Three of cups tarot card meaning guide upright reversed keywords

Three of cups tarot card meaning is celebration and accomplishment of specific goal. It usually signifies the reward after a long and hard journey. Furthermore it denotes happy time, positive energy and even fertility and pregnancy.

Three of cups tarot card upright card keywords: reunion, reconciliation, celebration, party, spirituality, holiness, happiness, quality time, community and group.

Three of cups tarot card reversed keywords: Shallow life, negativity, isolation, segregation, failure attempt, disruption, deviant scheme, misuse, infertility and overuse.

three of cups tarot card meaning

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Three of cups tarot card meaning and symbolism guide

What does three of cups tarot card mean? The three of cups tarot card meaning is explained through the analysis of symbolism. Every symbol has a meaning and together they are guiding us clearly to the whole concept of the three of cups. In this guide you will see how the main theme is about celebration, good feelings, community and spirituality.

Three people: at the center of the three of cups tarot card there are three figures who are celebrating. They are all females and therefore they are a symbol of fertility. So psychic interpret this communal as a revelation of pregnancy but it means creation, new ideas and innovation as well.

Colors: the lady and the center with her back towards us is wearing red garment and the woman at her left side is wearing white clothes. Red and white are repeated color combination is many tarot cards from the deck. It symbolizes contrast between purity and excitement. In this case it explained how two different elements are being combined into one powerful component.

The third woman on the right side of the three of cups tarot card is wearing red shirt and white skirt, she is the mixture of the previous two. She is depicted as better than the other ladies because she has all their values and qualities together. There is also signification of her being at the right side of the picture. The right side is all about higher power, moral attribute, femininity and beauty.   

The emphasis is about group effort, so it teach us lesson of doing thing together and not as a lonely person. A group of people can support and help each other as well so if they are dedicated to one mission there is a greater chance to finish it positively.

The skies or the background of the three of cups tarot card is light green. This color put of fresh atmosphere indicating a new beginning, hope for good days, creativity and sometimes a birth of a child. These positive keywords are going hand in hand with the main scenario of the celebration.

The ground is in yellow color, the exact hue of the two of cups tarot card, we see here sequence of events with good outcomes. Yellow is an omen of spiritual enlightenment because it is related to the sun. And indeed with the sun tarot card we also saw many positive symbolism.  

Party: the women are celebrating with each other, they are all engaged in the activity and everyone is participating. No one is left at the corner and there is no person who is doing something else rather than happily dancing together. The faces are facing toward each other and the bodies are position in shape of a circle. The scenario designates sharing the time with the important people in our lives like family, friends and twin flames.

Everyone has its own place in the party the ladies are not merging into undistinctive crowd. It truly teaches us that every person has a role or specific mission in life. It is good idea to get help sometimes if needed but overall we are the only ones who responsible for our lives whether it is success or failure.

Garden: the party is taking at a garden which symbolizes paradise. It was commonly known that gardens created by God as secret places in which deities and angels from heaven can guide and meet us the humans there. They are mirroring the Garden of Eden from heaven and suggest spiritual connection with the divine.

Fruits: on the ground there are many fruits. Most of them are pumpkins and grapes but we can notice shapes of apples and oranges as well.

Pumpkins symbolism denotes harvest because it takes long time and lots of effort for the farmer to grow them. They are usually proudly displayed on autumn festivals, again a clue of celebration and joy. The more pumpkin a farmer have the more he or she shows their success especial if they are in big sizes.

Grapes are the symbol of luxury because in many mythic stories the gods are described eating this food. In many culture people believe they bring good luck. However over use of them can be associated with bad luck. The Greek deity Dionysus was the god of wine and he had questionable habits and frequent mood swing after excessive drinking. So we also have a little hint not to party too much but keep on moderation.

Grapes are also a symbol of community, social groups, friendships, relationships and marriage. This is because they are growing together on the same cluster. In addition they all look the same as they have the exact shape, size and color, so there is no place for the individual to stand out, only to be conform to the group.        

Three of cups tarot card upright card keywords meaning

Three of cups tarot card upright card keywords: reunion, reconciliation, celebration, party, spirituality, holiness, happiness, quality time, community and group.

Reunion and reconciliation upright card keywords: while the three of cups tarot imply a reunion with ex lover or lost soulmate from the past, it might be any kind of reunion that doesn’t related to love and romance at all. You are going to meet someone you hadn’t seen for a long time, the interaction will have a purpose for example work, business or mutual hobbies, spiritual path and communal life.

There is something specific that you and the person from the past need to accomplish together for the benefits of all. Furthermore it might as well be someone new or a person you already know but didn’t consider as a partner because he didn’t revealed a certain aspect.

Celebration and party upright card keywords: sometimes the simple interpretation in tarot reading is right before our eyes and we shouldn’t go very deep to predict the future. The card is featured main image of celebration so this is what you are going to have. Note that it doesn’t mean to celebrate alone, there will be other people and they have some kind of relation to the journey you went through. Wild party is a symbol of union and may be related to love in form of engagement, marriage, new born baby, living together at the same house honey moon and etc.  

Spirituality and holiness upright card keywords: as mentioned before in the three of cups tarot card symbolism guide, beautiful gardens are portals or gate to the divine in heaven. Moreover the three figures can be interpreted as having a sacred ceremony and they are raising the cups to the sky. Hence, we conclude that it is an omen for being more spiritual but the journey should be alone like with the hermit tarot card. Find a group of some guides that will show you the way. 

Happiness and quality time upright card keywords: the three of cups tarot card is suggesting more fun and enjoyment rather than working, struggling and trying to accomplish something that is very tiring or exhausting. It is the desire of the soul to rest and be more with people and less on a journey. It also about being happy near people, forget about competition, racing and see others as enemies or contestant against you.

Another aspect of the three of cups is that it encourages us to be looser and not taking things too seriously. Even if you think you are dealing with a big challenge, don’t treat it like a challenge at all, think of it is a fun task. When we are relaxed we are less anxious resulting the functioning to be sharper.

Community and group upright card keywords: the three of cups tarot card urge us not to be alone. Basically the human kind is a social creature, thus it doesn’t matter if you are introvert or a social butterfly everyone need someone beside him or her. There are many opportunities in which you can meet new friends and even a soulmate, it can happen at work, school, party, hobbies and basically everywhere there is an activity of people.

Three of cups tarot card reversed keywords meaning

Three of cups tarot card reversed keywords: Shallow life, negativity, isolation, segregation, failure attempt, disruption, deviant scheme, misuse, infertility and overuse.

Shallow life and negativity reversed keywords: the three of cups is a warning sign means that you are not too serious about what is happening in your life. Maybe you have values that don’t serve you well, maybe the friendships you form don’t generate close bonding. The worse part is to be a shallow person that he or she doesn’t have anything deep to offer to the world. The symptom is clearly shows that you don’t know yourself well and haven’t search for your special talent yet.

Isolation and segregation reversed keywords: when the card is upside down the interpretation is all about being alone. More often than not we don’t find the common ground with people and we just want to get away from them. It is rational and good decision not to be where bad things are happening. However, on the other side, we can not shut ourselves completely and be alone. So if the card shows ups reversed in a psychic reading, do an extra effort to meet more people which will be your good friends as well.

Failure attempt and disruption reversed keywords: there is disharmony in your life, everything you are touching is just turn to be negative. Plans and things you wanted to achieve just don’t manifest. The intentions might be good but down the road it leads to failure. The current mission is to detect why it went to the wrong direction. Occasionally we find that the responsibility is always on us and maybe we let other people to play with us for their own manipulative interests. If this is the case than learn from the situation and be more resilient to external influences.    

Deviant scheme and misuse reversed keywords: there is no success when the card is reversed, and even if there is than someone else took the credit and left you outside of the equation. Someone took and advantage of you or cheated in dishonesty. You are not part of the group or a project or an event. For example a group of friends went to a restaurant without inviting you. And the worst is that you found out later they have been doing it for few weeks ok months now.     

Infertility and overuse reversed keywords: the three of cups inverted meaning is not being creative or productive and this is why it holds the keywords infertility. However if you are planning a pregnancy it doesn’t says it won’t happen, it is more related to ideas and action taking. The card suggests that you party too much, trying to maximize your enjoyment and participating in overuse of substances that are not very healthy. In this manner it is similar to the interpretation of the upright devil tarot card. 

Three of cups yes or no – tarot card meaning (upright & reversed)

Is the three of cups yes or no tarot card? The answer is “yes”. With all the positive energy in the upright position we see in the specific card elements it denotes good time, optimism and success. This is true especially when you ask a psychic about connections and relationships between people. If you are on a personal quest it also indicates “yes” but the success will be depended on other people as well.

Nevertheless when the card is revered the interpretation is absolutely “no”. In this instance it reveals a problematic situation of not interacting in harmony with the environment. Usually being misplaced in big community or being an outsider. The “no” is here to warn you about doing things in the wrong way and especially gives a hint to stop partying too hard because there will be serious implication in the near future.

Three of cups tarot card meaning in love and relationship (upright & reversed)

Three of cups tarot card meaning in love and relationship is a good sign especially when the card is at the upright position.

Some psychic interpret the love aspect of the three of cups as reconciliation. Many people around the world are hoping to get back to their ex lover whether it is ex boyfriend, ex girlfriend, ex husband or ex wife. But the truth to the matter is that there is no warranty for such thing to happen. It is possible but doesn’t definitely imply so. The fact that the good energy is there it doesn’t mean all your wishes will come true. So don’t set yourself for disappointment and shuttered dreams.

Likewise if you are single who is looking to find love or relationship with a significant person like twin flame or soulmate, be the one with the initiative. Get around more candidates for love by going on dates and being more social. The best plan is to be an event organizer of parties and meet ups for singles. Expanding social circles and connections with people will expedite things up.

For couples the three of cups tarot card indicates the influence of friends, certain forum and social groups in certain location on your relationship. It means that you and your twin flame must get along also with the friends around. It doesn’t matter if they are your friends or the spouse’s friend the interaction must be flowing or it might be a threat on the relationship.

When the three of cups tarot card is reversed or inverted it means short term relationships especially if you are single at the moment. This is not going to be a strong bond that will last for eternity. It is just for now, it has the aspects of fun only, not being serious and in general there is a big incompatibility between both of you.

As a couple the reversed card is bad omen when we consider the circle of friends. You just don’t get along with your soulmate`s friends and vice versa. When you are alone with your twin flame everything is fine and great, but when there are other people around, and especially her or his friends the differences between you two are really obvious. Basically there is no good connection in that circle and they are expecting you to do things you don’t like, for example hanging out at boring places.

This leads us to the biggest advice and warning of the three of cups tarot card: love triangle or being unfaithful. “Two’s company, three’s a crowd” when we are in a serious relationship every person who invade into the intimacy frame of the couple might have bad influences even if they are not intent to create them initially.      

Three of cups tarot card: Career work and finances meaning (upright & reversed)

The three of cups tarot card is related to work, career, occupation and finances as well. When the card is in the upright position the basic interpretation is success in everything that related to money.

Because the fact that we see fruits in the tarot card you are going to have abundance of money. For example promotion at work, prosperity in small business and success at the stock exchange. Basically there is no shortage of money for you. You have more than needed and it is a good moment to spend a little bit more and enjoys life.

If you are working with colleagues than the cooperation looks very good. As a team many tasks and chores are easily completed and the progress is much more effective. If you have a job that doesn’t required high communication skills and interactions you might consider changing the position into something else which includes lots of people around. This phenomena is well known with mangers and supervisors, who are climbing the cooperate ladder only to find loneliness at the top.

Being unemployed is not always a nice phase to be in, however it doesn’t means to be sad and gloom. You have extra time to seek meaningful things in life like hobbies, recreation, meditation and spiritual growth. In any case, the three of cups tarot card suggests a new job offer soon. The card give us a clue about what is the best way to search for new job, it is through connection with people. Maybe you know a friend that can organize a job interview where he or she works. Maybe you can start a small business from home while the family is supporting and so on. Basically don’t be alone in the endeavor of job seeking.

In the reversed position the three of cups means that you are too occupied at work or other obligation. You don’t have time to rest or to be with friends. Everyday you become more tired and angry. The situation causes imbalance and it is affecting you badly physically and emotionally.

The card also explained as being out side of the team, things are happening at the work place but you are not part of them, maybe your job is less important than the others, maybe they just let you think you are involved, but the hard truth is that you are alone and will never get the credit for the success of the team, not to mention a future promotion and career opportunities.

When it comes to money matter there is less balance as well. You are spending too much or you have an emergency which caused an unexpected expense. If you are looking for an advice than this is the time to become more frugal until things will turn the other way and you will be able to save or close the debt.

Three of cups tarot card: Health meaning (upright & reversed)

The three of cups tarot card in health might give a sign that you enjoy too much and it is going to cause you health problems. This is surely the situation when the card is reversed but sometimes when upright as well. Refrain from too much substances consumption because if you are doing it on a daily basis the physical body will not endure it for very long and bad symptoms will occur.

Three of cups tarot card as feelings (upright & reversed)

The three of cups tarot card as feelings or as how someone feels about you in the upright position denote a lot of happiness, you are having the most beautiful moment in life right now. Furthermore love is on your side: people like to be with you and you are feeling good around them. It is good opportunity for singles to find a partner although it might be for short term only.

But when the three of cups is in reversed the feelings are shifted and turn to be very negative. It indicates being hermetic, lonely, sad and sometimes even health issues. Another interpretation is that you had too much fun and now you are going to pay the price, or just want something more deep and meaningful to do in life and maybe a healing process.

Sometimes this card referred as three of hearts because it has deep meaning related to the heart as feelings.

Three of cups tarot card zodiac sign astrology meaning

In astrology the three of cups tarot card zodiac sign is Cancer. In horoscope Cancer star sign in related to aquarian and therefore it has meaning when we are talking about the whole suit of cups in the tarot deck. Cancer is ruled by the moon and mercury so it is a very emotional person who is connected to expressing feelings sometimes in extreme ways as well.

Cancer zodiac sign signifies a high level of imagination and creativity, these personality traits are well symbolized by the images of the fruits in the tarot card. It is very recommended that this person will use the gift of creativity in a good fruitful way and not as a deception.

They are great family people which care a lot about the house and each member who lives there. They have the tendency to nurture and spread feminine or motherly energy everywhere. They bring warmth and happiness wherever they go.

Three of cups tarot card number and numerology meaning

Three of cups tarot card number is 3 in all major decks like Thoth for example. In numerology number three have many meaning and interpretations so when we relate it to the suits of cups we only look at keywords that are fitting to this specific card.

Three is all about being positive and look at the glass half full. Any obstacle in the way is taken seriously, but not to an extent that will make the person anxious or afraid, till he or she is completely paralyzed. The path has many opportunities so when we take life easy and not making a big deal from every tiny thing that goes wrong, we can quickly see interesting alternatives instead, and adapt ourselves to the change.      

Three meaning in numerology is communication and teamwork, these symbols are very prominent it the card. If you keep getting this card in a psychic reading it is a blunt message to be more social if you haven’t been like that before. Furthermore it is a divine sign from the gods or spirits, who encourage you to be more spiritual. Explore the connection to deities as well and learn more about nature and how things are operated from mystic perspective. Number 3 meaning is lessons and knowledge so it teach us lots of valuable information about how to have better lives.    

Three of cups tarot card meaning: past, present and future

Past position: the three of cups tarot card in the past timing is showing us the effort you put in order to develop yourself. There wasn’t a huge success because you haven’t been ready at that time frame, you had lots of questions that never have been answered. It was just the beginning, you had to manage with few resources that were available. But as time went by you obtained experience and began to grow in the modern or contemporary world.   

Present position: the three of cups in the present position means good time, now you are celebrating the wealth you have been searching all along. Furthermore it is time to share with relatives like friends and family whatever you have. Don’t be cheap and save everything because it will create an energy blockage, the luck will shift and all the richness will dwindle. 

Future position: in the future divination the prediction is to be a meaningful person in other people lives. Maybe a leadership or someone who is helping the unfortunates. In addition any prosperity will be depended on other persons as well, so choose wisely your friends and colleagues. Loyal people will assist you to develop further and will not betrayal you for a quick and short personal interest.   

Three of cups tarot card as a person

Three of cups tarot card as a person is someone who loves to be around people, parting almost every night and social a lot. Even if you don’t think you are extrovert there is a hidden talent you still didn’t discovered yet. Once you will start to go out more you will see how much you like it.

The three of cups as how someone sees you. You are a person who like freedom and not to be chained too soon to a certain place, job or relationship. In the end you will settle down but as a main time frame of lifespan you prefer your in dependency to last as much as possible.

Sometimes those who are attracted to the energy of the three of cups tarot card might seem as superficial or not too serious. A person that we can not trust or count on when things are getting out of control. This is not very exact as most of the people know how to balance their habits.

Three of cups tarot card combinations guide

The wheel of fortune and the three of cups tarot cards combination reveals a big circle of friends. The wheel of fortune will determine the course of events you will find those friendships. 

The high priestess depict loyalty problems between a group of people, she is about unknown mystery and hidden information but she is not bad as a witch. Additionally she represents loneliness and thoughts or being out of the team.

The sun emphasis the good fortune someone is going to have. The sun tarot card meaning is new opportunities and meeting new people. A new dawn is going to start soon. 

The star is taking a moment of just right before the achievement. It clearly shows in the tarot spread that soon you are going to celebrate the achievement. There is a necessity to relax before the final step.

The hierophant is about good old fashion values and bible verses, combining with the celebration meaning of the three of cups, it might suggest an important celebration, maybe religious one but also popular like marriage or a special holiday. The hierophant is the leader of the community and he is connecting people together, so there is a potential to be introduce to new people, this can take a form of relationship, work or general friendship. 

Death tarot card meaning is end, it might suggests that the good time you are having right now is going to pass soon. There is a possibility of leaving the current social circle and finding another one because of many reasons, like traveling, changing career and even finding a new soulmate.

The devil and the three of cups combination is a huge warning not to party too hard. You are going to cross the line and it will be very hard to come back without any bad implications. The cards just scream: “slow down”.

The lovers and the three of cups are wonderful combination to get together in a tarot reading spread because it denote positive outcomes whether you are already in relationship or a single who is looking for love. However there is a negative side that implies superficial connection and even a dangerous love triangle. 

The fool is a carefree person who doesn’t take seriously all love problems because he has a great fame in the cosmos or universe. It goes hand in hand with the looseness of the three of cups and the good time. However when he encounter problems, this attitude is not very effective nor advised.

The chariot meaning is being in full control until the mission is complete. The three of cups is about losing control a bit and relaxing. It is time to balance the two different approaches to life. It urges you not to be so tight but not to neglect major things that need to be addressed.

Strength explained as internal struggle to cope with unwanted emotions. The three of cups meaning is good emotions, so there is a progress in the journey to understand yourself better. Furthermore it suggest being more sensitive when you are around people, don’t get to angry or gossip.

The empress meaning when is pulled with the three of cups is a progress, sometimes it can literally be pregnancy because both cards meaning is fertility.

Justice meaning is the time to review who is a good friend and who is a bad one. Make a clear decision on which people you prefer to have in the circle. Those who are not very cooperative or actually negative and manipulative should be ignored.

Judgement reveals a time where you were sleeping and unaware of crucial aspect in your life. Now you are awaken but still can not do it alone, you have to find guidance that will lead you to evergreen joy.

Queen of swords is a royal person who is going to be very dominant in a team. This is something you should beware of as it might shift all attention to him or her.

Queen of cups is a warm lady but she is looking at the cup too much, hence there are deep emotional issues in any given situation. When the card appears with any other card in the suits of cups it tells you to go with your intuition.

Nine of cups and three of cups meaning is being happy with what you got. However one card denotes being happy alone and the other one is about being happy with other people.

Six of cups is about the past in a positive reflection. So you are going to be reunited with a person from earlier days. From some reason feelings of good memories from the past are flooding you. Something in current life is trigging them.

Five of cups can be interpret as nostalgia but in a sad connotation, you are missing the fun you had with your friends. More variations are something like you are too lonely and it has a deep effect on the emotional part.

Four of cups is about refusing to get an offer. Sometime it can be a good or nice propose but we are so afraid to make the move. With the three of cups the offer is more about calling you to join a social activity which you will enjoy eventually, if you will stop being too self-centered.

Page of cups is a little bit childish and not serious, this is one of the main keywords in the three of cups reversed position. On a positive note the two of them are also about being happy and uplifting the spirit of everyone around.

King of cups is more of the trusted leader on the forum, he is the glue who keeps everyone attached. He knows how to make everyone feel nice and respected.

Knight of cups meaning in this sub context a romantic offer, in fact because of the number 3, it suggests few alternatives to choose from. There is also a hint of how to choose the next lover: the one who is making you feel loved.  

Ten of cups is a much bigger celebration than three of cups and usually refers more to a couple marriage and having children rather than other kinds of parties.

Eight of cups tarot card meaning is leaving a situation or in this case the social group because you don’t feel belong there.

Seven of cups advice reveal too many options that turn to be an illusion. When we feel good we tend to see life in a positive way but sometimes it is dangerous and leads to taking unnecessary risks. 

Two of cups is mutual understanding, the desire to know more about a specific person and to be more intimate. The three of cups is much more superficial in that sense.

Three of wands is about looking for something else other the world you already know right now. You feel that there is more to life than just the little circle you are currently in. go and explore different territories.

Three of swords a close friend or a person is going to hurt you, you will not see it coming nor believe that such a man or woman can be that destructive. Another interpretation with the three of cups is the difference between sadness and happiness, those two feelings are entwined together in a certain situation which can be defined as bitter sweet.

King of swords is rational and logical, he doesn’t go with the emotions and can not enjoy. With the three of cups tarot card meaning you are encourage to express your feelings and if it is a hard task than at least start with loosing up and having a little bit of fun.

Ace of cups combined with three of cups tarot card indicates that a connection will be developed between two people but it will be more friendship rather than romantic love.

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