Justice tarot card meaning upright reversed keywords guide

The justice tarot card meaning is not only about legal and formal issues. It has deeper meanings such as making decisions, karma and connection between cause and effect. Justice card is also about communication and balancing logic with feelings.

Justice tarot card upright card keywords: Integrity, balance, connection, morality, cause and effect, doing the right thing, honesty, responsibility and fairness, legal issues, education.

Justice tarot card reversed keywords: Revenge, dishonesty, arguments, lack of equality, legal problems, lack of accountability, bad karma, imbalance and unfairness.

Justice tarot card meaning

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Justice tarot card meaning and symbolism guide

The justice tarot card meaning is of course doing justice by considering all the factors and making the right decision in the end. There are other meanings reflecting by the symbols of the card, and they are associated with truth, balance, law and morality.  

The woman: in the justice tarot card we see a figure of a woman. She is sitting on a big throne and her eyes are opened widely. She is neither a queen nor princes but she has high status, basically as a person she is like a judge in courthouse. As an ideal or concept the lady is also our inner judgement and morality. 

Crown: the lady in justice tarot card is wearing a golden crown which symbolizes authority. She has plenty of experiences in the legal system, she knows all the rules and the laws. People trust her to make the right ruling according to morality and truth. At the center front of the crown we can detect a red colored gemstone with rectangle frame. This is the third eye, the lady can perceive behind everything and find the real truth.    

Robe: the robe in justice tarot card is in red color which symbolizes passion. It is very loose, indicating that the woman feels very secure and safe in her position. She knows exactly what her part is in the legal system and what she needs to do. Some parts of her robe are in green color which signifies full growth, new beginnings and brighter future.

Shoe: if we take a close look at the lower part of the justice tarot card, we notice a small white shoe. This symbol reminds us that there is always reward or punishment for our deeds. It also a sign that the justice lady knows what she is doing, and her rulings are not only theoretical, but there are implications as well. She also knows where she is going and where she should be at any situation. Nobody can change her mind after the judgement. The white color is a symbol of purity and perfection.  

Two pillars: the two pillars on the justice tarot card are tremendously similar to those in other cards from the deck, like the high priestess, the hierophant, and the moon. In this example they symbolize the will to listen to both sides. For example when people are going to court and each one of them tell the story from his or her point of view. The justice lady is actually neutral, she is sitting at the center and listen equally to both parties.

Pillars constitute strong foundations too. The rules, the virtues and the ethics society should live by. If every person will do whatever they wants and if there will be no consequences to their action than, our community will fall apart, like a ceiling of a house crumbling if there are not supporting poles. This prevents chaos and melt down of humanity.

Veil: a little bit red but more purple hue, her thoughts and knowledge come from a different place, somewhere that the normal person don’t have access to. It usually related to wisdom and spirituality because it gives a sense of mystery. This is something that we can’t grasp easily. But the woman in the justice tarot card can understand it very well. She knows something that we don’t know and therefore we have to trust her. The yellow sky behind the veil is the good energy and guidance from above. If we want to reach it there is a long road to pass.

Sword: one of the main elements featured in the justice tarot card is the sword. This item can be found in many more cards in the deck. This is a typical symbol of making a decision. The purpose of the sharp object is to cut, it is not merely a decoration. There is no time to hesitate an action must be taken.

Sword is also an indication of clearing the situation. First and foremost the metal blade shines and giving the impression of light and positive direction. And seconds it removes all obstacles, passes the unknown and getting straight to the target. There is no way to escape, run or hide from the hand of justice. Moreover the sword is pointing up to the sky, so it promises us to make the right decision according to a higher guide from heaven, usually good spirits, angels and the gods. Very similar to the concept of tree of life that connects the humans on earth to the deity in the sky.   

Scales: the scales in the justice tarot card symbolize balance of energy. If you are going too fast, than you might consider slow things down, so you won’t miss opportunities near you. If you have negative vibration, you should charge yourself with positive energy too. If you had rough events in the past, learn from the hardship for a better future.

They also represent fairness, the idea that justice will be served to anyone. No one will be able to shift the attention, to use tricks and sway it differently. Scales are the zodiac sign of Libra emphases those traits and characteristics.

The justice lady is holding the double-edged sword with her right hand, indicating logic and rational thinking but also going on a battle. With her left hand she is holding the scales, left hand indicates protection and emotion. Together they are in complete equilibrium.

The justice tarot card encourages us to search for the truth. Not in the small details but on a higher level, the ideals and principle of spirituality, forces that are beyond our existence. When we are aware, we can filter all the noises and illusion of the daily life and be open to divine concepts. When we are connected with the subconscious we can be ourselves, express the personality and live the truth of who we truly are.      

Justice tarot card upright card keywords meaning

Justice tarot card upright card keywords: Integrity, balance, connection, morality, cause and effect, doing the right thing, honesty, responsibility and fairness, legal issues, education.

Doing the right thing upright keyword meaning: justice is like judgment, if you have been a good person you will be rewarded for it. However if you did bad things like breaking the law and disobeyed moral code of conduct, the negative energy will make you pay for it. If this card appears on a psychic reading, be on guard. Reconsider your manners, check with yourself if you are not hurting anyone, as you might be accounted for it in the nearest future.  

Legal issues upright keyword meaning: the justice tarot card is mainly an indication that you will be occupied with legal issues. Contracts, documents, lawyers, consulting, trail, judge and etc. This tarot card doesn’t predict the results and can not guarantee that you will win. Yet, it can foretell that you will be treated fairly, and you will get what you deserve either good or bad.    

Responsibility and fairness upright keywords meaning: the justice tarot card doesn’t explicit predict if future outcomes will go in your favor or opposite. The main message is fairness, if you have been doing wrong things you know about it and you can’t deny it. This upright card keyword brings us to the next concept which is responsibility. You have control over your life, nothing is destined against you. if you made a mistake you can still fix it before it will be too late.

Connection upright keyword meaning: the justice tarot card teaches us to develop our connection with everything around us. Start by connecting your self to the subconsciousness mind, study who you truly are and what are your goals. The next level of communication is with friends, family and other people. The third level is spiritual connection with the world. This tarot card shows us that one person is a part from the wholeness of the cosmos, but as creators we can manifest everything just as god – the creator of the universe. 

Education upright keyword meaning: although it doesn’t looks like a tarot card that related to learning, it still has a lot to do with teaching. The sword of justice is cutting through information, it clears the unnecessary details and let us see the facts. In addition the lady of justice in the image has plenty knowledge, she need it for the ruling.

Justice tarot card reversed keywords meaning

Justice tarot card reversed keywords: Revenge, dishonesty, arguments, lack of equality, legal problems, lack of accountability, bad karma, imbalance and unfairness.

Legal problems reversed keyword meaning: you have bad karma and can run into legal problems. This occurred because of your past, you didn’t think through all the implication of your endeavors. Another possibility is that you didn’t treat well people around you and now they want to retaliate. The justice tarot card is very decisive and sharp so this issue will be examined to the core of events. At the current time it doesn’t seems very optimistic for you. However when it will be over, you will have the chance to start from fresh.  

Lack of equality and imbalance reversed keywords meaning: if you get the justice tarot card reversed, it means things are not going good for you. Attempt to have low profile and don’t get into troubles. Keep your opinions to yourself, stay out of useless arguments and don’t talk too much about your success or assets. You must keep quiet because there is an imbalance in your life. Be on guard until everything will be resolved, don’t try worthless risks. 

Unfairness and bad karma reversed keywords meaning: the justice in reversed reveal bad karma and negative energies will find the way to you, even if you will try to run away or hide. In most cases it is related directly to what kind of person you have been in the past. Sometimes there won’t be direct correlation between the cause and effect. For example you can be on the wrong place at the wrong time and experience unfair repercussions.

Although it’s not fair, this indicates that the people around you might be the cause for it. The justice card define a connection as well. Therefore be very picky when choosing the people you spend most of your time. If they are positive and nice they will take you higher in a sense of joy, happiness and fulfillment. Nonetheless if they have bad influence you most likely go down with them.

Lack of accountability reversed keyword: You don’t take responsibility for your actions. In fact you are seeing only one part of the situation, mostly like your side and don’t care about others. You manipulate rules for your personal favor and ignoring the big picture.

Justice yes or no – tarot card meaning (upright & reversed)

Is the justice yes or no tarot card? If you are having a psychic reading about legal matters and the card is upright, more often than not it is a “yes” answer. This is usually a “yes” card for other related questions with an aspect of formality. For example if you want to start learning and apply to school, or if you would like to start a new business. In reversed (flipped) the justice tarot card meaning is straight “no”.

In general, justice tarot card is actually neutral or give the answer “maybe”, this is because the basic meaning is karma. So it depends heavily on your habits. The law of karma encourage you to do good things which you will be rewarded. And on the contrary you will be penalized for doing awful deeds.   

Justice tarot card meaning in love and relationship (upright & reversed)

The upright meaning of justice tarot card in love, romance and relationship:

Your romance life or relationship whether it marriage or friendship has reached to the point of no return. This is the time to take a brave decision or face a divorce. As the justice lady holds the sword in her right hand, you can break the relationship and every part will go to his or her way. Another alternative is to look at the scales, that the justice lady is holding with her left hand and decide to seek balance. Living in harmony will equal the scales to the same level. You and your spouse will have a complete balance, and both of you will be able to live together without fighting, screaming and being angry with each other all the time.   

The upright justice tarot card in love and relationship can be interpreted with dichotomy of limits and excitement too. On the one hand you want to have fun and go wild, but on the other hand it will make you more vulnerable. This is a different kind of relationship that most of the couples don’t have.

Instability is right over the corner and it need to be addressed very often, if you want to keep going in this way. In this relationship there is a feeling which you don’t know exactly what to do and how to behave, you and your partner didn’t made ground rules and it can leads to arguments and miscommunication.     

The Reversed meaning of justice tarot card in love and relationship:

You might feel that the relationship in unfair. You think that you are the one who is giving, paying or doing all the hard work. While your partner is doing nothing or very little in return. You might be right with that feelings and you might be wrong. The best way to go about it is balance. Every relationship has “give and take”. It should be equal in order to create a structure that is mutually beneficial to both parts. Sometimes your husband, wife, boyfriend or girlfriend are not aware of those issues. This is a good time to talk with them about it. Additionally take responsibility and check if maybe you did something that lead into these conditions.

When you are single and looking for love, the reversed justice tarot card indicates that you are not on the right path to make your wishes come true. You are willing to change the person you are because you want someone else to fall in love with you. You are not being true and honest to yourself and to the future person who is supposed to enter your life.     

Justice tarot card: Career work and finances meaning (upright & reversed)

The meaning of justice tarot card when it appears upright in career, work and finances reading:

There is an immediate concern that you spend too much time at the working environment or any other similar forum and it affects your personal life and physical body in a negative way. The signs of this situation are: decline in productivity, stress, don’t sleep well and angry all the time. This is the time to cut the hours at the office, to spend more time with family, friends and in general do other activities which will bring joy and fulfilment.

If you are having a psychic reading about finance, the upright card is a great sign that you will receive nice amount of money. It can be from an unknown source – pure luck. In addition if you don’t want to wait for an opportunity that might or might not come, take an action. Do a research or consult with a professional and start a new investment or business.  

When it comes to work and career the upright position can signify a small struggle on the way to get promotion or a better job. The competition is between you and other people at work. Someone authoritative will have to decide whether it will be you or someone else. Your performance will be evaluated, but the way you interact with people like colleague and customers will also have a direct influence on the decision.

In reversed, the justice tarot card meaning is unfair circumstances which are happening at the work place. For example: You might be assigned with a project that is not really interesting, new rules and regulations, too much stress and sometimes to be laid off. Living in those conditions for the long term is not very pleasant, but for the short time it is recommended to accept the change, and hope that one day soon the negative vibrations will go away. If the problems consists than it is advised to search for a better solution.      

Money will not come easy for you in the near future. In fact the reversed cart implies it will be delayed for a long time. Don’t trust people or organizations that safe or store your money. Banks, investors, brokers, business partners costumers and of course friends and family are more likely to resist and escape if they need to pay or give you money.

Justice tarot card: Health meaning (upright & reversed)

In health reading the upright justice tarot card means that your physical body is a reflection of how you treated it. If you took care of it in the past like: eating healthy food, sleeping good at night, doing sport and basically lives a healthy lifestyle than your situation now and in the future will be very positive. However, if you neglected your health, than the body remember it and now it gives you signs it needs help.  

In reversed or upside down the interpretation of justice tarot card is that things went out of control and now you need help. Look for someone professional that can aid you to cure physical illnesses.  

Justice tarot card as feelings

The justice tarot card as feelings, whether it upright or reversed, doesn’t have good interpretation. While it reveals the need to be in balance, when you are in a relationship it is very difficult to follow this advice. Being closed to another person has impact and influence over you, so your judgement can be biased.

It is much easier to persuade people in loving relationship as they are more open to the idea of giving and see everything from an optimistic point of view. The mind and the heart are to separated parts, one is logical and the other one is emotional. If you want to follow a certain advice, it is recommended to balance these two elements especially if you are in love.   

Justice tarot card zodiac sign astrology meaning

In astrology the justice tarot card zodiac sign is Libra. This is because on the card we see an image of left hand holding scales, which is the well known horoscope symbol of Libra. The description of Libra as a person is very much like it represented in this tarot card. They care very much about balance, peace and doing the right thing.

The star sign implies they are very easy going, like to be around people, have great communication scales and supposed to be wonderful leaders. They like to follow the rule, make sure everything is in the right place and easily distinct between right and wrong.

One disadvantage of Libra is the fact they can not express feelings and emotions smoothly. This weakness cause people to take advantage of them, they are more concern about other people’s needs rather than themselves. Therefore if you are a Libra sign be careful of manipulation, especially from those who are closer to your circle.   

In astrology charts and horoscope predictions Venus planet is the ruler of Libra zodiac sign. Venus is the star of love, responsible to keep good relationships and interaction with the surrounding. Their perfect match or soulmate are Leo, Aquarius, Gemini and Sagittarius.   

Justice tarot card number and numerology meaning

The justice tarot card number is 11 (xi). Number eleven is associated with society and group of people, it is not about being alone or individualism. In numerology number 11 represents a person that wants to help as much as he or she can to variety of people in need.

These people have ideal and concept that are higher than their personal needs. For example doctors who saves lives, charity that raising money for a good cause and social workers who support children.

As a person number 11 is the number of leadership and spiritual powers. However it is required that they will be balanced and live in harmony as well.

In the old version of tarot deck the justice card was assigned with the number 8 (viii), and strength card was number 11.   

Justice tarot card meaning: past, present and future

Past: you have been baffled in the past. You couldn’t see things clearly and it damaged your ability to see clear and make the right choices. This caused you an imbalance that shifted your life to an undesirable place. You also had emotional issues that needed to be resolved if you want to live in peace with your inner self. 

Present: a big decision is a head of you. You might think that it is just a small task you have to complete and forget about it. But no, this choice will have a long term effect over you. Don’t rush to solve the problem, take some time to ponder on the implications. If you don’t know which way to go, ask someone that has knowledge about these issues.   

Future: you will reap what you sow. Your personality, the man or woman that you are, how you behave and your morality will all be judged in the future. It can be in front of the court of law, or as karma, spiritual destiny or people who will treat you the same way you treated them. 

Justice tarot card combinations guide

What is the difference between judgment and justice tarot cards? Before we are going to see some examples of justice card with other cards from the deck, we need to address the resemblance of those cards. Justice is more about paying right now for what you did in the past. Judgment is looking forward to the future, it give you a chance to start a new path and it is also a wake up call, don’t neglect the signs, open your eyes and be mindful about message you are getting from the cosmos.  

Why do I keep pulling justice tarot card? Here are some combinations that might explain it with broader meaning:

The wheel of fortune combination with the justice tarot card suggests, that the moment of karma is closed to you very much. Soon you will know if you are going to have positive or negative outcomes.

The magician tarot card suggests you have the skill to create and be whatever you want to be. So keep in mind to be good and win positive energies in the future.

Death tarot card symbolize sad past and possible nice future. The justice card is the transition period between the two phases.

Temperance tarot card is also about balance but it indicates slow timing, the justice card timing is much faster. Therefore the meaning of both of them together is that you should consider living slowly or faster, depends on the situations you are in.   

The empress tarot combination adds to the prediction the element of balance regarding emotions. Also building strong relationships like friendships, marriage and even pregnancy.

The moon tarot card meaning is about hiding problems, which goes opposite to the justice card, which reflects seeking the truth and problem solving.

The high priestess in tarot combination is more mysterious, like the moon things are being hiding from you. The justice card is more direct and to the point. 

With queen of swords card, this combination tell you to be more logic, to think and not to trust your emotions when it comes to make crucial decision. On the opposite side, if the card you pulled from the deck was the queen of cups, than the advice would be to listen to your heart and do what you feel is right.

Six of swords is the card of leaving and going away with out getting into conclusions. After karma hit you, usually in a negative way, you like to get some time alone and figure out your next step. This situation will take a long time.

Seven of wands combination tells us to go for what we believe in no matter what. It shifts the balance of the justice scales towards your favor. However don’t over do it, because it might get even in the near future and be against you.

four of wands tarot card is about marriage, victory, celebration, general happiness and good foundations. The base of your success is a result of the foundations of truth and morality as described extensively in justice tarot card.

Five of cups suggest you’re not satisfied with the results and now you have to make a new choice. Don’t let the negative emotions to influence on your decision, try to view the event from a neutral point of view. 

Two of cups tarot card encourage you to develop your communication skills and be more social. The justice card is about what is fair, right or wrong. Two of cups is more about being flexible and open minded, even if sometimes it doesn’t look like the smart thing to do.

Five of swords is about being tricky and having lots of arguments, this is pretty much against the lesson the justice tarot card is trying to teach us.

Five of wands signified that you will be in a competition or a fight with other people. In the end justice will be served, so take this fact into your consideration before you going on a war.

Nine of cups tarot card denotes that you are alone but you are happy with this status right now. The justice card stress connection and living together. However you chose differently and you are not sorry about it.

Nine of swords indicate something is troubling you. The way out is to use the sword of the justice tarot card and cut through, until you will find the optimal solution. Once you will understand what to do, you will have inner peace inside the soul as the scales of the justice lady is balanced.

Nine of wands reveal lots of effort from your side to reach a certain goal. Justice predicts that you might get positive outcomes very soon. 

Ace of wands and justice tarot cards combination talks about desire and the way to manifest in the real world, which will require planning and actual attempts.

Knight of cups symbolize good offer or opportunity that will come on your way. It can be combined with justice card on more emotional layer. And with king of cups it is more about wisdom and mastery.

With the page of wands tarot card, you are going to open a new page, start fresh from square one. Now it is going to be more important for you, because the desires, dreams and wishes will guide you through the process.  

The tower with justice card predicts chaos, and to be more specific, circumstances that are out of your control. It might look like negative karma as well.

The emperor card symbolizes the planning and foundations you have to built if you want to gain some good results. Nothing will come for free or as pure luck.

The lovers tarot card suggests you need to make a big decision. The justice tarot card often suggests that someone else, a person or the universe will make that decision for you, according to your past action. Therefore, it is better that you will make the choice rather than leave it to someone or something else.

The star tarot card is an indication that the scales of justice will be shifted to your favor.

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