The sun tarot card meaning upright reversed keywords guide

The sun tarot card meaning is success, freedom and clarity. It also represents the truth and the importance of keeping things simple and not complicates everything. It encourages you to concentrate on one mission you want to achieve. The sun is amplifying the positive aspect of all the other cards in a specific psychic reading.   

The sun tarot card upright card keywords: material happiness, enlightment, vitality, marriage, pregnancy, joy, truth, honesty, freedom, success.

The sun tarot card reversed keywords: sadness, despair, false impressions, trickery, lack of clarity, obscure future, neglection, loneliness, low vitality, tiredness.

The sun tarot card meaning

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The sun tarot card meaning and symbolism guide

What does the sun tarot card mean? Here are all the symbolism of this tarot card and every interpretation:

The sun: the main image at the sun tarot card is the sun. It is so big that it pictured on half of the card in yellow color. It has 21 rays, some of them are direct in straight line and others are curvy in zigzag pattern. 21 is the number on the world tarot card and it symbolize that we are almost reaching to the happy end, completing the cycle which has begun in number zero with the fool’s journey card.

The sun is the symbol of our mind, we can learn and grow because of it, the sun is also a sign of life, and without it no species would be able to live on earth for millions of years now. It is related to awareness and spiritual development as well because it is the main source of light. 

The energy from the sun and especially the zigzag patterned rays are very similar to those in the tower tarot card. At the tower it is a destructive energy and here it’s a mix of good nourishing vibrations with a possibility of a little negativity or more precises pushing forward without thinking on the consequences. But overall it is positive and related to healing and good mood. 

Back in the old days the sun is used to symbolize the feminine energy and female deity like a goddess or fairy. Even today it is still representing maternity, nurturing, fertility, pregnancy and love. In this way it reminds us the lady from the empress tarot card symbolism. As time passes by the sun became associated with masculine energy as a ruler or a guide in the world. 

The sun is the divine and it has a face of a human, it suggests a closer connection to men and women, it is not just an unfamiliar star in the sky, and it is related to us and in a way a part of us. The face also symbolizes wisdom, a guide which can reach us a lot about the mysteries of the world.

Child: the child is very little and he is sitting on a big white horse. The kid symbolism is of course birth, renew and a start of new phase. He is also happy and has lots of good energy to share with the world. The new born baby is innocence, he doesn’t have experience yet, and he is here to learn.

Horse: the sun tarot card features an image of a white horse. We have previously seen the exact one at the death tarot card. But there the horse has bad energy it is too rigid and on a serious mission. But on the sun tarot card it is more relax and flexible.

Flag: the red flag at the sun tarot card is a symbol of desire or the thing we want to accomplish. It is relative big flag, symbolism the huge aspiration, intentions and potential we are all born with. It is up to us to use all those good skills and resources we have. The flag is not the main issue here because it is not in the front, and the kid is not attached to it with two has, it is just a soft reminder for the possibilities. The element of the flag is fire while the sun can be an air sign because it is in the sky. The combination of those two elements is that there is no fire without wind or air, and also fire is a source of light like the sun.   

Feather: the child has a little crown on his head. At the top of it there is a beautiful red feather. We have already seen this item on the fool’s journey card and death tarot card. 

Sunflowers: behind the brick wall and very closed to the sun there are 4 yellow sunflowers. They have been raised above the wall and looks like they are growing very tall, touching the rays of light. It symbolizes the spiritual growth, enlightenment and the ability to move forward no matter what obstacles are in the way. 

Wall: the brick wall is in grey color, it divide the sunflowers from the horse and the child. It symbolizes solid foundations, something we can trust and base our personality on it. A wall is also some sort of protection like a castle. It represents the self esteem and confidence. However the wall is also limiting us. It is usually referred to a big obstacle we have to face, disconnecting from society and of course hopes and fears. A wall is a sign that we need to release ourselves from fear, trauma and bad memories from the past that doesn’t let us move forward as the child riding on the horse.

Another interpretation is confinement to the law of nature, physics or the world. Although we have all the possibilities, we are still have some rules we can not break, we are a part of the system, whatever we do as action has implications on other people and vice versa. Therefore we should also know our limits and don’t break it. Anther aspect is that we should take those rules from granted, we still have to explorer them by ourselves and find out how we can live in perfect freedom side by side.

The sun tarot card is not complicated to understand, it was draw in simplicity because it delivers the message of simple joy and happiness in life. It is us who are complicating everything. We can live in harmony with nature, animals, people and souls, there is no only black and white and good or evil. The concept is revealed always in the end, after we assimilated and understood all the previous lessons from the tarot cards.  

The moon tarot card was symbolizing the sleeping phase, or in a spiritual meaning the unawareness or the search. The sun is the awakening and the card after it is judgement which its main interpretation is awakening. Therefore we see in these 3 cards combination a progress in spiritual development.  

Deities associated with the sun tarot card: Apollo and Helios in Greek myths, Ra is related to Egypt and Sol from Norse legends. There are some examples from history books about fairy and phoenix.

The sun tarot card upright card keywords meaning

The sun tarot card upright card keywords: material happiness, enlightment, vitality, marriage, pregnancy, joy, truth, honesty, freedom, success.

Joy and freedom upright keywords: the sun tarot card suggests that a good timing is a head of you. The near future divination looks very favorable. Therefore don’t work too hard and have some fun like being on vacation or travel to new location or buying a house in different place. Additionally the sun explained as breaking free from restrictions, exploring new areas and in general it is a good omen.

Success and material happiness upright keywords: if the sun tarot card shows up in a psychic reading it means success and especially in the material world. Maybe you will earn or win lots of possessions, assets and money. While it is all good and fine, don’t let the new circumstances change your way, keep on being the same person as you where before. You earned success because of who you are, if you will completely change your personality and be someone else the money might run away quickly.

Furthermore keep in mind that money is not the key to happiness, it is just a tool to get other thing. If you really want to be happy the answer in not directly correlated to finances. Happiness is something that founds within and not without. Learn to appreciate the simplicity of life and those little moments that make you feel good.

Enlightenment and vitality upright keywords: the sun is the ultimate symbol of spirituality and life. Without it there will be no life on earth. The human kind, animal kingdom and nature are all influences by the sun. In fact on other far away stars in the solar system or deep space, there might be living creature but only if these stars have a similar source of light like the sun. Additionally the sun is on of the most common symbols of sacred spirituality. It is a guide we can always trust because no matter what happens today, it will shine tomorrow morning as well. Through the years and especially in the history of ancient times it was associated with deities, gods, souls, spirits and heaven.    

Marriage and pregnancy upright keywords: if you are asking the cards about relationships than the sun tarot card might indicate marriage and pregnancy. However it might be related to fertility as creativity, for example new ideas and notions about life. The new born baby in the card is a new energy that comes to life after the negative vibrations of the death card.

Truth and honesty upright keywords: the sun is the symbol of the truth and honesty. No one can hide when the light is up, it is like arrows being shooting from the sky and hit on every place on earth. Go with what you believe and seek the positive aspiration and intentions. This is also related to spirituality, so find a spiritual topic that is interesting you and learn it. Maybe you’ll find there some answers to your questions. Recommended options are: psychic reading, mediumship, palm reading, astrology, healing and tarot reading.  

The sun tarot card reversed keywords meaning

The sun tarot card reversed keywords: sadness, despair, false impressions, trickery, lack of clarity, obscure future, neglection, loneliness, low vitality, tiredness.

The sun tarot card in reversed is still having the good energy like when it is in upright position. However sometimes it might be a little bit negative as well. Here are some reversed keywords you should consider when reading the sun tarot card:

Lack of clarity and obscure future reversed keywords: the good energies are in your favor when the sun tarot card in being pulled from the deck, even in reversed. But it meaning is complicate, the good outcomes will be manifested but you will need to put some effort to it. It will not come free or as a sudden win, there is still work to be done. Now that you know this information you should be motivated to success even if you have lack of clarity or blockage at the moment.  

Low vitality and tiredness reversed keywords: the sun tarot card in reversed is basically trying to tell you that you need to take a break or rest more. Therefore there is more concern related to health. To increase vitality you should participate in sport activities, eat well and have good night sleep.

Sadness and despair reversed keywords: a bad mood is like the sunset, you may feel sadness and despair when the light is off and you have no answers or can see clearly through a certain situation. In those hard moments you are encouraged to be grateful on the things you do have in life that are going well. Be more positive even if it’s hard or looks impossible and it will boost the energy around. 

False impressions and trickery reversed keywords: the reverse sun is actually the moon tarot card. Therefore the meaning of this position is false impressions and trickery. It might be you that is not acting according to your real personality, you are being a fake person who is representing a personality which is different than the core values. But it might be that someone else is trying to manipulate you. Either way you ought to be complete with your inner self.

Neglection and loneliness reversed keywords: the sun in reversed signifies that something is not going as you want. You feel lonely and neglected by society very much like the real sun is alone at the sky. The moon is not alone because it has the stars around, so be careful not to fall into dark places or to connect with the wrong people who will have bad influences. Right now you can’t focus and can’t make decisions. Therefore your main focus should be around the people who care about you like family and friends they can help you even if it is just by being around when needed.

The sun yes or no – tarot card meaning (upright & reversed)

Is the sun yes or no tarot card? The meaning of the sun is very positive when it is pulled in upright position, therefore the answer is “yes”. Every aspect on the sun card is very positive so it is absolutely a “yes”.

However when the card is show up reversed than everything is turned upside down and it become more “maybe”. It means that you will have to make a little effort if you want to have good positive outcomes. Furthermore if the other cards in the reading are negative it might influence the whole interpretation of the spread and make it completely negative, or in other words: a “no”.

The sun tarot card meaning in love and relationship (upright & reversed)

The sun tarot card also has meaning and can predict the future of romance, love and relationship outcomes. If the card is upright it means that you have to be independent as there is only one sun in our solar system. Be attractive like the rays of light, bring out the personality and good trait you have to be more attractive to your wife, husband, girlfriend or boyfriend.

This advice is also suitable for singles who are looking for love. Project your quality and values as a person and soon you will find your soulmate or twin flame. If you will keep on hiding yourself like for example the moon at night, no one will be able to get to know you better. Nevertheless don’t over do it and don’t be extrovert all of the sudden because it will not last for long. People will not that there is something unreal or unnatural and will label you as fake or someone who can not be trusted.

For those who are in long term relationships or marriage, the sun tarot card might indicate pregnancy be cause of the little child featured on the card. If this is the path you chose than you have to make all the adjustments and preparation for the new born baby. Soon the family will grow and everything is going to change.

When it comes to love and relationship potential the sun tarot card in reversed or upside down position is an omen for unhappiness and bad reconciliation with an ex lover after break up. One of the soulmates or twin flame is not serious about the connection. He or she got used to this relationship and start to neglect it. If the situation continues they will feel bored and in the end you will find yourself considering break up or divorce. The advice is to stop it while it is still on its early stages. The longer it will go the more destructive it will be. Therefore decide if it something that worth fighting or to leave it and find new destiny of love.

The priority of singles that are looking for soulmates should be to define what they want. This is the only way they will attract new relationship, because being assertive and showing self confidence will amplify their personality. Once potential lover will see the truth about who they real are they will be more comfortable to the possibility of being together.

The sun tarot card: Career work and finances meaning (upright & reversed)

The sun tarot card in career, work, occupation, money and finances when the card shows upright at the psychic reading:

New job offers are going to flood you in the near future. Don’t choose the first one you are getting. Go to a lot of job interview and pick the one that is good for you, keep in mind that money is not the only factor. You should consider other elements like proximity to your home, connection with colleagues, interest and good working hours.

In career, the sun tarot card also predicts success. However don’t be too arrogant know the place you are in, if you will disrespect other people you will meet them on the way down. You need to keep the good people around you, they will be able to help you in the future. If someone will offer you a promotion than go for it, don’t doubt the skills you have, be ready to do it even if you don’t have all the knowledge or experiences, you will learn it as you keep on moving forward.

Regarding business and finances you are going to have new ideas to improve everything related to your profession. The trick is to find a specific solution to a problem people have. Once you present them the solution they will by from you, don’t think of money think of being a problem solver and the money will follow you wherever you go.

When the sun tarot card in reversed it means you have to prove yourself. For example if you are looking for a new job, once you get the offer and go to an interview you must create a good impression. The reversed position doesn’t say it will go wrong but it do encourage you to put more effort if you like to get the reward. The road will be a little bit longer but if you will take the right steps you will get there for sure.

If you want to be a manger you will have to prove to the cooperation that you are needed, you have the skills and that you have been very successful at work. This will eliminate the competition and make you more noticeable. Again the focus is not directly on you in an arrogant manner but how others can benefit from those skills.

Don’t live in fear if the card is in reversed, you are still secure and everything will be fine. However you should be more focus on the actions and intentions they have to be good and pure. Doing it will almost guarantee balance and harmony. You will keep the current job, you will have enough money to live, the business will continue to role on a positive note and in general life will go on as it is.

The sun tarot card: Health meaning (upright & reversed)

The sun tarot card health meaning when the card is in the upright position: you should be at the peak of your health, so other than keep on maintaining the good status you should also have some fun. Right now you have vitality and energy, so use it for something good, do some sport, go and meet new people, take a trip to a new, try new hobbies land and in general be more active.

When the sun tarot card in reversed it mean your health is not as good as it used to be. Therefore try to remember what you did when your physical situation was better and improve it according to the success of the past. furthermore the physical is usually connected to the mental, so keep on the positive mood and it might do miracle to the physical body. 

Sometimes the sun tarot card can simple indicates pregnancy or a baby as this card has a very good feminine energy like the empress card.

The sun tarot card as feelings (upright & reversed)

The sun tarot card as feelings when it is upright is about being honest and see things in a very clear way. You feel free, everything is connected and you can be yourself without being judged for your thoughts or actions, you have found the right environment to live as you want. You also feel happiness and unstoppable, no one can take it for you because it is pure joy that comes from within.

When the sun tarot card is in the spread it means you don’t have worries, don’t have crucial obligations and free to have fun. However in reversed position this freedom is going to be taken from you. so if you want to keep on living in a wonderful life, don’t lose yourself and maintain the surrounding that benefit you the most.    

The sun tarot card zodiac sign astrology meaning

What zodiac sign does the sun tarot card represent? Or what sign rules the sun tarot card?

The sun tarot card zodiac sign is Leo, its horoscope dates and birth card are July 23 till August 22. However because of the fact that the sun is a main planet it rules other zodiac signs like Aries as well.

Leo astrological sign is well known for its leadership characteristic. They have captivated energy and therefore people like to follow them. They also like to help in numerous ways: they will listen, spend time, money and effort them their friends and family, this is also why people love to be around them.

Nonetheless they might be very jealous and perfectionist, so if they have something they own they will guard it the best way they can. Sometimes they can be very arrogant and it is usually symbolized by the reversed sun card. The have power as the sun is the most powerful planet at space. Leo zodiac sign related to the card because they love to be in the center. If they are living the creative or artistic lifestyle they have lots of fans and love to be in the spotlight.

The sun tarot card number and numerology meaning

The sun tarot card number is 19 (XIX) in the major arcana. It usually found in popular decks such as Thoth, De Marseille and Rider Waite. In numerology the meaning of number 19 is very surprising. This is a karma debt number that indicates you have used the energy in a wrong way at the past. So now you need to learn how to use the power for better activities which will help you and other people.

In spirituality terms it outline elements related to fire. Fire is the source of desire, intentions. If your destiny path is 19 you are able to feel and interpret situations with different perspective.    

According to numerology and sun tarot card is associated with the magician, ace of wands, ace of cups, ace of pentacles and ace of swords and the ten cards. This is because it has the number 19 in the major arcane. 19 is 1+9=10 which is 1+0=1. Regarding the magician it linked with the communication skills, wands are symbols of reality, cups are warmth, swords are lucidity and pentacles are prosperity.

The sun tarot card meaning: past, present and future

Past position: the past was good and you got the success you deserved. Continue on growing the same elements and expand what you have right now. For example: business, relationships, social network, learning and etc. If you will stop than not only you will stand at the same place for a long time with no other options, but you will also go backwards.

Present position: there are new opportunities at the present moment. Don’t say to yourself that there is not enough time or that you will do the necessary things later. It is time to act now and live in the moment. Many of the opportunities are regarding communication and social life, so get to know and connect with as much people as you can and you will see how life improves and many doors are suddenly open.

Future position: the sun tarot card has a great energy when in comes to the near future. The potential of achieving something substantial is very high. As the sun rise everyday so will be the success of the future. If one day or a period is not going well, don’t get discourage because the gilded rays of light from heaven will always be to guide you in to the right direction.

The sun tarot card as a person

The sun tarot card as a person is someone how is very lovely, cozy, joyful, generous and optimistic. They love to be known by a lot of people, going to parties and socialize, they are very good when it comes to work with people and communities small or big.

Reveal the sun tarot card as a person will help you to answer questions like: what someone thinks of you, will he contact me, what someone wants, how someone sees you, how someone feels about you, does he miss me and does he love me?

The masculine energy of the sun is related to build a house and being a family person. Someone who is protective and can raise children in an amazing way. They are great lover as girlfriend or boyfriend. Their personality is growing when they are in a couple, so it is very vital for them to find soulmate or twin flame, they don’t like to be single or a lone for long periods of time. This possessed a problem of entering to the wrong relationship or even marriage just for being with someone and not feeling lonely.

The personality of those who are drawn to the sun tarot card is very favour of nature and animals, they usually like to be outdoors as much as possible, furthermore they prefer the house closed to the ground with big windows and natural lights.

The sun tarot card combinations guide

The moon and the sun tarot card combination represent an awareness progress. At first you don’t know what is going on but as you develop, learn and have more experience you suddenly see how all the little details are combined together. 

The star amplifies the daily positivity of the sun and physical appearance in the sky to grand maximum, whatever success you had it will be bigger as the light of the sun is much bigger than the light of the star at night.

The world is yet another positive card to combine with the sun. It usually regard to a nice ending and completing a cycle in a good method.

The wheel of fortune indicates a change which will be very prominent, it is based on your past which will reflect the future.

Judgement is about looking at the old days and figure out what was a good step that leads you to where you want to be, and what was the failure or mistake you made. With the sun it means you have learned the lesson and now you are wiser. 

Justice will bring you what you deserved. For example if you were honest than the sun means good outcomes. However if you manipulated people and lied the sun can also symbolize burning, or in other words suffering from your own actions.

The chariot means you are in the right direction so hold on to your dreaming and it will be manifest. After the long road you will enjoy the success.

Death is the past and the sun is rebirth. It is about starting a new phase in life with many good energies and moving forward to your path, it is a new beginning.

The devil is the weakness it is hiding underground or in hell, the sun is in the sky, they are very separated entities or deities and indicates hopes and fears. This is the length you have to cross id you want to change bad habits or karma debt.

The tower denotes that what you wanted or expected didn’t turn out to be exactly as you dreamed. All in all it is positive because of the sun.

The empress tarot card meaning is abundance of everything, combined with the sun it generate positive outcomes. As always the empress is also about fertility and pregnancy, so if you are in a stable relationship this might be the next step.

The emperor signifies that you have to work on your objectives, you are going around in circles and never hit the right spot. Be more focus and dedicated to the goal.  

The magician do little tricks that can work and amazed people. However the sun is more visible and powerful. So go out from darkness to light.

The fool is about living at the moment and don’t think too much, in the long term he is not very precises or consist, every day he can do or go to a different place. On the contrary the sun is more stable and after you had good time and experiences you should consider what your final destination is.

The lovers usually predicts a new relationship or and current love affairs that going to be strengthen. It is going to be meaningful but there are some issues needed to be taken into consideration.

The high priestess is the secrets which in the end will be revealed under the light of the sun. Whatever you are holding inside your self will go out eventually. So it is better to do it a soon as possible and not to procrastinate. 

The hermit is an oracle or a seer who is living in the darkness for a while. Once the transformation will be complete you will be able to see the light, the enlightenment and to be a guide for many people who will follow you. Bad days will go a way and the optimism will be a significant part of your personality.

The hierophant is a sort of guide when you lost the way. It might indicate a little spirituality but more about traditional or religious view point on the world. Also if you have something to hide the sun will reveal it very soon. 

Queen of swords is a cold logic person, the sun indicates warms and joy. So you need to choose what kind of life you want to have. Try to combine those two extreme edges according to the situation you encounter in life.

Queen of cups is about good feelings and satisfaction from emotional perspective. It doesn’t say anything about being right or wrong or telling the true, just focus on what makes you feel good. Therefore take into account that you don’t hurt other people on the wild and unknown road.

King of swords shows his personality through challenges, action, planning and the power of the mind. The sun is the way he feels but it will not let the emotions to be expressed too much.

King of wands is emphases the creativity of the sun. It is the desire and the fire inside of us.

King of cups is someone who is looking deep inside of the heart before making a decision. With the positivity of the sun it means that the right choice which will bring him happiness will be manifested.

Knight of cups is a shy person, it takes him a lot of effort and courage to express what he wants, but once he decided on that, it will do it in a shivery manner.

Ace of cups is a new knowledge or feelings you will encounter. It is an open invitation to a new magical journey. If you will drink the water you will realize new things you didn’t knew before.

Ace of swords if you want to be fulfilled and have lots of happiness and joy in life, you must take a big decision right now. If you will wait longer it will be almost imposible to reverse the downfall.

Two of cups suggests a great power which is divided or can implement only when two people are getting together. In this sense the sun is the power of one person. Therefore it means you need to build connections with more people before you can become a full leader or someone who has a great profession. 

Ten of swords are bad outcomes and the sun is the positive future. It signifies a twist in the plot which is much clear and brighter.

Page of swords is still need to learn a lot of things before he become fully adult with great power. The meaning of this combination is that you are lack of experience yet.

Page of wands praise the endless possibilities. You need to choose one path in life and start building solid foundations, you can not continue to spread the efforts on different places. 

Page of cups is the hopes and fears that everything will be change, he is holding a cup with fish which is symbolize good fortune. The sun tarot card will bring the positive energy as well.

7 of swords is an omen that someone is stilling your happiness or good vibrations. It can also be a case when you are wasting your efforts on something that wil not yield the result you want to have.

Four of wands also very pleasant card, it talks about the importance of good foundations. Be sure of what you want and complete with the decisions.

Five of swords meaning is losing a battle but it is only a temporary situation. in the near future you will have another chance to outrank the enemies.

Five of cups is about being sad and disappointed. Remember that no matter what happen today, the sun will shine tomorrow as well.

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