Does everyone have a guardian angel? Each person has one!

Yes, everybody have a guardian angel and sometimes more than one. Guardian angels are sending different spiritual messages via numbers, dreams, zodiac signs and bible verses from God in heaven. They deliver crucial information about the future and destiny.

Does everyone have a guardian angel?

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Does everyone have a guardian angel in Catholic bible?

Yes! Every person on earth has a guardian angel. This is according to the catholic bible but also many other scribes, scrolls and versions of the bible. They all say that when it comes to human beings everyone have a spirit that is saving and securing his or her soul.

Animals and objects don’t have guardian angel but the angels can definitely get inside of them and create wonderful paths for them, they usually do it in order to give us signs and direction in life. Spirits of animals can also contact us and give us wisdom and spiritual knowledge as well.

If you ask questions like “Does everyone have a guardian angel?” it is an obvious sign you want them to contact you or maybe they do try to communicate you and you just don’t see the message. But for sure you are looking for some spiritual guidance and answers to your burning questions.

The guardian angel is being you from the very moment you have been born – from the exact birthday date until you die and leave the current world as a physical form. He doesn’t leave you, especially when life get harder, complicated and when everything seen lost. This is the reason why it is very important to keep on the faith in them.

But these spiritual beings are not only here to protect us, they also have spiritual role: to remind us to connect us with god and other psychic or spiritual forces. They send us messages for example through numbers, colors, sounds, dreams, visions and tarot card. If there is something crucial you need to know regarding the near future they will send you signs – most like angel numbers.

Does each person have a guardian angel?

Yes, each person have a guardian angel! All the sacred documents from the dawn of human kind have written about people from all over the world who encountered guardian angels. It wasn’t only for priests, shamans, religious people or kings. Every person even if he or she didn’t do anything remarkable on the scale of the history had them and more likely interacted with them few times during their life.

Some people see angels all the time and other just occasionally. And yes there are many people who think they never met them but actually the heavenly protection was and still is above them without their awareness. Furthermore your guardian angel is your only and only you can see or interact with. You can’t replace it whether you like him or not.

Please note that the guardian angels are here to show us the way, they can interfere too much with our daily life. In fact you are free to do as you wish: you can listen to their advices, or you can ignore each one of them. In the end it is up to you, so you have the solely responsibility for the outcomes.

Warning: Sometime demons and evil spirits might trick us to believe that they are our assigned guardian angels. This is why it is crucial not to blindly do as a certain spirit suggest. You should also ask yourself if an action towards specific goal is good for you or not, and if there are other alternatives.

Does everyone have a different guardian angel?

Yes, everyone have a different guardian angel. It means that the spiritual connection between you and the psychic world is really unique and tied. The guardian angel not only deliver messages and assist, he or she also represent you in the metaphysical world.

For example let’s say you are trying to manifest some desire, wish or prayer. That your private guardian angel is going to send this message to the psychic world and will try to bring you closer to complete the mission. They can not guarantee success in 100% but they will always come with an answer even if you don’t like to hear it.

Different guardian angels are working on different things according to your personality or psychology profile. What does it mean? For example, let’s assume that you are introvert. The assigned angel will help you to go through life dealing with that issue. He might suggest taking a more quiet path, or to choose a completely different route – to be more social and around people all the time.

Guardian angels are a completely different category than angels, spirits and archangels. First of all they are neutral, they don’t related to anyone you ever know from this life or past lives. They also don’t have an agenda or a specific purpose, they are here to give you clarity and guidance to the goals you specified.

Therefore you can always count on them. But you should also know that they will test you from time to time to see how you handle things. Once you have passed the trail they will get you closer and closer to the wishful circumstances.

How do you know if you have a guardian angel?

The quick answer: you will just know that you have a guardian angel. They will feel it and might not be able to describe or to express. This is how it goes with the spiritual realm – psychic usually feel the energy and they just know even if they don’t see clear signs in the physical world.

When a guardian angel is near you, the energy feels different, the air is warm even if it is the middle of the winter, the colors are more vivid and you feel more opened to possibilities, you are in observing mode of the soul. Sometimes you might sense weird things that are going on as well, for instant – time is going too fast or too slow.

Another sign to know if you have an angel number is if you sense that someone is watching you from above. They might also realize that the spirit is making sure that you will not get into troubles or wrong places. So go in straight line toward the safe places.

The guidance is not just otter symbols and signs, it usually come from within like thoughts, feelings, ideas and even visions or voices who are whispering in your ears. So pay attention to these messages and you will definitely know that your guardian angels are trying to communicate with you right now.

Living with the knowledge you have guardian angels is tricky, you will have lots of unexplained phenomena and sometimes it can be very scary or tiring to the point you will need a break.

How many angels does a person have?

Everyone have only one angel. He or she is assign to you in your birthday and will be with you until your last day here on earth. When you will move from the current world the angels will keep on guiding you there but only in the first stages. After that he will leave you and will be assigned to a new born person.

Sometimes people might have more than one guardian angel. It is usually happen to high spiritual people, psychic and those who developed their spiritual abilities through the years.

The reason why you might have more than one angel is because you need to do some important mission. It usually associated with helping people on a bigger scale, and not for fun or personal gain, they come and go according to the divine plans and earthly needs.

The bigger your life purpose, the more angels, guardian angels and archangels are going to surround you and advise you. Angels usually have superpowers and they can do lots of magic so for most people, one is definitely enough.

Further more they come near you when you are active. If you are too passive than they will not visit you very often because nothing new or exciting is happening around you. the the number of angel around you at any given point is one but sometimes it might be more like two or three. And if your life is on hold than they might disappear for a longer period of time from your destiny.

Do the guardian angels do anything?

Yes, guardian angels are doing lots of things, the main activity is to protect, guard and show you the right path for spiritual enlightenment and success. They are also preparing you for the next world, which is based upon your journey or voyage during the current life.

Furthermore they deliver message from the outer world, spirits, energies and sometime God himself. They know what the future will be like, so it is much recommended to listen to their signs, signals and especially the numbers they send.

It is very well known that they are related to religion but in fact it doesn’t matter to them if you believe in something or not, they are neutral about it and will assist you no matter what you believe in. they only care about keeping the spiritual order, like physics forces are keep earth a live. They want you to stay on the optimum pathway.

According to the bible, God created the world and he sends angels to make sure that everything is going fine and according to the grand plan. Yes, sometimes we see things that are unexplained, but the angels know the answers to the secrets, they know exactly why things are happening even if for us, the humans it looks illogical or weird.

They are some kind of feelings energy, they feel your emotions, wishes and desires and guide you through what they sense. This is why high sensitive people might see angels and spirits more often. The more you are attuned to your heart and soul the more you will feel the divine spirits. 

7 signs your guardian angel is trying to contact you

People have always thought that there are only 7 signs your guardian angel is trying to contact you, but the fact to the matter there are more, for example: Feelings, dreams, numbers, words, visions, colors, sounds and voices, animals, temperature, clouds and feathers and magic.

Here is a short description of more than 7 signs your guardian angel is trying to contact you:

  • Feelings – basically you will feel that they are around Moreover you will sense good emotions like love, inspiration, joy, happiness and hope. 
  • Dreams – angel might contact you via dreams when you sleep at night. It is very common sign to see symbols like feathers, halo, wings, sky and the color white.
  • Numbers – angel number are the most obvious signs that your guardian angel is trying to contact you. The digits you might see have meaning and they are instructions of how you should act next.
  • Words – you might hear voices of see written words like signs on streets, read a book or even watch a movie and suddenly realize that a certain word have caught your attention.
  • Visions – you will start to see visions of the future and also some flashbacks from the past. When it happens, it is a sign of first contact and you should start to manifest because they are listening to your prayers.
  • Colors – the world is more colorful when guardian angels are trying to contact you. Everything will be very bright and intense in shades of white, red and yellow.
  • Sounds and voices – you will notice soft sounds like bells, light wind and lots of nature voices like birds, water and etc. furthermore you might listen to inner guiding voices.
  • Animals – spirits of animals will surround you, but also real animals might catch your attention. If you will follow them you will reach to the destination you should be.
  • Temperature – when guardian angels are try to contact you, the temperature usually go high – like in a hot summer day. When they leave or if evil spirit or demon is near by the temperature will be cold as ice.
  • Clouds and feathers – the most common angelic symbols. You might see them a lot, for example meaningful shapes or cloud which will spark the imagination. And a trail of feather that leads to crucial location or a person.
  • Magic – when a spirit is trying to contact you there are lots of mysterious and unexplained phenomena near by.

Who is my guardian angel by birthday?

If you wandered “who is my guardian angel by birthday?” than here it is. Every week of the month is related to another guardian angel, check yours from the list:

  • January: Nemamiah, Yeialel, Harael, Mitzrael, Umabel, Iah Hel, Anauel.
  • February: Michael, Damabiah, Manakel, Eyal, Habuhiah.
  • March: Rachel, Jabamiah, Haiaiel, Mumiah, Vehuiah, Jeliel, Sitael.
  • April: Elemiah, Mahasiah, Lelahel, Achaiah, Cafetel.
  • May: Haziel, Aladiah, Lauvuel, Hanaiah, Yezalel, Mebachel.
  • June: Ariel, Hekamiah, Luaviah, Caliel, Leuviah, Pahaliah.
  • July: Nelchael, Yeiayel, Melahel, Haheuiah, Nithaiah, Haaiah.
  • August: Yeratel, Seheiah, Reiyel, Omael, Lecabel, Vasariah.
  • September: Yehuiah, Lehahiah, Chavaquiah, Menadel, Aniel, Haamiah.
  • October: Rechael, Ieiazel, Hanahel, Mikael, Veuliah, Yelaiah.
  • November: Sehaliah, Ariel, Asaliah, Michael, Vehuel, Daniel.
  • December: Hahasiah, Imamiah, Nanael, Nithael, Mebahiah, Poyel.

How to see your guardian angel in the mirror?

Seeing guardian angles is very easy with a help of a mirror. Basically most of the psychics are doing their ritual in front of the mirror. This is done due to the fact that angels might be scared if you look at them directly. Guardian angels don’t usually contact with people directly but through signs, symbolism and message. So the mirror is the key to feel and mostly to see them.

While you are meditate, call them, using tarot cards, Ouija board or any other psychic ritual or practice, look at the mirror from time to time. As you take deep breathe and focus your attention you might see images on the mirror.

The sacred images might be symbols and sign which related to your future. So you will not definitely see the angel himself, but the message he is trying to convey. Keep in mind that the clue or sign is much more important than how the guardian angel might be look like. Also angels can take any form and shape so they might not look like human beings.

Can your guardian angel fall in love with you?

Yes, guardian angel can fall in love with you. However they are not allowed to go with their feelings. If it does happen the other spirits or god will separate him from you and you will get a new one. Moreover the angel might lose his wings and be punished, he will not be able to come back to earth for as long as you are living.

When an angel falling in love with you, he is messing up with the neutral judgement and betrays the code of conduct and might leads other people to the wrong destination just to make you more advanced in life.

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