy.

And of course, if they want you to know that they are actual guardian angels, than you will see them dressed in white, have wings on the back and a halo sigh above the head.

How many guardian angels do we have?

Basically we have one guardian angel and most likely that he or she will never leave you. Sometimes we can have more than one guardian angel, according to the circumstances. The angels are very busy and working around d the clock to make everything perfect in our world. Therefore they are always where needed, they don’t rest or wasting their precious time.

In name ancient scribes and documents like the bible, there are many stories of angels coming to earth. They arrived here to intervene with the daily life and actually make it better or going according to the divine plan of god and the spirits from above.

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