The high priestess reversed upright card keywords tarot meaning

The high priestess reversed is one of the most mysterious tarot cards on the deck. The reversed keywords meanings are:  blocked spirituality, counterintuitive, solitude, not feeling, lack of personal harmony and lack of faith. Upright card keywords are all about things yet to be revealed: knowledge, intuition, mystery, spiritual insight and hiding.

Many psychics, seers and tarot readers don’t even try to understand the meaning of the high priestess tarot card, and sum it up with only one keyword or advice: secret. Lucky for you in this guide we are diving deep into all the signs and interpretations of this special tarot card.

The high priestess tarot card meaning

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The high priestess reversed tarot card meaning guide

Keywords: blocked spirituality, counterintuitive, solitude, not feeling, lack of personal harmony and lack of faith.

When the tarot card of the high priestess reversed it still mean that the energy is there, but it is blocked from some reason. By interpreting the general meaning, a psychic can help you to open the flow of energy and clear the blockage.

The general meaning of the high priestess reversed card, is that you don’t listen to the big power you have in this world that called intuition. You always try to ignore what is really bothering you, you try to direct the attention to activities that will make you forget what is really important. You are basically running away from your fears. The mind and the soul need to be healed from bad past events. Not from the logical perspective. But more from emotional and spiritual point of view.      

You are getting message from the universe but you ignore them. To increase the intuition you can do many things. Here are some few tips: open your eyes to what is near you, open your ears and listen carefully to the sounds, connect with your feelings they will guide you and you’ll just know without thinking about it. Let go the negative thoughts and try to concentrate on the positive ones. Be in a quiet place with less noise and less people who are grabbing your attention all the time. You can also attempt to interpret your dreams.

The reversed tarot card of the high priestess can also indicate that you don’t believe or trust in yourself. You have the constant need to be validated and to get approved but what other people think or say about you. This is where you have to be very careful from manipulators. Your enemy might be very close to you and you wouldn’t even guess who is he or she.

The high priestess upright card keywords meaning

Keywords: knowledge, intuition, mystery, spirituality, hiding.

Pomegranates and palm tree dates symbolizing fertility. But because they appear behind the high priestess, on the veil, it means that pregnancy is not going to happen anytime soon. But on the broad meaning it indicates not taking action, things will be frozen, nothing new will come to your life, although you have lots of knowledge and although you acknowledge your situation.

Even if the current situation doesn’t go in your favour it doesn’t mean it will continue to be like that at all. You can choose to change the outcomes, this can be done simply by connecting your thought to the spiritual world. The guidance to the questions can be found only within yourself. Of course you can find, a guide or mentor or teacher or someone else that will help and teach you. But the real truth is that every one of these people won’t get you to the final destination. In order to success, there is a lot of work to be done by you only.

When the high priestess card is show upright it means that you have problem in adapting to situations. You know and aware of what is going on around you but still, you are blocked, you don’t open yourself to grow spiritually and the energy is not flowing as it should.

It also have the meaning that you have a deep sets of believes and personality that is really hard to change. You don’t let anyone to get near those emotions and thinking patterns. However when the time is right you will open yourself to others, mainly emotionally and express your feelings.

The positive aspect of the high priestess tarot card is that you have a huge amount of intuition. This is one of life’s forces that can’t be seen, but its still there working for you all the time. You can really decipher the mystery of life and reveal a great meaning for you and the surrounding.

Intuition works best, when you take time to think and feel about a certain event. The best practice is usually to have a meditation session or any other spiritual ritual that is basically a retreat from the daily routine. A chance to let yourself to look deep inside and not to the outside world.

Meaning of the high priestess tarot card

The high priestess is one of the most mysterious cards on the tarot decks. It holds a very special meaning that someone can make us confuse. As it main meaning is about intuition which is quiet challenging to understand. 

If we want to interpret any tarot card in upright or reversed, it is very important to look first at the symbols that we see on the picture or image. This gives us the initial information, and from that point we can do a psychic reading.

Number 2 – As you can see clearly at the top of the high priestess tarot card there is the number 2. It symbolize opposites people or ideas that can live together in harmony, they complete each other and don’t go against each other.

Two Pillars – On the side of the high priestess tarot card there are pillars made of stones. The left one is in black colour and has the letter “B”, the one on the right is in white colour and has the letter “J” writing on it. They complete the symbolism of the number 2, giving the impression that again we are talking about balance and two units that need to work together. For example: logic and intuition, day and night, darkness and light.

What is the significant of the letters “B and J”? In the Old Testament we can find a deep description about King Solomon’s temple. Among those details, the scriptures describe two pillars that can be found at the entrance. One name is Boaz and the other name is Jachin.

These two pillars had spiritual meaning as they weren’t necessary to support the temple’s construction. Boaz and Jachin names represent many symbols: the moon and the sun that together create earth, god and human kind. They are good omens and messengers of good luck.       

Cross – The high priestess is wearing a necklace with a big cross near her heart. It denotes reunion between the spiritual and the material worlds. It is also a reminder to pay attention to the spiritual world rather than our desires, hopes and fears. To always be aware of the facts that there is a bigger picture, some force that is behind our control. The horizontal part of the cross is a symbol of what is going on here on earth, what we as people are doing. The vertical part meaning how to deity, or divination or the light forces can guide and have huge effect on our existence. So when the two parts are meeting together you will be able to find the true meaning of life and the road to enlightenment. Also, the four sides of the cross: up, down, left and right represent the four elements of the tarot cards: wands, swords, cups and pentacles.

Robe – The robe that the high priestess is wearing has light blue color. By definition it is very calming color, helps to do meditation and clear the mind if you have too much thoughts. Blue is rare in nature, If you will try to look for this hue you’ll soon realize that very few animals has this shade, regarding food you will only find blueberries and as landscape the sky and water. The robe is hiding priceless knowledge that the high priestess has, she gained it via life experiences and hard lessons. She doesn’t want it to be revealed she keep it for herself, in that matter she is very closed and introvert. She shows us that she knows something but she will not share it with us.

The crescent moon – denotes feminine energy, as you might remember from the magician tarot card, it was describing the masculine energy, a person that has all the right tools to take the necessary action, and create new ideas or things in the world. The moon is standing near the high priestess feet, meaning she is above it in a symbolic way, her energy and intuition is much greater than the moon.  

The crown – on the high priestess crown is in the shape of the 3 phase of the moon, very similar to Egyptian goddess: waning crescent, full moon and waxing crescent. The moon has a lot of mystery and psychic powers. It also gives us a timeline, the notions that spiritual wisdom is never-ending. Sometimes it might seems small and unimportant, sometimes it has lots of impact on us, but it is always their, up it the sky influencing on us with it’s strange way.

Veil tapestry – by definition is all about concealing, this is not something that we can access and see whenever we want. The veil tapestry is being opened only on special occasions, rituals and ceremonies. It is a gate to the other world, usually to where angels are living, but can also be to the world of the deaths. It is also symbolize the connection between man and spirits. According to the bible and many other myths and legends it was torn, from up to down symbolizing that the spirit world has been opened to us from the other side, that old souls and other deities wanted to contact with us.

Palm Trees – is usually masculine symbol that combines with the female energy. In ancient Egypt it was referred as the tree of life, mainly because of the fruits – dates that can be eaten. It is also a bridge to the sky, to a higher consciousness.     

Pomegranates – is the symbol of fertility, a fresh beginning. They have lots of seeds that help them to spread in different place on the ground. Hundreds of years ago it was very common decoration on tapestry, carpets, maps, bed sheets and other kinds of fabric.

The water – many tarot card readers down realize that behind the two pillars when they meet the veil there is water. It’s very concealed in the picture and there is a good reason why it is there. Water is the spirit, flowing easily like the air and can get everywhere. It is also the main symbol of feelings in the deck, which repeats it self numerous times on other tarot cards, especially on the suits of cups. Water is a way to purify yourself, to clean ourselves physically, mentally and spiritually.                 

The scroll – is emphasizing again the secret nature of the high priestess. It is also a way to document like in a journal, it makes the knowledge more official and tells us about the achievements and quality of the high priestess. The outer layer of the scroll has an upside down word which is “Tora”. It’s confusing to read it when the card is upright, it meant to be read when the tarot card is show up in reversed. In the Jewish religion the Torah is a book that explains the rules and principles which people needs to follow. According to the main story, it was given by god himself to Moses who documented every word. Later he spread the content with all the people of the world so they will know how to behave in every situation.

Another interpretation of the word “Tora” is basically “Taro” but in scrambled letters which imply the word “Tarot”. The meaning of it is offcourse the clue that tarot cards hold great insights that can teach us a lot.

Posture – the high priestess physical appearance show that she is sitting exactly in the middle of the tarot card. On her sides there are the pillars, meaning that she is the center of the balance. She is seeking to connect the two far ends together, to make them closer to each other.

All her body is covered by the blue robe. The only revealed body parts are the throat, face and one palm. Again gives us a clue about secrecy waiting to be revealed. The left hand is all about receiving and protection. The priestess is holding the “Tora” scroll with her left hand, meaning she is not going to disclose what is inside, she keep it to herself.

Religions – the scroll named “Tora” is the symbol of Judaism, the cross is referring to Christianity and the crescent moon suggests the Islam. This means that the high priestess has the knowledge and wisdom of the three major religions.

The high priestess yes or no tarot card meaning

Is the high priestess yes or no tarot card? The answer to this question is often time unclear, it is neutral and depends on lots of other external influence related to the person in question. Basically the answer is “No” for practicality and “Yes” for spirituality and learning.

If the person ask the tarot cards a question of something practical such as will I get a new job, find new love, be successful and etc, that the answer is leaning towards “No”. However, when it come to spiritual development and learning new skill that are more mentally than the answer is defiantly “Yes”.

Questions such as will he contact me? Will he come back? are usually a “No” sign.

Please note that when we ask a yes or no question and the high priestess is reversed, than the answer is opposite accordingly.

The high priestess tarot card meaning in love (upright & reversed)

When the tarot card is upright, you are going to be loved, people want you around them, and you will also get lots of attention. Therefore, when a man or a woman have lots of option it is very easy to find new relationships and friends. 

When the tarot card is reversed, you are not listening to your instincts. You might be in a relationship that is not good for you and you are ignoring the signs that telling you to go away. If you are single, you know what you want but still something isn’t working, you might connect with the wrong people, because you don’t listen to yourself and to the traits and qualities you really seek in your future partner. 

Don’t take too much into consideration what other might think or tell, just go with what you believe is right for you. If you have confusion and don’t know which partner to choose or have questions about love, marriage and relationships, it is a good time to take a break and reflect on how you want to live your life, and more important with whom. So before you answer the question yes or no, firstly define to yourself what your wishes are. 

The high priestess tarot card meaning as feelings (upright & reversed)

If the high priestess tarot card is upright, it means that you feel a deep connection with yourself but also with the spiritual world and personal destiny. These feelings can not be explained, people usually look at it from a point of view of mystery or a person who has lots of secrets to hide. They don’t understand it completely and sometimes might be afraid of it.

If the high priestess tarot card is reversed the meaning is that it will take a lot of time to get to know who you really are. You have a wall or many layers that buffer the inner true. Some might see through this and other will not even understand it. If you want to feel more connection to the people in your life, especially the new ones, you have to give them some clues, and lead them gently.

The high priestess tarot card meaning in career and work (upright & reversed)

If the high priestess tarot card is upright than, you will have new ideas or you will get an advice regarding career and work. You will miraculously find a new solution to a problem. This new thought is due to your knowledge an experience in life. It is very similar to a situation that you have been trained and waited for a long time.

If your work or career is about art than, you have the right amount of creativity and the ability to feel and express it in a visual way: building sculpture and painting. You can also find it easy and flowing when you write books and poems.

The high priestess card also symbolizing a guide who can advice for a better destiny, in order to take your profession into higher level, you will need to get in contact with powerful people in you industry. Meet and mingle with senior people that can contribute their mastery.

If the tarot card is reversed than you should keep your secrets. Don’t tell anyone you know about personal finances or new opportunity that you might have. For example don’t share the information that you seek a job in some other company, be very discreet about how you invest money. And more important don’t let villains to know if you are going to open a new business. Do everything in the most secretly way. When everything will be ready, they will suddenly see your success. 

The high priestess tarot card health meaning (upright & reversed)

This tarot card indicates that you are not aware of your physical needs. Your body might be a little bit neglected or ill and you have to take care of it. It is not a serious situation but here and there you will get symptoms that might require your immediate attention.

It also symbolizes fertility but not right now or in the near future. There is an issue you have to solve first. It is mostly an emotional issue that is blocking and keeps appearing. If you want to have children and get pregnant, you have to be ready for it you and your partner.

The high priestess tarot card meaning as zodiac sign in astrology

Regarding astrology the high priestess is symbolizing the moon. It is very clear from the picture as she has the yellow crescent moon behind her feet and a crown with three symbols of the moon over her head. The moon is very significant star when it comes to horoscope reading. It has lots of influence on all zodiac signs and only the sun has stronger impact on the constellation. It is a symbol of intuition and connecting with others.

It doesn’t matter whether the high priestess tarot card is reversed or upright, it represents the zodiac sign cancer.

The meaning of the high priestess tarot card number

The meaning of the number 2 in numerology is all about balance, flexibility and adaptability. It is the combination of feminine and masculine energy that complete one and another. It is not about separation and dividing things into two different parts.

The high priestess tarot card meaning in past present and future

Past: you gain lots of knowledge. It wasn’t that easy, sometimes you had to go through difficulties or got bad advices, but in the end, regarding your destiny everything turned to be on the right side. You learned valuable lessons that you will never forget. Furthermore these experiences are now a part of your personality and will guide you it to a brighter future, but only if you will be able to open yourself and talk about it.

Present: the intuition is playing a big role in your decision making process and will effect your destiny. It is best to listen to your gut feelings, even though it doesn’t always seems to be logic or rational. However don’t be on the other side of the extreme and don’t act too emotional in any situation.

Future: only openness will help you to realize what you really want. If you will remove all your defences and shields, you will be bale to see new point of view, let life come to you, instead of you running after life and missing opportunities.

The high priestess tarot card combinations as a person

The high priestess and the magician – the magician is active and all about taking action. The high priestess is about sitting, feeling and doing nothing, it represents blockage of energy and procrastination.

The queen of cups is opposite as a person she is warm, nice and caring and willing to give a good advice.

The queen of swords is more intellectual and logical than the priestess who is much more spiritual advicer, so in this combination we have a little conflict between the soul and the mind

The queen of wands in the tarot deck likes to help and give, while the high priestess is hiding and keep secrets, she doesn’t share knowledge.

With the fool card we also has imbalance as the fool’s journey card is all about new beginning. The high priestess has already been in the journey and gained her wisdom.

Eight of cups is a good tarot card match as it describe the desire to leave a current situation and find your luck somewhere else.

The hierophant as a person is a great guide, it can lead and basically help the high priestess to move on to a positive direction. This is one of the most helpful and wonderful combination which is quite rare.

The empress as a person is very feminine but more fertile and loving.

The justice card implies that the right thing will happen even if she is still considering her options.

Knight of cups – a matching intuitive partner, someone or something will approach her and offer her new opportunity.

King of cups – emotions and feelings issues that the high priestess will have to face.

Knight of wands or swords – a desire to take action, it’s not completed yet, just the beginning. It means that you are at the initial phase of improvement. 

King of swords and wands – using the power of the mind and creativity.

Nine of cups – meaning being happy but the high priestess is far from being happy, maybe it will happen in the end of the road.

Tower – symbolising danger which means that the silence of the high priestess is not good for her, she need to do something before it’s too late.  

With the lovers it means the need better correspondences and be able to communicate better with family, friends and spouse.

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