The emperor tarot card reversed keywords yes or no + meaning

What does the emperor tarot card mean? The meaning is all about control and power, the emperor is the leader in our world that always working, getting things done and making hard decisions.

The emperor tarot card upright card keywords: strength, power, protection, structure, authority, aspiration, leadership, logic, wisdom, dependability, law and order, practicality, father figure.

The emperor tarot card reversed card keywords: stubborn, loss of authority, lack of discipline, immaturity, control obsession, manipulation.  

Is the emperor tarot yes or no? Overall the emperor is a yes card, whatever you ask in love, relationship, career or work, it is usually indicates positive outcomes.

the emperor tarot card meaning

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The emperor tarot card meaning and symbolism guide

Colors: warm orange, yellow and red. These hues all come together to symbolize the actions we need to take in order to live. This is not a passive or hiding or go with the flow tarot card meaning, it is about doing certain things in order to get success and the desired good outcomes. As the colors getting brighter it symbolizing the necessity to be creative and build new things that are mainly material but can also be spiritual or mind related.

Mountains: behind the emperor there are very high mountains. The ridges reach his shoulders, very high up in the sky. The meaning of the mountains is basically the thoughts. He doesn’t think about small mundane topics, his mind is occupied with big issues, problems that the emperor need to solve. Being close to the sky always have been associated with heaven and god, implying that he is almost in godly position, but here on earth. He can create anything he wants with the power of the mind. The mountains also look very hard to climb and slippery, as if it’s some kind of obstacle to reach to the god level. Further more they are made of solid rocks and don’t have any plants, trees or animals near by, this signifies that not many people have been there.

Ankh scepter: the emperor is holding with the right hand a golden scepter. At the top we can see a shape of an ankh made by a circle and a vertical line underneath. The scepter is a very manly symbol which shows us his masculine energy. The round circle on the top represents the female energy. When we combine these two kinds of energy it creates balance and harmony. The emperor and the empress are closely related in tarot cards. According to ancient Egypt tradition the meaning of an ankh is the key of life, as man and women have the ability to create children together. It also has a meaning regarding the after life and travelling of the soul to the unknown worlds.    

Goat sculpture: in the tarot card we can clearly notice four goat or ram sculptures on the emperor’s royal chair. Two of them are at the top corners of the back rest, and the other two at the tip of the chair’s arm rest. For those who are familiar with astrology and zodiac signs, you might recognize that the goat symbol is actually an Aries zodiac sign. Aries are usually leaders, they are less emotional and more logical. Goat represents the ability to think in any situation, not being confused but what is happening near by. Another interpretation of a goat is being associated with deities and divination. In the history of man kind, this animal was consider a good gift to give to the gods, especially when people wanted to please him in order to have good luck in return.

Beard: white beard is a symbol of wisdom and old age, His physical appearance with long beard and hair also implies about his experiences in life. The emperor is not a little kid anymore he is smart and many people can learn from him. Such a long beard doesn’t grow over night, it takes time, symbolising the long years that passed since he was a child.

Throne: the emperor is sitting on a huge throne. It is not just a small usual chair, it is massive, made of stones so it is unbreakable and more important – no one can move him from the position of power. In addition there is also a pedestal attached to the ground. The emperor is sitting on a high position and don’t touch the ground, symbolizing that he is above the ordinary man.   

Boots: the boots are the only part of the armor that is visible to us, as the emperor is covered entirely with red fabric. Armor imply protection, it is also a heavy piece of clothing, very hard to move with. Again giving us the feeling that he is there to stay and guard his place.

Water: behind the emperor there are tiny images of river and water, very small and almost unrecognizable. As water projects feelings, emotion softness and movement, the emperor has very little amount of these traits. He doesn’t let emotions to control his mind too much, he is all about power and stability, when he decided something, he will not change his mind, he won’t be in doubt, and he will go after his decision no matter what.

Crown: as shown in the tarot card, the emperor is wearing a crown, symbolizing his authority, status and connection to higher spiritual deity. In a way he is representing the people on earth because he has authority. But the emperor is also representing the world of spirits and angels. Being between this passage give him a rule of mediator. On one side he is dealing with the physical world – daily affairs, and on the other side he is living in the metaphysical world – perception that is behind us.    

Clothing: the clothing of the emperor is somewhat deceiving. On the surface level we see red loose fabric, soft and comfortable. But underneath there is a metal armor, strong and hard to move. It also gives us a sense of balance – he is not going to make a harsh decision when it comes to apply force. He will consider all the options and in the end, as a last resort he will go on a war. The emperor is reasonable and will take all possible events in to consideration.  

Globe: the emperor is holding a golden globe with his left hand, sometimes it’s described as an orb. The round artifact has metaphysical meaning – very similar to image of a psychic reader who is predicting the future by gazing into a crystal ball. However the main meaning of the golden ball is derived from the fact that he is holding it with the left hand – symbolizing the feminine side. And in more detailed it symbolizes the empress and the balance between the two following tarot cards.  

The emperor tarot card upright card keywords

List of the emperor tarot card upright card keywords: power, protection, structure, authority, aspiration, leadership, logic, wisdom, dependability, law and order, practicality, father figure.

When the tarot card is upright the emperor wants to discover new things and ideas. He will not let information passing near him without scrutinized it too the bottom. He is doing it because he is truly interested in gaining knowledge and to learn how things are working. This approach to life gives the emperor a key opportunity to be successful and to teach others. If you got the emperor tarot card in upright position than it also says that you are very curious about the wonders of the world.

Being a leader like the emperor is not an easy task, there are many aspects of this rule. When the tarot card is upright his main responsibility is for the people around him. If he makes a mistake than it might reflect on the whole kingdom. So if you get this card upright, it might denotes that you will be a leader or will face situations were you will have to make a decision that can affect other factors. Therefore don’t be too haphazard and take the time to consider all future outcomes and possibilities. But don’t worry too much as you have wisdom that gained through your life, so eventually you will know what to do.

As upright tarot reading, the emperor offers guidance to anyone who has a dilemma or a question. He is like a father figure or a guide that people can learn from.

The emperor upright tarot card is about law and order keywords. He doesn’t believe in doing things just because he has a certain gut feelings or intuition. There are rules that written in a book and he will follow them strictly. He will not let his feelings or any other trick to twist his opinion about anything. In the emperor point of view this is the only way to live life. The emperor will also make sure that everyone will comply with his commands.  

The emperor has a plan for everything. Yes he might listen to advices from other professionals and experts, but in the end he will make his own decision. He knows what’s the final goal is, he can imagine it right now and see it as a psychic vision. Because he wants to be there he will get to the destination. He has little time to they joy of life, he doesn’t have too much fun and fool a round. The emperor is a very serious man.  

When it comes to spirituality issues the emperor is not very strong. He is more practical and can do things. His mind is always working. This is why mediation can do wonders for your soul. When you relax you can regenerate your energy and have new ideas and reconciliation with the other parts of your mind. 

The emperor tarot card reversed card keywords

List of the emperor tarot card reversed card keywords: stubborn, loss of authority, lack of discipline, immaturity, control obsession, manipulation.  

If you get the emperor tarot card in reversed (upside down) it means that you are not aware of your power. In fact you can actually feel that you are not in a power position and thinks that other people have authority over you. This kind of thinking leads you to a certain behavior which you want to rebel against the norm of society.

Sometimes, when the emperor tarot card is in reversed it can indicate that you feel unappreciated for your efforts and hard devotions. People don’t want to follow you and don’t really care about what you say. You are losing the authority and power over them.  

The meaning of the card in reversed can also indicate that you are being too emotional and very sensitive about your feelings. While this behavior might be good in certain situation, it comes with a price – you have lack of confidence and thinking less logical. Therefore you need to balance those two different approaches.

A reversed emperor tarot card can also imply that an old man or authoritative figure is trying to impose his power or will on you. This is why one of the reversed keywords is also manipulation. Therefore be very skeptical about what he or she tells you and who you choose to be your guide.    

Another interpretation of the emperor tarot card in revered is that you don’t have self discipline. You need strong foundations, structure and rules. You can’t go on without direction, without knowing what you want and just trust your lack. If you won’t define for yourself what you would like to achieve, the world will decide for you and than the results might not be satisfying. 

The emperor tarot yes or no – card meaning (upright & reversed)

The emperor is a “yes” tarot card especially if it shows upright. It is very positive if you ask a question that required problem solving, knowledge and taking action. These are all the good traits that the emperor is representing in this card.

However, if the emperor tarot card is reversed or if you are asking about things that are less logical, and more about feelings and emotions than the answer might be “no”. It usually signified that you are out of control or lost your structure in life. You need more guidance, someone with knowledge and wisdom to show you the right way to handle things.

The emperor tarot card meaning in love and relationship (upright & reversed)

The upright meaning of the emperor tarot card reading in love and relationship: if you are a single woman in indicates that you might have a relationship or love affair with an older man, it can also mean pregnancy in the future. But it is not all about age differences, it can be a matter of him being more experienced in life. Bare in mind that this kind of personality is not too much romantic, he will not give you roses, won’t take you to fancy dinner dates or travel around the globe. In this case you will have to tell him how much romance is important for you.

If you are a single man and this tarot card is showing upright position, than you will have to be more connected with your feelings, if you would like to find your twin flame. You also need to express yourself in a softer way and somehow more direct. If you love someone you will have to tell her, and don’t leave it to her trying to guess what you feel about her because she doesn’t have a clue.

If you are already in marriage or a love relationship, it is going in the right direction. It will be more stable, it will have more structure and strong foundations. However it will be less spontaneous and excited. So don’t forget that sometimes it is a good idea to have some fun.           

The reversed meaning of the emperor tarot card reading in love and relationship: for married couples it is not a good omen, it suggest that there are lots of moments you two are fighting, not understand each other and more important every side wants to impose power on the other side. It will be best for both of you to talk about these issues and agree to work together in harmony, to take into consideration the wills of the partner. This is a warning sign of a break up.

If you are a single man or woman and you get the emperor tarot card in reversed, it means that you are attracting the wrong people into your life. You have to be more specific about what kind of relationship you are looking for, have a clear vision on what are the exact ideal partner’s characteristics that you are seeking.

It can also be a case that you are not really want to find love or relationship, because you are not ready to committee for the long term.       

The emperor tarot card: Career work and finances meaning (upright & reversed)

The upright meaning of the emperor tarot card reading in career, work and finances: people in your work place will start to see that you are doing a good job. It can also indicate a promotion for a better position maybe a manger and getting paid more. 

If you are unemployed and looking for a place to work than, you will need to make a bigger effort. Sitting all day at home is not enough, if possible it would be better if you could actually walk to their office and give them your curriculum vitae. It is also advised that you will contact friends and family and ask them if they know about any new jobs.

When it comes to money and finances matters. Don’t spend all the money at once and don’t invest before checking every little detail. These steps are very important and will prevent a sad situation of loosing a lot of money. 

The reversed meaning of the emperor tarot card reading in career, work and finances: you are not in focus, you can be in a situation where you change your workplace frequently and don’t fit to anyone of them. Maybe you haven’t found yet the ideal place to spend your time and talent. But maybe you also don’t really know what you want your profession to be. 

Moreover you feel that there are too many rules or social codes at the workplace, which doesn’t fits with your point of view. You don’t want or understand why you need to follow them. Maybe it is the right time to think about being independent and have your own small business. If you will choose this path in life, you will be able to create your own structure and rules. You want to be the emperor himself and not getting orders and commands from other people.

The emperor tarot card: Health meaning (upright & reversed)

The upright meaning of the emperor tarot card reading in health: you are taking things to serious and it has a negative impact on your health. Therefore it could be better to your health if could relax a bit. Don’t waste all your energy on your efforts and endeavors, if you didn’t finished something today, there is always tomorrow, go on a vacation and relax.

The reversed meaning of the emperor tarot card reading in health: you have too much stress because of your work or just because of a train of thoughts that is running inside your head. To stop it you can try meditation, it takes only few minutes a day and if you will do it daily, you might see great results.  

The emperor tarot card as feelings

When we are reading this tarot card searching for the meaning of feelings, it is explained as logic over emotions and feelings. It is not a good time for you to listen to your feelings. You need to be a little cold in that sense and focus more on action and the end result. You need to operate a plan. No matter what come in your way, or what kind of obstacles will be in front of you, the plan shouldn’t be changed until you reach to your goals. Stick to it as your life depends on it. After you will reach your destination you will have a lot of time to process your feelings and emotions.  

The emperor tarot card zodiac sign astrology meaning

The emperor tarot card zodiac sign is Aries. In astrology Aries is the sign of fire which mean leadership and taking a lot of action.

The planet Mars is ruling Aries zodiac sign, it has red color like just the emperor’s clothing in the tarot card. This symbolizes the connection between those spiritual aspects and the prominent fire element. Although mars planet is associated with the god of war, the emperor is showing a sense of judgment. He will not go on a war just because of an instinct, he will think and consider everything beforehand. The emperor also has a specific plan on how to deal with crisis as he knows how to survive in any situation.

The emperor tarot card number and numerology meaning

The emperor tarot card number is 4 (iv) in the major Arcana series. In numerology the number four represents stability, balance and focus. It is a good number to have when a psychic predicting the future regarding love, relationships, work and career. It means that these areas are pretty much secured in your life.

It also imply creation because according to spirituality there are 4 basic elements in our world: fire, water, earth and air. We also have four seasons that follow each other every few months. Therefore it also imply continuously, change growth and progression.       

Cancer zodiac sign is the number four in the 12 houses of horoscope wheel. Cancer zodiac sign also known as a leader, someone that people like to follow and trust.

The emperor tarot card meaning: past, present and future

Past: you had a father figure that was very authoritative, and he done it because he wanted the best for you.

Present: an older man will give you advice that will help you to solve problems in your life, or will guide you to a better future outcome. However, don’t trust this man or woman blindly, when making final decision, make sure first that you are OK with it.

Future: you might be a leader someday, the action you take today will reward you in the future. It won’t be painless but you will grow stronger from any hurdle in the path. Once you reach the position of power, don’t use it without thinking as more people are depended on you. 

The emperor tarot card combinations

The emperor and the empress tarot cards are related, they both represents the balance between man and woman energy.

What do the tarot cards death and emperor mean? Death is the past, everything that has been and passed. The emperor is taking the lead and brings you to a new destination.

The emperor tarot card and judgement card combination – judgement is also a card that indicates new beginning, but in order to success the emperor has to take action.

With the justice tarot card we can see a connection between the metaphysical world and the material world on earth.   

With the lovers card in a tarot spread it means that the relationship will be stable, trusted and go to the right direction. One person is more dominant usually the man but it can sometimes also be the woman. 

With the sun card it means that the final outcomes will be positive.

The magician is a person that can do anything, dreams come true just like a magic. So it’s strengthening the meaning of the emperor on the practical aspect.

Wheel of fortune tarot card symbolize karma, it is a blend of good things and bad things, depending on your action. So if you invest in something it will give you good results, and if you failed it is because you did something wrong or didn’t paid too much attention to the signs around you.

When the moon is combined, you have to be aware of wild illusions, they can redirect you to a negative path.

The fool’s journey tarot card makes it clear that the emperor is on the early stage of the journey, it means that this is just the start and there is long way to walk.

The chariot tarot card is about running forward into you destination, sometimes too fast with taking in to account other factor. Therefore the emperor is giving the chariot stability and important insights. 

The hermit indicates the need to take a break, to stop and to think more clearly about what is bothering you. It amplify the way that the emperor taking a decision.

King of swords represents the logical part of the emperor, fast decision making without expressing too much feelings or emotions.  

On the contrary the combinations of king of cups and emperor, manifest the emotions and feelings more than logical thinking.

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