Judgement tarot card meaning upright reversed keywords guide

Judgement tarot card meaning is awakening. Forget the past and the things that hold you back. If you want to accomplish something than it is time to move forward and taking action. Furthermore judgement tarot card is also about spiritual enlightenment and healing the inner soul.

Judgment tarot card upright card keywords: reincarnation, awakening, renewal, transition, redemption, decision making and conclusion.

Judgement tarot card reversed keywords: stagnation, stack, poor logic, uncertainty, irrationality, poor or hasty judgement and self doubt.

judgement tarot card meaning

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Judgement tarot card meaning and symbolism guide

People: in the judgement tarot card there are six people men, women and children. They are all in grey colors, without clothing and getting out from dark boxes which look like coffins. They are not a shame by how they look or what they are doing because the angel has awakened them. This is symbolism of being awake and leave behind bad feelings, trauma and negative memories. It is the purification of the soul without self judging very similar to a healing process. The angel is calling them and you are standing, looking at him and spreading their hands to the sides. The people are very happy to see the angel, they are welcoming him with gestures and some of them are praying.

The angel: the symbolism of an angel at the judgement tarot card is the inner self but the high consciousness and awareness, something will all strive and look for. It is something we want to be, a better type or personality of our mind and soul. Moreover the angel is also a guide, someone who give guidance for those who don’t know what to do next.  

The picture of the angel at the sky is Archangel Gabriel, we have already seen him in the lovers tarot card. Here he is connected to water because it is sign of clear revelation, being pure and seeing the truth. In the picture he is play music with trumpet, it produce sounds but actually vibrations which transforms to energy.

The little kid in at the center of the card is right under the trumpet, he is getting the main energy because he needs to grow in many aspects: physically, spiritually and mentally. He is getting guidance from the very first moment he come to earth, at first years it is the responsibility of the parents and family to keep him on that track. When he becomes an adult it’s his mission to continue the right path and never to loose the way.         

Judgement tarot card encourage us to drop the personality, to forget who we are and to seek harmony and connection with the spiritual world. Spirituality is not a bout one or two person, the energies are encompass every aspect in earth and the other worlds whether its human being, animals, nature, spirits and gods.

The sea: at the judgement tarot card we see very little solid ground which is symbolized by three trees at the background. The whole scene is taking place on the surface on the water level. The waves are very small therefore indicating peace and serenity. This is the past stage, the time the people where sleeping in their boxes like cocoons. The next phase is taking place at the sky where the angel is calling them. There is still a long spiritual journey that is waiting for these people. They are only at the first step right now at the present moment. 

Grey color: the people and the coffins are in grey color. It is not because they are dead but because they have some knowledge which needs to be used correctly to enter the next phase. Even the clouds up in the sky are in the same color, it is a symbolism of higher connection to the deity. Overall grey color symbolizes change as it is a mix of black and white. We usually think that it has negative connotations but in the psychic realm it is a positive sign of change.

The judgement tarot card encourages us to be more creative. We can depict this symbolism by looking how the colors are changing from bottom to the top of the card. At the base everything is grey and blue. It looks almost the same and a little bit messy. As we are going up we see details in other colors like white mountains and flag, red wings and yellow horn and hair. 

Flag: Archangel Gabriel is holding a square flag between the arms. It has prominent red cross and white background. This is a symbol of help the aid is on its way for those who will follow him. In a broader spectrum it means humanitarianism, so the mission that is assigned for you is not something material. Although judgement tarot card can be used in all kinds of psychic divination like career, work, love, relationship and health it is more related to spirituality and doing good for the sake of everyone in the world.

Additionally the symbolism of judgement tarot card is about cycles. Sequence of death and birth, repeating patterns of waves and water from snowy mountains falling into the sea, and in the winter will become cold as ice again. So every time you are being awaken and following the message of the judgement tarot card you truly climb to a higher level. It is a progress that takes time maybe years.

Judgement tarot card meaning is an end of one cycle and the beginning of another cycle. Because you are wiser now, you can not go back to your old habits. You are not being judged by someone or something else as in justice tarot card meaning. You are judging yourself and deciding how to design future outcomes.     

The water was moving the coffins in the water to random places when the people where a sleep. But now when they have waked up it is their choice to choose to which places they want to go. They are being advised to take action and lead the way to destiny.

Judgement tarot card upright card keywords meaning

Judgment tarot card upright card keywords: reincarnation, awakening, renewal, transition, redemption, decision making and conclusion.

Decision making and conclusion upright card keywords: judgement tarot card encourage you to make up your mind. You have been too long in situations and events that don’t beneficial, you have been too passive or just went for the wrong thing. Now there is an immediate urge to make a decision. Please note that it doesn’t mean to rush or jump a head before checking the facts and gather all the information needed.

Awakening and renewal upright card keywords: the awakening that symbolized by the judgement tarot card can be spiritual and mindful too. As the angel is playing in the trumpet or sacred horn he is calling the people to choose another path in life. He is coming from above, the skies where gods, deities, souls and spirits are living and trying to make good deed in this world and the worlds after death. They are sort of spiritual guides what wants to connect with you.

In addition the renewal can take form of a new idea or thought which will lead you to take different actions this time. It means change in any area of life: health, pregnancy, career, work, love, relationships, family, friends and etc. when the judgement tarot card is showing up on a psychic reading it means that everything is possible because now you know what your mission is.

Transition and guidance upright card keywords: the judgement tarot card meaning is also give us clues how to accomplish the quest and not being blocked. First of all you have a guide, it is symbolized by Archangel Raphael but it can be any person on earth. Therefore if you want to succeed find someone who will truly teach you all the little details in this field of expertise. Don’t do it alone as it will be a waste of time and money, find a psychic, a guru or a mentor who is already have experience. 

The transition to the new phase in life has already begun, there is no way back. Maybe you noticed it or maybe not, the fact to the matter is that you can not go back. Hence look only forward, don’t dwell in the past and generate good future outcomes. A transition is usually related to the present moment, in signifies that now is the most important period in your life.  

Reincarnation and redemption upright keywords: the judgement tarot card denotes reincarnation of the soul and redemption from god if you have been doing bad things in the past. It means a second chance that doesn’t depended on previous actions. In general it means that you become more interested in learning concepts and elements of spirituality. Things like psychics, divine, mystic and religion that never have been considered as an option are starting to take your attention. Maybe the answer to the questions can be found there. In this sense it is really similar to the hierophant tarot card.

Judgement tarot card reversed keywords meaning

Judgement tarot card reversed keywords: stagnation, stack, poor logic, uncertainty, irrationality, poor or hasty judgement and self doubt.

Poor or hasty judgement reversed keywords: the judgement tarot card indicated a problem in how you are making decisions and assess things. This tendency is not good and it should to be change. Before making any decision it is recommended to review all possible factors. Getting the full picture, education and more information will assist in making the right choice.

Poor logic and irrationality reversed keywords: this card is not about you judging people, friendships or being in the legal system for some kind of reason. It is about making choices correctly in order to enhance life. When the card appears at a psychic reading session it usually denotes that something has already begun. The outcome will be based on your past actions and it will be almost impossible to change it in the present as you don’t have enough time. Yet, train yourself to be more logic and rational, it will be a good preparation for making good choices later.         

Stagnation and being stack reversed keywords: the judgement tarot card is about doing thing differently. When it is in reversed it means you refuse to change, you have stagnation and basically stack in life, nothing is really accomplished or progressed. Maybe you even going backwards, you see other people getting promotions at work, getting married, having children, doing a lot of fun and you are left behind alone with nothing. Wake up before it’s too late and irreversible.

Self doubt and uncertainty reversed keywords: no one knows what the future might bring. And still it is not an excuse to have self doubts. Being too critical about yourself will generate external influences on your life. You will be refrained from taking action and you will miss great opportunities. Tell yourself how good you are, don’t think too much about other people’s opinions and live your own life.    

Judgement yes or no – tarot card meaning (upright & reversed)

Is judgement tarot card yes or no card? This card is usually expressing a transition and from the imagery of the card we safely deduce that it will be positive one which means “yes”. In the upright position it is a continuation of what happen after the fool met the death card. Here the people are getting out the coffins and following the angel’s calling like they are being resurrected and experiencing a new birth.

Nevertheless when judgement card appears reversed or upside down it means you are willing to follow the change, something is stuck and the interaction is not going well. Then if you are asking how to read it, in this case it is a “no” card.

Judgement tarot card meaning in love and relationship (upright & reversed)

In romance, love and relationship the judgement tarot card meaning is depending whether the card showed up in upright or reversed position. When we keep getting the card in upright position it means take it or leave it.

For those who are in a serious and long relationship such as marriage a hard decision must be taken. Think very carefully if you want to keep on living with the soulmate. Ponder if he or she is really your twin flame, do you have fun together and do you imagine living with them for the rest of life. Judgement doesn’t indicate if a divorce or a break up will happen. However once you decide what you want the steps you need to take will be revealed stage after stage.

For those who are single and looking for love or relationship, there is something you need to change. Reinvent your personality in such a way that it will attract the right person to your life. It doesn’t mean being fake or manipulative behavior on a date, it means to improve everything about how and what you are doing. Because in the past it didn’t worked well, this is why you are still single. Try new adventures, meet exciting people and overall expand the horizons and the mind.

When the judgement tarot card is reversed it means that you are stuck in love and relationships issues. You should change habits and do things in a way you never thought before. Otherwise you will fall to the same pitfall again. This is a good advice especially for single men and women who are searching for their soulmate or twin flame.

This card usually appears after break up. It denotes that your ex lover whether it is boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife will not give you or the relationship a second chance. There will be no reconciliation from their part and accordingly you should move on and find another twin flame. 

Judgement tarot card: Career work and finances meaning (upright & reversed)

The judgement tarot card can be interpreted in many ways when it shows upright for psychic questions about finances, money, work and career.

First and foremost it suggests you will be much occupied at work or with a new business. There won’t be much time free and you can not afford to relax or wasting time on unimportant things. You are going to be evaluated upon the productivity at job place. Mangers or bosses are looking on the performances.

It is a good chance to show off, be more noticeable and it might pay off really quickly. However if you are neglecting productivity, being lazy and just don’t care about the job, you should change the bad attitude if you want to keep the position. Fix quickly the mess and start to be useful because this is a sensitive time. Being lying off from current occupation might happen so listen to the judgement tarot card’s warning.

The judgement tarot card encourages you to be honest in money and finances. Don’t steal what is not belonged to you because someone will find it out. Be honest and have integrity. Be extremely careful what kind of deals you are closing. For example: buying a car, house or any other valuable commodity. Check all the little details before signing up and make sure that the seller is someone who can be trusted.

When reversed, the judgement tarot card reveals changes at the work place. Most of the people would like to stay at their current occupation, so if this is the case you will have to put some effort to keep the place. Don’t take it for granted, the fact you have been there for years or maybe decades doesn’t matter as everyday you could lose the job.

The reversed card might also indicate you have chosen a bad work that doesn’t suit to the skills or the interests you have. When searching for a new job offer or going to an interview these factors should also be taking into consideration.

If you are unemployed it means that good opportunities are going to be offered. There is no need to be sad, envy or live in distress because everything is going to be alright at the end. Maybe now times are rough and challenging but if you are willing to work hard, soon you will get out of this situation and earn enough money for living.  

When life turns to be something different, you have to take drastic steps. So if money is tight right now, don’t be to picky take whatever job offer you get. Once there is a steady stream of income you can still looking for other financial opportunities and investments.   

Judgement tarot card: Health meaning (upright & reversed)

Judgement tarot card health meaning when the card is upright: pay close attention to your body’s needs. You might feel or see symptoms so don’t ignore them and continue with the day like nothing happen. It might be something serious, it might be something small that will be solved within few days. Don’t take the risk because it can get worse.

In reversed position it means you made mistakes and had poor judgement about the physical body and health related issues. After learning the hard lesson you are wiser and maybe you will enter the healthy lifestyle, this include diet, exercises and consulting doctors with illnesses.         

Judgement tarot card as feelings (upright & reversed)

Judgement tarot card as feelings is about getting a second chance. In previous endeavors you where unhappy because you let people down and maybe you didn’t met your own expectation and thought that everything is ruined and lost. However when the card is upright you can have a little hope and faith because of redemption or reincarnation are going to happen.

You are encouraged to let go of the past, if you were mad about someone just forget it and move on, it will not do any good to talk, explain or meet them again, close the affair. This will create a good feeling of releasing the burden. When judgement is reversed it means losing the only chance and feeling not very good about it. This situation might make you quit whatever you are doing and search for happiness somewhere else. 

Judgement tarot card zodiac sign astrology meaning

Judgement tarot card zodiac sign is Libra because of the desire and ambition of this card. People are being awaken and called to do something instead of floating in boxes on the water. The red wings of the angel are the inspiration for a new adventure.

It can also represent Scorpio astrology sign which is ruled by Pluto. It denotes self judgement, we reckoning our previous activities and thoughts and concludes how to behave better in the future. Scorpio has a massive shield but inside it is very soft and sensitive. Pluto is well known as a celestial object that brings demolition. Although it is not nice as very similar to death, in reality it is a natural event which has to happen if we want to have a new birth.      

Some psychic readers associates the judgement card with Jupiter planet and therefore with Sagittarius zodiac sign. Jupiter planet is about wisdom, learning, teaching and most important spirituality. 

So what does it mean? because judgement tarot card has lots of symbolism and interpretations it might be related to many zodiac signs of the horoscope.

Judgement tarot card number and numerology meaning

Judgement tarot card number is 20 (XX). It comes before the final card number 21 – the world in all major tarot decks like: de Marseille, Rider Waite, Thoth and it is sometimes also called “Aeon”. In numerology number 20 represents hard work, it is not a lucky sign and therefore there are lots of thing you need to do if you want to be successful.

In Buddhism number 20 is associated with the moon and helps to manifest order and stability in life, it’s also related to knowledge and intelligence. This is an indicator of planning, preparing and thinking before acting. There is nothing spontaneous or unpredictable when this tarot card or number appears.

Additionally it appears here and there in the bible and has a good meaning. It is about completing a task or mission with very good results because it builds upon twice the number 10. Another possible interpretation is a time in which a person needs to wait and be very patience.    

Judgement tarot card meaning: past, present and future

Past position: according to the meaning of judgement tarot card, your past has dark moments, it usually a case of obscurity and phases you didn’t saw clearly what is in front of you. Additionally it is suggesting you have been too passive or didn’t take any action at all. You also let life to pull you into different places and lost control.

Present position: the actual timing of judgement tarot card is the present. You are being called to make a decision and change something. The world is giving you good energy and positive karma but soon it might go. So don’t hesitate and don’t live in fear strike now and don’t miss the opportunity. Lifestyle choices are the most hard to improve, it is a long run. If you start today you will be very surprise from the positive outcome in the future.  

Future position: right now the future is look very bright, it is symbolized at the judgement tarot card by the curvy clouds picture and the lovely colors in the sky. However there is a phase you need to pass correctly, there are lots of stuff that need to be done, learning, trying, take action, failing, test all of these are inevitable parts of the road to success.  

Judgement tarot card as a person

Judgement tarot card as a person is someone who learnt the lesson and changed his or her behavior. Some are born with the specific attitude and others believed to have the tendency from the past life and they reincarnated or reborn to do things differently from their initial personality.

These people likes to change everything around them, they are getting bored really fast and need some challenges to feel good and alive. On the contrary it might indicate a person who is just dreaming or complaining but never do anything about it. He or she need someone to push them uphill, they can’t do it by themselves.

They are usually interested in spirituality and psychic abilities, they all want to improve their lives. Some succeed and other doesn’t, it all depends on how they approach the situation and what they are willing to scarify.

Understanding judgement tarot card as a person will give you clue in a psychic reading about these questions: how someone sees you, what someone wants, will he contact me, what someone thinks of you, does he love me, how he feels about me and etc.

Judgement tarot card combinations guide

The world and justice tarot card combination is about completing the task after a period of transition. After the world card we are getting back to the fool’s journey card, Hence a new beginning is just around the corner.  

The lovers is about making a scary decision, the fear is embedded within the judgement card as well but it is a sign to let go of negative thoughts. Trust the spirit world they are here to assist.

Wheel of fortune suggests reconsidering how you came so far. What was good or bad in your life and how you managed to deal with it. Everything is about refine and enhances personal skills to be ready for the next level, which will be much more arduous.

Queen of swords is about making a rational decision after you gathered all the details. Furthermore from some reason you prefer to stay away from people for a while.  

Queen of wands encourage us to be strong because there are lots of obstacles which we will face. It is also a reminder to follow the rules and be in the right path even if it doesn’t seem like that right now.

Queen of cups emphasizes an inner struggle with emotions. Now it has to be set a side because it is interfering with the ongoing fundamental operation. 

Queen of pentacles / coins is about earthly matters or reality while judgement tarot card is an omen of heaven, spirituality and the voyage of the soul. Figure out how to make both operating together.

Strength is about pausing and figuring out what someone wants to do next. Judgement is the final decision with a hint to do it differently. 

Death is an end and justice is the resurrection from it. You are coming back to the same situations and events. However now you have experiences and can avoid illusions and mistakes from the previous time.

The high priestess is number 2 on the tarot deck so it is related to judgement which is number 20. this amplifies the importance of revealing secrets and seeking for the truth. Is also depict a situation where someone was very passive and now it is wonderful opportunity to stand, get up and do new things.

What is the difference between justice and judgement tarot cards? Justice and judgement often times seems very similar and many people are questioning what the difference between them is. They both indicate a major decision but justice is about the logic process of making it. Judgement is more about feelings and emotional influences. Moreover when they are together it means to consider them together.  

The star tarot card is about seen the light, it is the first success or positive direction after you have thought for a while about a certain situation that need a fix.

The empress with the judgement tarot card combinations is revealing the thoughts, they are usually about female energy like pregnancy, fertility, motherhood, nature, love, relationship, building beautiful home and etc.

The emperor is showing you the reality, operational steps that must be done. He is a smart guide for life so if you’ll trust him, the decisions and the future might be very clear. 

Eight of swords reveals that you refuse to acknowledge the truth. You close the eyes and don’t want to move, in fact you are doing the opposite of what is suggest by judgement tarot card which is waking up and walking forward to a new and better destination.  

Eight of cups is another omen for inability to move on but from emotional and feelings perspective. The answer to the anxiety and sadness is not being a victim it will only lead to more negative energies. Therefore do what it takes to forgive and forget. 

Eight of wands meaning is about reinvent new image or physical appearance. In addition the old personality must die or left behind and a new and better version of personality will takeover and leads you to much satisfying life.  

The fool encourages you to have faith and not fear. Be more positive and optimistic, once good thoughts and feelings are inside the body and soul the interaction with life will be more suitable and enjoyable. 

VI swords is merely about transitions and changes but with a negative implications, in this case judgement card is more productive and has prospects.

The moon indicates that the answers can be found only from the inside or the mind and soul. Connect to your inner self with meditation and spiritual knowledge.

Knight of cups symbolize high aspirations and beautiful dreams, all of these will be wait until you will be committed to pursue them. 

Knight of wands represent a person who is moving fast sometimes without thinking too much because he has high level of confidence. The judgement tarot card is more slow, it encourage you to move but gather information and consider all aspects before taking a decision.  

Knight of swords is a warning to think about implications and influences of what you are going to do. Sometimes we have to act fast but it has some drawbacks as it might result different outcomes than what we wished for.

King of cups suggests staying strong emotionally when we encounter obstacles and problems in life. Be a rock don’t let little opinions and comments to steer the feelings. Stick to the plan and continue to have a focus on the mission.

King of swords is telling us to use our head and not to be impulsive at the critical moments.

The chariot is a great card to have with the judgement, it is a reassurance that you will be motivated, you know where to go and how to do it.

The sun is a new phase and it can not start without ending the previous one first. In order to do so forgive yourself and don’t be too judgemental.  

The magician is a person who figured out exactly what he needs to do to succeed in life. After he has been awakened it is time to put some work. Additionally make sure that you don’t live in illusions or chase unreachable dreams. 

The hermit suggests a confusing and baffling affair in which make you want to extract yourself from the event for a while, until everything will be much clearer. Once you are coming back the issue will be solved easily.

The hierophant is a guide or someone who gives advices and we usually trust him. However judgement urges you to evaluate those recommendations and question whether they are good specifically for you.

Ace of wands is a burst of new energy, it is the excitement of having new challenges in life, it means yes, go on for what you want to gain even if in the past you had failures.

Ace of swords explained as seeking knowledge and understanding how things operate and flow in this world. With judgement card it denotes epiphany and realization.

Ace of cups is a message to release something that is bothering the soul. For instant being angry on someone knowingly it will not do any good but generating awful feelings.

The devil suggests narrow observation on the world while judgement is more holistic and higher level of awareness. It brings more protection, power, abundance and peace.

The tower is a break down of the current believes we are based on. With judgement it means that it is OK to leave them or look for new and solid foundations.

Page of cups predicts good luck so when an offer will presents itself consider it positively and don’t decline it without checking first.  

Seven of swords is also about collecting data and information before taking an action. However it has more negative side as it related to investigating evil intentions, manipulation or questioning hard issues.

Seven of cups tarot card depicts the many options someone can choose from and typically is overwhelmed and indecisive.

Six of cups is an advice to look back and concentrate only on the good events of the past. Once you will realize the power of the good feelings they are generating, you will be able to seek them in the future again. It is a reminder of the future reward.  

Six of wands meaning is being a role model or a hero. You got the royal reward and it is because you were willing to be wild and change even if you faced the unknown. In fact it shows that you have completed a transformation and basically you are another and better person than before.  

9 of cups shows solitary situation but you are very happy in this phase because you have everything you want and nothing is missing. You realized that material is not the key to happiness.  

Nine of wands means to hold on and be strong just for a little bit until everything is sorting out. Although the past has some bad issues it is time for forget them. The judgement tarot card is calling you to be alerted and ready for the final stage.

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