The chariot tarot card meaning: upright keywords + reversed

Meaning of the chariot tarot card: in general reading the chariot tarot card is about moving forward. In addition it can imply victory and overcoming obstacles during the way. 

The chariot tarot card upright card keywords: victory, will power, focus, going forward, a journey, self control, overcoming obstacles, confidence, motivation, determination, ambition and doing the work.

The chariot reversed card keywords: losing control, self doubt, fear, lack of direction, stack, scattered energy, powerless.

In the chariot tarot guide you will find all the information and interpretation of this tarot card:

The chariot tarot card meaning

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The chariot tarot card meaning and symbolism guide

The chariot tarot card has lots of symbolism, wide description and hidden messages in the image. By interpreting each symbol alone we can decipher the full meaning of the chariot card. These symbols give us clues about your personality and also about how to handle certain situations in work, love, family, relationships, feelings, future predictions and answering questions.

The charioteer: the man who rides the chariot called charioteer. With his right hand he is holding a stick, giving commands to the sphinxes to run forward. This symbolizes that if you want to gain victory you have to keep on going. Don’t hesitate, don’t over think just move forward with what you have.

On his chest, the driver have a squared pendant. This necklace represents the four elements is the tarot deck: air, water, earth and fire. Furthermore it also denotes a compass that can take you into four different directions: north, south, east and west.

The chariot: the frame of the chariot is rectangle, this give the feelings that the carriage is well built and structured with lots of plans. It will not break anytime soon and it has the entire instruments needed for a long ride.  

Sphinx: there are two sphinxes sitting at the bottom of the chariot tarot card. The left one is in black color (negative energy), and the right one is in white color (positive energy). We have already seen black and white color combinations with the high priestess and the hierophant. On this case the symbolism and meaning is the same – the need to be balanced and control ourselves. The sphinx is a guardian it has strength and high level of power and more important self control.

Every sphinx is looking to a different side. This is a problem because every one of them might pull it to a different direction, and the driver will not be able to move forward. They also have human faces, they are not just an animal who is operating on instincts, and they can think and be aware. They are more frightening than horses, they are here not just to pull the chariot, the sphinxes are going to fight and attack anyone who will disturb them in the way.     

Sun: in the chariots tarot card the sun is not up in the sky, it is a sign with wings that sticks to the front part of the carriage. The symbolism is that angels or any other spiritual deity and positive vibration are helping the chariots in the road. They bless guard, guide and help whenever it needed.

The little crest: (coat of arms) or shield underneath has an image of a red lingam. In India it is a symbol of generating positive energy. This kind of positive vibration can only created when the masculine and feminine energy are brought in conjunction.

Crown: the charioteer is wearing a crown on his head. This is not an ordinary garment, it has a golden star in the center which represents victory. By wearing it on the head he can express thoughts, planning and manifestation that will leads him to victory.

Curtain: as curtains main functionality is to create shade and block the sun, it is all wrap up, letting the light be the guidance on this adventure. In addition it has stars pattern and the fabric is in blue color. Together they constitute the spirits in the sky.

City: at the background of the chariot tarot card we can clearly see houses, castles and palaces. All these structured are built by humans. And this emphasizes that the card is talking about situations that happen here on earth, although it has also divine implications. It also gives us information that the charioteer is going on a journey outside the comfort zone, in a field with unknown scenarios.    

River: in most tarot card water denotes emotions and feelings, while it also true in the chariot card, it also a separation. The charioteer is being separated from the main town. Not a lot of people have ever done such a thing as they all stayed inside or near by. He is doing a brave effort. When he is going away so far, he will encounter unknown situations and will experience divine spirits and forces.     

The chariots tarot card meaning is that you need to be focus on mission, don’t leave it until you full success. You also need to navigate through obstacle. Sometimes there is the need to drive fast, sometimes it needs to be slow, the road is changing and so are you.

The chariot card is also a symbolism of the fool’s journey. It show us that the fool as pictured in the first card of the major arcana has gone a long way, he used all the elements that we saw in the magician card and now it is the money time. In this card we see how the fool is taking action.

The fool is no longer living in a perfect world, as the chariot tarot card means war. He can not continue forward because the chariot is blocking the way. These people who are interfering can be also just his imagination make him doubt about his powers. The fool attempts to make peace with the chariot not to make him angry so he can move on to his destination. It is also a good reminder that once you reached your goals, this is not over. There will be more things to do.

The chariot tarot card upright card keywords meaning

The chariot tarot card upright card keywords: victory, will power, focus, going forward, a journey, self control, overcoming obstacles, confidence, motivation, determination, ambition and doing the work.

Victory upright keyword: The main meaning of the chariot tarot card is victory. You can win only if you are able to overcome troubles. This can be done by being determine and not giving up no matter what. The spiritual world will help you a little bit, but most of the hard work should be done by yourself. You can not sit still and wait for the world to save you, you need to be active. Manifesting alone is not going to be helpful.

Going forward upright keyword: If you ever thought to do something else for a change, than this is a great omen who tells you yes, go do it. It is time to be on a motion and not to be at the same place all the time. It can also suggest that you want to travel, explore new places, maybe plan house move and search for new possibilities.

Obstacles upright keyword: Not all your endeavours will go smoothly, in fact there will be many drawbacks, you will fall but you will also do whatever it takes to stand on your feet again. You will also need to swim against the stream of water. It will also take a long time to achieve mission so don’t be despair. And don’t look for a quick fix, understand that the good things in life takes time.       

Motivation upright keyword: Another meaning is that you are trying to run away from something instead of dealing and confronting the uncomfortable situation. It can also symbolize a competition against other people. You want to be better than them and claim your reward. Competition is great because it make you much stronger but don’t go only for the reward, attempt to play fair and even enjoy the ride sometimes.

If you decide to learn more about spirituality you have to do it completely, the chariot card tells you to be focused. You can’t do half work, you need to devote yourself to the idea of finding more meanings to life than the material aspects. 

The chariot reversed card keywords meaning

The chariot reversed card keywords: losing control, self doubt, fear, lack of direction, stack, scattered energy, powerless.

The chariot reversed card keywords meaning that you don’t have a direction. Every little thing that happens can disturb and move you to unwanted direction. In this situation you have to be strong and ignore the noises that are surrounding you. Don’t let other people or bad circumstances to dictate your future, be active and go only for what really inspires you.

Lack of direction keyword: In this tarot card we can see that the charioteer is standing at the front of the chariot, meaning he is in charge, no other person can tell him where to drive or give him orders. So if you get this card, you should act the same and don’t follow others.

Stack reversed keyword: Negative thoughts will also prevent you from seeing new opportunities. For example a new opportunity for a change like new job, relationship or career might be on your way, but you will be too troubled with other issues so you will miss it. It would pass right in front of you and you won’t even see it.

In a reversed position, the chariot is heavy and it’s not easy to move, it also need two strong sphinxes to pull it forward. This symbolizes burden and negative energy from the past. You have to let go of self doubt thoughts and be more determine. You are thinking too much about the past and afraid to fail again. But the truth is that if you will concentrate on future outcomes you are more likely to see success.

Losing control reversed keyword: life is a balance between the things we have control on and the things that are totally out of our control. The chariot tarot card is a great reminder for us to do our best within our means. External situation, good or bad, are out of our control and although we cant do much about it, it can have huge effect on us. However you need to do the best regarding to what you do have control. Once you master this skill the navigation through life will be much positive.

Scattered energy reversed keyword: the chariot in reversed can also indicates that many people around you are taking your energy. They make you tired and you are losing focus. While it is always nice to help another person, sometimes we pay big price for being too nice. If you take care of only the other people you will not have the energy to treat yourself.

Self doubt reversed keyword: if you won’t believe in your self, no one else will do it for you. You can not relay on external forces to give you confidence. If you feel powerless than you will never progress. Many people are afraid of failure and this fear freezes them, preventing them from taking action. So they don’t do what they know they should do, and only complain about how everything is not going as they dreamed.   

Fear reversed keyword: regarding spirituality the reversed chariot can also indicates fear of the unknown. The divine world is something that is very hard to explain. The lack of knowledge can alarm you and it should not be like that, again take things slowly.

The chariot yes or no – tarot card meaning (upright & reversed)

In a psychic reading the chariot tarot card can give us answers to “yes or no” questions. As the symbols and upright card keywords supports and mean victory, progress and moving forward the answer is “yes”.

If the chariot tarot card is reversed, upside down in the spread, the answer is still positive, it is not a defiantly “no”. It specifies that there will be need to make a lot of effort in order to gain good outcomes. This is due to the fact that there is still high motivation in this tarot card, and it emphasizes the need to overcome obstacles, that you might encounter in the way. And a “no” is not the end of the road but just a tiny complication which can be resolve.

The chariot tarot card meaning in love and relationship (upright & reversed)

When we are asking questions about love and relationship, the chariot tarot card in upright position meaning is obstacles. In a relationships there are ups and down. The chariot card is an omen that tells you about bad things that are going to happen with your relationship or love life. So if you don’t want a divorce or a break up, it is advised that you will clam and try to solve the issues nicely.

In the relationship there are two sides like the two sphinxes, you can’t control the other side, just yourself. This is the right reason to implement self control on your emotions and feelings. Sometimes things are to as they actually seems, so any obstacles in love can be resolved with a minimum effort and flexibility, if you do it correctly.  

Sometimes the chariot tarot card is about your soulmate that needs helps. You might not be aware of the fact that something is wrong or bother him or her. It’s a catalyst that can result a lots of stress and unnecessary fights. You need to take the lead, be in control and navigate the situation. Another explanation is that one of you is too emotional and the other one is too logical. So there is a need to find the perfect balance between the two ways.

Also don’t overload your twin flame with all your worries and difficulties, try to resolve them by yourself, you will success in doing that without putting the burden on another person.

For single men and women the chariot tarot card meaning in love and relationship, is that you had many bad experiences in the past. This holds you back, the fact that you had troubles in the past or events that didn’t went as you wished. Therefore forget about the history of your love life and past relationships, turn the page and start from a fresh point.     

When a psychic reader is shuffling the deck, the chariot tarot card can also appear in reversed, meaning up side down. This changes the whole interpretation that we talk about in the upright position. Hence the meaning in love and relationship is completely opposite.

For example on the upright position the interpretation was to go forward fast, so in the reversed case it denotes that you need to slow the pace. Relationships takes time to progress it doesn’t happen over night so you have to wait. If you want to get married to rush into it, if you consider to move together, wait few months, and if you like to be pregnant and have children you might consider postponing the birth as well. Don’t expect that all your needs, wishes and demands will be fulfilled instantly by your partner.

Another scenario is that the love relationship needs a short break to regain attraction. It doesn’t mean to be separated forever. Suggest to your partner to do things alone for a while so both of you will have some alone time. Go out with other friends, walk alone in nature, and go watch your favorite TV show in another room and so on.

Singles in a reversed chariot card also need to take things much slowly. This mean to give a second chance to the person you are dating. Even if there is no instant connection or chemistry suggest going on a second date. If you already met someone, don’t rush it, move slowly or it will result a counter outcome which will push them far away in stand of pulling them towards you.

The chariot tarot card: Career work and finances meaning (upright & reversed)

In the upright position, the chariot tarot card has also a meaning when we speak about career, work, finance, business and money. 

This is the best time for you at work, you have lots of motivation and it affect positively on your productivity. Your colleagues and mangers are very happy with your accomplishments. People might be envy of you or try to fail you because they have bad intentions, but they will not be succeeding in harming you. So keep up the good karma and don’t pay attention to them.

If you are not satisfied with your current job position it is a wonderful time to seek a new occupation. This is also the case if you are unemployed at the moment. But remember that you might need to go far away, maybe live on another city or even a different city.  

Rethink your financial situation and search for other opportunities to invest your money. You will face lots of expenses but in the end you will have more money than you started, which will happen only if you will play your cards in the right way.

A psychic reader can pull out the chariot tarot card in reversed. In this case the meaning of the chariot regarding career, work, money and finances will be changed.

You are doing things in the wrong order and you need a guide to teach you. You jump to the end before you even started. Here are some examples that describe these situations and should be avoid: you are leaving your current job without looking for an alternative one. Or perhaps you signed a contract without understanding the implications or without reading all the little details. And perhaps you want to work in a profession without any knowledge about this field.  

This is the reason why the wise people always said: “you need to work smarter and not harder”. Going hard but in the wrong way, will just waste your energy and won’t yield what you are looking for in your career or business. There should also be some kind of preparation and teachings it can be mentally or physically. Afterwards you will need to review the steps again and see if each one of them was really necessary. It is also a good timing to find guidance, someone to learn from on how to design your life better.     

The chariot tarot card: Health meaning (upright & reversed)

The upright meaning of the chariot tarot card regarding to health, is that you need to do something new in order to feel better and change the mood. Not just a treatment but moreover to find a meaning to life, a hobby or something else that interesting you. For example having a new hobby will give you much better motivation and good mood to solve health issue.

When the chariot tarot card in reversed the meaning of health is different. You will feel tired as the energy levels are dwindling daily. This is not the time to go fast, it’s time to slow down. Take care of your body and don’t overburden it. For example east healthy food and sleep well at night.

The chariot tarot card as feelings

The chariot tarot card as feelings or emotions has a little information to offer us. The major point in the interpretation of the meaning in this guide, is that you need to get from one point to another, from one situation to another. In order to attain the end results you will have to relay on action, and in the same time to oppress your feelings because they just hinder the process.

Because you want to complete a mission the feelings will just drain the energy. So if you get the chariot tarot card in a spread, it is not the best time to be emotional and express your feelings. Asking questions like how he feels about me? will he come back? what someone thinks of you? what someone wants? And how someone sees you? Is not going to help and will just confuse you.

However as there are two sphinxes who are pulling the cart, it is a reminder that you should also remain in balance. You can still feel things but don’t let them overtake the situation.

The chariot tarot card zodiac sign astrology meaning

By definition the chariot tarot card zodiac sign is cancer. In astrology the main characteristic or trait of cancer sign is taking action. This zodiac is also known for thinking and calculating its move. In horoscope prediction cancer usually don’t go out without a plan, every little detail is crafted beforehand. If they caught unprepared they can improvise a solution very quick.  

Cancer zodiac sign represents the water element. The cancer animal (crab) can live in the water and on the shore as well. In the chariot tarot card we see a little river behind the charioteer. It symbolizes the harmony between feelings and the logical mind. 

The moon is the planet that control cancer zodiac sign. Usually the moon is associated with femininity and as a guard too. The moon is protecting the sun and planet earth. If you will look closer to the shoulder of the charioteer in the tarot card, you will notice there two moons over the armor, an upfront guide that shielding him against any enemy he might find in the way.

The chariot tarot card number and numerology meaning

The chariot tarot card number is 7 (VII). In numerology the number seven mean logical mind. A person that try to figure out thing, calculate his moves and being less emotional. This goes together with the meaning of the chariot card which is moving from point A to point B. getting results no matter what.

Moreover it has high intuition and can sense the truth from miles away. As there is more to life than it reveals, people who associated with number 7 can grasp spiritual and metaphysical concepts very naturally and quickly, they can be great psychic readers as well.  

The chariot tarot card meaning: past, present and future

Past: in tarot card reading the chariot meaning is to forget the past. Don’t let things that happened in the past to reflect or destroy your future. Remember only the positive experiences you had. The bad experiences are just lessons that will shape your personality and project your deeds to a better future.

Present: in the present moment the chariot card is about continue what you decided you want to do. Don’t stop in the middle, don’t go back, and don’t be frustrated because things are not easy right now. Just move on, take the time if needed but don’t forget where you want to be in the future. You don’t even need another person to help or guide you, just do what you promised to yourself to do. You will get there finally.  

Future: the chariot tarot card promise success but only if you will do the hard work. In addition it states that the end is just a beginning. Therefore once you reached your destination you will have new challenges, you won’t be able or won’t want to stop, you will continue further with your journey.  

The chariot tarot card combinations

The chariot and empress tarot card – the empress symbolizing nature, feelings and feminine energy, so it tells you that even if you are in a middle of an important mission or task, you need to combine it with spirituality and emotions.

The chariot and emperor tarot card – the emperor is a leader, a practical mentor that will get you to where you should be.

The chariot and death tarot combination – as the meaning of death card is actually a new beginning. It symbolizes what is waiting for you in the end of the journey – a new cycle with new adventures. 

The chariot and devil tarot combination – the devil is the negative thoughts and the temptations you need to resist. The devil is getting you out of control and you must be strong, conquer your desire to quit and move on anyway.  

The chariot and judgement tarot combination – the judgement card is an omen to do thing slowly. Don’t rush into making a decision, take the time to think about the future. In that matter the hermit card is also symbolizing being careful and think before you act.

The moon tarot card can also be interpreted as a journey tarot card. However it is pretty much negative, that means you will have lots of obstacles until you will reach your goal.

The world card indicated fulfillment in the end of the journey and starting a new one right after you had a little break or a rest.

The justice card adds to the chariot interpretation that you will succeed only if you will play by the rules and don’t cheat or deceive others. 

The star tarot card is your guide when things though and it gives you hope and motivation.   

The strength card is giving you self control. It proposes an internal strength, something mental.

The tower card is the complete opposite from the chariot. The chariot meaning is control and the tower card symbolizes loosing control. So you need to be careful and don’t loose yourself if you encounter new challenges. 

The temperance tarot card combination tells you not to take extreme measurements in your life. Be more relaxed and let things flow in your favor. 

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