Strength tarot card meaning upright reversed keywords guide

Strength tarot card meaning is simply as the name suggests: being strong and overcome difficulties. Nevertheless the strength is not physically, but inner self control over feelings, emotions and mental state.  

Strength tarot card upright card keywords: manliness, confidence, courage, inner strength, vitality, power, control, self belief, victory, compassion and influence.

Strength reversed card keywords: self doubt, weakness, lack of courage, low confidence, losing control, hedonism, vanity and fear.

In this extensive strength tarot guide we will go deeper and examine all its possible aspects and implication in tarot reading.

Strength tarot card meaning

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Strength tarot card meaning and symbolism guide

Lion: one of the main elements in strength tarot card is the image of the lion. Its color is orange which symbolize lots of feelings and emotions, and also the fire element. The body of the lion is in aggressive position, ready to jump and open its mouth to attack. But the woman in the picture can control him. We can also see it by looking at the tail of the lion, it is between the legs, meaning it will not jump on her.

Lion animal symbol: this is pretty much obvious to explain as this animal is the king of the jungle, and signified strength as the card’s name. Moreover, it hunts at night and it associated with dreams and the subconsciousness. Therefore the power of the lion is not only physical but also mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Lion also represents the animalistic instinct that all the people on earth have. Wild and rough force of life, which helped us to survive in the past millions years.

Woman: in early edition of strength tarot card and even myths and legends the scenario we see here was originally a war between gods and evil spirits. But later the deities were replaced by the young woman we see in the current version of strength tarot card.

Like other tarot cards in the deck, the woman has a white shirt which is purity symbol and red roses that symbolize passion. Therefore her intentions are all good, she doesn’t want to hurt or kill the lion just to make it calm.

Infinity symbol: above the woman’s head there is a hovering infinity symbol. We already saw that sign in the magician tarot card, and the meaning is the same: we are more than just flesh and blood, although we live in a material world here on earth, we live in spiritual world too, whether we know about it or not. It also denotes that death is not the end and the soul keeps on living in other form we can not even imagine.

Flower crown: the crown is the ultimate symbol of triumph, the young lady in the strength tarot card is winning, she succeed in her mission to control the urge and desires that were waiting to erupt.

Yellow background: this is the color of the 3rd Chakra it denotes that we should leave the earthly issues and search for spiritual awaken. The yellow hue is very dominant in strength card, this fact reflect the feeling of psychic and divine symbolism. To reach this state of mind we will have to clam our primary instincts and the way we think. We need to look differently on our existence. Yellow is also the power of the leader this goes together with the lion being the king on the animal kingdom.

Mountains: the mountains symbolize our thoughts and inspiration. In this tarot card they are very small and almost not noticeable. In actual fact they are in the level of the woman’s and the lion’s feet. The impression we get from these dimensions is that this is not the right time to focus too much on ideals day dreaming and philosophy.  

Green field: the green fields or grass represents soft and harmonic surroundings. Although the interaction between the characters in the explained tarot card is related to struggle, they both play fair and treat each other with respect. They are not fighting against each other, but they are learning how to live together even if they have different motives.     

Going back to the fool’s journey, he previously met the chariots and learned about war, being aggressive and move on no matter what. When he sees the maiden and the lion as described in strength tarot card, he learns and getting an advice about the importance of self control. It is OK to go full power on a mission, but he needs to restrict some aspects in his personality too. Mostly when it comes to animalistic instincts. And of course mastering his emotions in responsible manner. The chariot tarot card is more about the outer world, whereas strength card meaning is looking up to inside the inner world.       

Restraining a lion is not an easy task and yet, the maiden has no fear, she isn’t afraid of being eaten or bitten by it. She also doesn’t have tools or weapons she is doing it peacefully with her bare hands. The lion agreed to be restrained as the young lady pet it on the head. She did it gently and in a nice way so it didn’t refused or attacked her.

The lion represent fire too, we all need this element in our life, it is wonderful force that drives us to wonderful places. Nevertheless it can be destructive if we don’t use it correctly. For example if we are too angry or mad we can tear down everything we built like relationships, work, love and even health.   

Fire is the things we truly want, the reason to get out of bed in the morning and the goals we want to execute. It is essential to our life, without it we won’t have the passion and motivation to do certain tasks. When we think about the rewards we are going to get we are more likely to go for them. And on the contrary, when the light is shut nothing happens. 

The young woman represents the air element, the spirit that can control the fire. If there are lots of winds and oxygen in the air it can blow the fire up and make it bigger and dangerous. But if there is only small quiet wind the fire will stay small and safe.

Strength tarot card upright card keywords meaning

Strength tarot card upright card keywords: manliness, confidence, courage, inner strength, vitality, power, control, self belief, victory, compassion and influence.

Strength upright keyword: the meaning is mostly regard to inner strength. As a person you can control your feelings, don’t be too impulsive because you might regret it later. If your mood is stormy, calm your feelings and only after that react to the event. There is no need to do things right away, a good advice is to think how you can overcome challenges with being less reactive.

Victory upright keyword meaning: in strength tarot card the triumph is not something physical or material as it is with the chariot tarot card. Here we have a case whereas it is about overcoming obstacles like self doubt, fear and lack of confidence in a person. We can be strong if we ignore these negative emotions and thoughts. Fear is just a feeling and more often than not it is not real, in most instances there is nothing to be afraid of. It is just a frightening story we are telling ourselves.

Confidence upright keyword meaning: this links also to self belief keyword. It is well known fact that a person who believes in himself can defeat barriers. If you think you can succeed in a task or mission you have a great starting point. The positive energy will help you. When we neglect the bad thoughts and negative feelings we have more chances to be on the road to success. Lack of confidence will just demoralize you and direct you to the negative path, and you will only lose from this point of view.            

Compassion and influence upright keywords: the strength tarot card can also mean that you need to control someone else’s feelings. Maybe there are close people in your family or social circle that have problems and they need compassion approach or to be influenced by good words and motivation. If you will try to rule a person it will just push her or him away, try to be tolerant and bring them closer.     

Manliness upright card keyword: the lion in strength tarot card is obviously the masculine energy (and sometimes mans feelings) and the maiden is the female energy. According to the card illustration these pair is in harmony. The atmosphere is very calming, there is no imbalance. Every side is coming from a different background, but when they are joining forces they complete each other. Very similar to black and white colors in yin and yang symbol.  

Regarding spirituality it is a sign of connection with your higher self but also with supreme beings. You have the gift to see beyond the dull moments in life, you have basic psychic abilities and you can develop them furthermore. In order to do so, you will have to find guidance and also do a lot of self learning.

Strength reversed card keywords meaning

Strength reversed card keywords: self doubt, weakness, lack of courage, low confidence, losing control, hedonism, vanity and fear.

Weakness reversed keyword meaning: if you want to be strong emotionally and mentally you will have to find it within yourself. Every person can find it alone or with the help of a guide. This is a metaphysical concept and we can sometimes get confused. The key point to understand is that you have the strength, but you don’t know how to find or use it.  

Lack of courage reversed keyword meaning: instead of building your confidence you let negative energies to control you. This creates bad thoughts such as “I’m not good enough”. When you lose control over yourself, you lose control over your life. Every little obstacle can shift you to undesired places. So in order to stop that, you need to change the way you look at things. Nobody is perfect and it is not a shame to do mistake. By accepting your weak points you will be able to move on and assemble strong personality traits.

Self doubt reversed keyword: Another advice to regain control is to get away from people who don’t treat you well. People with negative energies and low vibrations influence your mood. Of course you can ignore them but it will not filter all of their negative impact. A better approach is to completely distance yourself from these people. Think about finding new friends, people you have deeper connection with.    

Your emotions are holding you back when it comes to develop your spirituality and psychic abilities. Maybe you don’t feel that you want to learn about this topic, maybe you have concerns or even think that it’s not for you. In this case it would be best if you learn about this subject and also try to let go the old believes that you might have on this matter.

As you are going through changes in order to improve your confidence or self control it can be very challenging. Therefore consider doing small changes, start slowly but be consist and after a long time it will all add up. Before you’ll notice you will be completely someone else.   

Strength yes or no – tarot card meaning (upright & reversed)

Is strength yes or no card? In general we can say that strength tarot card is a “yes” card. The feelings from the wonderful image of the maiden and lion manifest good energies that triumph over the bad energies.

Some people see this card as a “no” card or “maybe” card because of the lion. In that instance the lion indicates bad vibrations that can explode anytime without a warning, so it means “no” in disguise. Like terrible energies under the surface which you are not aware of. This explanation is much likely when the card is inverted (upside down).

A third interpretation to the question “is strength yes or no tarot card?” is “maybe”. This notion comes from the fact that the maiden and the lion are in perfect balance and synergy. They don’t engage in a war, instead they can live side by side in perfect harmony.

To sum up, the strength tarot card is usually a good indicator and mean yes. However we also need to verify that this is actually the situation when you are asking a specific question. If you pull more cards from the tarot deck, you will be able to get more insight to decide if it is yes or no answer.       

Strength tarot card meaning in love and relationship (upright & reversed)

Strength tarot card can tell us lots of things about love and relationships. If you are single and you get the strength card in upright position it means that you are sure about yourself. You know exactly what kind of soul mate you are interested in, and you have the right amount of confidence to attract this person into your life.

For those who are living together or married it mean that there is a good relationship and great love between you two. Everyone knows his or hers rule and you interaction always move smoothly. It also indicate that in the past you had lots of problems together, but now it is the time to enjoy the results of your hard devotion in the relationship. 

Strength tarot card can also appear in a reversed position while we are doing psychic reading for love and relationship.

For singles it is a big sign of lack of confidence. Being in that low circumstance will create resistance, your future twin flame or soul mate or romantic partner will not be attracted to you. Only after you will gain self confidence more people will be captivated by your great characteristic. Living with weakness and fears will only make you more alone.

In addition the reversed position can indicate that you don’t trust people and don’t let them approach you. There is a big and tall wall which divides you from others. What we can learn from strength tarot card meaning is that we need some balance. It is reasonable to have a self defense mechanism but don’t go to an extreme.

For all of those who are already in a relationship, the reversed card is a huge warning sign. Low self-esteem will cause you to think that you are not good enough for your partner. That she or he is going to leave if you will make the tiniest mistake. So now you are entering inside a loop and making an extra effort to please your soul mate. In this occasion they will feel that something is wrong with you.           

Strength tarot card: Career work and finances meaning (upright & reversed)

Upright meaning of strength tarot card in career, work and finances reading: this is a very positive card, it predict lots of success in your career. But you have to control your feelings. Working is not always easy, there are lots of situation that can make us stress, angry and tired.

This is not the time to lose energy and distract yourself with unimportant matters. You need to be focused on execution. In this way you will be have to use your skills in order to succeed at work. Even though the outcomes might not very clear, just believe that you can make it.  

People will start to get notice at you in your workplace. There is a good chance to get a rise in the wage or promotion or becoming a manger. It can also indicate finding another job which can turn to be much more appropriate for you.

When it comes to money matters, the strength tarot card meaning is don’t purchase too much products or service. Don’t be hasty to use your credit card so fast. Save your resource to buy things that you really need, or better to invest in law risk financing. We usually wasting our salary on items that we don’t really need and will not make us happy. Happiness is not to be found in the material realm, but the spiritual world.

Strength card in reversed symbolize fear, this can hold you back from opening the business you always dreamt of, or to make any other changes in your life.  

Strength tarot card: Health meaning (upright & reversed)

The upright health meaning of the strength tarot card is optimistic. If you had physical issues with your body it can suggest recuperation. In this card the lion represents the fire element. According to Chinese medicine this element is related to our heart. So it is a good time to make some changes regarding your heart like doing cardio exercises. And in general keep on taking care of your body. Don’t be tempted to eat fast food or being lazy because it is easy.   

When the card is reversed it can be a sign that you are neglecting your physical well being. You chose a path that doesn’t have a good outcome. Maybe you developed bad lifestyle like not getting enough sleep or consuming harmful drinks and beverages.

Strength tarot card as feelings

Strength tarot card as feelings is actually about controlling the feelings inside of us. We have to be strong and not let the emotional state to dictate our habits. If the feelings are positive like happiness, joy, hope and excitement is it ok to express them.

However when it comes to negative feelings such as anger, sadness, rage and melancholy, it is recommended that you will treat and control them so they wont control you.

The easiest way out is just surrendering to those feelings, being weak and unmotivated to change your life. But this is not the way you want to go. As the name of the tarot card is strength, you also need to be strong and confront the fear.

Strength tarot card zodiac sign astrology meaning

The orange lion in strength tarot card indicates the zodiac sign Leo in the astrology chart. Being an element of fire it reflects control, leadership, desire and more important – inner strength.

Leo zodiac sign is ruled by the sun, bringing positive energies and joy to wherever they go. They also like to be in the center and get lots of attention, because the sun is in the middle of all other stars in our solar system, they all gravitate towards it.

Strength tarot card number and numerology meaning

What number is the strength card in tarot? In some tarot decks the number of strength card is 8 and on other decks its 11 because of astrology and horoscope reason. Originally it was associated with Libra the 8th zodiac sign and than it was moved to Leo the 11th sign.

In numerology the number 8 is a sign of control and power. The meaning behind it is to suppress the inner negative feelings or energy and to produce good karma with positive energy. 

Number 8 (viii) in numerology suggests responsibility, when someone has a great power he or she has to be careful with it, and make sure their motives and intentions are pure.

Lemniscate looks like the number eight but it is actually infinity symbol. Going over and over in an endless loop without stopping. It is the perfect balance and reminder to be united with our basic core of who we are.

Strength tarot card meaning: past, present and future

Past: in the past you had too many issues regarding your self confidence. You might have been too impulsive and tighten up. This kind of behavior didn’t let you see new possibilities. You had inner struggle within yourself and didn’t understood why things are not going the way you want them to go.

Present: in the present time you will suddenly have a new opportunity. It is something that has been developed for a while under the surface, but you didn’t really had the time or enough knowledge to spot it. Don’t let this miraculous moment to pass away, grab it and do what ever it takes to move to a better direction.

Future: in the future you will face a big decision or other challenge, it will come and you have to prepare for this. The challenge will be a test of your endurance, you will need to be strong emotionally if you want to prosper.

Strength tarot card combinations

What does the star and strength tarot card mean? It means that you have to keep on the faith. If you will believe in new possibilities you will be strong enough to overcome all the struggles in the way.

The moon tarot combination is indicating that you might not be strong as you though. If you are doing a yes or no tarot card reading this can also have a “no” answer, as it is weakening the power of strength card.

The hermit tarot combination tells us that you are losing your temper. And if you would like to fix this impulsive habit, there is a need to be alone for awhile and think of all the issues that are troubling your soul. 

Temperance tarot is an angel who is sending you good messages from ancient god or goddess, it means that you are on the right path and you will be sturdy.

With the wheel of fortune tarot card combination is connected to infinity, it can propose a balance of energy inside of you: the bad feelings are trying to come out, and in this occurrence you have the skill to transform them into good feelings.     

The lovers tarot card is adding a choice that you have to make, will you master your emotions or not?

Justice tarot card in combination with strength, tells us that we are thinking too much and not acting. We spend too much time in considering all future implications, and we forget to actually go and do the simple thing that we need to do.

The magician and strength tarot card combination: these too cards complete each other, meaning you have the expertise to be steady and responsible when it comes to showing your personality traits.

Death and strength tarot card symbolize the end of you bad emotions and the beginning of a new era. This time you have more confidence and can deal with any adventure you might encounter. 

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