The hanged man tarot card meaning upright reversed keywords

The hanged man tarot card meaning: Taking the time and stop everything for a while in order to look inside the soul. The hanged man is upside down, so in addition it suggests looking at the world from another point of view.

The hanged man upright card keywords:metamorphosis, suspension, restriction, letting go, breaking old patterns, transformation, sacrifice, circumspection, different perspective, point of view, society, community.

The hanged man tarot card reversed keywords: inability to change, resistance, egotism, decision, conclusion, missing an opportunity, suspension, pause, limitation, waste energy. 

The hanged man tarot card meaning

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The hanged man tarot card meaning and symbolism guide

Pose: the hanged man body is posed in a shape that reminds us triangle. In rider waite tarot deck the empress is the third card. More over number 3 can be found at the suits of wands, pentacles and cups which all of them are good card suggests happiness and success. The pose of the hanged man is giving a sense of hope for a better day, year or decade. You must go through this painful or uncomfortable period now and if you will do everything right things will progress on a positive note.

Clothing: red pants means action, blue shirt color symbolized wisdom and thinking, yellow aura represents hope. The background of the hanged man tarot card is grey, meaning you can change the situation, nothing is fatal. The clothing and shoes looks very comfortable, they give the impression of maneuvering and flexibility like an acrobat who is working at the circus. However he is tied and can not shift his body at all. The purple belt on the waist holds his clothes intact. Purple color advocate brave personality traits.

Aura: one of the most prominent symbols of the hanged man tarot card is the yellow aura around the face. Yellow is the color of inspiration, intelligence, divination and psychic awakening. The shape of the aura is like the sun, the source of good energy and life. Yet there is another use of the sun in this tarot card, it is to highlight the point that the man is tied upside down (reversed), resulting the sun to be at the bottom of the card instead of at the top. The sun setting means end of an era, but tomorrow it will rise again.

Rope: at the hanged man tarot card we see a figure of a man tied upside down to a tree. This has a double meaning. From the one hand it limit his ability to move, and from the other hand the tied rope support him, and prevent him from falling down and hit his head on the ground. So it is a combination of good and bad position.

Furthermore this is a card of no action. The man is hanged there while he can’t move. The rope also symbolizes connection, the things you are tied to like places, work, family, friendship and love relationship. Being suspended in the air denotes that there are some affairs in your life that does move, change or grow. And you have to get rid of them.

Tree: the shape of the tree is in the letter “T” and it is also crossed. Some cultures call it “tau cross” after the Greek letter “T”. Ancient civilizations associated this mythical symbol with the creation of life and coming back from the death. This give the hangman tarot card an interpretation of good future, something to look for after the current inconvenience will be over.

Another interpretation is negative and denotes being close to death, agonizing and pain. Although it might seem contrary point of view it actually goes together. The man is in between two choices, realities and phases. The past or present period is not so welcoming as he has troubles occupied his mind. But in the future he will be able to solve those issues and become much stronger than now.

Besides the wooden tree with little green leaves is very similar to the wands that can be found on other tarot cards from rider waite deck. They symbolize all the good elements of trees and planets such as growth, continuances, aspiration and spirituality because they grow high up to the sky.

The hanged man tarot card is very similar to the famous Norse myth about Odin. Odin was the Greek god of war who lost his eye in a battle. For a long period of nine days and nine nights, he was hanged on a tree called “Yggdrasil”, which is defined as the tree of life. During that time he gained knowledge and wisdom about the world. Odin learned how to use the mythic runes stones, a method to predict the future by tossing stones on the ground.

The hanged man is surrendering to the intensity of life and this is what shapes his personality. It also gives us a clue about the next tarot card which is death. We are getting closer to closing a circle or a certain issue. After death there will be an opportunity to start a new beginning. But for the time being the sequence of the situation that presented at the hanged man card is pessimism and giving up to a higher force.

The card also implies being unprotected, because bad outcomes can results from being suspended like that on the tree. The man can fall, he can get ill and animals might eat him at night. No one can help him in this dangerous condition.

Moreover it symbolizes the events in life which we have no control over. Yet, we do have responsibility for putting ourselves in this kind of environment in the first place. This describe a person that let other people to manipulate, dictate him how he should live his life and what he should do to make other people’s wishes come true.

Looking inside the soul trying to heal the wounds and to understand what is going on. The inner procedure is taking a different perspective and maybe it will help to clear the situation. It is very crucial not waste the time or fall into self-pity. The point is to understand and gain knowledge to solve the problems and obstacles.    

The hanged man tarot card encourages us to break the old patterns and habits, because this is what caused us all the misfortune. Open your mind and don’t surrendered to the limiting believes that form your current behaviour.  

The hanged man art and illustration is very similar to La Marseille tarot deck from the 17th century and is called Le Pendu.

The hanged man tarot card upright card keywords meaning

The hanged man upright card keywords: metamorphosis, suspension, restriction, letting go, breaking old patterns, transformation, sacrifice, circumspection, different perspective, point of view, society, community.

Society and community upright keywords meaning: in this tarot card we see a figure of the hangman tied to a tree. The rope symbolizes our connection to people, society and community. We are not separated from what is going on in the world. Our being is not totally independent as we rely and need the help from the surrounding if we want survive.   

Sacrifice upright keyword meaning: It also reminds us to help other human beings and give them what they need without expecting a return. To share and spread love, good karma and positive vibration. The reason to do it is because we are all connected somehow even if we don’t realize it. For an example, if something bad happens to your friends or colleagues at work it will have an effect on you, one way or the other.

The hanged man card shows us what true self sacrifice is. It is a proceeding in which we feel not so very well. We have decided that we should suffer now because it will be beneficial to us or someone else later. Sometimes the sacrificing is not in our control, it stroke us from nowhere, and still we need to deal with the situation and hope for a greater day.  

Metamorphosis and transformation upright keywords meaning: transformation is like death. The old habits must die if we want to have new adventures. We need to do things differently this time or we will repeat the same mistakes over and over again. The hanged man tarot card indicates temporary metamorphosis between the past and the future, in this time something must be changed to flip the destiny and as always it is up to you. This idea is very similar to the description and general meaning of the wheel of fortune tarot card.

Circumspection and suspension upright keywords meaning: the hanged man tarot card doesn’t recommend us to take immediate action. It advises us to stop and think about our problems. Hurrying up in these circumstances will not serve you well. Right now it is the best time for self reflecting. By being suspended you will find out who you really are, what makes you feel good or bad, discover new passion and skills, obtain information regarding your weakness points and how to improve them and how to design your destiny.       

Letting go and breaking old patterns upright keywords meaning: the hanged man is waiting for guidance or a new idea which will release him from the blockage he is undergoing. This is usually done by looking inside, but occasionally some outer forces can help. The main point of these keywords is to let go the old and attach to the new. It is very easy to dwell on the past because it is familiar to us, whereas the future is obscure and mysterious. 

Different perspective and point of view upright keywords meaning: meditation is a powerful tool to clear your mind. It will help you to change your perspective and point of view on certain issues that are bothering you. Foremost, instead of being miserable and having negative thoughts, try to find the light and the positive aspect in any situation. Flip the story you are telling yourself and you will notice the change. 

The hanged man tarot card reversed keywords meaning

The hanged man tarot card reversed keywords: inability to change, resistance, egotism, decision, conclusion, missing an opportunity, suspension, pause, limitation, waste energy.  

Suspension and pause reversed keywords meaning: the upright meaning of suspension was related to outer circumstances forced on you and push you to take a break from life and rethink the condition. In reversed the keywords means that you creates the pause. Maybe your action before where not that successful, the activities you participated in created a mess and now you have to clean it.

Inability to change and resistance reversed keywords meaning: you don’t want to make a change to upgrade the conditions. Maybe everything is good for you as it is or you are used to specific routine. But usually it is lack of motivation or the victim mentality. You are too despair and gave up on the idea that things will move forward. These kinds of thoughts are what brought you to this sticking point. If you will not take action soon you will actually go backward and lose your current achievements as well.

Missing an opportunity reversed keyword meaning: so you have been stuck all of this time, you missed an opportunity and regret it deeply. But now when you had enough you want something else. The hanged man reverse is giving you a clue to choose another path. When we are doing nothing, the whole world is passing through our eyes and we don’t get to participate in it. Yes it’s true that some experiences can be hard and other might be very exciting. The clever choice is to be on the wheel every day, one time you will be at the top, and other times at the bottom. Things usually don’t resolved by themselves.

Egotism reversed keyword meaning: the hanged man card is talking about connection between people and what is the optimal way to live as a society and as a person. The right way is usually to help each other and work together. But when the card is in reversal, you think only on yourself and not on the greater good of other human beings in the world.

This can explain situation when you are trying to do everything by yourself, you are not willing to accept helps or other proposals. You distinguish and trying to separated yourself from the others. 

Decision and conclusion reversed keywords meaning: the hanged man tarot card in reversed encourages you to finally take a decision. There is a limit for how much you can wait and wait and stay at the same place all the time. Also when we put off and procrastinate everything, in the end there is a deadline we must attain and the results will be accordingly.

Limitation reversed keyword meaning: when this card is in reversed it suggests that you don’t have too many options to choose from. More often than not you have to choose only between two options only. The two alternatives are usually not quit lucrative but they are a first step for better opportunity in the future.   

Wasted energy reversed keyword meaning: you put all your effort only on one thing and in the end nothing came out of it. For example you learned at college or university and didn’t do anything substantial with the degree, or devoted yourself to a love relationship that was not mutual, neglecting health issues or didn’t got the promotion at work you have been waiting for. Losing is not an enjoyable feeling, but more crucial is the fact you regret all the effort and time you have wasted on this particular goal.

The hanged man yes or no – tarot card meaning (upright & reversed)

The hanged man yes or no card? The answer is more likely to be “maybe” whether it is upright or reversed.

The hanged man tarot card predicts that something needs to be changed if you want to move forward. So in that interpretation it can be a “yes” answer.

However this can also be a “no” answer if you feel stuck and life doesn’t go the way you wanted. Something is blocking you from taking the next step. 

And sometimes it might indicate a “maybe” answer, because you are in s timeout reflecting and thinking about what is bothering you, without actually planning a certain action plan.

The hanged man tarot card meaning in love and relationship (upright & reversed)

When in comes to love and relationship psychic reading, the hanged man tarot card upright meaning is basically letting go. If you love someone so much but he or she doesn’t love you back, you have to leave them. If it doesn’t work until today, most of the chances are that it will not work in the future. Let go of this person and find someone who truly wants to be with you and will treat you well.

Furthermore let go of whatever is keeping you from progressing in love and relationship matters. This could be disconnecting from your ex boyfriend, ex husband, ex girlfriend or ex wife. Attempt to solve the riddle of what kind of person or relationship you fancy and than go for it, this is mainly advised to singles. 

In love and relationships tarot reading the hanged man card means, opposite outcomes are coming your way. So if you are single and want to find your soulmate it won’t happen soon. If you are happy with your marriage than a divorce it is going to break it up. Conflicting energy like this teaches you to appreciate what you have and fight hard if you want to keep it. Define what the most important elements in your relationship are.   

The attention should be focused more on yourself and less on your partners. This is not proclaiming to neglect the significant other, but to spend time and discover more about your personality and what you want to do in life. 

When the hanged man tarot card is reversed it is a blunt warning not to jump straight to a relationship. Take the time to get to know the person first, verify you two shares the same values and assess factors like compatibility and how much fun you have together. Don’t ignore the signs and assume everything will be ok because you are going to have a bad surprise.    

In addition don’t let anyone get close to you too soon. Don’t share too much information, keep your thoughts and feelings private for the time being. Right now you can easily be manipulated and miss leaded.   

The hanged man tarot card: Career work and finances meaning (upright & reversed)

The meaning of the hanged man tarot card in career, work and finances reading is extremely surprising. When the card is upright it predicts you will feel bored at work, you will find it very monotonous and repetitive. You are slowly losing the interest in what you are doing for living. As a result, you will have the urge to find something more fascinating to do. If you don’t have enough knowledge about a certain career path, get the information, the requirements, develop your skills and study about the subject.

Another upright card meaning is that whatever is going on at work is not satisfied you. for example: you have been promoted for years now, you earn the same wage or even less than you should get, no one appreciate the effort you make and etc. Although the situation can be very frustrating, this is also an opportunity to think about change that will do you good, like accepting new job offer.

Be mindful, and understand that this is not an overnight change or transformation. In this situation the wheel of change is very slow and can take months and years. So meanwhile don’t lose hope, be super focused on your target day by day.   

When it comes to money and finances matters, the hanged man tarot card in upright position implies there will not be any abundance of capital for you. In fact you might find yourself losing or spending cash and funds without control. While you might think you need to earn more money or cut the expanses, the solution is rather counter intuitive. Of course you should be smart about money but you should also give to others. The energy of money is like water, if you want to get some you need to give some. Meaning, be wise with your expenses and invest them mostly in assets that will yield profits.

In reversed position the hanged man tarot card advise you to take action. You have to be in the driver seat if you want to navigate life. If you will continue to be passive nothing will change and you will have the same life you are having right now. Changing workplace or career path is not an easy chore, it takes tremendous effort. But the alternative is to surrender to fear and stagnation.  

The hanged man tarot card: Health meaning (upright & reversed)

Health related, the upright hanged man tarot card is giving you a clue to change your believe or opinion when it comes to health issue. For example if you always went to conventional treatment you might contemplate alternative treatments and healing. Or if you thought that something is causing you illness, maybe it is actually something else.

Also don’t take other people’s perspective for granted, explore other possibilities and answers to you condition. Regarding recuperating the timeline is slow, it will take longer for you to be completely healthy, if you currently are struggling with health issues.

When the hanged man card is in reversed it warns us from jumping to conclusions about our health too fast. The body need time to heal. If a certain cure doesn’t work fast, it doesn’t mean it is useless, maybe it takes more time to see the effect.      

The hanged man tarot card as feelings (upright & reversed)

The hanged man tarot card as feelings means phase of evaluation. You need to explore how you feel about specific issues in your life. Don’t limit your thinking and make an effort to expand the horizons. Things that interested you in the past are no longer has value for you. Additionally you might find new opportunities which you haven’t been aware of in the past.

Upright or reversed, the hanged man tarot card teaches us to detach from concepts and feelings you already associated to events. For example if something make you sad or fearful try to see the comic or constructive angle of it.

The hanged man tarot card zodiac sign astrology meaning

What zodiac sign represents the hanged man tarot card? The main element of this tarot card is water. Hence in horoscope and astrology charts there are three options: Pisces, cancer and Scorpio. But Pisces is the most dominant sign for the current card.   

Water elements characteristics reflected in Pisces zodiac sign, as a person who is more spiritual than material, and they are very loving, caring and thoughtful. Sometimes the high level of sensitivity can get them into troubles, so they need to balance the emotions.

The challenge Pisces need to overcome is coping with new adventure, while they don’t have the right experience or knowledge of how to proceed. Being hanged upside down is a symbol of using the unconscious in order to gain new point of view and tactics to resolve complications.   

In astrology planet Neptune is associated with the current card. It constitutes ethereal skills to improve and develop our mind and soul. Therefore it also denotes a person with psychic abilities and expertise in intuition. Neptune is also very mysterious and also has some negative aspects like chaos, obscurity and being under influence of others.     

The hanged man tarot card number and numerology meaning

The hanged man tarot card number is 12 (XII). It is a part of the 22 major arcane (also referred is arcana).  cards of rider waite tarot deck.

In numerology the number twelve consists the numbers one and two. Number one symbolizes new beginnings, while number two suggests a pause and the need to wait. This goes exactly with the same description of the hanged man tarot card, to be suspended for a while, to reflect upon the past and to look for the future.

Furthermore when you add the number one with the number two you get the number three. Three is our connection to the universe and in more meaningful way to the people around us. As the hanged man is tied to the tree, so are we in a sense of relationships and mutual help.    

The hanged man tarot card meaning: past, present and future

Past: you had scarified your self in the past, although it wasn’t a nice experience it enabled you to grow from there. The benefits of your past experiences can be seen at work, career, love relationship, health, art and spirituality. It made you a powerful man or a woman, because you can endure any burden while maintaining self control. Nothing will break you easily.   

Present: this tarot card is best described as the present moment. You are being suspended and looking at your inner self. It suggests that you will not fight or resist the current situation you are having. It will make things worst if you are going to stand up against forces that are bigger and stronger. It is opportunities to search for answer in the inner world which you have control over, and not at the outer world that sending random event to your life.

Future: the hanged man tarot card predicts unknown future outcomes as it mostly describe the present moment. Concentrated on how you want to create your future. The key element in shaping and changing fate is to be confidant and break the old patterns and habit. Take the wise advice and transform your behaviour so you will not fall into the same pitfalls.   

The hanged man as a person

Understanding the hanged man as a person will help you to answer questions like: how someone sees you and how someone feels about you.

How to read the hanged man as a person? There are few keywords to describe this personality like: mysterious, saint, pretending, hiding and basically things are not as they seems. This person has a wonderful connection to the divine world. It is someone who can easily be a psychic and use his or her skill to help people in a very special way. They understand symbolic languages and are very good in reading astrology charts, interpret dreams and reading tarot cards.

Sometimes they are suffering from inside because they understand they need to use the gift to aid other people, it is their mission in life. Some of them truly devoted their whole life for this goal, and others are doing it occasionally when they have time and inspiration. They can also be very good actors for good or for worse. They can hide their true intentions and on the contrary to adapt quickly to rapid changes. Usually they are very honest and aren’t malicious.     

The hanged man tarot card combinations guide

The fool, the emperor and the hanged man combination tells a story about three different phases. In the past you started a journey to the unknown which is symbolize by the fool card. Later you needed discipline and structure to continue your endeavours. And now with the hanged man you are at a stage where you need a break to ponder on how to act in the future.        

King of swords and hanged man suggests you to think more critical and less with the emotions. The answer is in the details and not in hope, wishes and desires. An action must be taken. 

The sun and hanged man tarot cards often symbolize fertility, birth and pregnancy. It can also be a sign of baring new ideas and solutions. The hanged man like the magician or moon cards is tremendously mysterious as a person, he hides thought and feelings inside of him. On the opposite side, the sun is obvious and revealed to everyone.

Temperance suggests finding the middle road, but the hanged man can not do it right now, because he is not participating in life, currently he is just an observer.

Justice tarot card also has the element of balancing the connection as the hanged man. But it is more about cause and effect. Meaning, if you want to have good karma you must to plan everything from advanced.

By definition the star tarot card is the rewards we all want to have. Combined with the hanged man it means to work hard and scarify for this challenge. 

With strength the interpretation is more about controlling your self mentally.

The empress is about growth, maternal energy, nurturing and fertility. But the hanged man is putting all of this on hold.

Knight of cups indicates you will have interesting offers to consider. It also symbolize your emotional state with is playing crucial factor in the way you make choices.

knight of wands emphases fast timing and acting at the moment. So if you wish to get things done, don’t ponder for too long or you might miss the opportunity. 

The tower combination indicates breaking the old patterns which is one of the most important missions to focus on when you are getting the hanged man tarot card. So you are acting as you should.

Ace of wands is an omen of huge potential, which currently is not at a good use, because you are suspending yourself from taking an action.

Page of cups is also a water element and therefore is about spiritual and emotional intentions that need to be addressed if you would like to get unstuck from incidents.

The high priestess symbolizes knowledge which is usually related to the spirit world. This is something the hanged man doesn’t have right now and he needs to gain it first.  

Five and seven of wands indicate people who will fight or won’t agree with you. They will make your situation unbearable. So prepare for a big battle and more important, be strong.

Five of swords tarot card is about losing or being annoyed by someone else. Therefore it’s suggested you will not fight. Take few steps back, leave the battlefield and be more concerned about yourself rather than the enemy.

Four or wands encourage you to join the party, be connected with people and stop being alone as the hanged man is tied to the tree.

Four of swords is very similar to the hanged man tarot card, but in this case the problems are more comprehensible, there is no need to dig deeper, just to rest a bit to charge the right energy and than to execute. 

Four of cups described bad implications of intro perspective, being too much in this phase will make you so self focused and apathetic to everything around you including good news.

The hierophant card put on the spotlight the fact you need a mentor or a guide. It is usually someone who is very experienced, someone like a traditional figure who is respected member of the community. 

Judgement is an active card, someone rang the bell and gave you a sign to focus the energy and effort and performances. The hanged man card describe passive point of view. Therefore the combination advice is to be more active. 

The nine of cups is also about being alone or in solitude, but during this time you are being happy as you’re already reached your final goal. The hanged man is alone but he is suffering and acting like martyr.    

The nine of wands symbolize the end of the hanged man’s suspension. Hold on and wait a little bit more and you will get to where you want to be.

The chariot combination depict you are going in the right direction. You have the determination needed for the mission.

The two of wands portray a selection between to choices. You are delaying the moment of truth because the dreads of the obscure ramifications. Additionally you are also needed vision and a source of inspiration.  

The three of wands represent actual journey, a travel or a trip far away to a different land. The hand of fate might give you a new perspective on life

The eight of swords illustrate a state of mind where you don’t want to be free, you want to continue being locked in this situation, even though it is not comfortable.

10 of swords with the hanged man tarot card combination suggest a certain end, not positive one and more like a nightmare. However from here you can build yourself and go only up.

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