The magician tarot card meaning @ love reversed & yes or no

The magician tarot card meaning is all about action. The magician has all the resources needed to create. Whatever you desire (love, relationship, money, happiness) you can have, but only if you will be able to make the right decision.

The magician tarot card meaning

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The magician tarot card meaning in symbolism and reading

There are lots of details in this specific tarot card and every one of them has its own meaning. The combination of these components together is revealing a bigger picture and meaning that we should address, if we want to understand this tarot card.

The magician tarot card has a main figure of magician in the center. He looks very spiritual and his pose suggests that he is conducting a sacred ritual, involving hand gestures, chanting and material artifacts.

The scenery around give us positive and uplifting feelings. The background is in golden color which symbolizing the light and the knowledge. There are also red flowers with green leaves decorating the edges of the magician tarot card. It reinforces the notions that a ceremony is being preformed at this very moment.

The magician within us is the part that creates the reality in our world. Reality is not something that forced to us from outer places. We can decide what we want in our life and how it should be, no one else. If something is out of our hands, than it is because we let it be like this. We agreed to this situation instead of trying to make it better for us.

A magician is someone who can create for him self positive situations. The colors of the clothing are red and white. Red color represents action, change and energy, while white means safety and purity. If we want something to be done we have to have a certain degree of desire. Some people need more passion and other needs less, but still it has to be a certain amount of passion, in order to cause us to move and create a step forward toward our higher purpose. Where there is no desire there will be no action.

The white shirt indicates that the magician’s goals are good, positive and with intent to make things much better for him and the surrounding. It is not like the case of a bad witch that is casting spells to ruin and to get revenge on other people.    

The magician wants to create a change for himself, but during the ceremony he also makes a change on earth. He brings the light and the knowledge from the sky, the higher deities down to earth. Where every one of us can be influenced positively and feel it.

On the right hand he holds a white wand, we can notice that it is vertically. It denote that the energy is passing from up to down, from heaves to earth, from the spiritual world to the physical world. The energy is flowing also in reversed, from down to up. With the left hand in lower position, he is pointing the finger to the ground, directing the energy and vibrations that pass inside his body down to earth.       

His belt is actually a form of snake’s tail. The circle is endless, the beginning is also the end. Spirituality is a process that always in development, it never stops and always go on like a circle. 

Red roses meaning is all about the feminine energy. However the white lilies have more masculine energy. And because these flowers are surrounding the image of the magician in the tarot card, we can interpret this as the art to use both feminine and masculine energy together. When the two of them are united the power is stronger.

But the power of the magician is not limited only to those aspects. On top of the brown wooden table there are 4 basic elements: wand, cup, sword and pentacle. These symbols can be found on other cards from the minor arcane tarot deck. This is the only tarot card that shows combination of the 4 elements. Therefore it means that the magician have all the tools he need in order to make his wishes come true.

If you will notice the cards on the minor arcana, you’ll see that they also have these elements, but they appear alone and with numbers. For example, the suits of wands 1 – 10, suits of cups 1 – 10, suits of swords 1 – 10 and the suits of pentacle 1 – 10.

Wood is the material that created the table. On the sides of it there are 3 tiny symbols engraved: bird, wind and flames of fire. These marks mean that the elements from the spiritual world can be manifested also here on earth.    

The infinity symbol is hovering over his head, representing the endless opportunities that we can create inside our minds. But if we want to use them and to make them real we have to do something about it. We have to bring them down to earth. Thinking and being inspired by new ideas is very good and can takes us forward, but we need to let it transform to a physical shape, a substantial form.

Yellow chakra is associated with self esteem and power. When we activate it, we can feel more motivation and confidence in our deeds.       

Whatever happens to you in life is not just a coincidence, it happened for a reason, and the reason is you. You created the good things and the bad things, it was your choices. Even if you are not award of this fact, you might think that someone else in accounted for these situations, or it is just bad luck, but the matter to the fact is that your subconsciousness made it happen for you. The good news is that no matter how hard this event, you can always reverse it, because like the magician tarot card – you are the creator.

The magician tarot card meaning: upright card keywords

The upright keywords of the magician tarot card are: influence, strength, manifesting, skills, power, resources, action and abilities.

Because there are lots of keywords related to the upright card, when it shows up on a tarot spread there are many ways to interpret it. And this is the reason why we need to know each meaning, and how to match it to the question we want to answer.

In general psychic reading the card denotes that you have everything you need to be successful and make your dreams come true. You are not lack of physical resources nor intellectual understanding. The only caveat is that you might need a guide, a person that will teach you how to take all these abilities and skills and work with them together.   

If in the past you were interested in spirituality and philosophy, or searched for meaningful answers to life’s questions and dilemmas, this is the best time for you to go on a spiritual journey. It doesn’t mean to take extreme measures such as leaving everything behind or to be a monk that lives in solitude. You are also more receptive to the idea that there are psychic powers in the world, and that you can see, feel and use them to create good deeds.

The magician tarot card reversed meaning

Reversed magician keywords: inability, agreed, illusion, untrusted, inconseciability, no plans, manipulation.

When the magician tarot card is in reversed position you bring yourself unwanted outcomes. Bad occurrences are coming in your way, one by one. A huge trail of misfortune. The only one who is responsible for these affairs is you. To fix it you need to start attracting good energies into your life. Change the way you think, look at the bright side and more important and more important, make sure that you don’t subconsciously ruin things for your self. For example you might be afraid of success, you might think that you don’t deserve positive experiences, or you just don’t feel like doing anything new.     

Another excellent way to deal with it is to concentrated on what is really matter to you. In the modern life we also bombard with so much information day after day. In the end we find ourselves doing things that doesn’t brings us happiness, or that we have too many choices to choose from and we a just getting lost in endless roads. This is the time to ignore everything, don’t pay too much attention to the background noises, just follow your heart.

If the magician is someone else, it loses the good intentions, they are turning into dark art and evil energies. Beware that someone that is trying to play a trick on you, showing you an optical illusion and hiding the truth.

Creating a magic in a sense of transformation is not that hard, you can easily take any negative aspect and try to make it positive. There is no duality. The good and the bad are not separated from each other, they work together. Once you understood it you can easily utilize the concept to your favor.

When a negative event is occurring, don’t be a victim and don’t feel sorry for yourself for a long time. The way out of it is firstly to acknowledge the situation. Afterwards try to find some positive aspect in that specific event. And finally, think of how you can learn from the devastating experience so in the future it will turn into positive experience.    

The magician tarot card in reversed can also take the meaning of a person that thinks he knows everything. He wants to show everyone else the only path that he thinks is the right for them. But usually this is not the case, everyone need to choose the direction that good for him or her. There is no one size fits it all. This kind of behavior can be really annoying as the evil magician is building the power around controlling people. In this case the magician card might also be associated with the devil tarot card.

When you are doing something wrong, you will know it, you will feel that you have to make extra effort and it is unnatural. It will go very hard and against the flow, in the end the power of nature will takeover and redirect you to the beginning. From there you will have a second chance to choose differently and in this turn to be a good magician.

The believe system from the past is no longer apply to you. Your needs some different answers and you are looking for different kind of spirituality.          

The magician tarot card love meaning

The meaning of the magician tarot card in love reading is usually positive. If you are already in a relationships then it move in a good way, you will be more close to each other. Maybe you are going to move together into a new house, engage, marry and maybe pregnancy.

In a case that you are single, the meaning is that you are going to find a new love, a person that you might share your life with. Both of you will feel good together and build commitment.      

In case that you are single, the meaning of the reversed magician tarot card is that you are losing the hope that you will find someone who is actually compatible for you. You begin to think that no one will be good enough, and in the end you might find yourself alone. Consequently try to avoid this notion to attract the right person to share your life with. 

When you are in a relationship it means you need to be sincere with your loved one. If you want something, than you have to talk with him or her and don’t manipulate their feelings. The best practice in this scenario is just to tell them and if they won’t accept, it is better than destroy the whole relationship. The interpretation can work both ways, meaning that your partner can be the one who is trying to use and manipulate you.  

The magician tarot card meaning in career, work and profession

New opportunities related to money, career, work, finances and profession will be revealed in front of you. So don’t hesitate and grab them by both hands. Also, don’t weigh the possibilities too much, you don’t need to waste the time on more waiting, more knowledge or more of any other thing. Just take a step further to the unknown.    

It is also crucial to be discreet right now, don’t tell other people exactly how and what you are going to do. If you must than just tell general outlines. If your secrets will be discovered by someone else, than it might ruin the efforts. Remember that a true magician never reveals his tricks, otherwise the illusion is gone.

The magician tarot card also represents knowledge that goes sideways. The meaning is that you will teach someone how to develop his or her career, or you will be learning new information that will help you to earn more money, find a new career or get a big promotion at work.   

When the magician tarot card is reversed, the meaning is completely different. You are not using the whole potential, it holding you back from success. You in doubt, you don’t trust yourself and fear that everything will go wrong. You need to work on your self confidence. And understand that nothing come without a struggle, there are ups and downs in every road that you choose.

Ignore the fear, leave it behind and you’ll realize that there are many opportunities to win in the game of life. Take the time to stop for a moment and reflect on the source of the fear. Imagine how you can put it behind and embrace the upcoming change.

The magician tarot card health meaning

If you do feel very good, than things suppose to get better, maybe it is also the time to search for a new kind of treatment. If the magician tarot card shows in reversed, the health meaning is that you are physically still ok and doing fine. But regarding to the mental aspect there is confusion, tiredness, stress and the tendency to forget. It is better to take care of it now before it’s too late.   

The magician tarot card meaning of feelings

As far as we are interested about the feelings that we are getting from the magician tarot card, they are largely good. To be more specific, the person is very interesting and captivating our attention.

The magician has few material resources on the table. But when we are talking about feelings and emotions, they are actually referred to mental resources such as good communication, charm and knowledge. He knows how to act in interesting way so you will never be bored around him.

If this tarot card pulled in a reversed position there is a concern that the charm is just an illusion. What you see is not real, just a show to manipulate you. The person in question is trying to play with your feelings.      

The magician tarot card yes or no meaning

Is the magician tarot card yes or no? The answer is of course yes. The magician as personality is always open to new possibilities and ideas, he has huge imagination and curiosity. If the magician is in reversed than the answer tend to be more “maybe” or even “no” in disguise. In fact on the surface everything might look fine and direct you to the answer “yes”. But underneath there is actually a “no”. 

The meaning of the magician tarot card number

The magician is the first tarot card in the Major Arcana (the fool’s journey card is numbered 0 or 22). The magician has the number 1 written at the top of the card. Although he developed from the fool, and although he has lots of powers, he is still just one step after the fool. It means that the other cards that come after him like: the high priestess, the empress, the emperor, the hierophant and so on, are more significant in what they represent.

In numerology number 1 represent the sun. Although we don’t see the sun’s image at the tarot card, we can see the yellow background which symbolizes the light from the sky.  It also denotes good self esteem and making the right decisions.

Like the sun is the center of our existence on earth, so is the magician who wants to be in the center of the events, to get a lot of attention, and literally be the one and the only.  He is also very individual, he cares only about himself and the results he can brings.

The meaning of the magician astrological zodiac sign

The magician tarot card zodiac sign is Virgo and sometimes Gemini as they both ruled by planet mercury. This star in the solar system is symbolizing communication, because in ancient mythology it was a messenger. He used to deliver messages between the gods but also brought many signs to the human beings from the deity. Sometimes the sign was very clear and explicit, other times it was vogue and an oracle or shaman or psychic needed to interpreted the meaning.

It is believed that mercury can bring us news from the past and predict the future. Like the magician showed in the tarot card, it can combine lots of different elements and put them to work all together. It can also create relationships and other sorts of collaborations between people.       

The magician tarot card meaning in past present and future

Past reading – you should have a great success in the past. If it’s not the case, then you missed out the opportunity. Not because you didn’t had the resources, but you didn’t knew how to use them right. If this is the situation, don’t be so upset about it. You still have these positive essences inside of you so you can try again. This time it might be different in a good way.

Present reading – take action today but don’t be too reckless. The present moment should be spend by learning and gaining more knowledge. Calculate your moves carefully, don’t skip this important phase. Make up your mind and get ready to execute. 

Future reading – the future seems very promising. You will get good news, very similar to a wish that come true. It is something that you worked for it and wanted for a long time. In a way you knew all the time that this moment will come.  

The magician tarot card combinations

The magician combination with the sun tarot card is a very good omen. It means you will be very fulfilled. You are on the right path, doing exactly what you should and the world also agree and showing it by making it very easy and natural. It also symbolize a huge amount of strength, whether it is mental or physical to cope with any difficulty that might pop in the way.

The magician combination with the justice tarot card is very powerful. It brings the balance in a sense that you have made the final decision. It can also imply that fairness is a party of your personality, you are being truthful and honest and this is what karma will bring you back.

The magician card with the wheel of fortune – an emphasis on a change which is inevitable and it’s also a sign of good luck. In this situation it is mostly suggested that you won’t block the energy. The wheel sends the message that what goes around comes around. So you have to keep up the good intentions.

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