The star tarot card meaning upright reversed keywords guide

The star tarot card meaning is very positive it represents hope, faith, success and good news. It encourages us to keep on doing exactly what we are doing in order to create better future.

The star tarot card upright card keywords: inspiration, hope, fresh start, good news, enlightenment, good health, personal power, spirituality, rejuvenation, projection, astronomy, healing, opportunities.

The star tarot card reversed keywords: missed opportunities, failure, self doubt, despair, disappointments, shattered dreams, out of synchrony, pessimism, illness.

the star tarot card meaning

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The star tarot card meaning and symbolism guide

Lady: a lady without clothing is kneeling, she has nothing to hide and she symbolizes enlightening and the truth as her gold hair color. Her left leg is on the grass and the left leg is at the shallow water. Her main activity is to pour water from two cups which are actually big jugs from clay.

She has a little burden or in other words, the task is hard for her and this is why the lady is in a bending posture. Therefore it symbolize some kind of reward after you will finish the hard work, there is no shortcut, luck or free gifts in the specific star tarot card. Moreover she is pure and has good intentions, she is not manipulating or scheming bad plots, keeping the positive karma all around and spread it to nature.    

She is looking at the water. In that sense the meaning of water is like a mirror, she actually looking on herself, what she is reflecting to the world she will get back from the universe. Whatever you focus on will grow, if you will be nice, people will be nice to you. If you will do bad things, karma will hunt you back some day. If you want to improve your life in any area like: love, relationship, occupation, health and money you need to work on yourself first.    

The ground and the lake: are symbolism of our mind and subconscious. By pouring the water, the subconscious is feeding our thought with spiritual knowledge about the universe. The same process is also true vice versa. It works both ways, creating an endless loop of wisdom and should be done with lots of harmony. In this state we are balanced and feel our true life purpose. Those actions will attract hope, faith and positive energy. The stream of water is emotional and also intellectual.

Two jugs: the jug that pours water into the pond is symbolizing the connection of man or woman to a deity, goddess, god and the spiritual world. The other jug pouring water on the ground and therefore it has a meaning of connecting us to earth and the material world. More interpretation of the duality are: emotions and intellectual, inner issues vs outer circumstances, memories of the past versus manifestation of the future.

Star: stars symbolism is about spirituality, stars give us hope, fulfill our wishes and dreams and stability because they are always there sparkling at the sky. Another association of star is the ability to guide us like a compass, it helps us to navigate through the ups and downs of life. Star is also connected to astrology and hence might help in divination and predicting the future, even though you can never have a full description of the destiny.    

The star tarot cart is number 17 and it come after the tower. The light of the tower card caused destruction and now, during the journey the fool meets the star and experience the enlightenment after the crisis.

In the tarot card we see a big yellow star and 7 little stars are surrounding it. Overall 8 stars, which connected numerologically to 17 (1+7=8). The number 8 symbolize rebirth, therefore the card is about creation of ideas and also manifestation here on earth. The 7 little stars related to the seven Chakras: crown, third eye, throat, heart, solar plexus, sacral and root. The yellow big star is the symbol of enlightenment.    

Bird: the imagery of a red bird, peacock or a dove is the symbolism of peace and good news. It explained as a link between earth and the sky, creating harmony between the physical world and the spiritual beings. It also gives the feelings of accepting nature without conditions and lives in harmony with people and don’t judge them.  

Tree: the tree in the star tarot card is not a mundane tree. It is actually the tree of life or the tree of knowledge. In Kabbalah the tree of life is formed by 10 spheres, these are the fundamental energies in the world, matching to the exact number of the flowers on the ground. If you will check those different energies you will know what is your mission in life, why you are here on earth, what you suppose to do and most important what is your special skill.

Flowers: in the star tarot card we see 10 little images of flowers on the grassy ground. The flowers are the symbolism of creativity, fertility and pregnancy. They are growing because they are located in an environment near water, the source of life and spiritual meaning. They are also the reward we are getting after we put a lot of hard work into something. Moreover it indicates the spring or summer season, it means that the timing is really good for you right now, at the present moment. And if you will play your cards right they will bloom into wonderful flowers in the near future.

Mountain: there are two mountains at the star tarot card. One is on the left colored in brown. The other one is actually a hill where the tree is at the top of it. Mountains are reoccurring theme on Rider Waite tarot deck. Their symbolism is clear view, being close to the souls in the skies, god, deities and inspiration.

If you will notice closely, there is no path, trail or road in the star tarot card. Thus the meaning is staying at the same place, there is no need to go on a journey nor to seek or run away from complication. Just be and enjoy the place you are in. The star invites you to be clam and live with peace of mind at the current moment.

It also indicates healing and meditation, a time to rest, relax and have some inner peace. However don’t make it a day dreaming or just wishful thinking, figure out how you can truly manifest those desires.   

In general psychic reading the tower tarot card imply good news, but if you really want it to occur than stay on the positive path. Be open for new outcomes even if it doesn’t seem like something you should deal with right now. Pay attention to your connections with yourself, other people, guides and of course with natural and spirituality.

The star tarot card upright card keywords meaning

The star tarot card upright card keywords: inspiration, hope, fresh start, good news, enlightenment, good health, personal power, spirituality, rejuvenation, projection, astronomy, healing, opportunities.

Inspiration and hope upright keywords: the star tarot card is the most powerful card in the deck when it comes to inspiration and hope. Everything you wished for will potentially happen whether its love, relationships, health, work, money and career. But you can’t rest, don’t take it for granted or you will ruin it. The only thing you have to maintain is the current position or road, the meaning is to continue do the same thing and the cosmos will miraculously take care of whatever you need.   

Spirituality and enlightenment upright keywords: the star tarot card encourages you to be united with spirituality, to feel how you as a person are connected to something bigger like nature, mystery vibrations and unknown energies. Not too many people have won to be in that state of mind because they are too occupied with hardship and surviving in life.    

Opportunities and good news upright keywords: as the positive vibrations are coming towards you, it is not the time to sit still. In fact you should be more active right now. Don’t let luck pass around you while you maintain in a passive state. You can manifest and create whatever you want, so give it a little push ahead, work in symbiosis and you will get more of life. If you ever wanted to make a major step, the star can be trusted, it will guide you to accomplish everything.     

Rejuvenation and fresh start upright keywords: the star tarot card is not about starting a new beginning, it is about keep on doing whatever you are doing right now, because you are on the correct road to success. So your main concern should be not to destroy the good propulsion. Restrain yourself from extreme or wild actions that might put you out of balance.

Another aspect is knowledge, you know what you should do, there is no need to learn it from the start or to guess. In the fool tarot card, the fool started the journey without too much prior knowledge, but no he is wiser and just need to proceed in the same path. 

Healing and good health upright keywords: as a symbol of prosperity and optimism the star tarot card represent positive outcomes in your health. It also suggests a healing process which can manifest it self not only by the physical body but also mentally and spiritually. It encourages you to focus on meditation, be more aware and train your attention skills.

Projection and astronomy upright keywords: the star tarot card reveals your need to project goodness into the world so other people will follow you. Exactly like in astronomy where the stars are moving in space and influence one on another. Your mission is to spread hope and love in people’s hearts. Act as a giver, volunteer in your community and overall make good things in your closest group.      

Personal power upright keyword: The star tarot card represents the individual power, it guides you through the challenges and it actually might predict a success. It doesn’t matter what is you starting position, what happens around or if people don’t believe in you. The most important thing is that you believe in yourself. Like the magician you have the knowledge to be a creator by using the four elements: air, water, fire and earth.   

The star tarot card reversed keywords meaning

The star tarot card reversed keywords: missed opportunities, failure, self doubt, despair, disappointments, shattered dreams, out of synchrony, pessimism, illness.

Missed opportunities and failure reversed keywords: even in reversed the star tarot card is still positive. It consist all the wonderful qualities, values and keywords the upright meaning has. It basically denotes that you are unaware of those opportunities and might miss them. If you fail it is because you weren’t aware enough to spot the chance, you were too busy with mundane issues and distracted.

Despair and disappointments reversed keywords: the star tarot card predicts negative omens and small bad messages. However it’s not final. If you will wake up on time you can still change the destiny, because this card indicates good fortune. It will not be an easy task but with a little effort from your side, you can turn the disappointments and despair to success and happiness on a daily basis.

Shattered dreams and self doubt reversed keywords: your dreams didn’t come true after all your devotions and efforts. You started to think that you will never make it and maybe should leave them and go on another path. Self doubts are very confusing and affect confidence to the point you can’t imagine succeeding.

To overcome the external influences you should return to the basic core of who and what you want from life. The fact that right now things are not evolving as you hoped, doesn’t says it is impossible or that you will never make it. It just says you need to give it more time and to find new possible solutions.

Pessimism and illness reversed keywords: the star tarot card might indicate physical illness, sgrief and emotional pessimism. But the good energy is still there, so if you will find out exactly what is the problem you can easily fix it. The star symbolizes hope and it should give you reasons to be happy and feel alive. While you are in a good mood you can rethink the situation and overcome blockage.  

Out of synchrony reversed keyword: you are not living up to the amazing potential you have. You have great energy and you should share it with the universe. In reversed position you are blocking the spiritual connection between the soul, body and mind. But there is also an obstruction of interrelation between you, people and nature.

You feel weak because whenever you have a new idea or doing a new thing it doesn’t manifest precisely as you wanted. Don’t be all over the place, direct yourself to one specific goal or task and don’t leave it until you are satisfied. Focusing is a better strategy than doing million tint things.

The star yes or no – tarot card meaning (upright & reversed)

Is the star yes or no tarot card? The star is a “yes” card because its basic meaning is hope. The symbolism of all the parts in the card are positive. It gives us feelings of harmony with nature and a great place to be in. we can trust ourselves to generate good fortune.

Even if the star tarot card is in reversed it still has the entire positivity as in the upright position. In a psychic reading it usually doesn’t indicate a “no” card, but a “not yet”. You just don’t see the opportunity or the good energy, if you will welcome change you will prosper.

The star tarot card meaning in love and relationship (upright & reversed)

The meaning of the star tarot card in love and relationship, when the card is upright it’s a good omen to single men and women. It means that you will meet lots of new people and you will have wide verity to choose from. Don’t get confused by all the new choices you have to make, stay focus and be with the one person you feel more close to.

A new relationship will manifest by itself, yet you have to go out from home, be on dates and meet new people in order it to happen. If you will sit all day at home love will not come to you. There is a need to actively pursue after your twin flame or soulmate. The connection will take place but you have to make a step towards it.

Fort couples who are already in a marriage or serious relationship, the tower tarot card means a progress in the right direction. You will be more connected to each other: maybe you will choose to move and live together at the same house, reconciliation, decide on engagement, marriage and having children.

Breakup isn’t being seen in the horizon but it could happen if you won’t maintain on balance and good harmony. Regarding ex lover, ex boyfriend or ex girlfriend, don’t go back for the same old patterns, forget about them and move on to your new destiny.

The star tarot card meaning when it appears in reversed: everything is look optimistic and wonderful, but nothing is perfect in paradise. There might be some little issues you will need to address and make sure that they don’t develop into big hassle. Something it is really hard to spot what exactly is the reason for quandary. Therefore you should first investigate past actions and how they lead you to the present moment.

For singles who are looking for new love and relationships, your soulmate or twin flame will come only after you will review what is blocking your energy. Maybe you don’t know exactly what you want, maybe it’s not a good time to pursue it right now, or maybe you still have unsolved issues with yourself.    

The star tarot card: Career work and finances meaning (upright & reversed)

The star tarot card in upright position, when you are having a psychic reading regarding career, occupation, finance and money: you are being successful at work and happy to choose this career path. It’s a time when everything going according to your plans, you reached to the position you wished for years. For example a college student who finds his dream job, a worker that got a promotion and a small business that starts to make a lot of money.

On the other side, if you are not happy with your lifestyle choices which related to work, than you have a great chance to improve it. Consider new job offer, maybe learn another profession at the university or open a new business. Those offers and opportunity will come soon, therefore you have to be aware of them. Don’t say no to something you don’t fully understand, keep on an open mind. If you will continue to live by the same principles and believes from the old past, you will not progress to other directions.

Money problems can potentially go away. You might win the lottery, get a rise in the wage or have some luck with the stocks market. However don’t jeopardize money you can’t afford to lose, because although the elements are in your favor the wheel of fortune can suddenly turn the other way, leaving you with nothing.

When the star tarot card is in reversed it denotes that you are looking from negative point of view on work issues. This shouldn’t be like that, the star encourage you to think positively, don’t mind too much about what could go wrong, take a look on the bright side and you will discover new opportunities.

For example: if you are not happy at work, do something about it every morning: find a new job offer, go to interviews or start a new career in something completely different than you did before. Use your imagination and vision the future you want, don’t restrain yourself, and more important don’t let anyone else to discourage you from achieving dreams.

Regarding finances the star tarot card suggests you should know what your goals are. You are not lacking of money, nor have problems with your skills, nor having difficult with your home based business. The main concern is to define where you want to be. Once the definition will be cleared, you will be on the right track and the star will guide you to success. 

The star tarot card: Health meaning (upright & reversed)

The star tarot card health meaning is very positive as well. When the card is upright it suggests good health, physically and also mentally. Any healing process you had in the past, potentially will turn to be a good choice at the present. There are no guarantees but it looks very promising. When the star tarot card is reversed (upside down) the meaning is less obvious. In fact it denotes you are going backwards and might be involved in an unhealthy situation.     

The star tarot card as feelings (upright & reversed)

The star tarot card as feelings is fantastic especially if it show up upright during a psychic reading. You feel you can win and have success wherever you may go. Everything is just emerging as it should. So the associated feelings are happiness, hope, surprise and interest.   

However in a reversed position it denotes that the goals are out of reach. In fact the stars are up in the sky and we can not get closer to them. It looks like the dreams are running away from you and you feel that whatever you want will not happen any time soon. It drains your resources and makes you tired.       

The star tarot card zodiac sign astrology meaning

What zodiac sign does the star tarot card represent? The star tarot card zodiac sign is Aquarius. The key reason is because the main image of the card features a figure of a lady which is pouring water from the pond. In astrology charts and horoscope’s personal traits Aquarius sign is associated with high vision, romance, a giver and good hearted people who help those in need.

The symbol of a star is also related to Gemini which is an air based sign. Stars usually suggest guidance, wisdom and stability. We can trust the star to keep on flying in the skies as they did for billions years now. So is the endless power of Gemini astrological sign.

Aquarius is ruled by Uranus planet which is spiritual at its core. In some ancient myths and history stories this zodiac sign is not only related to lakes and seas but also to rain falling from the garden of heaven. This fact connects again Aquarius to the stars because the rain is coming up from the skies, near the stars. Rain is a blessing but sometimes might lead to destruction. The damages are related more to the reversed position of the star card.       

The star tarot card number and numerology meaning

The star tarot card number is 17 (XVII) in popular decks like Rider Waite, Thoth and de Marseille. In numerology number 17 meaning is a long journey. The quest is usually take form of spiritual nature rather than materialistic one. This number encourages you to go out and find answers to big questions related to the psychic world and divination.

At first the journey may be seen obscure, dangerous or not logical at all. You will start to have self doubts about your actions. But don’t let this momentary feeling to interfere with your higher purpose. Trust your intuition to guide you on the right track. Other people will try to put you down as well, don’t mind them, and instead develop your assertiveness and self confidence to be unstoppable.

The star tarot card meaning: past, present and future

Past position: the star tarot card meaning in the past position, denotes you had some voids but as times goes by, they are being cleared and fixed. The struggles were not for vain, it wasn’t useless because now you are in a better place, even if you don’t see it at the moment, and soon you will get the reward.  

Present position: you are experience a good time and enjoyment at the present. But nothing is perfect. So if you still have unsolved concerns, keep on the constructive mood, self confidence and being balanced. An outer force will help you if you need something, it will look like a guide or deity and it will show you the right way.   

Future position: the star tarot card symbolizes a bright future. Take small calculated risks and they might turn to be a good decision. Don’t miss the opportunity because the stars are aligned in the sky at your favor. Nothing is for sure and you can also destroy the momentum so you also need to be a little bit cautious.   

The star tarot card as a person

The star tarot card as a person suggests someone who is more likely to help other people, very similar to Aquarius zodiac sign characteristic. They have an artistic side and are very good with art painting, filming, acting, writing and taking good care of the physical appearance.

They are very connected with water element, so they love everything that connected to water such as the beach, prefer to swim in a pool, blue colors, boats, yacht and marine life. Nature is another thing they really like: travel to distance places, growing plants, gardening and having cute animals like cats, dogs and birds near by.   

As a person he or she are very romantic. They are tuned to the spouse’s feelings and needs. And in general are very adaptive and compatible with the other part. They have lots of friends because they are easy going and everyone just loves to be around them.

If you are having psychic reading about specific person this information will help you to answer questions like: what someone wants, what someone thinks of you, will he come back, does he miss me, how someone feels about you, how someone sees you and his feelings in general.

The star tarot card combinations guide

If you are wondering “why do I keep getting the star tarot card”, here are some card combinations:

Queen of swords and the star tarot combination means distance or a gap between you and the thing you want to pursue. Hard work will finally pay off but still there is something missing to accomplish it.

Queen of cups also feature a figure of a woman with cup and water. It emphasis the meaning of the star card and especially issues related to feelings and relationships.  

Queen of wands and the star tarot cards encourage you to explore your artistic or creative personality. If you are having messy life, think out of the box.

Queen of coins / pentacles is down to earth, she symbolize everything that is happen in real life. So whatever adventure you choose, you have her blessing. Usually it depict success in work and career.

King of swords is about authority and power. You have the confidence to succeed. It can also suggest some kind of ending, decision making and being more logical over emotions.

King of cups teach you to pay close attention to little details if you what to keep on being the right track. You will reach the star and your dreams but as an advice you must grow your intuition.

King of wands and the star tarot card combination denote leadership. You are leading people and have the responsibility to take care and help them.

Knight of swords interpretation is moving fast towards your goal. The star is guiding you so no crucial barriers are currently in the way.

Knight of cups is mainly about romance, feelings and emotions. So it denotes good relationships whether it will be finding your true soulmate or twin flame. With the star tarot card it symbolizes success in your persona life.  

Knight of wands is like the fire of desire. So you need to take action really fast before the fire is gone, timing is very critical right now.

The sun is also a positive card just like the star. So together it’s a wonderful combination. Just make sure you are doing thing in order. As the day is followed by the night there is a place and time of very step you take.

The moon meaning is mystery and uncertainty, while the star tarot card is more about stability and putting yourself in front of people or challenges. Together they indicate a reward but during the voyage you will have some issues to solve, which you never thought will pop up. 

The world is the accomplishment for what you hoped and dream all the time. The star was your guide to the final destination.

Strength and star tarot cards combination is telling you not to take action right now. You should have patient and wait for further opportunities. In the meanwhile you are encouraged to explorer your inner personality, wishes and be the guardian of your emotions. When the lucky opportunity will come you will be ready for it and able to strike or to ride on the right wave.  

The tower is a bad surprise and the star is symbol of calmness and relaxation. You need to navigate your life between those to extreme edges, realize that there is not only black and white. Therefore don’t get out of balance.

The lovers and the star symbolize a deep connection in relationship. In addition it indicates a healing process in a spiritual way like self development.

The devil as the forces of evil is the short term thinking and the star tarot card is the long term. You should wait for your reward and get it only after you put the work. If you do it in a reverse than everything will be messed up.

The hierophant emphasizes the hope and the guidance you will get in life. The star is more inner guidance while the hierophant is more like a guru, master or gatekeeper of knowledge who will teach you.

The chariot is about seeking your personal goal at any cost, while you need to combine certain skills together like a juggler or joker can do multiple tasks at once. The star symbolize the good future outcomes

Justice and the star together are the omens of victory. After a long struggle to let the truth go out to world.

Judgment indicates new beginnings, birth and fresh start. The star is the ending which will be good as well.

Death tarot card is the end of a cycle, however a new cycle will soon take place and it brings optimistic message with it.

The fool is the start of the journey and the star tarot card is the hope to finish it on a good note. As a positive sign the end will be very pleasing.

The magician is an indicator that you can overcome any toil even if it doesn’t seems like that at the current moment.

The wheel of fortune and the star tarot card indicates good karma in the end. During this phase you might be feeling that you are going nowhere, but the advice is to keep on the optimism and you will get there as a winner.

The hermit is about self reflection and being alone. But when he will come back, he will be like a star, he will be able to teach, guide and help many people.

The high priestess is a spiritual guide, she has all the answers but only few people can understand her. You will gain more information and knowledge during life but not at the present moment, the answers will be revealed in the near future.

The emperor signifies that you already had success and now it’s the time to enjoy it. Celebrate, organize a party or go to travel in new places.  

The empress signification is a reward in the end of the sideways, the star is only the hope but nothing is promised. So if you keep getting this tarot card combination the future has great surprise for you.

Eight of wands is about fast timing and action so whatever you wish for will become true in the nearest future. You don’t have time to hesitate stand on the ground and go now after what you want.

Two of cups reveal good understanding and healthy connection inside of you but also between you, other people and the four elements of earth.

9 of cups you feel fulfillment even those your reward is not one hundred percents what you which for. It is very similar to a situation of being on the second or third place, but it is still enough and considered nice achievement.

Page of wands interpreted as limiting believes you have about yourself or the world. Don’t give up without a fight.

Page of cups is an omen of good offers, don’t decline it rather accept it and it will progress to something much bigger you couldn’t have imagine.

Page of swords is a symbol of aspiration and willing to learn or put the hard work. This kind of attitude will make you a winner and the star tarot card is the proof. 

Ace of wands is all about good luck and success, the star tarot card meaning is the prize you will reap.

Seven of swords tarot card is a negative sign. It reveals an objective to your calmness and hope. Something or someone wants to see you fail. 

Nine of swords tarot card signifies the end of an unpleasant era. The star is your hope for better days.

Fun fact: the star tarot card can be found on lots of wallpaper, wall tapestry, wall hanging, tattoo design, t shirt, cyberpunk poster, print, jewelry, bag, drawing, necklace, towel, phone case and there is also a David Bowie deck called the star.

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