Death tarot card meaning upright reversed keywords guide

Death tarot card meaning is about ending and transformation. Many people are afraid of death card because they think it indicates a physical death. This is not true, it’s only describe a closing cycle from the past, which will guide you to a new cycle (positive or negative) in the future.

Death tarot card upright card keywords: mortality, letting go of attachments, failure, endings, severe illness, profound change, negative surprise.

Death tarot card reversed card keywords: long terminal illness, suffering, delayed endings, resistance to change, no growth, living unaware, need for closure, depression, melancholy.

Death tarot card meaning

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Death tarot card meaning and symbolism guide

What does the death tarot card mean? Usually people are afraid or reluctant to see death tarot card in a reading. But actually it is a positive symbol, it brings good transformation into your life. The main symbolism of death is ending. In the real world death is an event we all will be facing someday, we can not run away from it. After the ending you might have another chance for a new beginning.  

Horse: in death tarot card the color of the horse is white, hence the symbolism of purity and good intentions which should guide us to a new start. According to the art illustration when death comes to town there is a new beginning. The horse is walking straight, we see it vividly as he lift the right front foot, it is something that continues on and on, it doesn’t stop, not for a day and not for one second. Even if the horse will leave town, he will continue to bring death somewhere else. It is unstoppable and we can’t influence it directly, maybe to delay it a little bit, but not forever.     

Skeleton: the skeleton in death tarot card symbolizes grim reaper and is full of shield from the top of the skull to bottom of the feet. No one can hurt it, pull him down or make him go away, he is here and going to move forward to complete the mission of collecting the souls. It is one of the laws of the cosmos, we can not break up.  

Flag: the skeleton is holding a flag that looks like a big tapestry with his left hand. On the black flag there is a picture of white rose, very similar to the beautiful flower from the fool’s journey tarot card. White rose is a symbol of purity, hope and love. Therefore death shouldn’t be viewed as a problem or something scary, but as a part of life.

Feather: this symbol represents guidance from above. Feathers belong to birds that fly high up in the skies around the spirits. They bring peace and reassurance that everything is going to be fine because someone is taking care of us. This red feather appears at the sun tarot card as well, but there it is much bigger.

The king: in death tarot card the king is dead and laying on the ground near the crown. This situation delivers the meaning that no one is safe or immune from passing away. It doesn’t matter if you are a man or a woman, a high or low status person, young or old, or how much money you have. When the final day comes we are all equal.

The kid: the child is a symbol of innocence, he looks at the arrival of death and doesn’t completely understands what he is seeing. Therefore the kid accepts it and don’t judge whether dying is good or bad, just viewing it as an inevitable change.

The lady: turn her face to the other side, she doesn’t want to look directly at the grim scenario. She is not ready to face the truth and to deal with what is going to happen soon. She is in denying because she can’t let go of certain believes, ideas or material possession. Another interpretation is avoiding reality and escapism because of fear.       

Religious man: in front of the horse there is a religious man dressed in yellow clothing. He tries to convince the skeleton to go away. He holds both of his hands in a praying position as if he begs or asking for a divine salvation. But again all of these actions are useless because death go on and strike anyone on the way. 

River: in Greek mythology the river is like a wall between the human kind and the gods. After a person is dead he is going through the river to the other world guided by spirits and angels. Furthermore if he or she will try to cross it while they are still alive, they will drawn and die immediately. The river is always in motion like death itself, the water are flowing continuously to one direction. From time to time the stream can be fast or slow but no matter what they keep on moving. 

Boat: if you look carefully at death tarot card you will notice a small boat sailing at the river. The role of the boat is to transport the dead people to the next world. It doesn’t suggest if it going to be good or bad in there, it only show the transitional stage. We don’t see who is driving it, therefore we assume it is god or other deity. Another interpretation is travel in a sense of spiritual journey of the soul.    

Sun: the sun in death tarot card symbolize phases, the day turns into the night, and after the night the sun rise again and brings the light again. This is an analogue to the cycle of life, people are dying and new babies are born. There is no void or emptiness, the sequence or pattern continues to infinity.      

Pillars: the sun is between two pillars. These pillars are in shape of rectangles and similar to those in the moon tarot card. They represent an opening gate to another reality, which is more optimistic and nice. It is a sign of hope for better days and joy near the light of the sun where everything is positive.    

Black and white: the motive of black and white colors can be spotted in numerous tarot cards. The symbolism is always the same, two opposite parts which can live together in symbiosis. Black usually symbolize the unknown and evil intentions, this is the reason it has negative connotations. White is more about being honest and trustworthy.     

Moreover death tarot card meaning is about discovering the truth, and in a ethereal vision to uncover the subconscious. To get ride of false mirages and enter to reality. We experience the world around us yet we interpret everything depending on our personality and history. Next we project our knowledge back to the world. This interaction is not clear or pure from external influences, it is our duty to be aware of it, and if we can’t do it on ourselves, than death is waiting around the corner and will teach us a lesson.     

If you are looking for a guide or some kind of teachings, the best way is to search deep in your soul, the soul is sending us messages everyday and we have to listen to it if we want to be on the right path. Death symbolizes the need for a change but also the need to listen to yourself. You already have whatever you need to succeed, like described in the magician tarot card.  

Death tarot card upright card keywords meaning

Death tarot card upright card keywords: mortality, letting go of attachments, failure, endings, severe illness, profound change, negative surprise.

Profound change upright keywords meaning: death tarot card indicate major change in the future. It can be related to any part of life such as love, relationship, work, occupation, career, finances, health and divination. This change will alter the path significantly, it will be like you completely transform yourself as a person or everything near by. The phase between the past and future will be tough and you will feel loss, but it is only natural as this is the only way to bring a fresh start.

Letting go of attachments and endings upright keywords meanings: any change should be embraced, there is no reason to fight it as the circumstances are much bigger than you. People usually afraid of endings because what they have right now is certainty. Even if it doesn’t serve them well, at least they know what to expect because everything is predictable. A new destiny is an adventure, something unknown that pushes us out of the comfort zone. The fear derived from the attachments, if you will let go it will be much simple to progress.

Another thing to consider is to let go of ideas and notions which hold you back. We usually operated on auto pilot according to our background. The human kind and the animal kingdom had survived millions of years because it could adapt to the environment. The same thing applies to our point of view, we need to wake up and discard our old personality. This will result an easy adjustment to the new reality.

Mortality and severe illness upright keywords meaning: it is very unfortunate and rare but sometimes we can read death tarot card in its most obvious meaning – an actual death of someone. Some fortune tellers suggest it possible when other cards like nine or ten of swords are revealed during the psychic reading.    

Failure and negative surprise upright keyword meaning: the end of a cycle as described in death tarot card denotes negative outcomes and failure. It usually appears suddenly, without any warning signs and on the most inconvenient time. This is a reminder of bigger forces than us, the universe has it own plan and schedule. Most of the times we don’t understand why a certain event took place and why does it have to happen to us. But the good news is that you might catch the next cycle which will be more uplifting.

In most cases the actual bad situation you are having is not completely negative. The reason for the terrible feeling is only the shock or the unpleasant surprise. After a day or two the emotional impact fades and you will be ready to deal with the challenge. 

Death tarot card reversed keywords meaning

Death tarot card reversed card keywords: long terminal illness, suffering, delayed endings, resistance to change, no growth, living unaware, need for closure, depression, melancholy.

Delayed endings reversed keywords meaning: the death tarot card suggests that something from your past is coming back to hunt you. You have unfinished business in one or two areas of your life. It will continue to bother you unless you will strive to make peace with it. Don’t run away, be brave and close it for once and for all.   

Depression and melancholy reversed keywords meaning: when life gets hard it is very natural to see the course of event in a negative way. This view on the world creates feelings of depression and melancholy. In most cases our reaction to the event is what makes it worse. It is conceivable and somewhat necessary for a while, but if those moods continue too long after the event has occurred, it can do more harm than good.    

Long terminal illness and suffering reversed keywords meaning: when things are getting complicated the best advice is to get help. Sometimes it can easy the pain, whether it is physically or emotional. There is no reason to suffer in life, we brought here to have fun and enjoy life. Positive attitude is something that everyone can learn and implement, it doesn’t solve all the problems but it truly makes a different when it comes to dealing with big changes.

Resistance to change and no growth reversed keywords meaning: you are going against the flow and resist too hard, upon an event which is much powerful than you. Change usually equal to growth, even though growth doesn’t come straight away. We think we are losing something, but the reality might be that something new needs to enter to our life. We can’t welcome the new opportunity unless we will detach ourselves from the old one.

Living unaware reversed keywords meaning: you are protecting or holding tight something that you must let go. In this sense you are living unaware to the fact you don’t need it anymore. Developing the right awareness is the key to move on from this situation. Don’t be afraid to release feelings, ideas and material possessions from the past.

Death yes or no – tarot card meaning (upright & reversed)

Is death yes or no tarot card? The majority of psychic readers refer it as a “no” card. It is very intuitive to grasp because the overall tune and feelings we are getting from the card is negative. It doesn’t really matter if the death tarot card is upright or reversed (upside down), the destructive energy is there, no matter how you spin it.

Because of the transformation element of death tarot card, some psychic readers claim that it advocate positive outcomes, a new circle after the previous circle has been closed. Therefore there is a positive point of view but it still weak. It is definitely not a “yes” card but it holds the chance to be a “yes” in the future, after the catastrophe is over.       

Death tarot card meaning in love and relationship (upright & reversed)

Death tarot card upright meaning for love and relationships: if you are single, you are struggling to go on a date and find your twin flame love and serious relationship. The reason for that is the refusal to release old patterns. It can also be a sign that you don’t want to be single anymore, and will jump to building relationship with the first person that comes around. These wrong reasons are leading you to one failure after another.

For those who are in marriage or serious relationships it also symbolizes endings. The current affair will not last for long, there will have to be some sort of transformation. It is better for the relationship that it will come from both of you, rather than a one side’s decision. Not everything can be resolved, yet if you can talk like adults before a break up or divorce about the main problems, the tragedy might be prevented.    

Death tarot card reversed meaning for love and relationships:

If you are single, or if you are with someone forget about your past relationships. Don’t go back to you ex husband, ex wife or ex friends. You need to have a closure and to cut this connection because it doesn’t do you good. You are binding yourself to a person that is not a perfect match or soulmate. It prevents you from finding the true twin flame.  

For married couples death tarot card in reversed reveals an unhealthy code of silence. There is intent to repress disagreements in order to avoid arguments. If you will keep on pretending everything is good when actually it isn’t, this dysfunctional relationship will be break soon.    

Death tarot card: Career work and finances meaning (upright & reversed)

Death tarot card upright meaning when you have questions about career, work and finances:

Regarding work you are going to lose your job. It doesn’t matter if you love what you are doing or hate every minute you are there. You can suddenly be fired or leave because you want to leave. Either way there is a final ending, now that you have this information you can ploy the situation for your own favor. For an instance, consider to search for a new job offer or go to a job interview before you are leaving the old one. Educate yourself right now with specific knowledge and skills that might be required in the future, start your own business or completely choose another career path. Act fast because you don’t have to long to stall.

With regard to finances there is big loss a head of you. For example stocks` value going down, current family business isn’t generating enough money, real estate foreclosure, mortgage problems and any other kind of investment that become a burden instead of a source of good income. Instead of getting upset and overlook about the loss, do the necessary steps to recover as if you are already free from the burden. 

The reversed meaning of death tarot card at work is putting something to an end in the wrong time frame. For example you might feel you are going to lose your job and decide to behave negatively or quit. Eventually you may discover that no one planned to lay you off and it was only your imagination.     

When death tarot card is in reversed position it usually signifies that the changes will be less dramatic as you anticipated, and will not impact you life completely. Therefore if you get this card is work, career or finances reading, the transformation will be a little bit more smoothly. For example while you were thinking you will be fired from work, it might turn out that you will only be assigned to a different department or another task.

If your money situation is going down and you get this card in reversed, it might indicate that the down fall is just temporary and soon you will be back on track. 

Death tarot card: Health meaning (upright & reversed)

Death tarot card upright meaning in health reading: as your health condition is getting worse you have to do something. There is no immediate relief or any kind on instant solution. Bad days are coming and you must be prepared for it. Be strong mentally to survive the rough time. Death tarot card usually doesn’t suggest physical death, in fact it might symbol the death of an illness itself, which mean you will cured from bodily problems.   

Death tarot card reversed meaning in health reading: if you have issues with your health this is the time to consult a professional doctor. Don’t try to cure yourself with information you find online or from people who don’t have enough proficiency and credentials. The reversed card also suggests less acute situation than when it is upright, but still don’t neglect the issue, there is no reason to keep on suffering.    

Death tarot card as feelings (upright & reversed)

Death tarot card as feelings can be a little bit confusing, especially when we try to answer questions like: will he contact me, what he thinks of me, what someone wants, how he sees me, how someone feels about you and does he miss me?

In reversed or upright positions it means change. Any kind of transformation can have impact on our feelings an emotional state. Some people might have feelings of happiness, amusement and serenity. While others may describe their feelings as heartbroken, disappointing and depression. To clarify the confusion in a psychic reading spread, pull more tarot cards from the deck.

Death tarot card zodiac sign astrology meaning

The zodiac sign which is associated with death tarot card is Scorpio. In astrology Scorpio personality is someone that knows what to do in moments of crisis. The shield of a scorpion protects him from outer influences. Additionally it can attack enemies with a sting located at the tip of the tail. 

Pluto and mars are the ruling planets of Scorpio. Mars is well known for actions, battles and wars in the end of the war there might be victory or defeat, but it sure will bring death. In horoscope reading Pluto is referred to death as well, it interpreted as closing cycle and messages from under the surface which are ready to be revealed.     

Death tarot card number and numerology meaning

In De Marseille, Thoth, and Rider Waite decks, death tarot card number is 13 (xiii). In many parts of the world, through different civilizations and cultures, number thirteen is usually associated as unlucky number.

In numerology reading number 13 represents the idea that our soul is owned by god or any other supreme being, and they can take it back anytime, hence the relation to death. Regarding the material and physical world number 13 is about taking action now to create better future later. Moreover it doesn’t mean to be unlucky, miserable or poor, it is about taking responsibility and relying only on yourself at the moment of truth.   

Death tarot card meaning: past, present and future

Past: you had some troubles in the past, the negative is surely there and can not be ignored. However you can regain control over your life again. Do the right move in order to refrain from doing the same mistakes over. Make sure you have a closure so the bad influences will not pop up again and disturb your new path.

Present: a big happening is going directly into your life. Something very important for you is going to be taken by unpredicted forces. There is no way to undone or resist the situation as it is already in motion. The faster you will accept it, the faster you will be able to deal with the loss. Don’t get stacked for a long period of time because of it.

Future: look forward and don’t let your mind run the memories of the past. You are still alive and can do anything you desire, no matter what you have been through.

Death tarot card as a person

Death tarot card as a person is someone who sees only black or white, for them there is no gray area, it’s take it or leave it. As a person he or she cares about the good name of the people around them like friends and most important family. They have tradition and specific rules of doing things exactly as their parents and grandparents did.

They like to collect old articles and appreciate the value of vintage objects. They are very attached to material assets and will not sale them for any amount of money. In their point of view they want to bequeath everything to the next generation who will continue to cherish and hold it.

They are very loyal and can be trusted in relationships and if they are married they take it very seriously. They strive to create meaningful love connection, build a stable home for the family and enjoy raising many kids.

In tarot reading death card as a person is someone who likes mystery, to unsolved riddles and occupied the mind thinking about solutions to problems. These tendencies can make them great psychic readers as well.     

Death tarot card combinations guide

Death and justice tarot combination suggests unfairness in the legal system. Justice will not be done, there will be a mistake of someone else and you will pay for it.   

Death and devil tarot cards together signified you must stop some bad habit you have. It also denotes the need for something much deeper and meaningful in your life.

Tarot cards death and emperor at the same time indicates losing control.

Strength and death tarot cards reveal a healing process, an acceptance of current destiny part and adjustment to new conditions.

Death and lovers tarot combination usually denotes to leave things that are interfering in a relationship. It doesn’t necessary means a break up, it might indicates two people who are very different from each others.

The moon and death tarot cards suggest that something is going on without noticing, the change is not completed and there are things you are not aware of. After the transformation will be finalized you will acquire more information.

Death and tower tarot combination is a double trouble, a huge occurrence which most likely to be very harmful. Keep in mind that the difference between tower and death tarot cards, is the fact that death is something universal from the energy of the cosmos which is approaching you. On the other hand the tower is a misfortune done by a person.

The hermit indicates running away from the negative influences, take a break for awhile, charge yourself with new energy, learn how to cope with the difference and once it all sorted off, you will be back on track.

The sun is about making sure that the death’s ending is final. These two cards have similar symbols like the red feather and the sun it self. It is up to you to decide if you want the sun to keep on shining or to set at night. 

Chariot card point out the fact that you know exactly how to navigate in times of mayhem.

Temperance proposes the idea of being out of balance and id caused a bigger negative effect. 

The star tarot card symbolize a brighter future which will followed by the bad ramifications of the death card.

The world card is about enjoyment of completing the circle. Death is about being unhappy with the final result. These oppose interpretations gives you the power to decide how it is going to be from now to onward.

The wheel of fortune suggests that death is just temporary and soon you will get back on the wheel. Maybe next time it will be much positive and enjoying experience. Additionally it denotes a punishment for bad karma from the past.   

The judgement stress awakening and the new beginning. It is the perfect indicator for superior evolvement.

The empress is connected to birth and new opportunities, while death is symbolizing endings. These to cards are completing altogether by generating an endless loop of infinity.

The high priestess signification is about intuitions she can sense from miles away what is going on. With death card bad news are approaching you but you still have some time to prepare.

Eight of cups and death tarot cards predict less intense future, eight of cups is about following your dreams, therefore you will get this chance. 

Knight of swords is a symbol of change this is a positive omen in tarot reading if you get it with the death card.

Knight of wands in a reading will identify a good challenge after a bad one which most likely you didn’t dealt very well. 

What is the opposite of the death tarot card? knight of cups is the opposite card of death. There is a visual similarity between the two cards, on both of them there is a figure riding a horse to the same direction. The knight of the cups brings you good news and important messages.

King of wands suggests solving quick problems in creative way, when the new cycle will take of, aim to do things in different way from the past.

King of swords tells you to follow the rules or have someone to guide you when you are having tough time.

Ace of cups is about emotions and feelings, the combination with death can shade light on some bad feelings you had in the past. Now you reached the point of no return and most likely you will choose to go after what’s making you feel good.

Ace of wands transform the old bad energy to positive vibrations. There is no clear direction with this card but you can be almost sure it will be better than ever.

Ace of swords forces you to make a decision right away if you want to get ride of undesired issues. The longer you wait, the bigger the problem will grow.

Page of swords suggest you are not ready to make a move, you are surrendering to death and welcome it because you are in a big blackout and don’t know what to do. However there is a long term potential.

Six of wands tarot card is a wonderful card which denotes success, in this instant the achievement couldn’t have been done without mandatory modifications.

Seven of swords reveals that something is going to be taken from you or a friend will cheat or manipulate you. With death it is a clear sign you should cut friendships or reconciliations like these. 

Seven of wands interpretation is about you trying to defend yourself against misfortune situation.

Five of wands predicts fights and arguments between people, as death symbolize ending it might indicate and end of communication with those people. Think about finding new friends or a happier environment.

Five of cups (v) explained as being sad over a bad end. On the contrary four of wands (iv) denotes a happy ending.

Fun fact: in the 80s an artist designed a tarot deck inspirited by famous painter Salvador Dali. The death card was the most famous one. Even today you can find it printed on numerous items like wallpaper, t shirt, hoodie, poster print, sticker, wall hanging, candle, phone case, drawing tattoo and other vintage artifacts.

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