The world tarot card meaning upright reversed keywords guide

The world tarot card meaning is the final ending. The cycle is finished with positive outcomes. Everything has come together and it creates good feelings of accomplishment.

The world tarot card upright card keywords: successful conclusions, visions, spirituality, achievement, fulfillment, satisfaction, dreams and possibilities.

The world tarot card reversed keywords: stagnation, blockage, delayed success, failed plans, lack of completion, miss opportunity, burden and obligation. 

the world tarot card meaning

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The world tarot card meaning and symbolism guide

What does the world tarot card mean? In this section of the guide we will go through all the symbolism of the world tarot card description, which is mainly about succeeding and completing achievements.

Lady: at the center of the world tarot card we notice a figure of an enchantress woman without clothing. She is associated with hermaphrodite symbolism this means an integration or balance between masculine and feminine energies. Furthermore the fool who begun the journey is usually an omen of the masculine energy and the world is the feminine at the end of the long trip.

The lady is dancing in the air because she is happy, she is very lightweight so she can do whatever she wants. Saturn is the planet of karma and it delivers her good fortune. The hidden message is that the spirit is inside everything, even or to be more exact especially in our body, mind and soul. Spirituality triumph the material objects and this is why she is flying freely up in the sky.    

The right foot is stretched straight downwards to show the connection to the ground or earth. The left foot is slightly up and denote the uplifting spirit and the relation to deities at heaven. This card encourages us to forget the personality or who we are and to realize that we are a part of something bigger. Hence we need to be less egoistic or individual and care more about nature, helping people and develop spiritual revelation. 

The four beings: at the every corner of the card there is a being or creature very similar to those who appeared on the wheel of fortune tarot card. They are associated with the zodiac signs Leo, Taurus, Aquarius and Scorpio. Together they symbolize material, inspiration, humanity guidance and intuition. The four beings are correlated with the signs of the suits of the Minor Arcana: swords, cups, wands and pentacles. So if you want to change or transform you have to shift the point of view on life and more important to take an action or intentions in a different direction.

These beings, deities or even creatures are outside from the circle because they shouldn’t be attached to us too much. If we take one of them and focus only on it, than we miss other aspects of life. For examples: if we have huge aspiration but we don’t act upon them, or being too materialistic or too dreamy, being too sensitive or lack of emotional intelligence.

Circle: is the mark of the deity, sending the information that there is a greater reason for us being on earth. It is assembled from two half green circles which are entwined with red fabric at the top and bottom and forming the number zero. The opposites are now together in harmony and no one can tear it apart. Each one of them is the exact mirror image of the other.

It is also a door or a portal to another world or dimension. The lady is acting like a nice gatekeeper or guardian between them. It represents heaven, hell, spirits, souls and life on distance stars or galaxies. It is a sign of birth as well and not only an end as one might think, the circle is a never ending continuation.      

Scarf: because of the grey scarf we can not know for sure if the figure is male or female. And there is a reason why it is like that in the picture. This is because of many reasons. First, creation is a mystery although we think we know how everything works and operate, there are still things we haven’t figure out yet, and it will take more then thousands of years for get the revelation.

Seconds, the cosmos is built upon more female energy rather than masculine, there are many examples for this phenomenon at nature. Furthermore the female aspect of any personality is more opened to absorb and receive who we truly are. The scarf is painted in dark hues. Darkness is not bad it is essential part because without the color black, white can not born. So there is nothing to be afraid of, on the contrary we need to embrace it.     

Wands: at the world tarot card the hermaphrodite is holding two white wands. It is not a magical wand as seen on the magician tarot card, they are symbol of balance, progress and remembering the past. In a way these objects can hold an interpretation of time travel.

The world tarot card meaning is wisdom which gained during a long quest. It is the ultimate spiritual enlightenment or achievement. Not only from personal perspective but you also help the world to be a better place to more people. There is no longer separation between you and any other element, you became everything and everything has become you. It indicates living at the present moment, not concerning about the past nor the future, a state of mind that is similar to meditation.

The world tarot card is coming with a small warning as well: don’t get caught in a loop if it doesn’t make you happy. If you want to have better or different results something need to be changed immediately.

What deity is associated with the world tarot card? The Hindi god called Shiva is also called a dancer, but according to the scribes he is dancing at a cave. Moreover there are statues showing him in the exact pose while inside a circle. It is also associated with Saturn as a planet but also as the God on wisdom and knowledge. 

The world tarot card upright card keywords meaning

The world tarot card upright card keywords: successful conclusions, visions, spirituality, achievement, fulfillment, satisfaction, dreams and possibilities.

Fulfillment and satisfaction upright keywords: You are going to close a circle or have a closure, it will be ended very well and there will also be some kind of transformation. You will notice that the point of view has changed, things that where unclear in the past are suddenly making sense. There will be an acceptance of other people’s opinions and way of life, it doesn’t mean you have been wrong all the time, but it indicates you are welcoming and accepting new ideas as the lesson has been learnt. Maybe you will choose another path which is very distance from the old one.

Dreams and possibilities upright keywords: the world tarot card is a door to manifest dreams, it shows the possibilities which are endless and most of them are really good. In divination it denotes positive outcomes, however it isn’t going to be free or as a reward, it will require toil. Don’t let this to discourage the spirit, keep on living on high vibrations and the stars will align for success. Dreams can really come truth it all depends on how much we want them and what we are willing to sacrifice.

Successful conclusions and achievement upright keywords: the main world tarot card meaning is successful and achievement, usually the progress is already in motion. Therefore it is a time to relax and enjoy the reward. Yet, it will not last forever as a new quest is right over the corner. The success is not definite as it might be blocked for example if negative cards are appearing on the same psychic reading like seven of swords and nine of swords. Don’t feel like you have been left outside or never enter the desired phase, it just means there a little struggle to overcome.

Visions and spirituality upright keywords: the world tarot card is a message fro deities that you are being more spiritual and gaining psychic abilities. The card itself shows a door or a portal to another world. You will have visions and signs that something much bigger is going on. The answer will not be revealed so soon, thus document everything that looks magical or strange. It might be prophetic dreams, unexplained coincidences, new people and event that suddenly appear from nowhere and than disappear. To decipher the mystery find a guide or a mentor or share these experiences with someone who is very open minded and understanding.

The world tarot card reversed keywords meaning

The world tarot card reversed keywords: stagnation, blockage, delayed success, failed plans, lack of completion, miss opportunity, burden and obligation. 

Burden and obligation reversed keywords: you actually feel the burden of the world on yourself. It is like everyone needs you, there are lots of things to be done and there is not enough time, resources or energy to do it all at once. The advice in this situation is to take less obligations, don’t committee to things that are not important or crucial right not. Furthermore it is recommended to get help with some issues until the phase will be much calmer.

Stagnation and blockage reversed keywords: in divination and psychic readings the world tarot card is a great auspice of progress. However when it is in reversed position it indicates stagnation and blockage. The dream might come truth, it is within a grasp of hand and yet something is blocking the accomplishment. In times like this stay focus and don’t let it to demoralize the spirit. It is also advice to get some help, there is nothing to be a shame of everyone needs a little aid from time to time.

Delayed success and failed plans reversed keywords: things don’t always going according to the plans. Sometimes it happens because of us and sometimes due to external influences. The worst step is to quit because with this action you cancel all past efforts. As long as you go on there is still a chance to achieve the goal. Be tolerant as the success might be only delayed for a while.

Lack of completion and miss opportunity reversed keywords: the world tarot card encourage you to continue until the final end. Many people find themselves coming second best or miss the whole opportunity in the last minute. The battle hasn’t over till the goal is achieved. Everything you did so far was a preparation for future event, so use these skills and experiences in your favor.

The world tarot card in reversed means that when you encounter a blockage, you need to stop and think how to solve it. Therefore slow down and calculate the actions from the beginning until there is a result, but it never says to rest or to quit.

The world yes or no – tarot card meaning (upright & reversed)

Is the world yes or no tarot card? With all the positive meanings and images in this card, it is no surprising why the card is a “yes” answer to almost all the questions. In the upright set, right side up, the near future is usually vey promising and there are potentially indicators for this at the present moment. Basically everything is coming together to one moment in time in which you fulfill the primary goal. It can be materials reward but also a spiritual insight.     

However when the world is in reversed or inverted it indicates a “no” answer. This is not definite and it shouldn’t disappoint us because the good energy is still there but it doesn’t interact with us on a positive note. It could be that you are blocking it by having limiting believes, it might also be a result of external influences which we don’t have control over them. Either way it is a sign to rethink the actions and sometimes to wait a little bit until the negative energies will pass away.

The world tarot card meaning in love and relationship (upright & reversed)

The world tarot card meaning in love and relationship is a wonderful card to get especially for single men and women. It predicts meeting twin flame or the soulmate you have been waiting for a long time. If you are on house move, traveling and exploring new territories than it potentially happen there. The randomness of the universe is going to bring the two of you together. There is a mall window of opportunity and it must be grabbed in both hands once you spot it. 

For married couples the world tarot card meaning is also very promising in the upright position. The relationship is going to be much meaningful and deep, there is a potential of progress to a higher level spirituality, physically or emotionally.

This card is a good sign when it comes to romance questions like: What someone thinks of you? Will he contact me? What someone wants? How someone sees you? How someone feels about you? Does he miss me? And does he love me? Because it signifies the unification of feminine and masculine energies. It is a complete match between man and a woman like in other tarot cards like the lovers and the two of cups.

Sometimes the world tarot card might show up in reversed. If this is the case than couples and married people are stuck which symbolize end of relationship. Beware it will not end in divorce, break up or disconnecting from ex lover. The love is still there and also the friendship but it doesn’t progress into anything. The routine is destroying the interaction between soulmates and twin flames. Consequently light the spark of attraction again, go on a first date even if you already know each other for years now. Try a vacation, travel or a trip to distant and exotic location. Once you both are having fun together the relationship potentially go back to the track.

Singles who pull the world tarot card should be friendlier, trusted and open minded if they truly wants to meet a twin flame that will lead to marriage. It means to give a second chance for a person even if he or she doesn’t looks like the perfect type or match. The card also inspires the person to be out there because the more people you meet the more opportunities you will have. Some will be total failures and only few of them will be successful. This shouldn’t discourage you as it is all part of the game of love.

The world tarot card: Career work and finances meaning (upright & reversed)

In a career, work and finances reading, the world tarot card meaning is that people don’t appreciate you enough. In most instances it indicate low payment in exchange for long hours, or someone is taking the credit, or someone else is being promoted even if he or she aren’t as professional as you.

As the lady in the world card image is dancing at the center, so you need to show off a little bit, don’t live in the shadows and get the recognition you deserved, especially if you manage a small business. Furthermore get information about what is the best way to complete task in a specific occupation. For example teaching or learning new tips and tricks, ask colleagues from other companies how they are dealing with career problems and obstacles.

If all hope is lost and you just cant see how to continue in this place than start to look for a new job. Sometimes when we make a small change like moving to another place it turn all our life upside down in a good way. Don’t decline job interviews and offers because they might be very lucky possibilities.

In the upright position there is no lack of money, so if you don’t have enough the universe will send it in a mysterious method. Although the card is about enjoyment and having fun, don’t through away or finish all the resources at once. Think a head to the future as crossing the battle is not completely over. New possibilities even if they are good might contain bad moments as well, so save money for a rainy day.   

The world tarot card in reversed indicates that your potential is much bigger than the contemporary job. You deserved to get more in this life so don’t undervalue what you have to offer to the world. You can get more money and better conditions in any occupation you may choose. The one thing that interferes in the way is that you don’t appreciate yourself as a person who can contribute a lot.

If you don’t have a clue about what is your best skill it is advised to undergo many new ideas, getting education and develop new capabilities. Another route is to think about what you like to do the most, without taking into consideration the monetary aspect. When someone is doing what he or she loves than money will follow them after the prosperity.  

The world tarot card: Health meaning (upright & reversed)

In the upright position the health is usually very good. The world tarot card is giving a hint to try alternative treatments or different kind of healthy lifestyles. The world tarot card by its name suggest to learn how other cultures are curing or improving their bodies. In distance cultures it usually done in a spiritual way by shamans. It doesn’t mean to stop conventional medicine but to be more open minded to other methods. Sometimes it might predict pregnancy and fertility.

In reversed position the world tarot card signified an obstruction mentally or physically which is not very well for the health. Set yourself free from old paradigms because in today’s age there are many new treatments and advanced knowledge about cures and treatments. There are many different professional people you can ask and maybe one of them will give you the best solution for health issues.

The world tarot card as feelings (upright & reversed)

The world tarot card as feelings is usually a good sign if it shows up upright during the psychic reading. It denotes happy feelings like when we have happy ending in a movie: pride, joy, hope, inspiration, gratitude, serenity and amusement.

The world tarot card is about ending a chapter or a phase. What is over will not come back in the same form. It is a door to a new beginning but the future will be different than the past. So although we have accomplished a mission we might still be nostalgic or yearn for past memories. This situation might create negative feelings like sadness and they are amplified when the card is in reversed position.

Because of this confusion it is much recommended to look at some more cards from the deck to verify the meaning as feelings. In most cases the worst feeling it imply is not willing to let go of the good time we had in the past.    

The world tarot card zodiac sign astrology meaning

The world tarot card zodiac sign is not definite and it can be one of many possibilities and birthday key dates. For an example the four symbols of Leo, Taurus, Aquarius and Scorpio appears on each corner of the card.

Planet Neptune is also associated with the world tarot card because it represents the ultimate and most bold inspiration personality trait. Overall it denotes spirituality and giving ourselves permission to dream, enjoy magic and believe in psychic abilities. Because of this we can relate Pisces as well to the card.   

When we are speaking about astrology charts it is usually related to Saturn planet. This is a big and slow planet in our solar system, it represent wisdom and hard work and reminds us that we have limits. If we want to break them than it will take lots of labor and time, it will not happen in one day so be patient. Capricorn and Aquarius horoscope signs are ruled by Saturn.

In many myths, legends and folk stories Saturn is also a gatekeeper of heaven but other worlds as well. It is a deity, God or Goddess that we have to encounter or visit if we travel between the different dimensions of the universe. 

The world tarot card number and numerology meaning

The world tarot card number is 21 (XXI) in the Major Arcana tarot decks of Thoth, Rider Waite and de Marseille. It is also the last one which closing the fool’s journey. In numerology number 21 indicates all energies are colliding together and generate good outcomes.

Number 21 encourage us to be in constant transformation and never rest, to embrace the unknown and search for wild adventures. It includes being open minded and not rejecting new ideas, because they might be very useful in the near future. So say yes to new challenges, build hopes and not fears. 21 is related to number 3 as well because 2+1=3. Number three is about fresh energies and vibrations. As a personality it signifies being eccentric, leader or a performer. And indeed we see on the card a picture of a woman dancing.    

The world tarot card meaning: past, present and future

Past position: the world tarot card meaning in the past is relatively fine. Even though the road wasn’t simple you made it so far. There were lots of ups and down but also nice memories and small accomplishments as well. You built a strong character and it will be beneficial in many future situations.   

Present position: might denote not being versatile enough to the new path or change in life. Sometimes when we got what we wanted we find out that it is not similar to what we have expected. Reality and fantasy don’t always go hand with hand, the think we have in our minds are usually much pretty or nice than the actual physical reality. Don’t dismiss your prosperity just because it is not one hundred percent of what you though it is.

Future position: in divination the world tarot card suggests nothing is over yet. Yes you are experiencing success and joy right now, but a new chapter is going to take a place. One cycle is closed and the other one has already been opened. It is going to be something bigger and meaningful than the previous one, and it hold a wonderful opportunity as well.   

The world tarot card as a person

The world tarot card as a person is very unique because it signifies someone who is very aware of the scene he or she at. They see the prospective in any situation and can use it for their own benefit and success in life. Very similar to the magician tarot card personality who can manifest everything.

Understanding the world tarot card as a person or persona might shed light on questions like: What someone thinks of you, will he contact me, what someone wants, how someone sees you, how someone feels about you, does he miss me and does he love me.

You can not break them emotionally, they are very resilience and tolerant. After any catastrophe they stand on the feet and can go on, like a cat that is always landing on it four legs. As a person they have deep sense of humanitarianism, good help and the yearning to help those who are in trouble. Someone who is related to the world tarot card energy is a person who live for today and don’t worry to much about tomorrow, they have faith and self confidence that any outcome will be wonderful.

The world tarot card combinations guide

Keep pulling the world tarot card? Here are some combinations to see how it interact with different cards from the deck:

Wheel of fortune and the world tarot card combination doesn’t indicate a good fortune although both of them are very positive cards to get in a psychic reading. The element in which we should take a note is that the wheel of fortune can indicate bad outcomes if you did bad things in the past. There is no forgiveness and the payment for bad actions will be charged.

The fool is the closest card to the world even if their numbers are different and there are 21 different cards between them. The fool’s journey is the beginning and the world is the end. Together they are an endless cycle. So whatever the situation is you are having a reflection of what you have done until now. It is much suggests preparing to the next journey because it is right over the corner.  

The moon might indicate that the reward or success is not what you though would be. In reality you went so far and you are not satisfied with the results even if they a good. Learn to appreciate the wonderful things we have on earth. Another interpretation might be a delusion or chasing after things that doesn’t make you happy. This is because you didn’t take the time to define thoroughly what the desired goals are. If you are looking for help this is an excellent time to consult a guru or a master.   

The star is the symbol of hope. You knew all this time that the world, cosmos, spirits and angel are with you, guiding and helping to overcome mistakes and bad feelings. In the end you made it and now you have greater hope than ever before.

The sun and the world are both positive omens of a new morning and together it means you are unbreakable. It might indicate being very popular figure, or respected member of a certain community. The accomplishment has some fame in it, there is a chance of being popular and liked by huge group of people. 

The emperor signification is a natural leader. However it doesn’t happen all in one day, it is something that needs to be developed and nurture through the years. So yes, life will take you on a lead to be someone who is very powerful. You will get to choose in which field it would be: work, spirituality, military, politics, hobbies and etc. figure out your passion and you will leave a mark in the history of this topic.

Judgement tells you to be focus on what you want to achieve, were you want to be and in general how to reorganize life. The world is a sign of opulence after the effort is done. In other words, decide what to do than finish it until the end and the outcomes might be glorious.

The lovers and the world tarot card combination meaning is unification or reconciliation. If you had a break up in the past or married for a long time, the combination denotes good synergy between masculine and feminine energy.

Strength definition denotes being fearless when there is a crisis, not giving up and going all the way. The world is the good things than are waiting for you when concurring those bad feelings. Basically it is a gate for a better place.   

The chariot tarot card combination meaning is about not stopping and continues on going in one direction without shortcuts. Extreme focus until mission accomplished. At the end of the trip there will be a great prize.

Ace of cups is about feeling good however with the world it might be only temporary, because more adventures are waiting and we still don’t have information how they will be. The combination also implies on spiritual trip in far lands and meeting interesting people with a handful of knowledge.   

Ace of swords is a divine intervention which will let you to cut the unbeneficial stuff from life like negative people, meaningless objects and bad habits. The world tarot card is signifying the importance of this change in related to body, mind and soul.

Ace of wands is moving forward with ideas and new insights. This will be very useful in the future. It denotes that you actually able to see the world differently, like you enter a new portal or reality in which things look uniquely. Getting access to information and secrets as a part of learning or seeking the true.   

Death itself is bad ending and the world is a good ending but on a positive note because it give us the chance to start all over again. These two cards combined together give us hope for better outcomes.

The empress tells us to sit comfortable and enjoy the fruits of our hard work. With the world it indicates to wait and not go on new endeavors right now. Not because it will not be successful but because it is also important to have some fun and good rest in life. The present moment will charge you with fresh energy which will aid you be more vital in the future. 

Queen of swords appearance in a reading spread is very good at looking on all the details and putting them together. The world is the completion of the bigger picture. Another interpretation is having rough life in the past which make you resilient damages and destruction.   

Queen of cups is a message to follow the heart. Be less judgemental and take only the right action that will lead you to happiness. Ignore self doubt and negative people who try to put you down.

Queen of wands is about taking risks which will be very fruitful. Don’t be afraid to talk to people, learn from them and ask for advice. If you want something than be around the right people who will push you through the problems.

Justice is all about order and laws, so if you’ll follow them the wealth is almost guarantee. It is not a good time to take unwanted risks, just keep on doing what you do now because the current path is right one. 

The magician has the same wand as the hermaphrodite is holding. This is a symbol of connection between earthly affairs and the spiritual once. Balance and harmony with the cosmos.

Eight of cups is about realization the same with the world tarot card. However with the eight of cups it’s related to inner issues and with the world it’s about circumstances or external influences. Either way you are entering a new phase so keep on being optimistic for maximum results. 

Eight of wands denotes quick timing and ending to the current phase. You falsely thought that there is more effort to be done but in fact the action is enough and the result will come much sooner.

Seven of swords is about refusing to realize that the current cycle needs to be end. Maybe you feel that someone ended it for you, or it wasn’t out of your control, maybe you wanted to have a little bit of fun. Right now it doesn’t matter the most crucial thing is to move on to a higher level.

Seven of wands encourage you to be more decisive, to know exactly what you want and don’t it anyone else to change your mind. With the world tarot card it suggest that it is a great time to trust only your heart and the universe will take care of all the needs.

Six of wands is about being royal hero and famous, you will get recognition from the people. It is also an omen for good news and it combines great with the world tarot card.

Four of swords means retreating for a while, it is a temporary situation where you want to go away, think or maybe meditate. You just need to rest and have clear mind before you can continue focusing about the grand mission which will be very constructive.

Five of cups you are sad because you had fun until now and you don’t want it to be over. On a positive note you have great memories which will inspire you to seek the same pleasure in the future.

Five of wands indicates that the battle is not over yet, even though you are really close to the finish line. You have competitors and other rivals who want to take your spot. There will be a delay in delivering output and time of uncertainty.

Nine of swords is the hesitation, procrastination and endless thinking about outcomes. It creates loops of thought that are never ending and doesn’t go any good for you, it is just paralyzing you from creating and doing what you know you should. Listen to the world tarot card meaning and move on with life.

The world tarot card is a beautiful picture on several decks like Rider Waite, Thoth, Visconto-Sforza and de Marseille. Its image can be found on many modern artwork and also daily objects such as: Tapestry, poster, jewelry, gift certificates, necklace, tattoo, phone case, notebook and books covers, shirt, design, drawing and even on carnival theme.

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