The tower tarot card meaning upright reversed keywords guide

The tower tarot card meaning is a sudden destruction. Usually a demolition of an idea we had on our mind. It’s an unexpected event that reveals the truth upon false assumptions.

The tower tarot card upright card keywords: renovation, damage, catastrophe, accident, unexpected change, false dreams, disconnection, destruction, ego, bad surprise.

The tower tarot card reversed keywords: volatile situation, sudden change, illness, intellectual, losses, bad environment and obstacles.

the tower tarot card meaning

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The tower tarot card meaning and symbolism guide

Here are all the tower tarot card symbolism, a guide to every image we see on the card and its meaning:

Tower: the tower is the main image of this tarot card, it featured at the center from top to bottom. At the top there is a huge destruction and the consequences are shown in a very dramatic way: crown is falling, fire flames from the windows, sparks of lights all over the sky and people are falling.

The building looks very stable and in gray colors, very similar to the pillars we have seen on other tarot cards, such as the hierophant, the high priestess and justice. It also positioned in a mysterious place at the top of the mountain and really closed to the sky. This is a symbolism of taking risks when we build one meaningful concept or go too far with a certain idea. When the tower is breaking down the feelings and thoughts are also falling. 

Two people: at the tower tarot card we can see two people upside down falling of the tower. According to their faces they look shocked as they didn’t anticipate it coming. They couldn’t have guessed that this day will come and they will find themselves being thrown out of the building. And they will surely be dead by the time they hit the ground. The person on the right side of the card is wearing a crown on his head, symbolizing his higher status, and still it didn’t prevent the catastrophe from happening to him. Everyone is equal when it comes to a lighting striking.  

The lightning struck: the lightning is coming from nowhere and blasting the top of the tower. The golden or yellow color of the fire bolt is complete opposite to the dark sky. It also has a shape of a broken arrow, pointing directly to the top of the building. Furthermore there are many images of yellow spots, they looks like fire, rain, snow or sparks from the lightning. A symbol of a wild destruction. The striking is coming from our soul or subconscious and shows us that we built an illusion, we don’t look at the world in the right point of view.

Crown: the crown is the ideas or thoughts we have on our mind. It positioned at the top of the blasted tower, exactly because our head is at the top of our physical body. Everything we know about the world and ourselves is based on our personality, which in this instant is represented by the falling golden crown.

Clouds: the clouds are gray and contribute to the gloomy atmosphere of the tower tarot card. They deliver a bad message with sadness and confusion. Usually we can not reach to the clouds, they symbolize thoughts and goals we want to accomplish. According to the shapes of the images they are very messy and unclear. So right now, in the moment of fear we don’t have too much hope to achieve or understand them. 

The black background symbolize negative energy, it also appears on few other tarot cards from Rider Waite deck: nine of swords, ten of swords, five of pentacles and the devil. They are all brings the feelings of being disconnected from the light.

The tower tarot card teaches us a lesson about how to live our lives. Many spiritual guides claim that the purpose of life is to spread or expand ourselves. So when we are fixated on something we actually limiting ourselves. Therefore we should unlearn what we have already learned, open our mind and soul to accept new possibilities.

Can the tower tarot be positive? The answer is yes although most of the times it’s no. the only positive aspect or element of the tower tarot card is that after the destruction we have the chance to start from a fresh point. The old paradigms of the past are no longer working for you. There is a new kind of energy driving you to another direction.

This is not nice and sweet change that will take forever, it is something fast and shocking and has to happen soon. Waiting for the right timing will only cause you to be stacked near the ruins of the tower, therefore it encourage you to get on the feet as soon as possible and start to build a better tower.

Learning about spirituality, psychic abilities and opening the third eye is not an easy journey. The things you might discover will be completely clash to what you are thinking right now. During our life we developed a personality and pattern of behaviors. They constructed by our family, friends and most important the experiences. Therefore we are holding these concepts so tight and can’t let go. Sometimes we are not even aware of them and consider them as pure truth, but they are not.    

When suddenly you are going to a different direction, you have to let go of what you already knew. Many people are usually finding it very challenging and more often than not they can’t do it. This is where it gets harder and this is what the tower tarot card is all about. If you will not move on you will end up being miserable. There is no point in living at the past or with the sorrow of the present moment, just keep moving forward.

The elements of darkness and light are very prominent in the tower tarot card. The falling building is at the middle between the bright lightnings, shining crown, fire and sparks. And on the other hand the dark night with gray clouds. The tower color is gray because it is a combination of dark and light. So another concept of the tower tarot card is to wake up form the lies or illusions we had. To go after the source of light and embrace the change.

The darkness doesn’t imply of something bad or negative that is about to happen to us, it is more a symbol of the unknown, it is something we have to explore and discover. Furthermore demolition is a part of recreation, if we want to manifest or build something new, we have to smash something old. Like death tarot card meaning, one cycle must be closed in order for the new cycle to begin, similar to death and rebirth. 

What deity is associated with the tower tarot card? There is no specific god or spiritual being, we only see the lightning struck in the dark.

The tower tarot card upright card keywords meaning

The tower tarot card upright card keywords: renovation, damage, catastrophe, accident, unexpected change, false dreams, disconnection, destruction, ego, bad surprise.

Damage and destruction upright keywords: the tower tarot card is mainly about destruction and damage which is part of life. It is usually a negative card foresee bad outcomes you can not run away from. It might be little issue it might be big issue, but it coming towards you and it will not be very comfortable as a situation. The only thing you can do is to endure and hope for better days, don’t let the marks of damage and destruction be permanent, let it pass and build yourself from scratch on stable foundations.

Unexpected change and bad surprise upright keywords: we can not scheme life by a book and hope that everything will go according to the plan. For example we count on people to be there for us in a moment of crisis, but unfortunately they can leave us alone. There is no guarantee in life and some day everything we have worked for whether it is career, relationships and health might be taken from us. Change is inevitable and it is a part of life, change upright keyword is widely discussed on death tarot card, which is the ultimate card symbol of change. 

False dreams and renovation upright keywords: the tower tarot card is an omen of breaking up from false dreams and illusions. Especially if you have been dreaming of unrealistic objectives, or failed to execute a certain master plan. Be realistic, concentrate on actions that will lead you to success and not on fantasies. Vision is a wonderful tool and it will drive you further, but it is not the main goal. If everything is collapsing it is a great time for renovation, meaning building something better and solid which will serve you for long years.

Catastrophe and accident upright keywords: like every negative tarot card so the tower encourage you to be strong when a catastrophe or accident has happened to you. Understand that you already have everything you need to survive in the world. You don’t need to find the answers in other places, rather than your soul.

Disconnection upright keyword: people live in their mind and they think they can solve or do whatever they want without to consider the spirituality or the law of the world itself. Te tower tarot card indicates you need a guidance, not everything is about or because you, there are other factors which influence you. Therefore you have to disconnect from the ego.   

Ego upright keyword: you put so much emphasis on the ego, mind, thought and even the material world. You forgot that there are other important aspects like feelings, emotions and spirituality. By doing it we create false reality, we consider ourselves as the only creators, while the cosmos is actually the ultimate god. The issue is not about you, you are interacting with other people and need to live in a cooperation.   

The tower tarot card reversed keywords meaning

The tower tarot card reversed keywords: volatile situation, sudden change, illness, intellectual, losses, bad environment and obstacles.

Sudden change reversed keywords: the tower tarot card is symbolizing sudden change. The new direction of energy and current of events is there. It doesn’t matter if the card is reversed or upright. Although the images on the card might scare you like in the devil or death tarot card, there is nothing to be afraid of because change is a part of life.

Go along with what life brings you. Don’t be fixated on certain point of views, material object, people and spiritual believes, put all of them on the side and move on with fresh intentions. These elements will only slow you down or take you back to places you don’t want to be, those places weren’t ideal for you in the past.

Volatile situation and losses reversed keywords: the tower tarot card does have some negative energy suggests volatile situations and losses. For instant damage to material objects like cars and houses. Friends, family and lovers you thought to be reliable or trusted, turn out to be the completely untrustworthy.

Don’t make enormous tragedy out of it and take it easy. Because if you will let those volatile situations and minor losses to impact your thoughts, emotions and mind it will distract you from the more important issue in life that needs a closer attention.

Obstacles and illness reversed keywords: like the upright meaning, the reversed position of the tower tarot card predicts obstacles and problems that will enter into your life without any warning. If you can’t outwit them, then the major principal that should guide you is good attitude and positive mindset. Show gratitude to the wonderful thing you do have and don’t pay too much attention for those which you are lack of for example bad health conditions. Also, in most instants the inconvenience is not a ploy against you, it’s just a small period of negative vibrations which eventually will pass. It is also important to note that it those situation you might find epiphany.

Intellectual reversed keyword: the tower tarot card warns us against being too intellectual, over thinking and being caught inside our mind with repetitive thoughts. When it does happen we are losing our connection with the divine. Hence you should trust the law of the universe, accept events which are not as you wish them to be. Be humble as nature is much more power than us, we can’t control or create everything as we imagine. Don’t go out of proportions, you can navigate but within the boundaries of the cosmos laws.

Bad environment reversed keyword: when the tower tarot card is in reversed it might indicates that the chaos is near by, yet not necessary your fault or directed to your action. So if you are not the cause, then just try not to get hit by. Move a side and be quiet don’t make things worse by interfering, let the storm pass without leaving irreversible damage.       

The tower yes or no – tarot card meaning (upright & reversed)

Is the tower card yes or no? We usually treat the tower card as a “no” card because it predict an event that is going to make us upset. However in most cases it is only temporary condition.

Can the tower tarot be positive? The final objective is to change your ways and move you to another direction. So it opens the door to be a “maybe” card and in rare situation even a “yes”, especially when it appears reversed. Remember that the universe has its own mystery, rules and cycles. Good things can happen to bad people and bad things can happen to good people. 

The tower tarot card meaning in love and relationship (upright & reversed)

The upright tower tarot card meaning in love and relationship is usually a break up with ex boyfriend or ex girlfriend and divorce. However it is within your ability to dissolve the misfortune. If you don’t want your marriage or relationship to be over, look at the tower tarot card as a sign to wake up before something is going to go wrong.

In most cases, relationship problems can be resolve if both party are willing to negotiate and find out how each other feels and what’s his or her desire. Always have good communication and clear misunderstanding at the moment it happen.   

When the tower tarot card is reversed and we are doing a psychic reading about relationships, love, soulmate and twin flame, the negative outcomes are less critical to the relationships. However they are still there and need to be addressed before they are growing to a huge barrier. For example: be kind and sensitive to the needs of your husband or wife, listen to their stories, don’t remind their past faults, keep on the romance and etc.

According to the tarot card spread it is your duty to find out how you can improve the communication, and develop the right intuition for the benefit of the relationship. You are on the lead when it comes to reconciliation, so have a broad point of view. Don’t look only about what you want to what is good for you. It is not easy and the progress will take time for sure, so take the time and don’t expect an instant fix.

Single man and woman might encounter new lovers when they are going on dates. However there is an issue of trust which prevents falling in love. These people might hide something about their personality or behavior. It’s not about manipulation, more about being a shame of something. But still they will present you a false mirage.

The tower tarot card: Career work and finances meaning (upright & reversed)

The tower tarot card meaning in career, work, occupation, money and finances, when it pulled in upright position: at work there will be lots of negative energy and bad vibrations. People are going to be very angry and stressed. There is a potential debate with high risk of escalation and also gossip. Keep your profile low, don’t be too sensitive about other people’s opinions and basically focus only at work and not on the co workers.

A sudden change will come, consider what will you do if you will lose your job tomorrow. How can you get back on your feet, how can you continue living the same lifestyle, and more important do you have any other sources of income or saving, for a period that you might be unemployed. Making the right preparations today will save you in the near future.

When the psychic reading is about finances issues, and the tower tarot card is in upright position the meaning is to save your resources. Don’t throw away your capital on shady offers or business, be smart about investing. In addition don’t relay on luck or coincidences to solve monetary issues, focus on hard work.

You are going to get bad news regarding money, something like unexpected expense. Don’t worry too much about it, pay the debt and move on. You can always earn more money in the future, but if you have a problem that need to be solved right now it is not the time to be cheap.      

From time to time the tower tarot card might pop up in a reversed position, when you are conduction a psychic reading regarding work, career and finances. In this case you should take things slowly, the omen try to tell you to understand situations before you act upon them. Because one little slip can generate an unfortunate chain of event. This could have been prevented easily if you would have been in full control on your destiny.

The tower tarot card: Health meaning (upright & reversed)

The health meaning of the tower tarot card when it’s in upright position: your health is about to decline. It can happen slowly or fast, depending on your condition. However the clues have been there for a while. Don’t neglect your body, if there is any medication or other solution, consider taking it.

If the tower card is reversed, the same meaning of the upright position still implies but it’s less strong. Thus, any illness might be less critical, but still shouldn’t be ignored. Avoid physical stress if you know it isn’t good for you, don’t eat food that makes you feel bad and in general take good care of your health condition, because it is at risk to decline.         

The tower tarot card as feelings (upright & reversed)

The tower tarot card as feelings is a shocking surprise at the first phase. The lightning itself is the moment when discover the real truth. The tower itself is symbolizing what we think we already know and usually it’s false. So the upright meaning of the tower tarot card is the feelings between those two statuses.

The big impact is usually negative and might generate bad feelings such as frustration, guilt and fear. But after a while the panic is over and we can feel good about the chain of events as a healing process. Even if the tower tarot card is in a reversed position, it still holds instability and some level of disturbance, so its still confuses us although it is less intense. In moments like this you should control the emotions and not let them guide you because it might interfere with your judgment.

The tower tarot card zodiac sign astrology meaning

In astrology the tower tarot card symbolize by planet mars because of the destruction aspect. Mars is well known for its wars, battles and struggles. In horoscope charts the tower tarot card zodiac sign is usually refers to Aries. The lightening is hitting the top of the tower where the crown is falling, which is symbolizing the head of our physical body.    

The negative aspect of the tower collapsing might also be connected to Scorpio astrological sign. People who share birthday with this star sign usually don’t relax until they get revenge. Other characteristics are heartless, devious, insecurity and resentment.

In addition, Scorpio zodiac sign is related to the autumn season, a period when everything is gloom and basically indicates pessimism and death. On the other hand Aries zodiac sign is the omen of spring season, which is a new beginning, optimism and the creation of life.

Another association to astrology with the falling tower tarot card meaning is the planet Uranus because it symbolizes change. It is also a metaphor of the mind which is symbolize by the falling crown, is leaving the body which is symbolized by the collapsing tower, in order to enter to the gates of heaven. So it is like we are leaving behind us the physical or material world if we want to enter to a new dimension, and we can do it only with our soul.

The tower tarot card number and numerology meaning

In the Major Arcana of the Rider Waite deck, the tower tarot card number is 16 (XVI). In numerology the number 16 represent two main abilities: analysis and spiritual. This fact goes hand with hand with the imagery and symbolism of the tower tarot card. The crown or lightening is the spirit, and the building is the analytical or material representation. 

People who associated with number 16 from birth, name or destiny path usually combine science with mythology. They really love to explain the world through ancient rituals and adapt them to the contemporary era.  

The key number 16 denotes solving problems in efficient way. So if something is going wrong right now in your life, you will probably get over it soon. The same way with the tower card, the storm come unexpectedly but it’s here for a very short time, soon it will be over. You have the ability to make the right decision

16 is also a karmic debt number. It related to our past actions and some psychic even claims to past lives. If you keep on getting this number in tarot spreads, it reveals a very important massage which you shouldn’t ignore. It means there is a lesson you have to learn. And as with the tower tarot card meaning, something need to be changed. 

What tarot card comes after the tower? The star is number 17 in many tarot decks like Thoth and de Marseille. Usually it denotes the hope and the reward you get after coping with the frightening tower as a situation.

The tower tarot card meaning: past, present and future

Past position: your old ways must be erased because they don’t guide you to the place you want and should be. You have big aspirations, yet they are not achievable because the principle or basic core is not firm. Additionally it might be a goose chase, in the end you waste a lot of time and got nothing to little gains.  

Present position: what is the tower moment in tarot? the timing of the tower tarot card is for the present so whatever happens in your life right now is at a huge risk of destruction. It can be related to love, relationships, family, work and health. It might start slow and small and after a while will encompass every aspect in your life. Don’t let it go worse, try to stop it as soon as possible.  

Future position: to manifest a better future you must imagine what you want to have in life. At the moment you are already behind the catastrophe and the future looks very promising. Don’t ruin the divination predictions, keep on the daily routine and don’t get out of the road to success. 

The tower tarot card as a person

Questions like: what he wants, how someone feels about you and how he sees me, can be answered by understanding the personality that associated with the tower.

The tower tarot card as a person is someone who has is extravagating personality. You just can’t ignore their presence and they have high reflection of Aura. They spread lots of energy to the room, most likely to talk loudly and with many hand gestures. Furthermore you will find them with prominent physical appearance which includes clothing style that projects the personality from miles away.

As a persona they can get into troubles really fast, many of them change the mood frequently or saying the things at loud when they shouldn’t. If you have the tower tarot card personality, it is better to think twice before you start to talk. They are good with working in front of people, being in the spot light and like to travel a lot. For example: artists, politics and frontal sales.     

The tower tarot card combinations guide

Why do I keep getting the tower tarot card? There can be many reasons for that. Here are some combinations which will help you to interpret the meaning in a spread:

The tower and death tarot combination is a double negative. The tower is the obstacle you are facing right now and death is the end of the obstacles. After the end of the cycle you will have an opportunity to fix everything as you desire.

Tower and justice tarot card together reveals that you got out of control and the consequences will impact you very soon.

Tower and judgment tarot combination indicates a sudden realization. You have discovered what is the cause for all your suffering or bad karma. Implement those decisions in your life to avoid misfortune in the near future.  

The chariot and the tower tarot card meaning is about inner struggle. You want to move forward but there are things that disturbing you. You are in a position where you have control on some factors but also don’t have control on everything. So the best advice in those situations is to do what you can and don’t resist outer factors.

Queen of wands indicates inner wisdom and the basic instinct you have. Therefore when you are in a crisis like suggests with the tower tarot card, trust your gut feeling.

The magician tarot card is an omen of teaching. After the negative effect of the tower you will gain wisdom that will serve you every day and in future endeavors.

The wheel of fortune is your karma. If you also have the tower card it means that bad things are going to happen to you. You might still have time to reversed the destiny and if not, than try to get up fast. The wheel is turning and on the next time you might be at the positive side.

The world is a positive sign, it signified ending of a cycle on a good note. Regarding the tower it depends where it appears in the psychic reading. So the disaster might be in the past or in the future.

The lovers and the tower tarot card in relationships don’t indicate a good future. The relationship is more likely to encounter problems by definition, which might result in a break up. As a decision in mean you didn’t make the right choice, you still need to learn or to change your perspective.

The hierophant is your guidance at those moments when everything looks gloom. So if you are at a crossroad, you need some guide who will teach you or show you the right way.

Temperance is about being balanced and not getting things out of control. But you didn’t follow this advice, hence you will meet the tower card, which means overall that a disaster will come. It might also suggest you had some testing or experiments and the results are not satisfying, so think about a better solution.

The fool tarot card reveals a new beginning as an explorer of the world. But it comes with a critical warning, usually the fool is not aware of all the necessary details and facts. He is operating more on experiencing and less on knowledge, so he might also have some bad outcomes.

Knight of cups denotes a good offer or message, however if you will misinterpret, it might cause a little chaos. Or in other words, be careful of what you are getting or hearing from people because the truth might be far away from what is represented to you.

Knight of swords is a logical person who is trying to solve any problem with the mind. But the tower is the complete opposite it is the soul over the matter. Therefore you shouldn’t limit yourself only to one school of thought. Life is more complicated than science alone can explain. 

Page of cups is trying to imply that you don’t have the emotional maturity to cope with misadventure. You should work on skills and self confidence to be much stronger from the inside.  

Strength suggests you try to control your emotions and feelings. However you don’t always manage to do so. And when an outer tragedy is happening it still leaves marks on you.

The high priestess is all about secrets and non action like bad crone witches and enchantress. The tower is the sudden catalyst that forces you to change direction. This tarot cards combination also reveals the fact that you have secrets and you are going to explode if you will not share them with close friends and family.

The hermit is telling you that you need to find the light, the answers to your questions and the spiritual destiny. The light of the tower is destructive, it’s not something you need to follow but to get away from it, and to find the solution alone in other places.

The devil tarot card reveal a disturbing picture where you can change your habits, you feel stuck and have lots of excuses why you want to remain in this unhealthy position. The tower is your karma. A sudden event will force you to move from your place. Don’t take it as a bad sign, nevertheless as a chance to grow. 

The star explained as the hope or the compass, maybe one day you will get a reward for your endurance in difficult time. It can also denote that you detach yourself from old notions or the physical body or materialism and now you are more spiritual and flow with the energy of the world.

The moon is the deceptive factor that causes the tower to collapse. There was some kind of information hidden from you and lead you to take the wrong steps. Maybe the answer was already there but you refused to look at it. Now when things are getting intense you finally understood the situation.

The sun tarot card is the bright light of knowledge and truth. It hasn’t been discovered at the dark night of the falling tower, but when the morning comes you have been able to see where you are standing and how to continue your journey from the current spot.

The empress tarot card is always a good omen. The feminine energy of fertility, pregnancy, love and nature will be with you, although right now you are facing hardship.

The tower tarot card is a piece of inspirational art. You can find many variations of it on tapestry featuring the tower and gargoyle on top of it, poster, t shirt and even a bumper sticker.

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