Nazca lines

As you can see from the Nazca lines pictures on Google earth which also called Nasca, They have very straight lines in a perfect geometry forms and also some mysterious pictures such as big creatures, birds and strange faces.

Few people believe that it was made by aliens which found their location is in the hot desert of Peru. Another theory is that they made by the human being on earth. The reason why it is so controversial subject is that the geometry shapes – geoglyphs couldn’t have been made by the Peruvian in the early time of the history, because it is really complicated to generate such big and exact symbols in the middle of the desert. This is why it is related to aliens’ activities such as UFO landmarks. And on the other side it is more reasonable that the people of Peru will draw animals and beasts. But then again maybe the horrifying creatures are the representation of what they did really saw in that time – extraterrestrial intelligent. Another theory that supports the alien connection is that these symbols are so huge that you can only see them from a plane and their purpose is to direct UFO to land in this special location. In fact the first time that this place was found was when an airplane flies there in 1930 and only then people were able to see the huge pictures and understand the meaning of them. When you take a tour on the ground you can’t see all the Nazca lines and it looks like simple roads to nowhere.

One of the Nazca lines theories claim that the lines are an exact copy of the astronomical map from the sky. But after few computer simulations they found that not all the lines suite to the stars` orbit. The current explanation for this psychic mystery is that these figures were just paths to a holly place where the ancient people prayed and had religious ceremonies.

How the lines were made? It is almost impossible to make these nasca alone with primitive tools that were available in that time. So if humans created it they had to put a lot of effort and man force in the task, mainly in planning how to build it because they had to have view from high locations like mountains which surrounding the area. It is also very uncommon for these geoglyphs to stay for a long time because the desert winds and the sandy storms can cover it at any time. But still it’s stand still against all the nature elements. Few researchers tried to prove it by providing an underground map of this location, claiming it was made by water. And also that in order for the people to survive in the dry desert they had to find water source and keep track of it, so maybe these pictures even saved their life from dehydration.

Another point of view is that these figures don’t symbolize the living in that location but the death as they were made for human sacrifice rituals. People were killed in these ceremonies to satisfy the gods and to insure the continuing of the tribes. As you can see there are many theories about Nazca lines and the mystery behind them will live forever!

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