Meaning of the empress tarot card upright keywords, reversed

The meaning of the empress tarot card is taking an idea and makes it a real thing in our world.

The empress tarot card upright card keywords are: a new opportunity, strength, nurturing, nature, pregnancy, beauty, fertility, good opportunity, comfort, good advice, mother, joy of life, abundance, stability and time.

The empress reversed keywords are: disharmony, unwanted pregnancy, infertility, need to go out to nature, time wasting, financial problems, hard life, insecurity, domestic issues and stagnation.

When asking a yes or no question, the empress is usually a yes tarot card.

In this guide you will find all the information you need about the empress tarot card meaning.

the empress tarot card meaning

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Meaning of the empress tarot card and symbolism guide

The meaning of the empress tarot card can’t be completely disconnected from the high priestess card. Although every tarot card have it1s only meaning and symbolism, in this case we have some sort of relation between the two. This is not only because the empress card in the following card (number 3) after the high priestess or because they are both women.

The high priestess is symbolizing intuition and your inner self. On the contrary the empress represents how you express your personality and use it to create wonderful things in this life.

Crown: There are 12 stars on the crown which symbolising the zodiac signs and also timing. It means that things are in motion and progress all the time, even if we don’t always pay attention to it. It can be positive as things moving forward, but it is also a reminder that time is every valuable and we must use it wisely. The stars are aligning in 2 rows, 6 on each. The number 6 represent half a year, the transformation between summer and winter. It also a symbol of the clock, 60 minutes in an hour, this give us a clue that in life everything is taking time, especially the good stuff.

Robe: the empress is wearing white robe with unique patterns of red pomegranates. The pomegranates explained by fertility, there are many seeds inside each one of them and they are waiting to be spread all over the world to create many tree. This is how nature duplicates itself, the plants, animals and humans.

It is also away to manifest an idea. The fruits are physically in the world they aren’t just thoughts or spiritual beings, they can actually create something great in the world. The idea becomes reality. Red and white color combination is harmony between the material and spiritual worlds. 

Chair: the chair is padded with red pillows and fabric. Red symbolizes love, passion and female energy. The soft cushioning gives the feelings of comfort.

Scepter: in the tarot card we can see the empress is holding a scepter. It means that she is in control, she is ruling and has the authority for her action. Most of the scepter part is hiding behind her, which mean she doesn’t want us to see how she is doing her magic and miracles, but just sharing the nice results.     

Wheat: people are growing wheat as a source of food, it is not just for decoration like flowers. In order to achieve it, the farmers need to work hard but it is not enough. Weather conditions must be good and sometimes it can even ruin the crop. However here in the empress tarot card the situation is good, optimistic and the wheat grow as it should. Another factor is the seasonality and the desire to predict the future, to know if everything will be right so that the farmer will be able to reap the crops successfully.

Shield: in a shape of heart and inside there is female gender sign which also known as Venus. Together these symbols represent protection and love.

Waterfall: the water show is the feelings and the emotions of the empress. But they are behind her, meaning that the focus is less on the inner side and more on action and doing material things. She controls the water to flow in the right path without flooding the whole forest. She knows what she is doing, dripping exactly the amount that needed for the trees and wheat to bloom and grow bigger. The balance is very important, as if she will lose control than the water will destroy all the nature elements that are in her surrounding. 

Necklace: there are seven beads on the empress necklace which denotes the 7 stars in our constellation. And also seven days in the week.

The empress tarot card upright card keywords meaning

Upright keywords: nurturing, nature, pregnancy, beauty, fertility, good opportunity, comfort, mother, joy of life, abundance, stability, time.

The description of the empress as shown in the upright tarot card is the ultimate woman. She shows us the feminine side in the most beautiful way. When you keep getting this card during a psychic reading it symbolizes marriage and all the good things you can get from nature.

The upright empress represents birth and pregnancy. The food that is growing from nature near her, shows that she can also feed and provide any need of her children. In addition the empress has knowledge and lots of experience in any area of life.    

Spirituality wise, she invites us to enjoy anything that is coming from our inner truth and creativity. When you feel that something is right than you should go and do it. There is abundance in the world of any resources, these resources are for us to use (carefully) for our advantage. We deserved it and can have it without any fear at all.   

In addition it might imply that you are one of earth resources. You can help other people show them the right way and guide them to gain better results.   

In general upright meaning this specific tarot card tell us to be more comfortable. To take a short break from the daily routine and hardship. Take the time to search for a deeper meaning in this world. Connect to the emotions and feelings through your five senescence. Be out in nature and explore the harmony. You also need to pay close attention to your gut feelings and intuition.

The empress reversed tarot card meaning

Reversed keywords: disharmony, unwanted pregnancy, infertility, need to go out to nature, time wasting, financial problems, hard life, insecurity, domestic issues and stagnation.

The empress reversed tarot card meaning in general that you need to listen more to the feminine energy. You need to feel more emotion and think about spirituality, rather than be occupied with the material world.

When the tarot card of the empress appears reversed it might also indicated that you take care of other people but neglecting yourself. It is like you got lost while trying to make sure that everyone is happy except you. It drains your positive energy and leaves you tried and feelings of emptiness. To fix this issue you just need to focus a little bit on yourself and don’t get distracted.   

The empress yes or no tarot card meaning

The answer to the question the empress yes or no is definitely a yes. This is one of the most positive tarot cards in the deck. It shows good energy, mainly feminine that is in charge on new beginning nurturing and growing.

It also suggests that everything is in control. Nothing is missing in terms of knowledge or physical items, and the action you take is not exaggerated. You are in balance and on the good path, keep on going like that.   

In rare conditions, especially when it show up in reversed it might indicate that the meaning of the empress tarot card is “no”. This is not because a bad luck or negative energy that will come to you, but because you are blocking the energy. It mainly happens due to the notion that there is not enough wealth or supplies in our world. But when you will realize that there is abundance, you will be able to receive it easily, almost with no special effort at all. 

The empress tarot card love and relationships meaning (upright & reversed)

In love and relationships the meaning of the upright empress tarot card is positive. Married couples will make their relationship stronger and deeper. Single man and women will find love soon. However this doesn’t mean it will come without any effort.  

When the tarot card of the empress is reversed it means that you are trying to be someone else. You put an act or a show or present yourself different from who you really are. While this behavior get results it the way that more people would like to be your lovers or partners in a relationship, sooner or later they will find about the act and leave you. If you are looking for a long term relationship or marriage than you have to be yourself from the first moment they get to know you.

If you are already in marriage or dating someone, than the reversed card is a warning sign that you are hiding your true feelings or thoughts from your partner. The solution is to stop being insecure, try to be open and tell your partner gently about it. Even though they might not like to hear it at first, it is better than hiding, and it the end they might understand your point of view.

The empress tarot card: Career work and finances meaning (upright & reversed)

In career work and finances the meaning of the empress tarot card is also great. When the card is upright, it is usually a sign of success in those fields. You have the right amount of creativity to do new things and have new suggestions on how to make things much better at work, business and career.

Other co-workers or people will also see the spark on imagination that you have, they will follow you and be part of your success. This is why it is very crucial that you will treat them right, work with them together, don’t only lead and command them, make them feel that their opinion is also important.

The upright empress tarot card can also predict that you are going to get money. Not by winning the lottery, but getting revenues from hard work. In this case it is advised to share your resources with others, for example to donate a certain amount of money to a charity or any other good cause.   

The meaning of reversed empress tarot card is that you are bored at work and looking for new challenges and excitements. You are looking for a new job or different adventure that will let you to express your creativity tendencies. You can also feel that you are not important at work, that people don’t appreciate your hard effort, and maybe you think that you should get a higher salary.   

In reversed position it is not the perfect timing to invest or to make drastically finance shift. It is better to wait more time until things will be much clear, and basically wait until you will be comfortable and sure about making changes.

Currently you don’t see that there is an abundance of money and resources in the world. You think that there is a lack of it, which will make it almost impossible to gain it. To improve the situation you have to realize that there is enough for everyone. To think positively and allow the abundance to come to you, instead chasing it at the wrong places.

The empress tarot card: Health meaning (upright & reversed)

In health the meaning of the empress tarot card is telling that you are strong. It mostly likely indicates fertility and maybe pregnancy if you are trying to conceive. In general it means that you need to nurture your body. It can take a form of eating healthy, doing sport and keep up your spirit and mental state. Save the energy, learn to relax, don’t load your body with too much mental stress and physical work.

When the empress tarot card is reversed it means that you might be in a situation of unwanted pregnancy or infertility.

The empress tarot card as feelings

As feelings the empress tarot card is the ultimate feminine. A tarot reader can instantly see that she has all the good qualities of a wife, a woman, a lover and mother. As symbolized in the tarot card, the empress is the ideal of what it means to be a woman. It emphasizes that you or someone else are taking care, nurturing and giving without anticipating any return back.   

If you are wondering how someone is feeling about you, and you get the empress in a tarot reading than it’s a good news, and he or she feel positive and interested in being with you. There will not be any major obstacles in the way.     

The empress tarot card as a person

As a person the empress is very creative and considered to show up in a psychic reading, for people who likes beauty, art or those who are actually artists like musicians and painters. The empress can create and manifest wonderful things in life, not just having babies.    

Sometimes the empress can be naïve and villains might take an advantage because of this characteristic. Being conscious about that fact can help you stay away from dangerous situation. When you feel this is going to happen, use your mind and be extremely cautious. You might feel uncomfortable, so remember that it doesn’t mean that you are becoming someone else or changing your personality. It is just a matter of balancing the logic with your emotions.  

The empress tarot card: Zodiac sign and astrology meaning

When it comes to astrology and horoscopes, the empress tarot card implies us about the planet Venus, mainly because the female sign that is on the heart shaped shield. In astrology Venus star is the ruler of Libra and Taurus zodiac signs. Both Libra and Taurus like beauty and aesthetics because according to the myths and legends goddess Venus was a beautiful and loved the joys of life.

The element of the empress tarot card is earth, which usually means stability and a connection to the material world – where we all live. It produces food, shelter and can provide any need we have in order to survive. In that sense Capricorn is also an earth sign.

Those zodiac signs are very stable, you can count on them, they calculate most of the risks and know where they are going. Usually not too spontaneous and there won’t be too much surprises to the good or to the worse.       

The empress tarot card: Number meaning (Numerology)

The number of the empress tarot card is 3, on the crown there are 12 stars. Adding 1 + 2 together we get number 3 again. The parents are numbers 1 and 2, and the baby they are having is number 3.

In numerology number 3 represents mainly communication and art and highly associated with creativity. The ability to turn conceptual ideas, thoughts and feelings into actual material form.

Sometime the number 3 can imply about a person that is in the spot lights and get lots of positive attention from the crowd. In a certain way this person can also get lots of followers and even become a good leader.

In rare cases it can also suggest a slightly tendency to make bad decisions. Not because the lack of knowledge or wisdom, but because of instant trusting in other people that can turn to be very dangerous. In addition you might be looking on superficial aspects and not on the deep meaning.     

The empress tarot card meaning: Past, present and future

Past: the empress has done mistakes in the past but she learned from them and became wiser. Maybe now she appears as a perfect symbol, but her past wasn’t like this all the time.

Present: everything is going positively right now, you are enjoying life and this is because of your devotion in the past. Make sure that your intentions are still pure, that you don’t becoming another person which you don’t want to be.

Future: You might find new opportunities that will surprise you. Outcomes in love, career, work, finance and spirituality will be very rewarding. It might become true but only if you will not make big changes. Let the energy go along as it is now. 

The empress tarot card combinations

The empress with the emperor and the lovers tarot cards are the perfect combination, predicting that you might find your perfect partner. 

The empress and knight of cups – someone is going to be interested in you romantically. You will get an offer from a man or woman that thinks you are the perfect person to share their life with and he or she can also be trusted. If its work related, it mean that you will get new job or prospect or a good investment opportunity. You can produce a solution to a problem and people might pay you a lot of money for the ideas, products or services. If you asked a certain question than the answer is definitely a yes. The knight of the cups is a strong positive support.     

The empress with the emperor together – a very good tarot cards combination. There is quality harmony between the masculine and feminine energy. It also suggest that a couple is compatible.     

The empress tarot card art and history

The empress image or picture in the tarot card has long history that reflected in ancient art designs. In early years of tarot cards art she was a powerful woman by her title alone. She belonged to the royal society, had a chair like a queen, crown, specter, special clothing and other noble artifacts. 

In later art and card designs we can see another aspect. Her purpose was also to have children, to make sure that the human kind will continue to live and survive even when the conditions are not optimal. Now she is much younger and beautiful and no longer looks old and super authorities. She became more motherly and gentle.      

In early version of the empress tarot card, that produce in the 15th century, she is not alone, she had for girls near by. Some versions on the card show the shield by her feet with an eagle mark instead of Venus sign as we know from the Rider-Waite tarot deck. Eagle is usually a symbol of authority and has a meaning of strong power, this goes hand in hands with the title as empress.

In other variations she has big wings behind her, symbolizing her connection with the gods and other spiritual deities. Her power is not absolute, it balanced and harmonized with her emotions and maternal traits. In fact she can do everything simultaneous: being a woman, a mother, a leader, social person with a lot of friendships and organize everything in the royal palace.   

In the 18th century there were few tarot decks which didn’t include the empress card. Instead they featured the pope or military commanders. When they brought her back, she looked more like a grandmother without a crown.   

Some other art works and ancient designs of the empress tarot cards, depict her with wings and with her left foot is stepping on the crescent moon. This creates the notion that she came to earth from heaven. Carrying not only wisdom, but also messages from angels, souls and spirits. Other variations shows her with a a baby, emphasizing her motherhood instincts. 

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