The devil tarot card meaning upright reversed keywords guide

The devil tarot card meaning: the devil tarot card is not evil. It just symbolizes another kind of energy that surrounds us. It encourages you to be wild and to express your personality in a vivid way.  However it does suggest negative energy related to materialism, excuses and fear.

The devil tarot card upright card keywords: materialism, fear, excuses, feeling trapped, Negative thoughts, pessimism, enslavement, temptation and unhealthy relationships.

The devil tarot card reversed keywords: freedom from restraints, letting go, breaking from addictions, positive change, divorce, trueness, breaking the illusions.

The devil tarot card meaning

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The devil tarot card meaning and symbolism guide

What does the devil card in tarot mean? The devil tarot card teaches us a lesson about the dangerous of being too attached or tied to something. Uncontrolled craving might create false view point on the world, it can get us hide from everything else, take our energy and we will be too easy to be manipulated.  

Baphomet: is the symbol of evil, it can be physical creature, a bad human being or negative idea. There are plenty of deities associated with the devil tarot card, however many people associated it with Satan or some other kind of demon. The devil is about contradictions, something undefined and scary: it has goats` horns, bat wings, weird face and chicken’s legs. Combining all those meanings with the back color on the background we sense a very negative atmosphere regarding materialism. Other fully black tarot card on Rider Waite deck are the three of pentacles, the five of pentacles, the tower, the nine of swords, ten of swords.

Man and woman: the devil tarot card depicts male and female figures. The male is on the right side of the card and the woman is on the left side. They are both chained from the necks to the black box of the devil. The devil is between them and it looks like he is guarding so they will not run away.

The man and woman are Adam and Eve from the Garden of Eden. After they have been banished from the most wonderful place in heaven, they have become victims of their own materialism.

In tarot cards, the symbolism of a man is action, and the symbolism of female is desire or spirituality. The horns on the heads symbolize being aggressive and being strong. Although they are chained they are not truly vulnerable or too sensitive. Horn is also a symbol of protection so no harm is done to them. In addition the horns symbolize a different kind of thinking, the devil took over the minds or cast a spell and made them think they belong to the dark place, but there are not. Adam and Eve must wake up from this illusion.   

They are not in the middle of a dangerous situation, on the contrary they put themselves in this position because they wanted to be there or to live this lifestyle. The chains on the necks are not tight, they can take it of any minute and run away. But they don’t want to be free.         

Black box: in the middle of the devil tarot card there is a black box. The devil is sitting on it and the human figures are tied to it. This is the perfect symbolism of materialism, people assign value or special meaning to an object. And in this case it is just a black box, there is nothing inside of it, not even a special secret or meaning we should pursue. The devil card is different from the rest of the major arcana tarot cards because it emphases the matter over spirituality.

Tails: in the devil tarot card Adam and Eve have tails. In ancient mythology and scriptures a tail is a symbolism of being closely related to animals. To be impulsive, not to trust the rational mind, immediate reaction, not thinking or planning ahead and basically everything that is opposite of being spiritual and conscious. 

The tail of the man is lighted by the torch of the devil meaning, bad influence. In this scenario the flame indicates bad intentions and self suffering caused by the lower sentient or in other words the animalistic actions. The tail of the female figure at the left side of the tarot card looks like a fruit, most likely a cluster of grapes. In the contest of negative ascendancy it symbolizes bad luck, hedonism and agony.  

Torch: the devil is holding a torch with his left hand. He is directing the flame of fire down to the man’s tail, while the other hand is up. Those gestures are the same as with the magician tarot card. The magician did it to connect earth with the sky in order to bring enlightenment and positive vibrations, the devil is doing it to generate destruction and chaos.  

Pentagram: the upside down symbols of pentagram is the influence of the devil to make us question about our believes and go with his way. The reversed mark is a combination of harmony and mayhem created by the five elements: spirit, air, water, fire and earth. In the tarot card the pentagram is inverted so the spirit element is down and earth and fire is upright. So again we get a huge clue about the values of the devil which dictate the importance of physical, material and matter over the mind and the soul.  

The devil tarot card is connected to the hierophant and the lovers card in a mysterious way. The hierophant tarot card is a source of light and good inspiration, an oracle or seer who is pure, has good intentions and wants to educate everyone. On the contrary the devil is a distortion of it, representing bad intentions: self centered, manipulations and lying.  

In the devil card tarot card Adam and Eve are looking down to the ground. On the lovers tarot card the man was looking at the woman, and she looked up in the sky. Therefore they are aware of the circumstances, they know what is above them even if they don’t look directly at the devilish creature. 

The devil tarot card upright card keywords meaning

The devil tarot card upright card keywords: materialism, fear, excuses, feeling trapped, Negative thoughts, pessimism, enslavement, temptation and unhealthy relationships.

Feeling trapped and enslavement upright keywords: when the devil tarot card keeps coming up it indicates you are stuck in state of affairs, or if you wanted to change something in your life numerous times, and it all lead you back to the same place. For example you want to live in another country but there is always other obstacle prevents you from achieving it, you might apply for a new job position but you always end up being rejected, and maybe you are having the same toxic relationships over and over again. Repetitive loop that never end.

To break the cycle you have to realize you have alternatives even if don’t see them clearly, they are there waiting to be revealed. Therefore you should choose a new path in life, take a little risk, do something that is out of your characteristic or personality, and explore different options without being a shame of what other might think of you.    

Fear and excuses upright keywords: the man and the woman in the devil tarot card are chained but they can go away at anytime. The same principle applies to you. The fear is holding you back, the chain is not real, it is just fear or excuse you are telling to yourself. Consequently you don’t feel fulfillment, you aren’t enjoying life and just waste your time being miserable. If you will face the fear, which is not real and take responsibility to your actions the good fortune will come. It will come not because you suddenly had good luck, but because you earned it.

Negative thoughts and pessimism upright keywords: the devil tarot card indicates gloomy lifestyle where everything is dark. You just can not find the light or a place where you belong and feel good about your self. This is the right time to take a deep look on your lifestyle to make a change. It can be any kind of change even little adjustments such as: eating well, hanging out with nice people, moving to a different city and most important is being very cautious with who you are socializing.

Materialism and temptation upright keywords: the devil tarot card denotes you are in a risk of being tempted. If you want to resist those impulses you have to figure out what makes you act like this and understand why it’s wrong for you. The final stage is to stop it at all cost, by rearranging your surrounding and distract yourself from the temptation by focusing on other things and meditate.

Regarding materialism the devil tarot card depict short term pleasure over the long term stability. Material possessions can’t make you happy, in fact it will only increase negative feelings such as fear, worries and insecurity. In this way you also become a fake person with no real identity, you just pretend to be someone else, bragging about meaningless items instead of showing real and in dept value. The worst of all, it will make you keep on buying over and over again and if you lose your belonging it will make you sad.       

Unhealthy relationships upright card keyword: when you are under the spell of the devil you are not being your true self. Accordingly your relationships will be unhealthy for you or for your partner. The negative energy will be manifested by how people perceive and treat you like: envy, gossip and basically untrusted friends and family.  

In general the devil tarot card upright meaning is using our five senses: taste, smell, touch, sight and hearing to enjoy and have good time. The problem with this practice is relaying too much on animalistic instincts without putting too much thought on the outturn. On the one hand it makes our life more interesting, but on the other hand there are risks regarding morality, ethics and obeying the law. Usually society doesn’t like it when people are practicing extreme rituals.

The devil tarot card reversed keywords meaning

The devil tarot card reversed keywords: freedom from restraints, letting go, breaking from addictions, positive change, divorce, trueness, breaking the illusions.

Positive change and freedom reversed keywords: in general the devil tarot card in reversed position has positive meanings. It means that you are free from the devil’s chains, you let go of what was bother you and now you are free to chose your future. You have control on your life now and in the past it wasn’t so obvious. You have been recovered and healed from the wounds.   

Letting go reversed keyword: the devil tarot card in reversed encourages you to let go of things which doesn’t serve you and can potentially hurt and make life more complicated. However when you are having bad feelings, it is almost impossible to do it. Don’t pay too much attention to the negative feelings just ignore them and move on. You deserved a second change, it coming right toward you so don’t be the one who turn these opportunity down.

Breaking from addictions reversed keyword: the devil tarot card denotes that you are most likely to break from addictions soon. It can be any sort of addiction and the lesson you have to remember is that you have the responsibility. If you came so far up to this point you should realize that you brought the bad situation on yourself, so next time be strong and resist the temptation.   

Trueness and breaking the illusions reversed keywords: the devil tarot card in upside position tells you to investigate through things and not to be satisfied with what you see on the surface. More often than not, current affairs are not truly bad or negative. On the contrary, we assign the negative meanings and implications when we interpret them according to our past knowledge. The opposite also apply, we might think something is good for us, but if we will take a deeper look and analyze all the factors, we might come to a conclusion that it is not good for us. 

Nothing is forever, destiny can be changed in a second, it can be luck, and it can be something that we worked for a lot of time. When it happens everything is immediately shift and you will find yourself in a better reality. The outset is the most difficult part, so start slowly and build the success on a lower scale until it grows.  

The devil yes or no – tarot card meaning (upright & reversed)

Is the devil yes or no tarot card? The devil is a “no” because it is one of the most negative cards in the deck whether the position is upright or reversed. It usually indicates that if something go wrong it will become worse. So when the devil card keeps coming up you should be careful. Run away from any negative influences and save yourself the drama. It is really not advised to take the leap of fate to unknown territories.

Please note, if the devil card keeps coming up in reversed, the answer to your question is still “no”. However there are some positive aspects associated with the devil but they are still risky. For instant a fresh energy, freedom to explore new possibilities, focus on wishes and dreams. But if you cross the line it can turn out to be negative like obsession, addiction and bad karma.

The devil tarot card meaning in love and relationship (upright & reversed)

The devil tarot card meaning in love and relationship, when the card appear upright: in marriage and long term relationships the card indicates confinement, one of the partners don’t feel good connection to the other person. In most cases there is nothing to do in order to revive the bond other than trying to talk.

For single guys and girls the devil tarot card meaning that this is the time to party, to have fun, to date a lot of people and to experience as much as you can from the joy of the world. However, you should know your limit and have boundaries especially if you are looking for something more meaningful.

If you are looking excessively for the perfect soulmate or twin flame match and don’t really find him or her, you should take a break for a while. Pursue other goals, develop interests in hobbies, recreation and spirituality. Don’t devote all the time to go on dates it will only drain your energy.  

When the devil tarot card is reversed it means getting out of a relationship which is no longer good. Most likely it will be a break up or divorce, but it will do you good, like a burden lifted and set you to maximum freedom. Living unchained will aid to look for another meaningful relationship and this time it will be much better.

The reversed meaning also applies to singles men and women. It suggest that you are over your ex boyfriend or ex girlfriend, they are no longer have control over your life, they are not a crucial factor in your love life anymore and you are free to seek another soulmate.

What does the devil tarot card mean in love? In marriage the reversed card indicates that problems in the relationship are going to be solved. Especially if you had communication problems or if someone had bad habits that needed to be removed. 

The devil tarot card: Career work and finances meaning (upright & reversed)

The devil tarot card in career, work and finances has very strict meaning. When the card is upright, it denotes that you are staying in the current work place, just because you got used to it. You like the security of the reoccurring payment every month, to see the same people and not making too much effort. However you are not very satisfied, every day look the same and you just waiting for the weekend to do something interesting. 

Consider to change your destiny when it concerning occupation. While you might feel secure at work, there are no guarantees and a certain manager can instantly fire you without any reasonable reason, or the company all of a sudden go bankrupt. So the upright devil tarot card gives you the advice of living for your own benefit every minute.

Regarding finances when the devil tarot card is upright, it reveals tendency to spend lots of money for unstoppable pleasures. For example: vacations, fancy dinners and electronic gadgets. Understand that you can satisfy your needs and the urge to have fun with less money expenses. You can enjoy the little things in life instead of materials and commodities.

When the devil tarot card is in reversed position, the meaning turns to be positive. When we are concern about finances, work, money and career, you should expect good news. For example the boss or someone you didn’t like at work is gone from your life suddenly. Another possibility is to get rid of debt or any other monetary charges.

Another interpretation for the reversed position is to trust yourself with money issues. There are no guarantees in life, everything can turn over one day. Therefore you should prepare a saving account, split your investments and other sources of income. Moreover develop your skills and expertise so you will be able to provide value to people, this will make sure you will always have a job. Don’t count on your manager or company to take care of you, because they don’t and they might lay you off quickly without a notice.

The devil tarot card: Health meaning (upright & reversed)

The health meaning of the devil tarot card in upright position is usually addiction. Consuming unhealthy products is not recommended as it hurt our physical body slowly but surely. Even bad food choices like lots of sugar, fats and salt have negative effect on our health, thus there are better solutions. As a general rule, when you get the devil card it is a sign to be more sensitive to physical symptoms  

In reversed position the devil tarot card meaning is less powerful than the upright meaning. So even if you might have health issue they suppose to be minor. Nevertheless it is not an approval to go wild and harm your conditions, always keep on moderation.  

The devil tarot card as feelings (upright & reversed)

The devil tarot card as feelings for someone and love is very dangerous. If you are getting the devil card in upright position, you are living in unhealthy relationship. The person is not your twin flame and not right for you. What makes it more complicated is the fact that you can not let go of this person, even though you know it’s not good for you. In this situation your feelings are totally mixed. You want to stay with him or her, but you also know there is no future for the relationship.

As thoughts, as attraction, or questions like how does he feel about me? and does he miss me? It also indicate emotions which considered unappropriated by the public such as excessive lust, compulsive desire, manipulation and bad moral. Yet, when the devil is in reversed the negative influences or connotations are less strong.

The devil tarot card zodiac sign astrology meaning

The devil tarot card zodiac sign is associated with Capricorn. In horoscope and astrology the ruling planet is Saturn. The materialism characteristic is manifesting itself by creative energy. Capricorn birthday dates come on December 22 til January 19, exactly when the winter begins. So there is a lot of mysterious and darkness connotation to Capricorn zodiac sign which connect it to the devil tarot card that has heavy black background.

Some astrologers associated the devil tarot card with planet Mars. Mars color is red so it symbolizes blood, actions, struggles and war. The good insight we can get from this information is that Capricorns usually work very hard. They are willing to sacrifice a lot in order to accomplish their objective.

Weakness points are: very emotional and act instantly upon there current feeling. They don’t adapt quickly to change, this holds them back like the chains of the devil. It takes lots of time to make see things in a different light. If something goes well they start to be suspicious as they don’t believe too much in luck or easy victory.       

The devil tarot card number and numerology meaning

The devil tarot card number is 15 (XV) in major arcane of Rider Waite and de Marseille. Fifteen in numerology is related to number 6. In ancient rituals this number is also associated with Satan and in popular culture to the number 666. Moreover number 1 is leadership and number 5 is materialism, therefore it depicts a person who is self centered and care only about superficial items.  

However in numerology the meaning of fifteen is to be close to home. For example people who likes to stay at home instead of go out and socialize with friends. This is also the reason why family is important to them.

We can summarize number 15 as positive and negative at the same time. A person who is related to number fifteen by birth is prone to bad influences like addictions, inner conflicts and being selfish. So he or she should be very careful if it appears in numerology or tarot readings as a birth card. And on the other hand they can be great leaders, people trust and follow them because they have responsibility.  

The devil tarot card meaning: past, present and future

Past position: the devil tarot card in the past represents terrible events. The only good point of it is that it’s over now. There is nothing much to do about it, just admit and move on. Sometimes negative experiences can leave a scar inside our fragile soul and it takes some time to heal.

Present position: something is going on under the surface and you don’t see the clues. It doesn’t indicate fatality like misfortune or positive future outcomes, just a warning to realize what is happening around you. You are being drawn to a certain person or event which will have great influence over you, but only if you allow it. Hence don’t be tempted to unwanted activities because it might result a long lasting discomfort for a year.

Future position: you must be honest with yourself and change bad habits. If you are doing something wrong you know it but choose to take no notice of it. This kind of attitude will create negative future outcomes. It is within you grasp to design the destiny, but you have to find the courage in the heart to do so. Blaming other people for misadventure will not help you. At most it will generate bad feelings of a victim, who is not in charge of his or her own life.

The devil tarot card as a person

The devil tarot card meaning as a person is very surprising. Many people think it related to a bad or manipulative person, but this assumption about the archetype is far from the truth. As a person, it indicates someone who is working hard towards what he or she believes in. They have huge aspiration and motivation and it’s all healthy as long as they don’t cross the line.

As a personality type, they love to have fun, indulgent and enjoy life without thinking to much about tomorrow. The devil archetype has great sense of humor and can be very witty. They also like heavy duty decors like Cyberpunk and Goths, they express it with clothing and other material possessions like jewellery, cars and huge houses in the countryside or remote village.    

These persons usually connected to earth and the ground in a mystic way, they tend to work in anything related to the ground like agriculture, real estate and even archaeology. On the other side you might find them dealing with negative and illegal occupations as well.    

The devil tarot card combinations guide

Chariot and the devil tarot card combination can indicate you are moving to the right direction after you have been in the wrong place. You don’t want the bad influences of the past and riding to another destination which will be good for you.

The lovers tarot card is about love, relationships and partnership, the devil is emphasizing the physical attraction as the main aspect of the relationship.

The moon reveals self doubts, hence in the moment of truth you are not sure you will be able to perform.

The world is all about completing achievements. Something you worked for a long time is finally giving you the results. The devil in the combination might symbolize the obstacles you managed to resolve. 

The wheel of fortune is the karma you are facing after dealing with the devil. It’s a warning to get ready for bad outcomes.

The star is the hope that some day you will break the chains that holds you back.

The tower is a result of losing control over your life. The devil tempted you to keep on living with bad habit and now you are going to pay the price.

Temperance suggests you need to be more disciplined and gain education about self control. If you are an impulse person, don’t give up and hold yourself tight.  

Devil and 2 of cups suggest dangerous relationship is a head of you. Maybe it will not be too serious as well. If you are single you are looking for love too desperately.

The empress tarot card is the most obvious sign for fertility and pregnancy, combined with the devil it means physical energy and new ideas or life path which you weren’t aware of in the past.

The emperor is a leader so when it appears next to the devil tarot card the meaning is a leader than can to be bad, not treating his followers as he or she should, with respect and understanding. 

King of swords represents someone who is thinking a lot, maybe you think about how to get away from the bad influence of the devil. It can also suggest that you already made a life changing decision.

Judgement card denote that you know you have issues that needs to be re-evaluate. 

Three of cups is about being happy and having a big party. The devil tarot card is a little reminder not to do it in extreme way. Another interpretation for this combination is that you are celebrating an accomplishment.

5 of cups makes the interpretation a double negative. Therefore you are facing an emotional turmoil.

Three of swords is another kind of tarot card which denotes more negative energy, usually regarding to the matter or the heart. You don’t feel good about your life, you have been too closed to the devil and his influence caused you sadness.    

Ace of wands meaning reveals that something unexpected is going to enter your life. While you might be very excited about it, beware of bad circumstances, don’t play with fire because it might burn you.

Ace of cups is the symbols of emotions and feelings in Rider Waite deck. The devil indicates some kind of drawback, maybe you feel you don’t have enough energy, tired and basically losing connection with your inner self.

Nine of wands suggest you need to be strong and grounded. Don’t be tempted because it’s a slippery slope.

Page of wands is someone without lots of experience and he or she need a guide. Be very careful who you trust as a guide or a guru. If he or she is the wrong person the influence over you can be devastating.

Page of cups with the devil tarot combination imply addiction or obsession regarding the matters of the heart. Maybe you love someone that doesn’t love you back, or any other situation where you feel confused about it.

The king of cups brings creative energy, the devil brings sensory or extravagant vibrations. So together they symbolize thought and ideas in your mind. Therefore if and when you will actually manifest them, be cautious and choose only those who compliance with moral and ethics.

The high priestess is a non action card. So if you are under the influence of the devil you are not going to do something about it, the same situation will continue bothering you until you will decide to make it stop.

The fool is about being free from worries and fly like a butterfly exploring the wonderful mysteries of earth. The devil is someone who will chain you, take your freedom and enslave you. So a good advice might be to beware of being caught in his net.

The sun suggests that you are not truly happy, you are depended on outer factors to be happy. This kind of strategy will not last for a long time.

Justice and the devil tarot card combination might indicate bad outcomes in the legal system or regarding fairness in general. For example a judge will rule against you whether you deserved it or not. In addition it reveals paying the price for something bad you did in the past.

Strength tarot card combination expresses your need to control urges and impulses.

Death and the devil tarot cards encourage you to cease harmful habits. Don’t pursue pleasure at all cost, it will take you off course.  

Knight of swords is about going further and taking an action, so don’t let the devil disturb you, especially if you need to fight inner demons.

Eight of cups indicate you don’t want to be near by the devil anymore, you had enough with this fellow and you want to start a new phase.

5 of wands tarot card meaning is a long lasting struggle, hence you are trying to break off the chains of the devil. If you will be stubborn you will succeed.     

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