Four of cups tarot card meaning guide upright reversed keywords

The four of cups tarot card meaning is declining a good offer because we are too occupied with other thoughts and feelings in our minds. It also means loneliness and withdrawing from social activities. It can be due to negative reasons like disinterest, fear and boredom. However sometimes it is related to good reasons such as looking for stability and spiritual progress.    

Four of cups tarot card upright card keywords: worries, dreams, focus, view point, gratitude, thankfulness, boredom and stagnation.

Four of cups tarot card reversed keywords: breaking habits, breaking limiting beliefs, moving on, taking action, new energy, optimism, adventures, challenges, help, positive interaction, apathy and not caring.

four of cups tarot card meaning

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Four of cups tarot card meaning and symbolism guide

The man: the main image on the four of cups tarot card is a man who is sitting with his back to a tree. He is actually leaning back on the stump while looking down and crossing his arms and legs.

The cloud: another important symbol is the small grey cloud that giving the man a chalice or a big cup. The cloud came from nowhere and it is the only one in the sky. It is like a one time opportunity or luck that will never repeat again. The cloud has a little hand in which it offer the man a cup. The right hand with the cloud appears only in the aces cards: ace of cups, ace of swords, ace of wands and ace of pentacles. Therefore in this case there is a really important symbolism and special meaning to decipher.

Three cups: on the green grass at the left side of the four of cups tarot card there are three gilded cups. They are all lined up and the man is looking at them, but according to his facial expression he is not very happy about them. These cups are the reminder of the previous card “three of cups” which means celebration and being happy in a group. So now the situation at the present moment is the complete opposite from the past.

The sky: the sky of the four of cups tarot card are in light blue color, they are very clear as a crystal other than the one cloud that is offering a goblet. The color set the theme or atmosphere of clear mind and relax mood, this is why some psychics interpret the situation as meditation and not necessarily sadness or boredom.

There is more symbolism that supports the idea of meditation: the man is sitting in spiritual posture from head to feet, he is doing it under the tree like the Buddha did and looks focus in his inner self.

The golden cup from the sky is a symbol of offering wisdom or spiritual clarity by angels, gods or any other deity from heaven. Although this is a good thing the man is ignoring it, his hands are closed so he is not willing to consider new ideas. He wants a transformation because he is unhappy in the hermetic situation, but he doesn’t know how to do it or refusing to get the right help.            

The man is encouraged to stop looking at the cups on the ground that leads him to nothing and look up in the sky where the spirit can guide him to a better life. The meaning is to stop being preoccupied with materialism, thoughts and feelings and start to develop spiritual perspective in life. In a way the general meaning is correlated with the devil tarot card, which describes a man and a woman who are chained to black box and want to be set free from bad habits.    

Tree: the three in the four of cups tarot card is very big, stable and grow to the sky, it is very vital and has many fresh green leaves at the top. The meaning of this symbolism is aspiration and of course spirituality. In ancient mythic stories they where used as ladders to the sky, people climbed to the top to be in contact with angels and spirits. It is also a symbol of protection and nourishment, in many cultures a fine symbol of fertility and pregnancy. However in this card it means to live the comfort zone of the mind and go for new ideas even if they are different or scares us.    

Clothing: the main figure on the card is wearing clothes in three different colors: blue, red and green. The pants are blue because of the spiritual connection to the sky, the vest is green because he is still tied to the green ground. Under it he has red shirt and red shoes. This is the desire to be somewhere else or doing something else. The purpose of the shoes is to take him to a better place and the shirt is the desire of the heart. 

We are missing so many opportunities in life just because we don’t notice what is around us, we are stuck or too focus on mundane daily affairs or concerned too much about ourselves and not about other interaction. So if someone thinks he is having a bad luck or negative influences because of the cosmos, than this is not true, the only problem is that we are not seeing the alternative or variation because we choose to be closed at our mind, body and soul.

Being closed minded can be from many reasons. Sometimes it is a symptom of fear from the unknown because when we are having new experiences we can not relay on the past. Another interpretation is building a wall due to past failures, trauma or bad habits. The mental wall is so high that nothing can ever get through.     

In all tarot spreads and decks, cups are the ultimate symbolism of feelings, hence the four of cups tarot card tell us to listen to our heart and especially to what we are feeling. If something is generating a bad feel inside of us, than we don’t need more details or thoughts because it is clear as a crystal ball that we have to change something. If we are not taking the right action to change our destiny than we are the only one to blamed.

Four of cups tarot card upright card keywords meaning

Four of cups tarot card upright card keywords: worries, dreams, focus, view point, gratitude, thankfulness, boredom and stagnation.

Worries and dreams upright card keywords: the four of cups describe a situation of thinking too much about the future divination. We are worried that something bad will happen to us including failures and misfortunes, but we also have dreams that might not be true. Just a fantasy which has no base in reality. Hopes and fears are blended together and it has negative power on our emotions and point of view. Instead of doing it, be at the present moment. Learn meditation because it helps to be in the moment and stop the loop of unwanted thoughts in our heads.

Focus and view point upright card keywords: the four of cups tarot card send us an important message that we should focus on the crucial things in life. It is usually related to our desires, missions and the meaningful people like friends and family. It is really easy to get distracted in the modern times and find ourselves occupied with things that are not really important. Define what is important for you as a person and just go for it, forget about those stuff that doesn’t matter at all.

A second aspect is to be versatile with our point of view. The people who succeeded in life are those who were problem solvers. To do it efficiently you have to look at things in a different point of view, because if you keep doing the same thing nothing will ever change. Further more you will be similar to other mediocre people who are all look the same. The upright card suggests that there will be no help, if you want something you will have to do it by yourself. No one else will take and lead you further, the only person you can count on is only you.

Gratitude and thankfulness upright card keywords: the four of cups motivate a person to look at what he or she has right now near by. It is symbolized by the three cups on the ground, instead of wishful thinking about what you don’t have which is symbolized by the one cup in the sky. You have more than you need so don’t be exhaust by chasing irrelevant goals.

Boredom and stagnation upright keywords: you have lost interest in the mundane daily activities around you and you don’t want to participate in them anymore. There is no real value in what you see and the only thing left is to just stay away from it. So the card encourages you to seek a new adventure. Decide what you want and what you don’t want, and you will see that it will be much easier to find new things to do and even excel in it.

Four of cups tarot card reversed keywords meaning

Four of cups tarot card reversed keywords: breaking habits, breaking limiting beliefs, moving on, taking action, new energy, optimism, adventures, challenges, help, positive interaction, apathy and not caring.

Breaking habits and limiting beliefs reversed keywords: the four of cups suggests that you have a revelation about habits and beliefs, you realized that something is not right and need to be change. Although the situation might seems like a result of external influences, it actually caused by you. The problem and the simple solution are within you. We can take control on our path and redirect it to the desired course which eventually will bring us positive outcomes. Your mission is to get up on your feet and be in motion, don’t sit and wait for help or a miracle, get things done right away.

Moving on and taking action reversed keywords: the four of cups urge you to take action because there is no time to rest right now, a once in a lifetime opportunity will represent itself, so you have to be ready for the right moment to take the chance. Another advice is to build a plan of how you are going to make your wishes come true, it might take time, but the sooner you start the sooner you will get there. Furthermore, don’t think about the past it will only hinder the final results, instead, visualize the future.

New energy and optimism reversed keywords: in the reversed position the four of cups is a good card to pull from the tarot deck. It denotes that you are not afraid from the unknown, you have more cosmic energy than ever before, willing to take wild but calculated risks and want to have new things in life. You are going to find new skills and talents you didn’t knew that are possible before. These keywords are very similar to the energy of the fool’s journey tarot card.

Adventures and challenges reversed keywords: if you decided to change the daily routine and have new adventure it is very good idea, however don’t go too wild and always keep on moderation. If you are going to cross the line or rebel excessively than you are pulled into the dark energy, which is similar to the meaning of the devil tarot card and you don’t want to be there. It is OK to be excited and have fun but don’t do it too much because of possible negative implications.

Help and positive interaction reversed keywords: the four of cups tarot card predicts that someone is going to help you. The meaning is that you will have positive interactions and they will influence you especial if you were feeling down lately. In addition it means not being alone anymore whether it is regarding social circle, family and relationships.  

Apathy and not caring: the reversed four of cups tarot card meaning might also be disturbing. It describes a case of not caring about your life, you know you are missing good opportunities out there but you are numb and apathy. You put on a show to the world like you are not caring, you are strong and nothing can move you. But inside you know the truth, you do care and feel bad about it.

Four of cups yes or no – tarot card meaning (upright & reversed)

Is the four of cups yes or no tarot card? Most psychic agree that the answer is “no” when the card pulled in the upright position. this is due to the fact that the man in the picture is sitting and rejecting or ignoring the offer he is getting from the divine cloud.

Furthermore there is a boarder interpretation why it is a definite “no” card. The man not only rejecting the one cup in the air he actually rejected the three caps that are on the ground as well. In fact he saw them and decided he doesn’t want to participate. The cups are good gifts from heaven, so if he isn’t willing to get them than the world will disappoint him in the near future because he doesn’t deserved the gift.  

Few readers refer to the three of cups tarot card as a “yes” because the potential of the flying cup and suggest that the answer is yes but only if you will be able to change your point of view. Others claim that we see it the picture a man who is doing a deep session of meditation and he is on a mission for spiritual enlightenment so the answer is “yes”.

In the end we can conclude that the best answer to the question is the three of cups yes or no? is “maybe” with a little tendency to “no”. In rare cases and depended on the out card in the spread it might be “yes” as well. 

Four of cups tarot card meaning in love and relationship (upright & reversed)

The four of cups tarot card meaning in love and relationship, is more about self reflection when the card shows upright in the spread. It means that you have to recognize what you really want in a partner and how you imagine the two of you together before you can unify.

It also depicts some unpleasant situation with a twin flame or soulmate. Maybe a husband or wife doesn’t give you the right respect or attention. Maybe a girlfriend or boyfriend is just an illusion of a happy marriage or relationship, but the truth is that nothing is like that at all. It is a sign of being lonely or self centered while you are in a relationship. There is no mutual interaction with the spouse. 

Couples who are getting this upright card during a psychic reading should be aware that they are feeling bored with each other. There is no excitement in the relationship or marriage any more. Maybe in the past everything was great and wonderful, but now the situation has changed. If you want to live happily ever after, both of you will have to spark the attraction again.

Singles men and women will not find a new lover soon. This is due to the fact that you are closed in small community or group of people. So the chances of meeting a new person out of the social circle are very limited. With this kind of situation the upright four of cups tarot card suggests that if you will find a soulmate, it will be someone you already know and maybe already went on a date with. Another good advice is to expand the amount of people you know, this action will bring new candidates for love opportunity.

The reversed four of cups indicates that if you had a break up or heartbreak you will find some quiet and healing. Future relationships and love affairs are looking very promising right now, your twin flame or soulmate are getting closer to you.  

Another aspect of the reversed card is being attracted to someone who is very different from you, someone you never thought of as a possible love partner. So it is like a good surprise. Another revelation is discovering that someone who is just a friend or a colleague is in love with you for a long time and it has been revealed only recently.

Couples are going back on track, you finally shake thing up and being able to have the good old fun you had in the past. both of you are excited to be together and do new things. 

Four of cups tarot card: Career work and finances meaning (upright & reversed)

The four of cups tarot card in career, occupation and work denotes that you are not very satisfied with the current position in particularly if the card is pulled upright. Therefore the best advice is to start looking for a new job offer, going on interviews or learn useful profession.

Whatever you choose, remember that right now although you are not happy with the work place, at least it pays the bills and provides you the minimal living expenses or even more. As long as the finances situation is positive the problems are not really heavy and you should be thankful for it as well.

The four of cups tarot card is about taking an opportunity even if it looks somehow scary. Don’t be afraid to live the current job if there is a chance that the next one will be better. Yes, transition is hard and there are no guarantees that you will be pleased there, but the alternative of staying at the same place for a life time is not very tempting or interesting as well. Further more in the contemporary job world no one is making a commitment to employ you forever and can fire anyone within minutes.

When the tarot reading is about finance, you are given an obvious sign to stop looking about what you don’t have, cant do or failures. So don’t focus on the lack of money and instead be productive and start to think about the best solution or advice. First you have to collect all the information about the contemporary financial situation and next to analysis how you can make it better. If it’s too confusing you can go on concealing and talk to experts who will help you.        

The four of cups reversed is an omen of being more involved at work, if everything was jabbed before than things are starting to move forward in the right direction. Clients, costumers, projects and new challenges are being developed in your favor. Therefore you should ride on the current wave, because it will take you much further than any other opportunity from the past. 

Your desire to make more money is at its peak, so everything that related to finances, investments and business might work for you very well. The key point is to search for the right opportunity. When we open our eyes and willing to accept a new adventure we can succeed more than if we are stagnating in our old believes and ideas.

Four of cups tarot card: Health meaning (upright & reversed)

The four of cups tarot card in the upright position is a sign to pay attention to health issues. If the body is giving you indications that something is wrong than you shouldn’t ignore them. Treat it as soon as possible before it getting complicated. Another meaning is to be more focus on healthy activities not only for the body but also for the benefit of the soul. Meditation is a wonderful technique to do it.

The reversed four of cups tarot card indicates a change in lifestyle in order to be healthier than before. This is not a one timing fix, it should be as a strict regime on a daily basis. Consider having a personal coacher, a trainer, dietician or any other consultant that will aid you in the process of improving health condition.

Four of cups tarot card as feelings (upright & reversed)

The four of cups tarot card as feelings is about being ignored or rejected, when the card is upright it’s either you being rejects or you decline someone or something. These feelings are usually not nice and it is linked to sorrow as well. However sometimes the upright meaning is completely different, it is a sign of being more absorbed on inner thoughts and feelings and preventing others from interfering with the individual process.

When the four of cups tarot card is in reversed (upside down or inverted) the feelings are more uplifting. It means lots of interest in things or people and wanting to communicate with them. The meaning is about being more opened, friendly and flowing with the social group.

Four of cups tarot card zodiac sign astrology meaning

The four of cups tarot card zodiac sign is Cancer like most of the cards in this suit. It represent feelings and especially those who are correlated with comfort of something familiar, to be attached to certain emotions or ideas. All these feelings are directly linked to Cancer astrological star sign and there are many examples for them in horoscope charts.  

The emphasis is on security, past experiences and family. It is a situation or personality of being inside a box or small community, not being too opened to the outer world. Usually it is not cause by fear, except as a way of living in familiarity and not taking too many challenges. Someone who prefers routine and daily schedule over risks and surprises.   

Cancer zodiac sign is ruled by the moon. The moon is controlling the water on earth through the tides and water is the symbol of emotions on several tarot decks like Rider Waite, Thoth, Visconti-Sforza and de Marseille. The moon is controlling the mood as well and can swing the feelings from side to side in people who were born with Cancer star sign.

Pisces is also associated with the four of cups tarot card. The reason behind the meaning is the relation to the spirit world, being detached from daily or earthly matters. Focusing only on spiritual growth and developing the soul while disconnecting from the rest.    

Four of cups tarot card number and numerology meaning

The four of cups tarot card number is 4. In numerology the number 4 is about stability and things that are not going to be changed for a long time. It is the ultimate stagnation which can go either way, it might hurt us and confine our action, or be exactly what we need and bring us security and familiarity.

On Rider Waite deck the artist has split the four cups into three on the ground and one on the sky. The meaning of number one is of course being alone, and this is what the man in the picture is doing, he is alone with his thoughts. The number three represent crowd, group or community and is related to the previous card that symbolizes party and fun.    

Four of cups tarot card meaning: past, present and future

Past position: the four of cups tarot card denotes that you didn’t wanted to do or have certain things in the past and now you are going to pay the price. For example you didn’t or couldn’t go to college and now you are having trouble in finding good a good job. Maybe you declined help in the past and the conditions have been deteriorated since than. Maybe you didn’t put the effort in relationships and now you are single again. 

Present position: you are ignoring the reality and try to blame everyone else but you. If something is not going according to your wishes, you just give up and create despair circle to a point you can’t break these limiting beliefs. This behavior will only wreck any possible progress.   

Future position: the four of cups in the future emphasis the knowledge you gained in the past and how you will apply it to the future. It is basically speaks of learning from the mistakes of the past and being more prepared to the unknown future. However if you will encounter an event that you don’t know how to act upon it, than you will have to think about it for a long time.  

Four of cups tarot card as a person

The four of cups tarot card as a person is someone who is very stubborn. A person that you can not change his or her mind. They are fixated on an idea or a view point and nothing in the whole universe will ever change them. It will take an enormous effort or very unique experience to change the way they look on life. If you encounter such a person, than don’t try to fix him or her, let them find their own path in life.

What someone thinks of you? What someone wants? How someone sees you? How someone feels about you? Will he contact me? These questions can be answered through the interpretation of the personality of these people:

Their personality is all about not being satisfied or happy, they like to complain and be a little bit negative. Sometimes they are actually apathetic and hiding their true feelings. the view point of the four of cups tarot card is very pessimist these people are always looking for how something can go wrong rather than being optimistic and trusting the cosmos. They are protective and don’t disclose information or emotions, it is really hard to guess what is going on inside of them, sometimes it is very tiring task.  

The personality is more about being imbalance, they don’t know what they want and they can change their mind very frequently. In the end they usually give up and abandon everything they do, they are barely complete any chore they decided to work upon. Starting but never finishing.

Four of cups tarot card combinations guide

Ace of cups and four of cups tarot card combination symbolize disconnection from spirituality. You are doing the opposite than developing intuition and understanding life’s concept. It denotes being materialist or extreme martyr and don’t really grasp the true meaning of happiness and joy.

Five of cups meaning is all about bad feelings with the four of cups combination it suggests regrets that you lost the opportunity. However now you are showing that you care about the loss so maybe in the future you will improve the way of thinking about offers and how to accept them instead of ignoring.

Queen of swords meaning in this combination that your standards or acceptance bars are so high that no one can enter into the reality. If you will lower the standards you might see new things you didn’t know about them before.

Queen of wands is about vision but in this case it’s explained through being stable, you are going to try new adventure but without losing the head. Another prediction is that you maintain in control although someone else or external influences are trying to put you down.

Queen of cups reveals fear of being neglected or rejected. She is truly good hearted and aware of her emotions, she is stable and strong from the inside as well, but sometimes she can be deeply offended when she doesn’t get what she wants.

Queen of pentacles tarot card meaning is being well established financially through hard work and positive intentions. However right now you are not very happy about your money situation. This is due to being focus on the wrong things and not acting when needed.

The lovers in this combination denotes problem in the relationship. One side is not being cooperative enough or doesn’t show his or her feelings. There is an element of neglecting and ignoring, you are not being treated as you should be in this love affair.

Eight of wands tarot card is unknown situation or event that is rapidly getting closer to you. With the four of cups it turns the meaning to be more positive, you are waiting to see how things will progress and than you will take action.

Four of wands reveal that you are secured and have stability in life. However it becomes a little bit boring and too predictable. So don’t be afraid to break the daily routine from time to time.

Four of swords is also about being left alone as a conscious choice but it is because of being hurt or too tired and not because of boredom. It stresses the resistance to switch the point of view. 

Seven of swords is about cheating in relationship or friendship, someone is pulling the strings against you and it is more likely to be a so called “good” friend. You are not aware of his or her scheme, wake up and review who are you true loyal friends before they will use you again.   

Six of cups is a reflection of image that doesn’t exists anymore. In other words, the past was very good for you but these days are gone and now the situation is upsetting and desperate. 

Six of wands physical appearance meaning is being victories and even famous. But with the four of cups it advocates that you are not very satisfied in this position. You feel alone and distanced from people. In this sense the outcomes were complete opposite than what intended from the first place. 

Strength is about controlling the emotion but here it is about resistance and not adopting the new life changing event. 

Death meaning is that something is lost of gone and you don’t acknowledge or care too much about it. But in reality you do can and it prevents you from moving on into better phase.

The devil is about taking the wrong action after you were inactive for so long time. Four of cups meaning is regarding high level of spirituality and meditation practice. But you stopped doing that and now you want to be materialist and live the luxury lifestyle.

The high priestess is a mythic figure that has lots of intuitions and mystery. The four of cups is the emotions behind this behavior. Both of them are positioned away from socieity and minding their own business because this is what they chose for the time being.

The hierophant symbolizing the need to think about your moral and value before an action will be taken. However it is very important not to shut yourself down during the revaluating time. It’s an omen to search for education or a spiritual guide who can be trusted unconditionally. 

Judgement is the sign you have been waiting for. It is the right time to stop being passive and being more active. Decide to participate more in what happens around.

Justice and the four of cups combination imply that you are not happy with your karma. Things are going bad because you didn’t address them on the right time. You are seeking balance through self discovery, but don’t get caught too much in the mission as they are other things to do as well.

Knight of cups also means an offer but from earthly source like an oracle and not from heavenly spirits and souls like angels. The offer is usually a help from another person or even related to love. You are being advised to choose the option which will keep on balance between the world and the sky, between the spirit and matter.

Knight of wands is someone that is going to take an action at all cause while the four of cups is about not participating. The conflict should be solved because in this situation you can’t move fast. It might be a case of too many thoughts and fears that are producing self doubts and hesitation, or you need to teach yourself more about the topic you want to develop. 

Knight of swords definition in the current context is showing his anger and hence you should be relaxed and prudent. Don’t jump straight to reply without considering the alternatives.

King of pentacles tarot card is someone who is going to achieve everything by hard work, wisdom and being focused. However right now you are in a passive mode which will not yield the right results.

King of swords meaning is good communication but in this case it is really hard to manifest this trait because the four of cups is about disconnecting from society into your own little world. Hence there is a problem in how you interact with the universe.

King of cups is a stable man who dedicates his life to the close people like family and friend. In this case he expresses the demand to pause and have some times to himself.

Nine of pentacles is the beautiful monetary success for all the time and effort you invested in the past. However you are still dissatisfied, maybe because it is not exactly what you wanted or it doesn’t fulfils the soul but only shallow material needs.

Nine of swords meaning is an extreme level of fear and anxiety. You worry too much so you can’t see that there are nice opportunities as well. Realize that not everything is bad and there are certain issues that can go really well even in hard time. So count your blessings.  

Nine of wands combination with the four of cups tarot card indicates the last effort. You still didn’t got your reward and although you are unhappy, it shouldn’t interfere especially because you are so closed to the goal.

Nine of cups definition is about positive energy and being happy, the four of cups is negative and sad. Thus seek the balance between the two opposite. Both cards suggest being alone, but one option is better than the other.

Seven of cups represent too many choices. Everything looks very promising but it has two faults. The first one is the illusion that you will be satisfied with the choice. The second one is the inability to make up your mind and finally actually make the decision.

Two of cups is about connection between two people, usually a romantic one. So with the four of cups it means that there is stagnation, nothing new is happening and basically boredom.

Three of cups meaning is to be around people, however with the current card it indicates that you are not interacting with them and would like to be alone at the sideways.

Eight of cups denote that you are unhappy and would like to go away to somewhere else to find contentment. It is a step further than the four of cups because now you are taking an action instead of sitting and doing nothing.

Ten of cups is the bright future if you will play the cards of life in the right way. If you are not happy with your life than you have to do something which is decision making and taking actions.

Page of cups in the current context indicates emotions of dissatisfaction from love. You want more from the relationship or marriage. Singles are too eager to find their twin flame.

The empress is a good omen in the future position. But right now you don’t see it clearly, you are too concern about other issues.

The emperor is a person who is going in a strict and predictable line and he is a wonderful guidance. You are looking for new excitements out of the daily pattern. But it still hard to jump out of the comfort zone as described by the meaning of the four of cups tarot card. 

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