The moon tarot card meaning upright reversed keywords guide

The moon tarot card meaning is self discovery and the path of awareness. The realization come from the subconsciousness, going through a long path and in the end come to the consciousness mind. It also means illusions, mystery and things you are not aware of.

The moon tarot card upright card keywords: fear, trauma, mental confusion, difficult period, illusion, deception, hidden things, secrets, insecurity, taking the time, attracting, observing.

The moon tarot card reversed keywords: release of fear, misinterpretation, delusion, unhappiness, desolation, insomnia, unusual dreams, finding the truth, mysteries unveiled.

the moon tarot card meaning

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The moon tarot card meaning and symbolism guide

The moon: in the moon tarot card the symbolism of the moon represents an illusion, it hide information, details and many things from us. In this matter it resembles to the high priestess tarot card, because she sits quietly with all the great knowledge but doesn’t reveal the true mystery.

It also connected to the hermit tarot card: the full moon is alone at the sky, the gilded face is pictured from the side and it’s looking down to the garden. The moon is some kind of guide or a teacher who wants to teach and help us, like the wise hermit and even the hierophant.

Path: the long path of life is symbolized as a curvy road in the moon tarot card. It starts at the water, going through the grassy land, continue to the high mountains and finally disappear in the horizon, close to the sky and the moon. This is the long road we have to go through. It also suggests that the beginning of the journey is clear, we see many details like the waves on the water, grass leaves and animals. In the distant we see only general lines of mountains and they are all looking the same.  

The path also have high and low points, during the travel you will have good moments represented by climbing up the hills, and in addition bad moments which are symbolized by the down hills. All of this should be matter because your main goal is to reach to the moon, don’t be bothered by small and temporary misfortunes. However don’t think that if you have some small successes or gains you can rest or stop in the middle of the mission.

Crayfish: at the bottom of the moon tarot card we see a picture of crayfish or a lobster. It stands out of the water want to be discovered and also symbolize ourselves. It is crawling from the unknown and tries to get back to where it is belong. It is very similar to a spiritual journey that most of us facing in this life on earth.

Moreover the crayfish suggests bad feelings, something we are holding in our guts or heart and can not get it out. We are not expressing our feelings and thoughts, we don’t manifest or create what we want. The complicated burden creates only negative energy we want to get ride of and we don’t know how to do it. We are waiting for a guide to show us the right way to the moon.   

Water: the water we see at the moon tarot card image, symbolizes the subconsciousness. Water is also interpreted as emotions and feelings, travel far away and even dreams and magic. There are some rocks and plants nearby, they are the transformation zone between the land and the lake. The moon also control the water levels by gravitational powers, it cause tides and flows. It urgently invites you to get out of the water and walk the same path as the fool’s journey.  

Dog and a wolf howling at the moon: dogs are an evolution of wild wolves. Long time ago they were living far away from us and have been very dangerous. But now as dogs they are very loyal, living among us and considered to be the best friends of the human kind.

Pillars: on the sides of the moon tarot card we see images of two portals or towers. This is actually a gate and its meaning is to cross the border physical. However in terms of spirituality it denotes crossing the limiting believes. Trying something knew, letting the experiences of life to reshape and even totally change every aspect of our personality.

The two pillars are very distant from each other. One is on the extreme left side of the tarot card, and the other one is on the extreme right side. It symbolizes disharmony and imbalance. So if we want to live in perfect equilibrium we still have to make huge effort.   

The energy of the moon tarot card is most likely feminine, encourage you to feel, absorb and look at the progress from a passive way, letting things develop slowly. The moon is also a representation of female.

The key element of the moon tarot card is how to make a decision. So the most important factor we need to pay attention when we are considering the choices is if we will choose something that is good for us, or choose the other option which is the path in which society wants. Do you live for yourself or for the community expectations.

Furthermore understanding who we truly are can be a little shocking as we may discover details and concepts that contradict our personality and believes, very similar to the sudden surprise of the tower tarot card. When the fool is meeting the moon, it has to take the timing to reset a bit and think about what he has go through and where should he be headed in the future.

Can the moon tarot be positive? Yes, if you will look at the image of the moon itself, it similar to the sun, which is the next card. Hence it doesn’t matter if things are not cleared right now at the night because in the morning the sun will shine and spread the good energies and vibrations.

The moon is seen in the tarot card in three different phases: we see the start of a cycle, being full and ending the cycle. This is a sign from above to realize that everything has its own place, time frame and history repeat itself. We must be wise and use these changing or repeated circles for out own benefits.       

Many psychics consider the moon as a bad illusion because the light we see is actually coming from the sun, and during the different phases we see only parts of it, like it trying to hide something.

What deity is associated with the moon tarot card? Artemis is the goddess of the moon and nature in Greek mythology. Her description is with images of arrows and animals  in a garden next to her. 

The moon tarot card upright card keywords meaning

The moon tarot card upright card keywords: fear, trauma, mental confusion, difficult period, illusion, deception, hidden things, secrets, insecurity, taking the time, attracting, observing.

Illusion and deception upright keywords: the moon tarot card is a warning to be careful. Don’t take unnecessary risks, because you don’t have enough knowledge. There are illusions and deception in your destiny which you have to be very careful about. So if you are getting advice, offers and suggestions make sure you fully understand the consequences. Don’t say, “It will be OK”, “I will sort it out later” or “someone will help me”. Because when things will be stiff you less likely to be creative and flexible to solve the mess.

Hidden things and secrets upright keywords: the moon tarot card implies psychic powers, divination and high degree of intuition. These will help you to see hidden messages, uncover secrets and mysteries. Hence a good advice is not to be only logical but to sense the atmosphere and looking around for clues. Count only on yourself, other people shouldn’t be trusted unless they have proved behind any reasonable doubt that they earned it honestly.

Attracting and observing upright keywords: the moon tarot card signifies your good intuitions. You have the power to attract and observe the universe from a special point of you. This card encourages you to explore psychic abilities. Think of it as being a detective who is searching for the truth, the success is depended on collecting and analyzing the evidences.  

Mental confusion and insecurity upright keywords: the moon tarot card denotes mental confusion because you don’t see the big picture. It is also connected to the past in a way that you don’t know why certain things happened to you, or the history of your existence. Additionally it is a reflection on the future, the future is a mystery and you don’t know what will occur next. The confusion created insecurity and from there it leads to not taking action because of fear.  

Taking the time and difficult period upright keywords: don’t force yourself or others to get answers to questions or to take action. Don’t try to foresee or guess the future. There will be a time for it but not right now. You are trying to push things because you have a difficult period. What you should do instead is to wait and calculate your risk accordingly. Live life in tiny bite size until you will gain more clarity. You are still not ready for a big revelation because you only started the spiritual journey and have a long road ahead.    

Interaction and connection upright keywords: the moon can be interpreted as feelings of energies which let you to interact with the world on a different level. You have special correspondences and you can control it like telepathy, psychic powers and a link between you as a person with people, spirituality, nature and animals. Once you mastered those skills you can help others.

Fear and trauma upright keywords: there are some fears and trauma in your past and you have to let them go. If you want a new life than it all have to come out of you. Don’t guard it inside of you until you explode, take it out slowly. You might think it small issues you already treat them or forgot about them, but they are still there interrupting your daily life. The moon is about understanding, so make the minimal effort to explore what is bothering you and how you can make your soul living with inner peace.

The moon tarot card reversed keywords meaning

The moon tarot card reversed keywords: release of fear, misinterpretation, delusion, unhappiness, desolation, insomnia, unusual dreams, finding the truth, mysteries unveiled.

Misinterpretation and delusion reversed keywords: you are not feeling what is in front of you. You can not know what the motives of people are, what are the meanings of messages the cosmos is sending you and how to interpret them. You still have some psychic powers, you know that something is going on but you can’t grasp it. You don’t see the difference in black and white, it all looks the same.

If all fails and you haven’t find the appropriate solution, consider to move into new environment. Maybe you are at the wrong location, and it doesn’t matter how hard you will try it just won’t work. Live in another city or country for a while, mingle with different kind of people and have new adventure to change the perspective.

Release of fear reversed keyword: the untold creates fear inside of the soul, it is amplified when you know something is going to surprise you in a negative way. Furthermore it generates a sense of hopelessness because you want to prevent the bad outcome, but don’t know how or from where to start, you can not prepare for it as well.   

Insomnia and unusual dreams reversed keywords: the moon tarot card denotes that the fear from the unknown is so oppressed and it appears at night in form of insomnia and unusual dreams, a sign of mental health issues. The subconsciousness is sending messages which shouldn’t be ignored, it want to grab the attention because there is an action that should be taken. The situation can not continue, especially if you find it hard to fall a sleep recently.   

Unhappiness and desolation reversed keywords: the moon tarot card reversed indicates situations where you are unhappy and even desolated. It usually happens to us when things don’t go as we wished. Another aspect of the moon is that things need time to unfold. There is a need to assimilate everything you encounter during the day, it happens when we are dreaming. Also the body is healing itself when we are asleep. It all occurs at night under the moonlight. So give it a rest and the time need.

Mysteries unveiled and finding the truth reversed keywords: the moon tarot card in reversed suggests that you do aware of mysteries and secrets and you can decipher them easily. However sometimes it can be truly hard to spot them, so don’t let this to discourage you from finding the truth, it is not a race and there is still plenty of time for it. Trust the intuition and how you perceive energy from people and situations. Be aware of the fact that sometimes you will get it wrong, so you have to verify it with other sources. This is why psychic usually use multiple sources in their divination like astrology, numerology, clairvoyance and etc. 

The moon yes or no – tarot card meaning (upright & reversed)

Is the moon yes or no tarot card? The simple answer is that the moon is a “no” card when pulled in upright position. The moon tarot card represents secrets, illusions and fear from the unknown. So whatever you wanted to know about your future, there is a negative energy like a bad witch casting dark magic spells.

As a card of uncertainty it can never be “yes”, but surely might indicate a “maybe” especially if it shows up in reversed (inverted) position. Regardless, it is a sign of warning because its meaning suggests disconnections from yourself. So if you are facing difficult challenges or big decision making, you must appraise every path of the crossroad.     

The moon tarot card meaning in love and relationship (upright & reversed)

The moon tarot card meaning in relationships and love, if the card is pulled upright from the deck it denotes very troublesome chapter with your twin flame or soulmate. There might be some hidden secret your husband or wife is keeping away from you. Once it will be revealed in broad light, it can cause a huge fight and steer a break up or divorce. Reconciliation doesn’t looks like an option right now.

Don’t try to guess what your boyfriend or girlfriend is thinking, ask them gently and let them unfold the story in front of your eyes. You might be surprised but sometimes things are not as bad as they might seem. There could be some reasonable explanations which will shed some light on the issues you are dealing with. Finally take the time to think if you still want the relationship to continue, don’t get into useless fights and arguments especially if there is nothing else to do.

Single who are going on a lots of dates should be careful. The people you are meeting have different motives than you think. So don’t get too excited, evaluate if their actions looks natural or suspicious. In addition don’t share too much information about you when you are around strangers. Deception and heaven are both near you, resulting a confusing mix of hopes and fears.

When reversed, the moon tarot card is indicating emotional affairs like jealousy as with the upright position. The only difference is that you should wait and see to where it is going. If the matter is too inconvenient you should talk about it with your twin flame, it is best doing it when you both relaxed and opened to discussion. If everything is failing it might suggests a breakup or divorce.

Remember you are not the only one who doesn’t see the grand scheme, your spouse is probably in this situation as well. In fact, sometime it can be outer force or influence that pushes you two to an unexpected misfortune. So there is no one to blame other than random events of the world. Maybe if both of you will give it time and let the negative vibration pass through, it will sort on the good side eventually.      

The moon tarot card: Career work and finances meaning (upright & reversed)

In career, work, money and finances the moon tarot card denotes unclear developments, especially when the card is upright.

There is going to be huge misunderstanding that might generate failures and loss of money. It might be related to miscommunication, politics, gossip and power games. If you are in a head position in the occupation level, don’t let these rackets to disturb the natural course of the job.   

When it comes to money and finances, it is not the right time to take action. It is better to be left with what you have at the current moment, than seek some monetary adventure. The reason is because there is restricted information hidden from you. Hence don’t make decision when you don’t have the full figures and statistics. On the other side, if you surely need to make a big move like buying a house, open business or invest a significant amount of money, consult someone who is really knows about these topics.

In reversed position the moon tarot card indicates uncertainty and concerns about the unknown. The classic example of these unwanted phenomena is when you think you are right, you have figured everything out, but actually you didn’t. You have been reckless to jumps into conclusions before verifying the facts and now it all coming back with opposite effect. For example you have been in a job interview and you think you are going to get the job offer, but actually they weren’t very impressed from you.

Now you have to fix it. Start from the very beginning, don’t ignore the details, keep good communication with co-workers and consults the mangers if needed. The fault will be discovered someday, so it is best practice to admit the failure as try to solve it as soon as possible before it will get much worse. Try to avoid being under pressure, don’t blame yourself too much and in general take it easy, it will pass.

This is not a good time for major changes. For example if you have new job offers you might want to decline it. Decide if you think you will be happy and fulfilled with the new job. Ask yourself: will they pay you more? Is this project interesting you? Are the people nice and cooperative? And would you need to be there after hours?

The moon tarot card: Health meaning (upright & reversed)

If you are asking a psychic about health and the moon tarot card is showing upright the meaning is to get more details and analysis before you choose a certain cure or treatment. Consider consulting not only with one person but maybe with more, get a wider perspective on the health issues.

When the moon is reversed (upside down) you need to find some alternatives to your health situation. However be careful of unapproved treatment which can make your physical conditions much worse. In reverse the card might denotes sleep disorders like insomnia. Maybe it is because you have lots of stress during the day. Make an effort to relax your mind and don’t let the thoughts to bother you, even if they seem to be important.

The moon tarot card as feelings (upright & reversed)

The moon tarot card as feelings usually denotes confusion. For example in marriages or romantic relationships we don’t always aware of what our twin flame, soulmate or ex lover feels or thinks. We can be misleading by the powerful feelings of love, it can create illusions and false perspective. It is like being under a magic spell that prevents us from seeing reality as it is, here also lays the danger.

When the moon tarot card is upright the meaning is that our brain mix reality with fantasy, we let the imagination and feeling to take over us. On the one hand we might make up stories which create fears from the unknown. On the other hand we can think that everything is fine and safe, but the hard truth is a danger in disguise.

In reversed the moon suggests feelings of finding the truth, therefore it can be a combination of good or bad feelings according to the context. We might feel happy about finally knowing or get the information we wanted, but it maybe be a shocking surprise as well. To sum up, you know you have feelings about something or someone but you are not sure about them.

The moon tarot card as feelings should help you to answer questions like: What someone thinks of you, what someone wants, will he contact me, how someone sees you, how someone feels about you and does he love me?

The moon tarot card zodiac sign astrology meaning

The moon tarot card zodiac signs are usually those who associated with water signs in astrology like Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio and Aquarius.  

Pisces are romantic as the moon light at summer nights, they represents feelings, flexibility and even a bit of mystery. It is the last horoscope zodiac sign who symbolize the changing of the seasons and also the water on earth between the lands. Pisces is ruled by Neptune, this star encourages you to be honest and attuned to your inner wishes. 

Cancer zodiac sign is ruled by the moon, people who were lucky enough to have birthday on cancer’s dates are very sensitive and might be very good psychics. They often operate on emotional level rather than logical brain.

The moon tarot card number and numerology meaning

The moon tarot card number is 18 (XVIII) in Rider Waite, Thoth and De Marseille decks. In numerology number eighteen meaning is looking inside our soul and heart and review our actions. It denotes a person who likes to share everything with his or her friends and family. If they get something they will let other people to enjoy it as well. If there is a complicated chore they will take responsibility and do the hard part.

Number 18 is deciphered as 1+8=9. Number 9 in tart represents the hermit tarot card, which is about self reflection while being temporary alone. Other cards in the deck are also linked to the moon: 9 of swords interpret as cruel intentions, 9 of wands means being strong physically and emotionally, 9 of cups is being happy and 9 of pentacles is about achieving material objects.

The moon tarot card meaning: past, present and future

The three phases of the moon in the current tarot card (half and full) are also connected to the timeline of past, present and future:

Past position: your view point is confused because of past events. You are behaving as if someone shaped you in a different way. The random occurrences of the past leaved marks and scars which you have to forget. Don’t let nightmares and bad memories to destroy the present and the near future.

Present position: the winds are going to change direction, what was in the past will no longer be part of your present moment. It might be revealed as a test or trail and you must pass it if you would like to move to higher level. It can be difficulties related to love, relationships, career and spirituality. 

Future position: vision success and you will easily manifest the result. Don’t look at simple meanings or answers, try to really reflect and take into consideration all the little details. Be ready to take action at the right time. The moon symbolizes sleeps and dreaming at night, but you should do the opposite, to be more active. 

The moon tarot card as a person

The moon tarot card as a person is someone who is moody or going to the extreme edges, just like the moon creates cyclical rise and fall of water levels. The mood might rapidly swing from good to bad and vice versa, it sure very confusing to be around them sometimes.

They are also very mysterious like a magician, they can literally cast a spell on you and make people believe almost everything, and hence they are also very good sales men and women. They make up great psychics, they can sense everything even if they are not always aware of what information they absorbs.   

Since ancient times the moon represents physical appearance of female nature, nurturing, pregnancy, romance and love. Therefore people who drawn to the moon energy often possess feminine qualities and personality treats. They have patient, like to listen and to give wonderful advices.    

The moon tarot card combinations guide

Why do I keep getting the moon tarot card in psychic reading? Here are some combinations that will clear the mystery behind the repetitive card:

The star and the moon tarot cards are perfect combination together because they both at the sky. However what is on the ground is more important to the analysis of both meaning. The water at the star symbolizes the old memories that connect us to the past. In the moon the water are not good, they are the thing we try to run away or hide from. So there is a duality of good and bad depending on the situation.

The world and the moon is about self delusions, you need to participate in society more often, create more friendships and develop a friendly personality. 

The lovers card can be very romantic with the moon, but be mindful of any secrets that are hidden from you or dishonest behavior.

Strength reveals your ability to control the feelings, with the moon you need to get them out of the system. Do it slowly because it is a process and can time some time.   

The chariot denotes that you are on the right track, however there are two caveats. The first one is blockages cause by you or outer influences, be strong and resist them at all cost. The second more is more crucial, your goal is not as it seems, you might be seeking things which will not make you happy, or in the end you will be very disappointed with what you got. 

The devil describes a situation where you are lying to yourself or having too much excuses. The moon is there to remind you not to fall into the sweet self talk or illusion. You are not in a good place and must have the courage to change the way. 

Death tarot card has the same two pillars as the moon, the connection is the hope for better time, to pass the rough phase as quick as possible and to enter a new phase. Together it indicates trauma or been very sad in the past, the need for healing of the heart.

The sun reveals happiness and good positive energies, but is it truly how you feel? The moon denotes that it might be just a show off or pretending whereas the truth is the complete opposite. If you are unhappy, than don’t act like this, don’t deceive people because you only hurt yourself. Deal with any issues you might have.  

Judgment tarot card is here to remind you that even if you ignored certain aspect through life, they will not go away or disappear, it will all come right after you like karma. Bad or good is a cycle you can’t run away from.

Justice might be a real shock for you. The moon was deceptive, you didn’t see clearly and justice is here to pour some knowledge into you. The decision that will be made by you or someone else will take everything into account even details you don’t remember or didn’t even knew back than.

Queen of swords is a sign of the past coming back to life, you have been in this situation before and now it is like a flashback or Déjà Vu. The moon is the awareness of the present time which you are inclined to admit.

Queen of cups and the moon tarot cards combination might imply emotional manipulation. Someone is playing with your feelings, they might pretend to be in trouble or need come kind of help. It is all a charade so you will fall into their dangerous net of lies.  

Queen of wands reveal the hero inside of you. Don’t get caught in endless loops of thoughts and feelings, take an action.

Queen of pentacles / coins symbolize being organized. If you want to clear the confusion aspects of your life you have to first rearrange everything around you, whether it thought, material objects, interactions and of course actions.

The hermit suggests you want to be alone, the moon is about creating good connections in life. So you are torn between being alone and being more social and out going. As per tarot card interpretation the hermit is at an isolation phase but he always coming back to society in the end, and teach the other human kind lessons he has to learn. 

The magician is almost the only person who can reveal the mystery because he has great intuition and experience.

The wheel of fortune denote a change, sometimes when the energy is changing we can finally understand that we have lived unaware of specific issues with our life, it is like a little window or a door to reality.

The empress is a motherly figure related to nurturing, aesthetic, pregnancy, baby, birth, menstrual cycle and fertility. The moon is overall having feminine energy as well.

The emperor is about masculine energy, therefore whatever you are facing right now should be solved in rational thinking and logic. Have some plans, preparations and aim directly to specific goals.

Eight of wands indicate good news but the moon is about confusion. So you are going to get some message from the world or from angels or messengers but you will not be able to decipher them easily.

The fool definition is a new era in life but it is not too obvious. There are doubts in your heart if you want to start everything from scratch. But what are the alternatives? To keep on living unhappy?

Page of swords clarified that someone is lying to you and can’t be trusted. There is some risky situation which you don’t really account all implications at the moment.

Four of cups is revealing disturbing behavior, you don’t want to communicate with people, you are too occupied with yourself. Someone is trying to offer you the truth, but you are not willing to play along with it.

Five of cups meaning is that you are thinking about the losses rather than what you have accomplish in life. Try to be positive and look at the glass half full. In additional it suggests grief and mourning.  

Six of cups signification is the memories you had in the past. You want to go back in time to these moments. However there is an element of delusion, not every memory in the past was joyful, in fact you suffered as well and you don’t recognize it till today.

Four of swords is an advice not to decide yet. Things are not cleared to you and you might make the wrong decision.

Seven of swords in manipulation and it working well against you because you cant spot it. Open your eyes, be very suspicious with who are your best friends. Keep on low profile and don’t talk too much until the truth will come out.

Five of wands is a little combat, more likely a training for something big in the future. The moon symbolize the fear from uncertainty, this is why you should prepare.

The high priestess is emphasizes the mystery of the moon tarot card. Listen to your feelings and intuition.

The hierophant explained as guidance or a guru who will guide you through traditional values. However maybe this isn’t for you anymore. It also denotes you should be very careful with guides, teachers and master because they might be feeding you with wrong ideas.

Knight of wands has great grace and energy to peruse your dreams, to start acting and going into the right direction. The moon is a little obstacle in the way which you can endure but be wary because the situation might change rapidly. 

Nine of swords is about worrying, with the moon it might be false worry, meaning there is nothing to be afraid of. 

Nine of cups you are concerning about life purpose, dreams and wishes, you want them to come true but you don’t know how of if they will be manifest. The best practice is to stop thinking about it and start taking the actual steps that will lead you there.

King of cups gives you two different options to decide from: will you keep on being confused by your feelings or just let go and move on even if it a hard thing to do.

King of swords is logical and a problem solver. However the moon doesn’t let you to success in doing this task. Something is missing and you have to strive for the solution, but you are looking at the wrong place.

King of wands is about ideas and creativity, he is not going to take action. The moon tarot card meaning is also about not taking action. So in order to progress you will have to make the necessary adaptation.

The moon tarot card imagery in a wonderful piece of art you might find it on other places than the tarot deck like: wallpaper, wall hanging, tapestry, tattoo, print, metal displate, art, drawing, hoodie, blanket, birth card, gothic necklace, t shirt, poster, phone case, sticker, holder and cyberpunk box.

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