The hierophant tarot card meaning upright keywords yes or no

The hierophant tarot card meaning is tradition values, structure, authority of knowledge which is usually religious and a good mentor of spiritual practice.

The hierophant upright card keywords: tradition, authority, religion, spiritual guidance, commitment, marriage, learning, wisdom, advice, conformity, education, knowledge, counsel and value.

The hierophant reversed card keywords: bad advice, loose lifestyle, dismissal of family values, powelessness, lack of knowledge, change, breakup.

The hierophant yes or no card? In most case it is unclear if it is a yes or no tarot card and it remains neutral.

There are lots more meanings to the hierophant tarot card. In this complete guide you will learn more about what does the hierophant card signify, symbolism, definition and the different interpretations.

The hierophant tarot card meaning

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The hierophant tarot card meaning and symbolism guide

The authority of the hierophant is spiritual and religious. He usually represents the traditional point of view. He knows how to interpret phenomena that the ordinary man or woman cant, this is due to his knowledge. However, keep in mind that when you read this tarot card it can also imply about science, as this is another form of explaining certain events.    

Pillars: on both sides on the hierophant tarot card there are two big images of pillars. We also saw them on the high priestess tarot card, but here, they are explained a little bit different and has surprising meaning. They are both in gray color which symbolize balance and also hidden energy, not that kind that grabs our attention but it still there and have lots of effect on us.

Because the pillars are wide and tall they represent strength, justice, judgement and structure. Solid foundations that won’t be changed soon.

Monks: at the bottom of the hierophant tarot card there are 2 monks. They are students who belong to the group of people who follow the hierophant. They shaved the center of their heads showing us that they are truly devote themselves to this kind of life and system of belief.

The left monk is wearing clothing with red roses patterns and the monk on the right has white lilies flower patterns on the shirt. These colors and patterns are not new to us as we have seen them before in other tarot cards such as the fool’s journey and the magician. They symbolize the connection with god, deity spirits and pure intention.

Keys: near the foot of the hierophant there are two keys in crossed to each other. The left one represents the spiritual world and the right one the earthly world. It also suggests that the hierophant has the answers and more important the solutions to any mystery we might encounter. The cross or as it called “the keys of heaven” are the identified symbols of the pope of ancient Rome. This fact give us the clue that the hierophant card was suppose to be called the pope card, and he is also defined as the high priest, the man who represents god on earth.

The keys are usually made of silver and gold, but here on this tarot card they are both made of pure gold, this indicates high level or enlightenment and wisdom. Another phrase that is associated with St Peter keys is “binding and loosing” which emphasis the duality between imposing control and freedom. One the one hand people listens and obey the authority of the hierophant, but on the other hand they still have freedom to live their lives as they want.

Hand sign: with the right hand, the hierophant is doing a gesture that is associated with blessing. He is sitting in high position and spread the blessing to the monks that are physically standing on a lower level.         

Crown: the hierophant’s royal crown has 3 layers like the sacred trinity: the Father, Son and the Holy Ghost. At the top of the crown we can notice the letter “W”. In Hebrew language it called “vav” which means a hook. The hook connects the knowledge in the head of the hierophant with the two pillars.

Wand: the hierophant is holding a golden wand in his left arm. At the top of the wand there are 3 horizontal lines exactly like the crown that has 3 layers. The wand is the communication between the sky and the ground. He is the mediator between divination in heaven and the people who lives here on earth. This is why he gets a huge respect from the monks, and believers.

Clothing: again the colors red and white are very dominates, symbolizing the good energy he is projecting to the world, this kind of energy can be feel very strongly, not like the gray pillars that projects under the surface energy. The hierophant has also royal blue color near the neck and near the shoes. Blue is usually signified positive religious believes, and a way to clean negative vibrations.       

Black and white squares: if you will look closely on the red pedestal you will see that there are black and white squares images. These two colors are opposite in the way that they balance each other. How ever it is not gray which is the complete harmony of the two contradiction, this is why they appear on the lower part of the hierophant tarot card.

The hierophant upright card keywords meaning

The hierophant upright card keywords: tradition, authority, religion, spiritual guidance, commitment, marriage, learning, wisdom, advice, conformity, education, knowledge, counsel and value.

When the hierophant tarot card is upright, the meaning of most of those keywords is that he represents tradition. The hierophant is a good spiritual guide, he can teach you ancient wisdom from long time ego. Usually like a psychic, oracle, shaman or any other person that has lots of knowledge and history in religious practice.

That said, in the upright card position, those keywords are also related to other formal and big organizations like the country, schools, army and even social institutions including the small ones like family, friendship and marriage.

The upright keywords tell you that this is the right timing in which you need to join them and obey the rules. The universe is sending you a message that you need to belong to a specific institute. For example to get married, maybe learn at the university, or take a course in a topic that interesting you, find a better work place or even move to another country.  

As the hierophant keywords are mainly spiritual in their meaning, it suggests that you are seeking knowledge about the mystery in the world. You might feel that you are interested in psychic reading or tarot reading or any other form of mystical practice. This will leads you to find a mentor or guru that will teach you all of those things. At first it won’t be easy, you will not understand all the symbolism and different aspects. But once you follow the patterns long enough, your vision will become much clearer. You will reach to the point when you realize that all the secrets of the world, are actually right here in front of your eyes, they were always here but now you can see them.   

The hierophant reversed card keywords meaning

The hierophant reversed card keywords: bad advice, loose lifestyle, dismissal of family values, powelessness, lack of knowledge, change, breakup.

The hierophant reversed card keywords are completely the opposite from upright card keywords. Therefore it indicates that you need to do big changes in your life, don’t go on the road that everybody go because it might not be right for you. You have to discover for your self what your needs are right now, and if you will continue to do the same things over and over again you will not progress according to your potential.

When you break out the structure or the norms of what others expect from you, you will encounter people who don’t like that and they will be against it. They will try to persuade you differently. The reversed card keywords are clues that in times like this you have to be strong, if the traditional rules don’t apply to you, it has to be changed in order to bring happiness.

According to the reversed card keywords you might also feel that it is better for you to stick to traditional values, because it is much easier and you already used to it. However this doesn’t make you happy at all. You need to shift your thinking and look for something else that is more suitable for you. Making changes in life is not easy but usually it brings the best results.

The reversed card keywords are also symbolizing a little duality. It can indicate that you want to be free but certain rules of society are limiting your actions. You want to do something new, but you are afraid of what other people will think about it. They might tell you: “this is not good for you”, “you are not that kind of person”, “leave it and just go with whatever everyone is doing”. But the reversed hierophant is a sign that this change should be made.

Also, you don’t have to leave your old life instantly and jump right into the new ideas or new lifestyle that you want to achieve. You can take the time, and do it gradually. Alternatively you can still live in both worlds.

The hierophant yes or no – tarot card meaning (upright & reversed)

Is the hierophant yes or no? In this case the answer to this question is not clear: it is “maybe yes”, “maybe no” and in most cases “neutral”. With this tarot card we can not conclude definitely what is the answer.

However, it is usually a “yes tarot card” for areas in your life that related to the upright card keywords such as tradition, conformity and basically every aspect that related to keep on going in the same path.

But it can also be a “no tarot card”, especially if the hierophant is showing up in a reversed position (upside down). In this case the reversed keywords are all about doing changes and rebel against the institutions of society.

The hierophant tarot card meaning in love and relationship (upright & reversed)

When the hierophant tarot card is upright, the meaning of the keywords in love and relationship is that you are looking for some meaningful connection with another person. It can be a big sign the relationship is going to be deeper and might lead to marriage. It can also symbols pregnancy and having children – building a new family, all this according to traditional values.

You and your partner are balanced, you have a steady relationship because both of you seeing the world from the same perspective. You have mutual goals to achieve together and want to take it to the next level.

For those of you men or women, who are still single and looking for a relationship it means that it will come soon. It also suggests that this time you will have a better chance to make it more meaningful. Therefore you need to direct your intention to this objective, not only to search for a new life partner, but to find someone who has the same values and lifestyle. This is the key to make it last longer.

When the hierophant tarot card is reversed, the meaning of the keywords in love and relationship is completely different.

If you are single man or woman right now, you might be looking for unusual relationship or partner. It doesn’t mean that you are looking for something weird, but it imply that you seek a partner that is completely different from you, or has personality traits that in the past you didn’t liked so much, and now you are more open to new possibilities.

Furthermore the reversed card keywords give us a clue that you might fall in love with someone who is from another country, culture or religion.

If you are already married or seeing someone for a long time, the reversed hierophant may be a warning sign that you two are going to break up. The values you used to share with your partner are not the same anymore. Every person thinks that things should be done differently, there is not much common ground left as it was at the beginning.

The masculine and feminine energy is not in harmony anymore. There is no balance in the relationship or marriage. Every part is pulling events and situations to his favour with considering the thoughts and needs of the other side. This kind of practices leads to stress, arguments and fights. The negative energy will send both of you into different directions. If you want to stay together you need to clear the air, every side need to compromise a little bit.       

The hierophant tarot card: Career work and finances meaning (upright & reversed)

When the hierophant tarot card is upright, the meaning of the keywords in career, work and finances is positive as well.

You will be success in you career or work but there is only one problem, which some people might find it an advantage. The key to your success lays on one condition, that you will be conform, you will obey the rules and do what is expected. This is not a time to have new ideas or to create different methods, for now just go on and do exactly what you did before, without changing anything. The hierophant tarot card is not about changes and new adventure and experiences so keep on being on the same track – don’t rock the boat.

The hierophant is also a teacher, someone with high skills that you can learn form. So if you get the opportunity to find a mentor like him than follow his lead. It can be a manger at your work place, an advisor, a business man or a teacher who understand in the area of your profession.

Another interpretation is that you are the hierophant as a person, meaning it is your duty to teach other people and show them the right way when it regard to work, career and business. In this situation you have big responsibility.    

In businesses and investments don’t take big risks, it is not the best time to buy risky stocks or open a new shop especially if you don’t have enough knowledge. You can still invest and / or grow a new business, but make sure you are doing it from a position that you understands and have enough proficiency. Stay away from troubles and activities that you are not fully understand.

When the hierophant tarot card is reversed, the meaning of the keywords in career, work and finances is less positive but it open a door for a new opportunity.

The obvious interpretation is that there is a boss or a manger at the workplace who is giving commands to everyone. Sometimes it goes out of control and cause complicated condition that people don’t like. In this case you need to draw the line and don’t let a high authority to completely decide about every little thing.

Such circumstances will create only stress and negative thought which are not recommended. You will also feel too much pressure at work to do and act like everybody else. If it’s not too much and you can live with that, then you don’t have to worry. But if it` too exaggerating then it is the time to think about leaving this workplace and find somewhere much nice that corresponded with your values.

The hierophant tarot card: Health meaning (upright & reversed)

When the hierophant tarot card is upright, the meaning of the keywords in health suggests that you should treat yourself with standard and regular methods. It is not the perfect time to find new treatments or to do experiments with your health condition. The hierophant symbolize that you should trust the institute and in this case the medical community.

When the tarot card is upside down (reversed) the keywords suggests that you should do the opposite. Meaning, find an alternative treatment, but make sure to check it before and consul with a person that has experience and knowledge about this treatment.

The hierophant tarot card as feelings

As we discussed earlier, the hierophant tarot card as feelings means that the relationship will be more committed and will developed to a higher level, like marriage, having kids, living together and finding you twin flame.

However it might also suggest feelings of joy. These feelings doesn’t have to be associated with romance, it can be the happiness of being a teacher, or a person with authority that love to help people. It can also be feelings of joy of knowledge that you would like to learn something new which is interesting so much, and you want to devote your whole life to this cause.     

The hierophant tarot card zodiac sign astrology meaning

Does the hierophant represent Taurus? Yes in astrology the hierophant tarot card zodiac sign is Taurus. Taurus element is earth or the ground, it means stability, structure and rules just like as described in the card’s symbolism.

In astrology this zodiac sign also represent learning and knowledge, therefore it’s a good omen to start learning new courses or skills that will benefit you in the future. Taurus rules by planet Jupiter, hence it is usually known for its wisdom and for being a good person who can give useful advices.

Planet Jupiter also symbolize guidance, trust the universe that he will send you signs that will direct you to the right path. It often comes in a form of mentor or a teacher, but also miracles and just pure luck, out of nowhere.      

The hierophant tarot card number and numerology meaning

The hierophant tarot card number is 5 (V). In numerology the number five means stability but also being a free spirit. From the one hand you like stability and order because it makes life easier, but from the other hand it is limiting our choices and sometimes we want to be free from all of these.

Balancing these two approaches will deliver more good vibration into your surrounding. It can also mean balance between the material and spiritual world and between good and evil when it comes to morality issues. In fact in traditional Chinese numerology number 5 can be a sign of good luck but also bad luck.

The numbers 2 and 3 are repeating in this tarot card because when we add them together we get the number 5. Two: monks, keys, pillars, fingers. Three: crosses, crown and a wand.

The hierophant tarot card meaning: past, present and future

Past: you grew in a traditional environment, it can be religious, strict discipline or a place with lots of local folk culture and heritage. The values and norms that you had in the past are still with you, it is a huge part of your personality, and it is very easy for you to keep on believing and live according to them.

Present: the meaning of the hierophant tarot card in the present is about doubting your previous believes. It may indicate that you are seeking a new meaning to life and would like to learn more about spiritual development. Maybe to improve you psychic ability or to explorer other areas that related to mystics. At can also be a more earthly desire such as changing your career path, love life and your current destiny.

Future: in the future you will find someone that will guide you and show you a new way. The hierophant has lots of knowledge and many people can learn from him. Other than new knowledge and education you will also gain new set of skills, which you have never had before. This will give you new point of view on life and the confidence that you can be, or more important do anything you wish.        

The hierophant tarot card combinations

Strength tarot card is all about controlling the feelings and emotional state. When it combined together with the hierophant card, it means that you need to master your emotions in order to follow rules and other principles from higher authority.

The world tarot card emphasizes the need for change, what was good for you in the past is no longer serving you. Usually regarding issues like spirituality, religion and the philosophy of life.   

Chariot card is all about going out on a new adventure, don’t mind too much on the past or traditions which are represented by the hierophant, focus on looking forward for the future.

The empress symbolizes more the family tradition and less the religion tradition as depict from the hierophant tarot card. But still both meaning are parallel and strengthening each other.

7 of swords + the hierophant tarot combination tell you to be alert when seeking counsel or advice. This can turn out to be a mistake, you should be very careful who you listen to, and don’t take any advice without checking for yourself if it is a good idea, someone in authority position can manipulate you.

10 of swords + the hierophant card combination is almost the same as with the 7 of swords. Someone deceived you but you hadn’t had the chance to notice on time and now you are suffering from it. The good this is that the pain is almost over, learn from your wrong action so it won’t happen again in the future.

The hierophant + judgement tarot combination is symbolizing the consequence of your choice to conform to traditional value. It either can turn to be a good outcome or bad, depending on what kind of action you took in the past.

The hierophant and justice tarot card implies that you have to make a hard decision. If you won’t move fast, than someone else, probably the hierophant which represents tradition, will make the choice for you. It can also indicate that you are looking for a guide who will give you more information and make your decision easier.

The star tarot combination – you put your faith in religion practice and happy with this lifestyle as it fulfil you.

 The sun card implies that you will be successful in the current path you chose.

The devil is complete different from the hierophant, it means that you don’t live in harmony, there is a big question whether to live spiritual life or more hedonistic lifestyle, the choice is up to you.

The hermit card suggests that you would like to find your own answers and not relay on someone else’s consul and advice. 

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