Tea leaves reading: How to read tea leaves symbols (Tasseography)

Everything you ever wanted to know about tea leaves reading for beginners:

How to read tea leaves, meaning of symbols, what is tea leaves reading and Tasseography, Spiritual meaning, origin and history from old cultures.

In this extensive guide you will also find answers to many other interesting questions such as: what tea is best for tea leaf reading? Can you read your own tea leaves? Is reading tea leaves accurate? What is the best Tasseography cup to use?

And of course practical instructions and big list of Tea leaves reading symbols, images and patterns!

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What is tea leaves reading? (Tasseography)

Tea leaves reading is called Tasseography, “Tasse” means cup in French language and “ography” means patterns. It’s an ancient art of predicting the future by interpreting images and pictures, which left inside your tea cup when you finish drinking it. 

A skilled psychic or even a beginner who learned how to read these symbols can easily make predictions. The theory behind this form of fortune telling is that when you drink from the cup, you produce a sort kind of energy. The vibrations that are coming naturally from your soul through the mouth rearrange the tiny leaves.

Tea leaves spiritual meaning

Ever since the man kind discovered the tea, he attached it a spiritual meaning. Many people around the world used to create rituals, celebrations and religious practices around the facts that they are drinking together. And you can still find these practices today.

There are two different spiritual ways to look at the psychic art of tea leaves reading:

The first one is the assumption that everything you see inside the cup is a sign from the future. These messages have been sent to you from the universe or guarding angels. This point of view refer to the phenomena that you don’t have control on what is going to happen in your life. But when a psychic is performing the Tasseography reading in an accurate way, he or she can warn you from danger and advice you on how to prepare. Further more, if you are going to get a good news, you will be able to get ready for it. And more important, to be aware of the right sign, when it happen and not missing the good chance that is a head of you.    

The second is a little bit less spiritual and more psychological aspect of Tasseography: According to this method of interpretation, you already know what you want to achieve or do in your life. But you have a problem to realize it, or to even be aware of it. There is something inside of you that wants to go out to the universe, but you just can’t under or find the way to do it. By having a psychic reading, you will be able to transform the things that lay deeply in your subconsciousness to the surface.     

Tea leaves reading origin and history

Many scholars will argue that tea leaves reading has begun long time ago in china. Monks used to drink it before the morning meditation process. After few hours of chanting and clearing the mind, body and soul, they went back to the cups. They noticed different images at the bottom, and tried to analyze or better understand the meaning behind those patterns and pictures, that sits there before their eyes. 

From that moment Tasseography spread to Europe through the trading route near the Slavic and Baltic countries. Eastern Europeans were buying the tea leaves as a drink, but the wise merchants told them that they can also predict the future, with a certain ancient practice.

The rest of European countries quickly adopted the new way to gain divine knowledge. Before Tasseography was invented, psychics used other well known methods such as astrology, numerology, Ouija board, tarot card, dream interpretation and etc.

Gypsies from Romania and other nomadic tribes traveled from place to place and offered the service of tea leaves reading to people on the street, mainly near restaurants, coffee shops, street party and the main square of the village or town. Most of the clients were from the upper class, which paid good money for the answers to be delivered.       

In the Victorian era, all the different social classes have already adopted Tasseography. It was really popular at parties and celebrations. Moreover, if you lived in that era, you could have bought special kits or sets of cup and saucer, to decorate your house and also to do conduct rituals all by yourself or show your expertise to you guests. 

Despite the fact that the origin story of Tasseography was so promising, after few hundred years, when commercialized teabags were introduced to the world, people stopped doing it. Even if they tried to open the little bag, in order to spill the grinded leaves to the cup it didn’t form any pattern. However with coffee it was still possible. So at that tome in history there was a huge decline. Psychics, witches and mediums moved to other forms like tarot cards and palmistry.    

What cultures read tea leaves?

In today’s world, Tasseography as a form of psychic reading and future predictions has become very popular. You can find that every culture has some connection to it. In fact, if you will search on Google for the term “tea leaves reading near me”, you will find many gifted psychics and mediums that are offering this unique reading service. They also offer teaching workshop, low price online course and other popular ways to predict the future such as tarot reading, astrology, numerology and etc.

However in the past Tasseomancy wasn’t very popular. It started long time ago at countries that are located near the Baltic Sea. The trading routes of commodities from the far east were crossing these areas, and so the people who were living there learned about the secret method of reading tea leaves.

The Romanian are consider the first to use the practice in the western world. Since then it passed from generation to generation in other countries as well. Therefore in our times, there are many methods to do it but basically it is all the same.            

How to read tea leaves for beginners

Make a cup of tea with the following ingredients: take one full teaspoon (5 – 7 gram) and put it inside the cup. And pour hot water inside. After you finished drinking the tea, the leaves should be at the bottom.

Take your left hand and smear it gently with 3 circle movement – counter clockwise. This will spread them randomly and create a trail of your destiny.    

Now is the time to turn the cup over the saucer. Please be patient as you need to wait few minutes to let the all liquid to go down. This will stick the leaves and will form symbols inside. Meanwhile, clear your mind, think about nothing and try to get energies or vibes from the cup. If you are going to as the psychic a specific question than you have to think about that subject while you are waiting.

The final step before reading the tea leaves symbols is to turn over the cup again and look at the result within the cup.

The leaves that you see near the edge of the cups are representing events that will happen to you very soon, in the near future. Play close attention to those who are located near the handle, as it suppose to be the first thing that will occur in your life right now. As we go down the walls of the cup till the bottom, so the predictions are belonged to the far future.

At first glimpse you will see only random dispersing shapes with no particular meaning. At the beginning you’ll also might find it very difficult to spot any symbol or pattern. So here are some basic rules that will surely help you in the process of tea leaves reading:

Notice if the shape is big or small. The larger it is, the more important message it carry.

In Tasseography, spotting a letter will imply the name of someone that is related to you, whether you know the person or not. If the letter is very big it might denote a name of a place.

Numbers are related to important dates in your future and sometimes can indicates when they spiritual event will occur. For example in the next 3 days, 3 weeks, 3 months or far away in 3 years. The bigger the digit the sooner it will happen. Also the numbers that are close to the cup’s rim usually symbolizing the number of days till the prophecy will occur.

Another rule of thumb in Tasseography – A big symbol is much more important than the small once. So start interpretation those first.

If you see a lot of dots in a certain place, take a good look at the closest symbol around, as it is connected to money and success with work or business.    

You might notice a lot of lines between the different shapes. It shows you the direction in which the events will happen: crossing paths and decisions you might need to take. Whatever you choose, will direct you to a different road of possibilities.      

Scroll down to the end of this article to view examples of tea leaves reading symbols, images and pattern.

What tea is best for tea leaf reading?

The general role in Tasseography is to avoid grinded powdered tea at all cost. Firstly because it will be unpleasant to drink and second, most people actually filter it with strainer. So there is nothing left inside the cup other than pure water. If you still insist in using this powder, you will be very disappointed and will see only one big shape of mud.

Large tea leaves will make patterns that are really hard to understand. It will create a big bulk which will be very difficult to extract any meaning from. So it is best advised to use smaller size, or at least tear or cut them into half size.

Small leaves are good for this kind of psychic reading. However if they are too small the result will be scattered randomly all over the place and make it hard for you to read it.

The best choice you can make when searching for the optimal leafs for reading is to balance. Find a medium size leaves. And if some of them are little big or little small that ok.

Please take into consideration that some leafs being sold with extra ingredients like petals, stems and seeds. If the amount of these ingredients is too big, than you need to dilute them. In this way it will not takeover the pattern creation process, especially when you turn the tea cup upside down. 

Can you read your own tea leaves?

Yes ofcourse. If you have a little spark of imagination or intuition, you can do Tasseography all by yourself. At first you won’t be able to extract lots of meanings from the cup and your reading might be wrong. After you practice a bit you will gain knowledge and most important experience. Over time you will find that you can actually develop this skill and maybe turn into a real psychic.

Moreover, it is an activity that you can do every morning when you drink your own cup of tea. Even if you devote only few minutes every day for training, results will start to come. You don’t have to go to an expensive workshop near by, or to participate in an online virtual course. You can start today from your home! 

Is reading tea leaves accurate?

Any form of psychic reading in not one hundred percent accurate. Reading tea leaves depends on many factors which can vary. The best way to look at Tasseography is from an angle that is accurate to the current moment in the present.   

If a psychic is telling a prophecy it doesn’t mean it has to come true, because you still have the power to decide and navigate the journey of life to different paths. The future can be change drastically, but only if you open your mind to learn what is going on right now in your life.

Best Tasseography cup to use

Basically you can use any kind of cup. However it is better that it would be as wider as possible. Other shapes of containers will make it very difficult for you to read. For example, if the cup is too small, the leaves will pile one on each other and you won’t be able to distinguish the symbols, images, patterns and pictures. In fact the will notice only a big block of leaves with no meaning at all.  

Tea leaves reading symbols and images

While it is not possible to write all the available Tasseography symbols in the a-z dictionary, and their different interpretations, I will try to mention the most common. Keep in mind that there are millions of symbols and every one of them can be interact differently in a particular order or size.  

Dog – usually a negative omen. Trouble with love, relationships and marriage.

Wolf – Someone is trying to betray you. If you see this, don’t trust the close people around you – especially friends. It can also be interpreted as losing money and bad luck.

Whale – negative energies are coming in your way. Be very caution about your actions.

Waves – in tea leaves reading symbolise emotions of all sorts and kinds, they can be calm or intense depending on how much the waves are big or small.

Elephant – a good Tasseography sign for success in life, you will go to a wonder journey, visit new places and find peace of mind.

Eagle – certain aspect in your life will go to a change, you will find good opportunities, but only if you will open your heart to accept them.

Eye – overcoming a hardship, you will be rewarded for hard work.

Rabbit – don’t relay on other people, if you would like to achieve a goal, you have to do it by yourself.

Rooster – new interesting ideas are coming in your way, fresh viewpoint and creativity.

Rose – you will find love very soon.

Rat – you are going to be betrayed, so keep an eye on those who are close to you.

Ram – avoid being around people for the near future as they might cause a trouble, which will stay with you for a long period.

Rainbow – all the bad things will soon pass, inspire to have hope as good energies will surround you very soon.

Triangle – you will meet a person that will change your destiny forever.

Tree – personal growth of the soul, good health of the body and new ideas of the mind.

Turtle – to see turtle during tea leaves reading indicates that you are going to be rich, you will not worry about money matters anymore.

Tiger – means danger, you are going to be in a fearful situation because you have been too reckless.

Unicorn – misplacing, you are going to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Umbrella – online protection from bad energies.

Owl – bad news at any aspect: in love, money, health.

Oracle – the desire to find answers to philosophical questions about life. To gain knowledge about the material and spiritual matters.

Peacock – success in real estate usually indicates buying or moving to a new house or a close by location. 

Penguin – you will receive good news that are coming from or related to the north side of the globe.

Phoenix – renewal and rebirth. If you had difficulties lately you will overcome them very soon.

Palm tree – you are going to be famous, respected and admired. Also can be interpreted as travelling or seeking answers.

Arrow – bad energy is approaching you from a certain angle. It is a minor problem you have to fix, not something big. 

Anchor – your wishes will come true. You have lots of friends that would help you in getting what you want in this life.

Angel – in tea leaves reading symbolizing divine supervising, everything will work out for the best. Especially prosper in love, marriage and friendship.

Axe – leaving behind the unwanted and disturbing conditions. A perfect opportunity to walk away from situations that don’t serve you.

Dragon – win in the battle against most fearful feelings.

Heart – you are very connected to your desires, they will lead you to happiness.

Scorpion – image on tea leaves reading indicates evil forces, be very caution about what is going on near me.

Seahorse – strength related to spirituality and development of the soul.

Star – you are going to see the light, heaven will send you good news, and it will be delivered by someone that you don’t know.

Duck – a high ability to manipulate situation in your favour.

Dinosaur – protection from bad feelings caused to you by past events.

Deer – failure at workplace or business which will cause unsuccessful outcomes.

Fish – good awareness for things that most people can’t see. You have the gift of clear vision and intuition near me.

Frog – you will hear a sad story that open a new path, most probably outcome is to move to a new place.

Fox – beware of a close person near by that is trying to steal money.

Flower – big desire for love and connection.

Face – if it is happy and positive than indicates good luck. If it is a sad face than this is not a good sign in Tasseography.

Flamingo – seeking joy, a good reminder that you need to take a break and have some fun and good time.

Fairy – magical interaction with nature. Live in harmony and peace with flowers, animals and everything nature has to offer you.

Fire – an immediate action have to be taken.

Giraffe – seeing the future very clearly and the ability to protect others.

Ghost – past memories are coming back to life, try not to think about it.

Horse – going through the right path or direction of your spiritual journey.

Hummingbird – tiny animal with a lot of power to health.

Hook – catching material possessions that we be useful.

Horseshoe – protection from evil spirits also brings good magic.

Jellyfish – surviving the ups and downs of life, floating with the current and moving to the right direction in life.

Journal – learning something new, take in consideration the lessons of the past to bring you to success.

Kangaroo – an opponent that want to hurt you.

Key – everything is going to be ok. The door to your destiny will be open wide and show you wonderful scenario.

Lion – a huge amount of power in situations that involve aspects of survival.

Lizard – the urge need to adapt into new circumstances.

Crescent moon – gaining wisdom, a new cycle is coming to life which will bring good fortune. Very positive omen in tea leaves reading.

Cat – lots of worries, many suspicion movements and dark affair in close by.

Circle – unexpected incident will find its way to your path.

Crab – anger over misunderstandings and confusion. Something in your life needs to be reorganized.

Butterfly – grabbing lots of attention form potential lovers.

Bird – is an excellent omen, symbolizing freedom and free will that will lead to self fulfilment.

Bear – a new journey or travel with difficult scenario. 

Bat – health problems will close family members, also can denote the end of life.

Bunny – having children in the future, being clever and a sign to start learning self improvement.

Boat – foolish action might lead to big trouble or danger.

Mountain – in tea leaves reading suggests high hopes, aspirations and goal setting.

Mushroom – taking a big chance in order to improve a situation.

Tea leaves reading online or near me

I hope that you found this online information about Tasseography useful and now you will be able to do it all by yourself, read your own future or your friends` and family. If you are still struggling with the idea, than you might consider searching online for “tea leaves reading near me”, and book a session with a real psychic. While he or she won’t give you all the secrets you read here on this article, you might be very inspired from that experience. 

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