Psychic premonitions dreams

We all want to survive in this world and psychic premonitions dreams are the tools to help us to overcome difficulties. With psychic premonitions dreams we can predict the future so we can prepare for things that are going to happen in our life.

These dreams are based on emotion and feelings we have them since the prehistoric area, when the early humans drove more by their primal instincts to survive. And right now, million years after that we can still have the ability to predict the future – more or less. Most of our dreams are about bad things. And this is not a coincidence. In fact 80% of our dreams are actually warnings; they strike fear because they want to shock us. From evolutionary perspective it is better for us to not sleep at night and wonder what the future holds for us, rather then find our tragic death just because we didn’t saw the signs. The fear is helping us to play safe and our dreams or most likely the nightmares are here to make sure we don’t ignore them.

You don’t have to dream in order to have psychic premonitions, sometimes it also happens in our waking hours. It might come without any warning. You will see a short vision of the future. At first you will not understand it, why you see it and what it means. But if you will dig deeply you will find that it has a huge meaning for you. The more terrifying the vision the more attention you have to pay. Several psychic mediums even feel physical pains when they are having premonitions for example, in the head, hurt and stomach.

Some people are gifted and have these visions at will. You can also practice and increase your psychic abilities which will enable you to have more insights about your life. another option is the try free psychic reading. Participate in free psychic reading will give you a sense of how to interpret those premonitions.

Psychic premonitions of death

Psychic premonitions of death are the gates to the other world, the spiritual beings are able to send us warnings in our dreams, and psychic premonitions of death might come true eventually, so don’t ignore the warnings from your dreams and visions of predictions.

We all have some level of self awareness, and yes people can really know when they are going to die but they know it only little time before it happen, hours, days or weeks. During this period they are experiencing psychic premonitions of death. It can be their own death or the end of someone which is very close to them like a family member or a friend. If you listen carefully to these warnings you might save your soul. However the most important thing is not to get into panic because even if we see deadly visions, especially in our dreams it doesn’t means necessary that we are going to die. Death as a dream symbol is also connected to new opportunity, the desire to overcome bad habits and general feeling of starting from fresh. There are many ancient believes in which children can predict death more accurately because of their age. They just come to this world from the other world and they are more connected to the souls.

Here is how you can spot false visions of death: When you completely change your lifestyle, for example moving to a new apartment or having a new job – you feel like the “old you” is dead and you transformed to other person. When you breakup with your loved one or someone is leaving you, you feel like he or she gone forever exactly as happen when a person die.

Remember this: sometimes it is really hard to analyze our psychic predictions, we feel that we see something that is bigger then us and we just can not explain it. Even if we are rational there are times and events that we really need a psychic reading.

Psychic feelings

There are many people in this world that suddenly have psychic feelings which they cannot to explain, nor search for their true meanings. They feel it in stomach very painfully and associate it with bad health conditions and in the end they discover that it connected to their spirit and it was a psychic premonition. There are many psychic feelings about people, about love and you might also have one with your ex.

We usually have these feelings on special times, when something is going to happen and these signals are trying to worn us or to show us the right direction. You might be tempted to ignore them because they appear as nightmare, bad thoughts and disturbing images but in fact they are here to help you, you make you realize what is the next best step that you must take in order to improve your life. Sometimes you might find your self sad or depressed or even very happy, you thinks that these emotions are related to the people who surrounds you life your wife, husband, parents and kids, but in fact these psychic feelings has different meanings – to guide you into a better future.

In order to interpret these feelings you need to ask your self from who you are getting these vibes and what is the reason you are getting them. By answering these two question you will know why you feel that way and what is the relation of these feelings to another person. For example you feel sad when you are near a certain person, you might be very sorry for him or her but just don’t know why. In most cases this person is sending you messages that he or she needs help. And if you are sensitive enough on a psychic level you might also be able to help them.

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