Temperance tarot card meaning upright reversed keywords guide

What does temperance mean in tarot? Temperance tarot card meaning is moderation and the need to temper our mind. This tarot card suggests that we shouldn’t get out of proportions especially when it comes to our emotions and feelings. Our soul and mind need be balanced. The card also expresses the need to test and explore new ideas like an alchemist.    

Temperance tarot card upright card keywords: divine intervention, harmony, communication, alchemy, moderation, connection with guide, inner peace, balance.

Temperance tarot card reversed keywords: lack of patience, dysfunction, onset illness, manipulation, incompatibility, disharmony, hiding, rejection, bad communication and imbalance.

Temperance tarot card meaning

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Temperance tarot card meaning and symbolism guide

The angel: the main figure in temperance tarot card is the angel from heaven, it can be a male or a female. He is standing with one foot on the ground and the other foot in the water. This is a symbol of combining awareness and subconsciousness state, or the inner world versus the outer world, or spirituality and materialistic ideals.

After the separation of death tarot card, now temperance tarot card teach us to sacrifice everything, to become spiritually enlightened and to achieve our aspirations. In order to succeed in doing it, we have to forget the ancient ideas and believes about the cosmos. We shall disattach from our personality and concentrate about the bigger picture, this is the true oblation we offer to the gods of the universe.  

Wings: the red angel’s wings at temperance tarot card are very similar to those who belonged to Raphael angel at the lovers card. However in this tarot card they are much bigger. They represent huge power to lift the angel and support his mission here on earth. The wings are also protecting him from dangerous and evil energy. When we are being tested and face challenges we can always overcome those obstacles, because the guardian angels protect and guide us through the maze.      

White robe: the symbolism of royal white rope is about being clean and purify before meeting god. Therefore it shows holiness and giving respect to the higher deity. It also denotes birth and new outcomes which might turn to be very worthwhile. The fabric of the white robe looks very loose and soft, giving the angel comfortable ability to fly and complete the mission. 

Two cups: the angel in temperance tarot card is pouring water between two gilded cups. This symbolism has many interpretations for example: the higher cup represents the past position and it is being poured into the lower cup, which denotes the future position, and the water is a sign of the present time.

In some variations of old tarot decks from hundreds years ago, temperance tarot card had other names, it was called the alchemist or artist. Due to the fact we see some kind of substance mixing like the pouring of water in gilded canisters. Therefore another interpretation is to test and experiment with every material element we have on earth. Furthermore to try new concepts and develop our souls in psychic ways.   

The triangle: the angel has a mark of yellow triangle on the white clothing. This is a symbol of the holy trinity, the father, son and the Holy Spirit. In addition it is pointing to the sky, reminding us where the angel came from and what exactly is his mission. Yellow triangle is also a symbol of fire flames, which is related to actions and desires. However the triangle is inside a square pattern that symbolizes the rules of the universe, something we can not deny or break up easily. If you will look deeply on the square you will see above it, Hebrew letters related to the name of god – Jehovah. The deity is the higher authority above all.

Round disc: the angel has a round disc with a dot inside of it on his forehead. The item is an obvious symbol of the sun as it also made of gold. This is the identifying mark of Archangel Michael. 

The sun: in temperance tarot card we can clearly notice at the left corner, an image of the sun rising from behind the high mountains. Its yellow aura is the same as the aura behind the angel’s head. The connection between the two symbols is life energy, positive frequencies, vision and good direction. Some reader interpret the sun as a crown because it’s shape is not completely round. 

Moreover the road that leads to the sun is not straight and if someone is going to walk there, it will surely take a lot of time. He or she will have to travel a long distance while climbing many mountains and hills, they will also have to navigate through different territories, just as life is not simple and holds many challenges.

Iris flowers: the yellow Iris flowers behind the temperance angel symbolize hope, faith, love and wisdom. They also brings positive message like the angel who is a messenger of god. The yellow hue suggests communication and connection. In ancient times it was associated with the Greek goddess of the rainbow. The people of Egypt believed Iris flower will protect the kings after they die.      

Spiritually wise it is being correlated with the divine god or spirit. This is a crucial step in enlightenment process that allows you to get messages from the cosmos just like a psychic. By being tempered you open the door to divination.

What does temperance mean in tarot? The overall message of temperance tarot card is to relax and don’t over do things or over think about certain issues. Just maintain balance by moving forward with the waves, don’t resist and don’t try to jump too high, flow with what life brings you whether it’s a great opportunity or not.  

Temperance tarot card is about setting the mindset before you go on a journey. First and foremost you need to verify to yourself what are the missions and desires. After that, find the best way to set the mind with these goals and than create the path to achieve them. It is very similar to planning a move but it is less logical and more emotional preparation.

Temperance tarot card upright card keywords meaning

Temperance tarot card upright card keywords: divine intervention, harmony, communication, alchemy, moderation, connection with guide, inner peace, balance.

Balance and harmony upright card keywords: temperance tarot card teach us to be balanced and to live with harmony everyday. While this advice is very easy to follow when things are going great, sometimes it is a very hard task when things are not going so well. When we have troubles in our lives we tend to overreact, we tend to be angry, sad and blasé. These are the moments when we are being tested for emotional endurance and we should take extra care of our feelings.

Divine intervention and connection with guide upright card keywords: be sure to make the right decision from emotional point of you. You have to discover what will make you feel good. It is not the time to plan rational procedures, this is not a tarot card that drives us to take an immediate action. It is a sign to stop and to concern our wishes and cravings.

If you still don’t have a great connection with your inner self, don’t worry the universe will send you divine intervention, like messages from guardian angels as describe in the card. The help can also be manifested in a form of a human guide, guru, master or spiritual mentor.   

Communication and inner peace upright keywords: temperance tarot card denotes good communication and reconciliation. If you lost touch with friends, relatives and lovers during the years, they will come back into your life very soon. When it comes to past disputes and disagreements the odds are in favor to result them. In addition if you see a feud, go away and don’t take anyone’s side, it will ruin your positive energy.     

Another person you are going to make peace with is yourself, now you stopped blaming yourself for failures, you realize that there is no need to pursue happiness at all cost, getting away from negative people or situations and stop being idealist.     

Moderation and alchemy and upright keywords: the temperance tarot card is teaching us a lesson. We should control our emotions because they can produce good energy or negative energy. Moderation is concerning to the feelings and alchemy is regarding to actions or the material world. Here is how the two of them are connected: first and foremost you should contemplate, and then check how you feel about it and finally manifest the desire in the real world. Think from the heart and not from the brain.

Although the temperance tarot card is a positive one, you have to play it right if you want to win in the game of life. Don’t take everything for granted, as what is going on right now will have implication on the future. Hence the need for delicate moderation, don’t cross the line and know exactly what your limitations are. This is not a free ticket to live large at any cost.

You still have to earn your gains, there is also an element of testing and figuring out what is the perfect way to manifest goals. Temperance is also about timing, sometime you need to strike hard, and other times you need to go slow.

Temperance tarot card reversed keywords meaning

Temperance tarot card reversed keywords: lack of patience, dysfunction, onset illness, manipulation, incompatibility, disharmony, hiding, rejection, bad communication and imbalance.

Rejection and bad communication reversed keywords: if you are usually not getting along with a specific person, don’t get near him or her. The temperance tarot card is warning you from bad communication. Additionally it imply some sort of rejection, people don’t want to hear what you have to say, they don’t understand you and just ignore your being. Don’t force yourself to be around them as it will only make thing complicated. Let the time pass and when they will be ready you will know.

Incompatibility and disharmony reversed keywords: don’t force thing when you get the temperance tarot card in a psychic reading. As wonderful as you idea can be, sometimes things don’t go along together, the more you will push it unnaturally, the worst it will get back right after to you. There are things in life that doesn’t mix well like water and fire and it should be respected.

Onset illness reversed keywords: temperance tarot card in reversed position suggest your physical conditions are influenced by emotions and feelings like stress and anger. It might lead to disease and deterioration of health, although you insist to live a healthy lifestyle. Furthermore it can be an unhealthy lifestyle which you are not aware of. The body usually give us symptoms when something is going to go wrong. So pay close attention to the signs.

Imbalance and dysfunction reversed keywords: temperance tarot card meaning is around emotional energy and feelings we have inside our heart. Thus when the specific tarot card shows up in reversed it signal imbalance and dysfunction. You are not aligned with the inner feelings and you are being cold to yourself, it also has an effect on how you communicated with people in friendships and relationships.

Furthermore it might be a case where you actually hurting yourself or another person. You are doing things and take action without being connected to moral values. Situation like this creates negative energy all around and it has destructive effect on your life, whether it is direct or indirect karma.     

Hiding and manipulation reversed keywords: You are manipulating things and people for your own selfish reasons, and not because you want to help or create a better world to live in. You are hiding your intentions, so it creates lots of emotional stress. But on the outside you pretend that everything is normal. When you are too tired from putting up the show you withdraw from society, you don’t want to be involved and slowly doomed to loneliness and sadness.

Temperance yes or no – tarot card meaning (upright & reversed)

Is temperance yes or no tarot card? Temperance is usually referred as a “yes” card. For example if you are asking a psychic about love, career and divination, the energy is very positive and most of the time means “yes”. Bear in mind that it might take a while since you will be able to notice the positive outcome. There is also a change you will break up the energy and bring misfortune.

In a reversed position or upside down, temperance tarot still carry the positive energy in the spread but it might be “maybe” or “no” as well. The reason being is because there is a little bit of disharmony and imbalance as describe earlier in reversed keywords section. 

Temperance tarot card meaning in love and relationship (upright & reversed)

Temperance tarot card upright meaning in love and relationship suggests that everything is going well. However, you have to look at your personal affairs because they might interfere and sabotage the relationship in marriage or friendship.

Couples should find the middle ground. The temperance tarot card reveals that the secret to healthier relationship is to compromise whenever it is possible. It has to be done step by step and tenderly.

If you are single, these unsolved issues will make it impossible to find your new soulmate. Mistakes, flaws and guilty feelings are hunting you, so let them go. Furthermore you will not recognize when your twin flame will arrive. It will take time, most likely you will be just friends for a while. If you will be strong enough to wait and let it progress slowly, it might lead to a relationship and not only to physical attraction.

In reversed position the temperance tarot card implicit the opposite situation when it comes to love, romance and marriage. What you thought is not what is really going on. There is an incompatibility between you and the significant other. At the beginning everything was looking great, there was harmony and symmetry. But as the time goes by, you started to notice the contradictions.

Couples that are already in a relationship or marriage don’t work on what is bothering them especially when things are getting out of balance. These couples should learn how to give and get and how to mediate the difference, all of this should be done in nice environment. Although it doesn’t reveal a break up, the ball is rolling and you don’t have too much time to wait. 

Temperance in reversed encourages you to explore what you are getting out of the current relationship. For example you are doing everything to make your twin flame happy, invest time and energy and in return they don’t even appreciate it. They don’t recognize your value and maybe just use you for their own selfish benefits.

For single ladies and men the reversed temperance tarot card meaning is being too eager to find love. This type of manners are not attractive at all, and don’t bring them close to you. In fact it repels them and in the end you are being left alone. Instead of doing it, have confidence about who you are, have peace and harmony with yourself first, and then look for a soulmate.  

Temperance tarot card: Career work and finances meaning (upright & reversed)

Temperance tarot card upright meaning in occupation, work outcome and finances indicates you should strive to be successful at work, business and in investing money. Don’t be discouraged if it doesn’t happen fast, or if you won’t achieve it fully. In the far future you will celebrate the success, there going to be ups and downs as well.

Regarding finances specifically, money is flowing in and out from the bank account as it should be. Meaning, you don’t have too much expenses that brings debts. And on the other side you will not win the lottery any time soon. However if you will be able to keep saving small amount of money every month, it will be beneficial in future as an investment in a new business.     

In reversed position temperance tarot card disclose incompatibility at the work place. There are many ways in which it might manifest, maybe you don’t like the job, the people are not nice, the boss is making you crazy, or maybe you just have a strange feeling that tells you, it is not a good place to be at. Furthermore there is going to be lots of pressure at work, colleagues are going to be very busy and you might find yourself working extra hours. 

Another aspect of temperance tarot card in reversed position is the ability to work together as a group at work. If will not cooperate with others, or lead them to do what is necessary for the progress at work, you are going to be failed in your career. Therefore you are being tested for your communication skills and how you react under pressure.

Temperance tarot card: Health meaning (upright & reversed)

Temperance tarot card meaning in health: when the card is upright it signify the ultimate advice of living a healthy style. Taking care of your health condition is not meant to be extreme regime, you can still enjoy life. The key point to success is moderation in any aspect of life like sport activities, work, hobbies and nutrition. Keep in mind that there are no strict rules, you can change or break them from time to time as long as you know how to stabilize the situation.

Temperance tarot card in reversed is meaning imbalance. A change must be done to fix certain unhealthy outcomes. This usually happens when we start to neglect our physical needs. The signs are already there but you prefer not to think about it, maybe you also afraid you will discover some kind of illness, so you are living in denial. It is better to know now than regret about it later.

Temperance tarot card as feelings (upright & reversed)

Temperance tarot card as feelings describe the procedure of searching for inner peace and harmony within your soul, feelings and emotions. As described in the imagery of the card, the angel is pouring or mixing water between the gilded cups, so we are trying to mix different feelings or concepts and make something out of it. When the card is upright, we are succeeding in this mission. When temperance card is in reversed, it doesn’t fit with us, therefore we need to keep on testing and review what makes us feel good.

This concept is also implies when we make decisions. We have to negotiate, to compromise and to devote our time and efforts in all of our endeavors. The point is to balance, if you concede it doesn’t mean you lost, it means you adapted to a certain situation for future benefits.

Temperance tarot card zodiac sign astrology meaning

Sagittarius is connected to the higher mind at it shoots the arrows of wisdom up to the sky. In astrology Sagittarius zodiac sign encourages us to seek spiritual development and to explore our psychic abilities. They are also good in meditation and can easily clear negative thoughts in their minds. Sagittarius also likes philosophy, ideas and thoughts rather than being occupied by the daily mundane routine. Occasionally they can be dreamy, but most of the times they don’t over doing it.      

In horoscope predictions Sagittarius zodiac sign relates to the fire element. When can see it with temperance tarot card symbolism, which includes the yellow triangle on the white robe and Archangel Michael wing’s in red colors. As a star sign they also love to travel and see new places, they can’t sit still for a long time at one place, always looking for another forum, action and adventures. This is because the ruling planet of Sagittarius is Jupiter.

Temperance tarot card number and numerology meaning

In popular tarot decks like Rider Waite, Thoth, La Marseille and many more, temperance tarot card number is 14 (XIV) in the Major Arcana. On other tarot decks like the Italian “Visconti” it called “Art” instead of temperance and assigned the number 6 or 7.

In numerology reading, the meaning of number 14 is to be free from obligations like a bird or butterfly. Travelling the world without worrying, concentrating on living the moment and enjoyment. Moreover people who associated with number 14 are usually losing their attention too fast, they find it difficult to focus on a certain task for a long period of time.   

As a birth date number 14 is all about freshness. For them, every day is a ne excitement. Uncertainty is part of the fun of exploring new places, ideas and different ways to live life. Additionally it leads them to pursue goal with great motivation. They are also great leaders as they have the number 1. So if you have certain to connection to this number most of these characteristics and personality traits might apply to you.

Synonym numbers with similar interpretation: number 7, 17, 18.

Temperance tarot card meaning: past, present and future

Past position: temperance tarot card in past position refers to the connection you already built with people. The friendships will accompany in the present and future as well. In addition you had constructive impact of spiritual affairs on your personality.       

Present position: in the present time temperance reminds us to keep the balance intact. As a positive card you will get new outcomes, which you have been waiting for a long time. It might be anything connected with wealth like marriage, a new job offer, finance success and improvement of health conditions. Use the good energy from the past and all the skills you have to accept the upcoming occasion.

Future position: conflicts, arguments and other kinds of negative issues will be solved easily if you will maintain steadiness. Don’t let bad vibration to take you off the road. Furthermore be serene and live in tranquillity, despite if you don’t get immediately the things you are looking for. It can take some time and if needed help is on the way because the spirits will guide and show you the way.       

Temperance tarot card as a person

Understanding temperance tarot card as a person or personality will help you in many questions and answers during psychic reading. For example: “how someone sees you”, “what someone thinks of you”, “what he wants” and, “how someone feels about you”

Temperance as a person is someone who likes to test and think a lot. This is because of one of temperance tarot card keyword which is alchemy. Moreover in some old tarot decks it called “the art card” or “the alchemy card”. They are living at the current moment, they are not too nostalgic about the past nor planning too much a head for the far future. Therefore when it comes to divination they prefer daily or weekly horoscope than yearly astrology chart.

However when it comes to love, relationships and romance as a persona they aren’t very cooperative. Temperance as a person prefers to be single and usually don’t get along in marriage which often times ends with divorce. Temperance people have a certain mission to accomplish in life. They will do anything in order to complete it successfully even on the account of ruin relationships.

Temperance tarot card combinations guide

Temperance and Judgement tarot combination illustrate a process that start with experiment, and ending up with an exciting revelation. 

Temperance and hierophant are both bringing messages from angels and spirits. However the hierophant is more structured and slow progress, while temperance is much faster in implement spiritual concept in your life.

The wheel of fortune is usually the result of temperance card. If your practice is balanced than your future karma will be positive, and if not you will be facing negative implications. 

The empress reveals possible pregnancy and good fertility or at least some kind of good nurturing future. The temperance angel is mixing a man and a woman together which result in a birth of a new baby. This situation is very similar when you are getting the lovers tarot card, but there it also hold a big decision or mutual work. 

The hermit tarot card is the result of living in disharmony with yourself. After failing to define what you want or what are your feelings regarding some issues in your life, you reached to a point where you have to clear your mind. Spend some time alone and meditate on the next step.

The magician is adding additional information to the adaptivity trait of temperance. Having the ability to read the situation as it is and changing your way accordingly.

The tower building and temperance card combination is like an experiment that didn’t yield the right results. 

The star tarot card and temperance combination suggests good outcomes signification. The star is the forces of the universe leading you to a reward, temperance is the guide who keep you focused on the task.  

Strength card with temperance indicates you have to be patient because you still haven’t mastered your emotions. Once you will be able to perform it, you will control your life and results will come.

Death with temperance is a wonderful tarot card combination. It point out your skill to manage with difficult time. You keep being cool, don’t let the storm hit you and everything will be fine very soon.

The world is also a card featuring divine guidance, emphasize you are on the right path, trust the world to carry you on in difficult times.  

The moon reveals that you are not aligned or true with temperance’s mission to for emotional balance. It goes together with temperance reversed keywords like hiding secrets and self deceptive.

The emperor is the plans and goals you are going to have in the future. It might suggest leadership and wisdom or help from some sort of a guide. However this will be possible only if you will maintain balance, because you need to be strong inside yourself and to reflect it back to the world. Otherwise you will break down every time something is showing up in the way.

Justice is about what is fair and karma. Temperance is more about you create the circumstances. Those to tarot card are complimentary to each other as cause and effect.  

The fool is someone that is not very experienced and temperance is the person who is conducing testing, this is a development in gaining knowledge and progressing further down. 

King of wands and temperance tarot cards together suggests an experienced you gain after making trails and errors, usually with topics related to creativity.

Knight of wands and temperance tarot encourage you not to go too fast. The knight of wands is riding roughly to the end goal, but sometimes we all need to calm down for a short revaluation.  

Knight of swords is a sign to be more active and take risks for a while. But after you finished doing it, go back to the common ground, don’t make it a repetitive pattern.  

Knight of cups card similar to temperance visually, because the knight is holding a cup with his right hand. This is the cup of the future the angel is holding in temperance card. The interpretation is good proposal in the future. 

Eight of swords and temperance encourage you to realize you didn’t balanced your feelings or emotions, therefore it resulted bad feelings.

Two of cups tarot card depict two people touching one golden cup, it suggest good cooperation and usually love relationship. In temperance there are two cups holds by one angel, meaning you need to be complete with yourself before you can connect people on a deeper level.

The page of wands brings good messages from the future, however it holds some risks because it also denotes to go on a journey at all costs without moderation. This is why temperance card in the combination is important. Therefore the advice is: don’t get too excited it will only distract your attention.  

The page of cups is another tarot card with main image of a cup. In this case the meaning can be about emotional and self development. With significance on the first stage, so there is a long way to come till you will gain emotional maturity.

The six of cups is a nostalgic card, expressing the good old memories from the past. In tarot, temperance card is about how the past connected to the future through the flowing of pure water. The good memories are those will influence on your destiny.

Six of wands disclose that you will accomplish an important task. You have been working and preparing for it, so it’s time to enjoy the fruits of your labour.

The high priestess tarot card is explained by spiritual knowledge but also mysteries. Moreover she doesn’t take action, her physical appearance is just sitting and think about it. This is where temperance tarot card is entering to the picture and bringing the aspect of testing and alchemy. So in order to reveal these mysteries you will have to explore them by yourself.

Fun fact: the spiritual temperance tarot card at can be found in many décor items like: yoga wallpaper, tattoo, tapestry, blanket, art designs, beautiful necklace, drawing, box and even cyberpunk computer game.

In ancient myths and legends in nederlands and norsk the picture of temperance angel has the symbolism of god, goddess, queen, sea nymph, deity and dragon.

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