Do angels protect us? Bible verse in Christianity

Do angels protect us from evil while we sleep? The real truth is yes. Guardian angles watch us from heaven or the skies and God sends them whenever we are in a trouble. If you have seen unexplained symbols recently than an angel was trying t protect you.

Do angels protect us

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Do angels protect us? Bible verse in Christianity

Yes, angels do protect us and there are many evidences that support it especially in bible verse in Christianity and many other scriptures. According to these scribes, angels come to earth in order to protect us. Sometimes they use their superpowers from heaven and they don’t really have to ascend on earth.

In any case it doesn’t matter from where or how they protect us, they use the means as they wish. The most important thing you need to remember is that they are with you all the time. You might feel it or not, but they always here to help and guide you in many situations and crucial events.

The key point is not do guardian angels protect us, but do we really open to see the sacred signs or accept the help. During the day, we are so occupied with our job, friends, family, twin flame and entertainment that we forget to notice the heavenly messages.  

What does the bible say about angels protecting us? According to the Christian bible they protect us from sins and evil spirits. However today in the new age era, people also believe and actually reported that they can prevent accidents from occurring, guide you to the right path, give wonderful advises and generate good luck and positive vibrations.

Please be aware of the fact that guardian angels don’t always save you. Sometimes you might not listen to their warning or don’t know what to do. They are not here to fail you, and if you did wrong than it can be a lesson, a test or a trail for the next stage. So don’t blame the spirits for disasters that might happen to you in life, because the final responsibility is on you.

Do angels protect us while we sleep?

Yes! Angels do protect us while we sleep. So you don’t have to fear that something terrible will happen to you are resting or dreaming. If a specific danger is near by, they might send you signs through dream symbols which might awake you or warn you from upcoming disaster.

Of course there have been many cases when angels send messages but people neglect them. Moreover in these days we don’t sleep in the outdoors like thousand years ago, so we are pretty much protected inside our house while we sleep.

Therefore most of the angels don’t need to actually protect us second by second during our sleep. So instead they are sending us dream symbols which will predict the future. This is how they are guarding us by preventing us to make mistakes or bad choices in the future.

Angels don’t need to sleep because they are not human being and they don’t have physical body. They are energetic spirits who doesn’t need to recharge or rest as we do. They have plenty of time especially at night to send you prophetic dreams which is much recommended to follow them, in case there is something argent you need to know.

So what other benefits we have from the angels while we sleep? They help us to relax and get fast into sleep. If something is bothering us, they will ease the pain, relax our mind and help to let go of the thoughts. It is no wonder why we often go to sleep with bad feeling and wake up much happier.

Do angels protect us from evil?

Yes! Angels do protect us from evil! Their rivals are the demons who have been sending by Satan to do evil things here on earth. Basically the good forces are fighting the evil forces all the time. So when you are doing go things, the good team wins, and on the contrary when you are doing bad things to other, to nature or to yourself the bad guys are leading.

When you think positive thoughts this is the first sign that the guardian angels are with you. Negative thoughts come from hell, negative energy and awful spirit. While they not always trick you, lie or mislead, they will surely put negative ideas inside your head. This might cause sadness, fear, melancholy and loneliness.

Basically angels and demons always fight each other in the metaphysical realm. And sometimes the battle is leaking to earth and than we are caught in the middle of the struggle. The angels will warn you not to put yourself in unpleasant situations. They might send dream symbols, angel numbers or reveal some attention grabbing tarot cards.

We have free will therefore we can make our own choices even if they are bad or so called evil. So if something bad happen to you it is because you use the freedom in the wrong place. So the real question is how you can use the freedom in order to make good things which will bring you good fortune.

So if you want to prosper in life, discover your origin, find love and just enjoy whatever you do, than you need to ask yourself how can you be a better version of yourself. Focus on what you love and not on poor judgement or comments of other people. Many people will try to despair you, don’t listen to them, and go for what you believe even if it looks hopeless at the moment.

Do angels guard us and watch us?

Yes, angels guard us and watch us all the time. So everytime you are manifesting, praying, wishing or dream a magical event might occur. And yes it will happen but you have to be very observant to detect it or to connect the two coincidences to a real meaning.

Your life, as much it is pleasant, harmonic and nice is a constant fight. You are struggling to survive, to choose between different paths, to shape the destiny and to stay away from evil vibration. So this is the main reason why humans have guardian angels to watch over them. It is not only for fun or for fantasy stories, there is a need for that.

So according to the scriptures, every time you are walking off the road, or getting away from your life main spiritual purpose, the spirits will push you back to the right place. This doesn’t happen automatically, therefore you will have to accept their guidance first.

There are many dangers in the world even if we don’t actually aware or see it. Also you might live in sin and therefore you are paying for the bad karma you have created. But other from these kinds of situations, guardian spirits will do the best to protect you whenever needed.

Furthermore, if you are not sure whether they are watching you or not, you can summon the angels and get instant protection as well. so when you are lost and don’t know what to do, call the angels for assistance. A psychic medium might be a good solution if you don’t know how to invite guardian angels into your life.

What do angels do for humans?

Other than protecting us, angels so a lot for humans. The main mission is to deliver you message from god or the other spirit. They are psychics advisors who leading you to the right path of the soul. Sometimes it might look very unreal, weird or strange, but more often than not, it is the right way as well.

Angel can predict the future because they know everything about the past of the human kind. They also have marvelous memory. So if they see you doing something they can predict almost in 100% what kind of outcomes you will get. They have experience from the failures and success of other people who previous lived on earth.

They also know when event will occur. They calculate unpredictable surprises and can see things before they happen. So when they take into account all these random factors they can perceive at the present moment how your future will be unfolded.

Angel will inject motivation and good thoughts in your mind. They want you to have wealth, health and joyful life. When you feel a little bit down, they are sending you signs like angel number so your spirit will be lifted again. Why it is important? Because in despair times demons might come and try to pull you further down.

Guardian angels are constantly listening to your wishes and try to manifest them. This happen all day long and not only at night when you sleep. By becoming aware of this information you can attract more abundance in your life. Furthermore you don’t have to work hard for this – just think about the things you want and the message will be delivered to the cosmos.

What do guardian angels do when we cry?

When we cry guardian angels are ascending to earth or sending us comforting messages. They are protecting us not only from the dangerous of the physical world but also from the hazards of the spiritual or emotional world. When you are strong in heart, spirit and mind you can overcome any crisis.

In addition they might bring you some visions from the future and flashbacks from the past. They are going to show you memories and possible outcomes, like in a movie or theater. You will see all the possible alternatives and will have to decide where do you want to go from here.

Like the famous quote: “after the rain come the rainbow”, so the action has to be taken after the passive cry. The guardian angels want you to move on so after you have dealt with the feelings they will encourage you to do productive deeds in order to improve your destiny and choose the optimal pathway.

Please note that because of the fact that emotions and spirit are the way to get in touch with the spirit world, sometimes you might cry but it doesn’t mean you are sad. In other words, crying might be a way to communicate with the angels, to try to understand them and to reveal the code and signs which is in a completely other language.

When god sends you an angel?

God sends you an angel everytime he wants to speak to you or to convey an important message from the divine world. Angels can change the way they look, so you might see ordinary things but in reality they are angels in disguise. It can take the form of animals, nature, people or object. However the vibration from this thing will feel differently and it will grab your attention.

God can send angels any time of the day or night. So if you are sleeping you will get guidance through dream symbols. Many intuitive people find it useful to be more attended to the visions or prophetic dreams they have during the sleeping time.

If you wondered how to command angels to work for you, than it is very simple. You just need to connect to the psychic world and the miracle will happen. It might require training and practice in activating them, but as you ask or wish more and more you will learn how to send assignments much more quickly.

Sometimes God sends us angels disguised as friends, it can happen when God sends his angels to protect you with bible verses. For instant, you will see quotes, phrases and other text with direct meaning: “For he will order his angels to protect you wherever you go” (Psalm 91:11).

The best timing to get some help from the angels is when you fear. Horror is the main SOS signal that people can activate when they want the angels to work for them. This doesn’t mean to be lazy, it is when you really need some solution to your problems and you can not fix them alone. So don’t call the angels if you have lost an object and can’t find it or if you just want to be reach. Save the prayers for something really important.

Who is the angel of protection?

The angel of protection is named Michael, so everytime you think you need protection you can try and summon him. He usually provides physical protection but sometimes can also help you to find solution to logical or emotional issues, as long as they are related to the material world.

If you have bad vibration around you, Archangel Michael will pure it in few minutes. Negative energy might caused by people who are gossip, jealous, scheming or casting evil eye on you. Moreover the archangel will give you encouragement to overcome any obstacle. When he is near you will feel much stronger and alive.

He is especially famous for transforming bad energy into good energy, leaving the past behind and making good prophecies for a better future. The healing aura of the spirit is usually deep blue like the ocean. The colorful light will ease any pain and calm you.

Which Archangel helps with jobs? Also Archangel Michael and he is a great career advisor as well. Protection and career goes together because this is our main method of providing food, shelter and safety for us, for our family and friends.

So if you are wondering “which Archangel should i pray to?” than the answer is Michael and maybe Jophiel as well.

Jophiel is the female angel of protection. She usually hold two swords with flames of fire, she can banish the enemies quickly. She usually comes from heaven and sometimes referred by the name “Dina”. Her healing color is yellow and she brings lots of wisdom. 

How does guardian angel work among us?

Guardian angles work among us is very mysterious ways. Their role is to guide us but also to remain undercover. Everyday there are millions of angels wandering in the streets, towns, nature and among people. We usually can not detect them and it is good because we don’t want to disturb their holly mission.

Guardian angels are immortal, they can live to infinity and beyond. They have been on earth millions of years and will continue to work among us for many years to come. Even if you don’t believe in them or never seen one of them, they are here all the time and can alter the appearance and especially how they look like. So basically everything you see might be an angel in disguise.

They are constantly checking where are the low vibrations, where bad things happens, who is trying to twist the course of events and they try to reverse the damages. There is a grand plan for earth, the universe and the whole cosmos. They are coming to make sure that everything is working as planed by the highest spirit on heaven.

We are also part of the plan. Sometimes we go in the right road and sometimes we completely lose our sense of direction. The guardian angels protect us and shift us to the right direction. This is why it is very important to listen to the sacred signs they are sending.

Angel protection symbol

Angel protection symbol can be anything that related to the spirits. However during the years, many psychics have found specific items or symbols that have been found near them or as a main theme of sacred message.

Among angel protection symbols you might find: ray of light, feathers, wings, pentagram, angel numbers, clouds, stars, dreams, rainbows and more.

The most obvious angel protection symbol is angel numbers. If you keep seeing repeating sequences like 333, 444 and 777 than guardian angels are trying to send you messages. Numbers are not associated with any language on earth, they are neutral and yet hold cosmic vibration within.

By learning how to interpret the meaning of these symbols you can discover a whole new world. It will open new opportunities and will help you to make the right decision when they come. Good fortune might be revealed when you see the symbols. So every time an angel is trying to protect you, be open to receive more and more symbols.  

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