Ouija board rules + is it real?

You might think the Ouija board (which is also referred to as “talking board” or “witch board”) is a fun online game to play with your friend. But the truth is much more complicated. It holds many strict rules and if you don’t take it too seriously then you will encounter dangers situations with spirits from the other world.

Ouija board rules and tips – first of all it is very important to go by the following Ouija board rules and tips whenever attempting to use a Ouija board because it can prevent anything from happening to you!

Ouija board rules number one – Do not ever think that a Ouija board is a game and your asking about your future or making fun of spirits, its okay to laugh a bit at answers they give but not to make fun of a spirit. It could be demonic and it could harm you.

Ouija board rules number two – When using pointer, what you set on the board that moves to the letters, never leave it on the board if no one is touching it. The pointer when placed on the board is inviting spirits (good or bad) to come inside your home. But placing your hands onto it holds them back from getting into your house. But if you leave it on the wooden board and leave it alone is an open door for ghost come and haunt you. This happened to me when my mother had put my pointer on the Ouija board for a long time and let’s just says my closet will never be the same shutter.

Ouija board rules number three – When talking to a spirit if the pointer attempts to go off the board stop it and let go of the pointer and remove the pointer. If the pointer begins suspiciously going over the alphabet almost as if it is going over every letter in order take the pointer off. If the pointer begins doing a figure eight or goes to all four corners of the board repeatedly take off the pointer! If it begins going over the numbers in order take it off again! These are all signs of a demon or bad spirit wanting or trying to posses you! Take off the pointer say aloud you do not want this spirit in your home and it will work most of the times. There are those ghosts that are stronger than you so if it persists put the Ouija board away!

Ouija board steps and tips – you can make your own Ouija board out of anything, look up one and make it yourself, it is said you are more likely to get more spirits to talk to you if you make your own because you put your energy into making it. I have found this to be true. Spirits love energy so if you know how to move your energy create an energy ball or energy cookie as an offering.

Do not use black candles unless you are a professional, they can, and will attract evil spirits or demons. Light a white candle for the spirit to use as energy. Also note you will notice if you have a pointer that moves fast, that you are communicating with a strong spirit. And you will also see that the candle burn 50% faster than normal, which is very cool. Also light a colored candle. I have found that spirits with colored Aura or who really likes the color will come talk, and light incense, spirit can smell and it gives it a nice atmosphere. Having the lights off isn’t required.

Is Ouija board real or just a board game?

Warning! In order to prevent dangers while you talking to the ghosts please stick to these rules otherwise the consequence can be really tragic. Use silver coin to protect yourself from bad spirits and circle the area with candles so in this way you define a specific place where they can’t cross inside this is very important in keeping a distance between you and the other beings because you can never know what will happen.

Another good recommendation is to close the windows and doors inside the room, this will prevent the ghosts from traveling restless in our world. Also never play this “game” alone! If something will happen to you there will be no one near to give you a hand.

There are lots of stories about people who thought they could use the Ouija board alone, and after awhile they got possessed by these demons and no on knew how it happened and how to do a proper exorcism to save them from the fatal fate. Don’t trust any answer you get from the witching board, they can really deceive and trick you, always remember you don’t know with who or what you are dealing with so the best advice is to be careful.

Some think that the Ouija board is only a game with no mystery at all like the monopoly game board, and that there are no psychic powers that are involved in that processes of interacting with the ghosts. And also that the pointer is moving randomly or the human participant move it with there fingers. But still do you have the courage to challenge the dangerous ghosts?

Ouija board dangers

Ouija board dangers – do not use the Ouija board it is very dangerous for you. Here are few reasons why Ouija board dangers should keep you away from it!

1) If you have bad things happening in your house, using Ouija board is asking more of this stuff to come in to your life.

2) If you believe in demons and stuff like that, it can also be a way for ghosts to mask themselves. They can appear to be one of your relatives that you are trying to connect.

3) This one if you are extremely religious and do not believe in rising the dead from hell, it is considered a moral sin to channel and or try to contact anything not from this world that include spirits and demons, ghosts and poltergeists.

4) Mental instability a perfect example is that a psychic lady back in 1971 purchased Ouija board to help her clients connect with their past and relatives and she actually become mentally unstable. She was declared legally insane and was admitted to the mental institution of near where she lived and in the end killed her self just from using Ouija board dangers.

5) Basically when you are using this board you are accessing to spirits from the law astral plane. Now this place is where most of the spirits have unfinished business, who died very horrifying death, a lot of pain and searching for the one who killed them. That is not a very good thing because these spirits can be very mean.

6) Some people believes that using this psychic tool can be a direct line to your own subconscious mind, so you might find things about yourself in the future or from the previous life that you do not want to know.

7) You can also open a gate to the seven’s circle of hell so that is another reason not to do it because you don’t want to access there and let demons to come through.

8) It can be unpredictable, anything can happen. Your friends can plane a joke on you and from there it can get really dangerous. A perfect example is people that are becoming very sick after using the Ouija board and doctors can not figure why.

9) You will have less respect for yourself if you will find out things you don’t want to know about yourself and your family. Try to control you emotions if you decide to do it after all these warnings.

10) Possession – perfect example of this is when people are becoming possessed by demons.

If you want to use it after all the warnings about Ouija board dangers I recommend to be very careful and when you are done do not throw it to the fire, or away just return it to the store where you bought it or donate it.

How to use a Ouija board safely

How to use a Ouija board safely – it takes time and effort to do it right, it has lots of controversy around the world some people think it is just like dealing with evil forces. So how to use a Ouija board safely?

The Ouija board contains all the alphabetic letters, digits from 0 to 9 and the words yes, no, hi and bye. The other part is a small glass cup which called the pointer. The principle is very simple; you need to use your psychic powers to summon the dead soul and ask it one question. After that if everything is going well, the little cup will move to the letters one by one and provide you with the answer. This is a great way to interact with ghosts and gather information about the mystery of the dead.

There is nothing inside this piece of cardboard that is evil, but you can have an entity around you, or in your home. A lot of the fear is coming to the Ouija board because people just really don’t know. Everything has a purpose in the time that it was created and mostly this became very popular in the US during world ware I because in that era there were lots of people dying and other relatives who wanted to contact them after death.

There are theories that claim that our hands moves the board and even if we don’t want to our hands always moves they can not stay all the time even if these moves are very tiny they still can cause the pointer to travel the board. And there will be always people who would like to make a joke of this psychic mystery tool or want a certain answer to be popped out. Ask only serious questions and basic questions like how old are you, this will prevent the spirit from getting angry at you. Most of them have something to hide and they will not want to talk about it.

How to use a Ouija board safely? The best way is to not use it because you can never know what will happen to you after you call a spirit from the dead world. Ghosts are like people some can be our friends and some can be our worst enemies. And if you can not even see your enemies then you are in a big problem. This can haunt you to all your life.

How does a Ouija board work

How does a Ouija board work? Some says it is just a game and that the people moves their hands to the answers they want, and other claims it can really make a contact with dead people. So how does a Ouija board work?

How does a Ouija board work? Very similar to an automatic typing machine. The first model of the Ouija board were made in a special way the there were words and letter on the cardboard and the psychic took a pencil and pointed it to the answers he got from the spirits. But at the same time he or she could also draw and even write everything the spirits whispers in their head.

Communicating with the dead is a complicated paranormal topic and this is why there are many tools and devices that help us in completing these missions. However a real psychic or e medium can communicate with them without anything, these accessories are just to increase the energies and it make it much easy to summon them in that way.

The Ouija board is a way to open our mind to another dimension which usually closed, this is why not all the people can do it normally everyday and this is also why not all of us are psychics. Being opened to the idea to talk with spirits is something that inside your soul so the board itself is not the issue here, but the way you use your will to make it happen.

How does a Ouija board work? Basically no one can know what make the spirit hover over this board and why will they come to you when you are doing this psychic mystery ritual at night. A good explanation is that these spirits are always around us and just waiting for the right moment to go out from hell and enter to our life.

How to make a Ouija board at home

How to make a Ouija board – here are few simple steps that will help you to create Ouija board. Are you wondering how to make a Ouija board?
After you know how it looks like it is really easy to get a piece of wood and engrave on it letters and numbers, in this way it will look much authentic and the results will be much better when you contact the ghosts because it is made of natural materials. Alternatively you can make the Ouija with piece of paper and of course you can always buy it in at any spiritual store.

Get a blank paper or piece of cardboard.

Put the alphabet letters on it, on the first like write the letters A to M and on the second line write the letter N to Z.

Next, add primary numbers on it on the third line, starting number 1 to 9 and in the end 0.

Add the word “yes” at the bottom left corner and “no” at the bottom right corner.

Put “goodbye” under the numbers and hello above the alphabet.

Put a sun picture in the top left corner and a moon with stars around it in the right corner.

If you have one get a glass cup. If not just get any cup.

How to make a Ouija board is not the main question, the thing you should be more concern is that spirits can read your thoughts and this is actually a good thing. When you are using the Ouija board with a friend, there is a test you can do to find if your friend is trying to play a trick on you. So you will be bale to prevent a situation when someone is answering questions that will scare you.

The test is to think on a letter without telling and see if the pointer is going to the letter you thought of. Sometimes you will summon a not cooperative spirit this is also a sign to stop it because you should look for ghosts that can answer you questions.

After you learn the instructions of how to make a Ouija board you are ready to communicate with the spirits. Please note that sometimes it can be very scary, so do it with someone that you trust and make sure that he or she are near by in any case you will need their help.

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