Totem pole meanings and symbols

Totem pole meanings – this is the popular way of which Native American tribes could symbolize their clan. Totem pole meanings are mostly having some deep association with certain sacred animals that suppose to have psychic and magical power. It is like a talisman that gathers all the tribe into one common icon.

Totem pole meanings is all about a spirit of few animals that will guide the tribe to the right way of living. They also have the wisdom and power to help them in any bad situation and events that can occur in their daily life. It looks like a huge sculpture but it has a deep religious propose.

They usually communicate with the spirits through the totem pole and they have a deep respect to what it might tell them. Although it is only a physical item it can help them to talk with the spirit. For example if there is a figure of a bird on the totem pole then when they petition to it the message delivered to the souls of the birds and through this artifact they can talk back to the people. It is a mean of spiritual communication between the humans, animals and the nature itself.

Different people can feel connected to different animals and only through the prayers and communication with the totem pole they can discover what is the animal that they feel is close to them and when it happen this animal becomes their spiritual guide in life.

So what are the actual Totem pole meanings? It depends on which animal we are talking about. Every animal can give us unique information about who we are and how we can overcome obstacles during life. For example Tiger symbolize energy, stability, leadership and the need to victorious. And if it is an owl, the connection is more with wisdom, psychic powers, mystery and being a good messenger.

So now you might wonder how this can help me in life. Choose few animals that you think are suitable for your personality and lifestyle. Then make or buy a totem with the figures of these animals. Now when the totem is in your room or house you will get a constant reminder about how you should live your life. It doesn’t have to be a huge sculpture; in fact there are many small variations of these items or house decorations. This was the way of the Native Americans to have their rich spiritual life around them all the time. It is very useful to keep your mind clear about your goals and how to achieve them.

What is the purpose of a totem pole?

What is the purpose of a totem pole? Basically this is an old ancestors` group of people. The Native Americans define a totem as their beginning of the human history. According to the legend in the beginning there were only animals and the people evolved from them.

This means that we inherit the characteristic of these sacred animals, each person from a certain animal. For example if someone lived in the mountains then his totem animal that define his characteristic and behaviors will be an eagle – which fly very high in the sky. And if you lived by the river or the sea it would probably be a fish. And so on.

The main purpose of a totem is to create different groups that each one belong to few animals, usually nine of them. From the one hand it creates separation and distinguishes the people that have another totem animal. But on the other hand it makes them live more in harmony with nature and each other.

This is a spiritual way to be connected with each other – people and nature on a higher level. It is also a psychological way to classified the world that we are living in. The totem acts like a guide that helps us to decide what is right and what is wrong. There are many animals so it also shows us the difference between the quality and weakness point of each trait. This is basically another way to look at our world.

When you practice psychic readings you would probably meet your totem animal. The communication will reveal what you need to fix in your life but more important how you should do it. Every animal symbolize a different way to deal with an issue so you have to pay a close attention to which spirit you are talking to.

For example if you meet a fox in your dream then it means that you have to wait for the right time in order to do a big meaningful step. A turtle means that you should stay at the current situation without too many changes for a while. Frog means you have to transform your concentration from physical to spiritual life. Symbolic Totem pole is all about finding the right animal that will guide you in life. The guide is not a random thing, it has been chosen or you from a special reason and this is because the trait it have and how it can influence you in the most positive way.

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