Two of cups tarot card meaning guide upright reversed keywords

Two of cups tarot card meaning is connection between two people. It usually denotes love and romance like relationship and marriage, but also refers to any kind of partnership. On a personal level it signifies spiritual balance and inner feelings.

Two of cups tarot card upright card keywords: romance, love, friendship, sharing, mutual feelings, loyalty, balance, harmony and energy unification.

Two of cups tarot card reversed keywords: negative feelings, disagreement, self centered, egocentric, betrayal, dishonesty, emotional breakdown, mental crisis, vulnerability and being hurt.

the two of cups tarot card meaning

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Two of cups tarot card meaning and symbolism guide

Two of cups tarot card has very little visual symbolism, but each one of them has deep meaning. It is really easy to notice them but much harder to decipher the meaning. It this guide we will go through all the possibly meanings and interpretations.

Man and woman: in the two of cups we see a man and a women looking at each other and holding a big cup or gilded chalice. We have already seen the couple in the Major Arcana cards such as the lovers and the devil. In this particular card they seem to be more happy and comfortable together. Like with the other tarot cards, the man is standing at the right side and the woman on the left. The space between them is very small and they are looking at each other’s eyes, therefore we can conclude that they have deep mythic connection and most like are in love.

Caduceus: What deity is associated with two of cups? At the main part of the two of cups tarot card there is a symbol of caduceus. In ancient Greek mythology the caduceus was the wand of Hermes, which is the deity that sends messages to other gods and the human beings. The meaning of this symbol is related to health and higher power of the deity. It featured two snakes and wings, in this case we have a red winged lion at the top.

So when there are two people who are really close whether it is love or any other kind of partnership, the energy is combined and we can create wonderful things. It has nice affect on spiritual development, creativity and the goals we want to achieve. 

Winged lion: in ancient Egypt it was the symbol of the sun and it was called griffin. It was very popular icon in the medieval times of Europe. The association is of course with Leo zodiac sign and with the four creatures of Ezekiel who reminds us about the importance of spiritual revelation. It also appears on other tarot cards like the world, the wheel of fortune and strength. Therefore this is a symbol of good karma, a gatekeeper and strength. We can manifest those traits and desired situation by combining the force of community and good connection.

The winged lion is a guide that came from heaven to show us the right direction. It is going to protect us in moments of darkness. According to many old legends it was a guardian of secret treasures like gold and diamonds. Hence it might signify luck and good fortune as well.

House: in the background of the two of cups tarot card there is a tiny white house with red roof. It is the exact one as seem on the ten of cups card. It symbolizes how the man and the woman are living together happily. The two of cups is the Minor Arcana equivalent to the lovers tarot card in the Major Arcana. It denotes connection that is associated with friendship, love, marriage

The symbolism of the two of cups tarot card is not only about love and relationship, it is about balance and harmony as well. Although the couple looks happy men and women are also different from each other in various ways. It suggests two opposites that are complimentary and can find the common ground like yin and yang.        

Clothing: The colors of the man’s clothing are yellow, black and white. With the red flower crown and the flowers on the shirt it denotes passion, ambition and action. On the other side, the woman’s clothing is white and blue symbolizing achievement and triumph. Her shoes are red like the color of the roses on the man’s head, and the man’s boots are yellow like the colors of the crown flower of the lady. The lady is projecting joy and relaxing while the man is still seeking to win. He is initiating the contact by send a hand towards her. 

The ground: if we will look carefully where the couple is standing, we will soon realize that it is not a simple ground in nature like mud, sand, soil or land, it is actually a stage. So maybe what we see is not real and only an illusion. Maybe the couple is just pretending to be happy together and the house is just a set.

This is a hidden message to show us that life is not always as it seems. People can lie, manipulate and play tricks on us. The biggest revelation is that nothing last forever. The couple is together right now, but once they will decide to go on separated ways the relationship is over.       

Two of cups tarot card upright card keywords meaning

Two of cups tarot card upright card keywords: romance, love, friendship, sharing, mutual feelings, loyalty, balance, harmony and energy unification.

Romance and love upright card keywords: the obvious meaning of the two of cups tarot card is romance and love. And indeed the card denotes good relationship between man and a woman. It suggests long term collaboration because in the background there is a little house, representing long lasting life together. When the card appears in a reading it meaning you already found or will find very soon your soulmate or twin flame.     

Friendship and sharing upright card keywords: the two of cups denotes that you have to stop thinking and caring only about yourself. If you will continue to put yourself before others than sooner or later friends, colleagues, family and your soulmate will leave you alone. There is an immediate necessity to renew friendships, help and give back to others or else you will have to find new people to live with.

Mutual feelings and loyalty upright card keywords: the two of cups reveals a progress in which friendship become more meaningful. In other words you and another person are becoming best friends whether it is a romantic relationship or just being friends. However the important message is to share your feelings, don’t hide them or be afraid of revealing them, it is the basis of trust between to human beings. Trusting someone is not an easy thing to do and sometimes can be dangerous, but there is no way around it if you want to have deep bonding.    

Balance and harmony upright card keywords: the two of cups is also hinting us about the importance of equilibrium in life. If we go to one extreme edge the balance is shifting and taking us to undesired places. And than if we want to get back on track we will need to put huge amount of effort on the contrary side. Life is much better when everything is flowing nice and slow. So don’t surrender to temptation, keep on everything in it’s place and you will enjoy life much more. 

Energy unification upright card keyword: the two snakes in the middle of the card unify and basically they emerge to one big snake. This denotes unification of energy, you are being one with the universe, nature and the cosmic vibrations. You feel that there is a lot of love inside of you and you want to share it with everyone. The heart chakra is wide open and wants to give and receive healing energy.  

Two of cups tarot card reversed keywords meaning

Two of cups tarot card reversed keywords: negative feelings, disagreement, self centered, egocentric, betrayal, dishonesty, emotional breakdown, mental crisis, vulnerability and being hurt.

Negative feelings and disagreement reversed keywords: the two of cups tarot card doesn’t actually indicate divorce or a break up. It suggests that there are bad feelings between two persons and especially if they are in a committed relationship. Hence don’t rush into final conclusions, first get to the bottom of what is holding out the connection. Don’t go back into past disagreements because they are really don’t matter in the present or future. And in general seek what you can agree on with your spouse.

Self centered and egocentric reversed keywords: when two of cups is inverted or upside down it means that the number 2 is not relevant anymore. And we are going back to number 1 which is the self. Ergo you or someone else is being self centered and egocentric, concerning only about narrow interest, how he or she can gain quick profit on the account of other people, without considering if they will get hurt or manipulated. It is a sign of using or disconnecting from people in order to accomplish selfish goals.

Betrayal and dishonesty reversed keywords: someone betrayed you or lied and you can not trust him or her anymore. You thought that everything is perfect until you found out a little detail that opened Pandora’s box. However it might indicate that someone is going to cheat and wants you inside the conspiracy. So right now is the time frame to be careful with who you talking and don’t share too much information even with the closest people.

Emotional breakdown and mental crisis reversed keywords: although the two of cups has good energy even in reversed position, in rare cases it likely to reveal a bigger problem. If the negative circle is keep on repeating itself than you might be dealing with emotional breakdown or mental crisis. You have to stop everything and ask yourself how and why it happened to you. Don’t look for other people to blame, ask the complicated question or get some help so next time it won’t happen again. Running away will not do any good in this scenario.

Vulnerability and being hurt reversed keywords: you have been exposed in not so fine moment in front of someone very closed. You trusted them but they failed to understand you in the lowest moment of your life. The relationship is starting to break down because someone took advantage or wasn’t ready to acknowledge your needs. The two variations are: you have is to leave that person or demand that both of you will address the issue. Either way there is a change or transformation in the horizon.

Two of cups yes or no – tarot card meaning (upright & reversed)

Is the two of cups yes or no tarot card? In the upright position it usually denotes “yes”, because it is an omen of two things coming together into one powerful essence. And when we combine good energy we can create wonderful effects. Furthermore in yes or no question regarding love and relationship it is very positive and also indicates “yes”.

When the two of cups keeps coming up in reversed it shows us that here are bad feelings and separation. On the one hand it might consider as a “no” answer because divorce, break up or just disagreement between two people is not a nice or wanted situation to be in. However on the other hand it might open a door to new opportunities and adventures which ultimately will land you on a better position than now. So the answer is also a “maybe” for the short timing. If there is an uncertainty it is advised to pull from the bottom of the deck another card for the final ruling.

Two of cups tarot card meaning in love and relationship (upright & reversed)

The upright two of cups tarot card meaning in love and relationship is very nice and sincere. It denotes the best relationship we could ever ask for. It is so perfect that one might thing it doesn’t exists at all. The truth to the matter is that yes, it is possible but there are some challenges in the way, like everything in life.

So don’t think you can go wild, do whatever you want and the cosmos will accept this behavior. There is still work, you are on the right path so don’t destroy the huge potential that is out there in future divination.

Singles people should also be glad to get the two of cups tarot card in the upright position. It indicates that your twin flame or soulmate is near by. Keep the yes open as this could be someone who is the complete opposite than you. Hence don’t dismiss a person without trying to know who he or she is really about. Activate sense of judgement only to verify that there isn’t something wrong with him or her. Other than that, give it a chance, even if it might require a second date.

If the two of cups tarot card is keep on showing in reversed position, there is some kind of problem with the relationship and you are not fully aware of the exact reason. Although everything seems to be perfect, something in the background indicates another possibility that can be very negative in the near future.

For those who already have marriage problems or couples that are not living in balance and harmony it is a good advice to go to a marriage consulting. But first try to handle it by yourself, forgive past mistakes and look how you and your twin flame can find the common ground again.

Two of cups tarot card: Career work and finances meaning (upright & reversed)

The two of cups upright tarot card in work, occupation, career and finance is symbolizing that you are having a success related to money.  

You feel good at work because people respect and trust you. Whenever they have a problem you are there to fix it. Keep on being an expert in that occupation. It will almost guarantee that the value you are providing will be seen by many people. You will have security about the place, a possible promotion or even new job offer somewhere else. 

Unemployed man and woman are very lucky to get the two of cups tarot card because it suggests that you will find very soon the dream work you always wanted. However the way you should search for the position in not only by reading classified ads. It is recommended to do it through friends and past colleagues. This card is talking about cooperation so ask those who work at the places you are interested to apply, if there are any new positions.

Regarding money it denotes balance of money, your expenses aren’t bigger than the income. You have enough to live respectfully. Wanting more money and security is a natural wish and it can be accomplish as well. Forming a new business partnership is one option, but the connection and collaboration between the parties must be very good. So don’t enter to the situation if you don’t trust the other person or if you think it will only create arguments and negative energy.

Another way to shift the monetary balance is to invest money. And always remember to check all possible aspects of risks to refrain from huge looses.

When the two of cups is in reversed you have less love for work in your heart, meaning you don’t like that occupation anymore. Furthermore it indicates conflicts and bad relationship with colleagues, manager and supervisors.

This could be temporary so for the time being do some more work alone and try to minimize the interaction with them. However if you truly had enough from this job, it`s the perfect timing to look of a new job offer.

If you don’t have enough money and a psychic reader pulled the two of cups it denotes that there is a communication blockage that prevents the flow of money in your direction. There are few examples to this: miscommunication at work, connecting with bad business men or women and rely on unprofessional experts.

Two of cups tarot card: Health meaning (upright & reversed)

The two of cups tarot card is one of the most powerful cards from the deck when we are asking questions about health. The Caduceus is an ancient Greek symbol that used as a sign of medical and medicine even it today’s modern age. So when the card is upright it means good health or at list taking care of the health in a serious manner.

In reversed the two of cups tarot card meaning is refusing to get help. If you have health issue and don’t go to the doctor, or if he or she gave you a medicine or suggests some kind of testing and you refuse to do it. Than don’t be surprised if things will go worse. You need to realize that there is no shame in asking for help.   

Two of cups tarot card as feelings (upright & reversed)

The two of cups tarot card as feelings is all about romance and friendship. These definitions associated with the feelings of love, compassion and being friendly especially if the card is in upright position. It suggests that the connection between soulmates is very natural, there is not extra effort not problems to solve. Everything or most of the issues are flowing calmly like a stream of water in a shine day.

However when the two of cups is in reversed it implies negative feelings like anger and maybe hatred. Someone who cares only about himself or herself. Furthermore it might be a sign of not expressing feelings, keeping them all inside from all sort of reasons like thinking they will get hurt, the fear of showing vulnerability, worry from the unknown and self doubt.      

Two of cups tarot card zodiac sign astrology meaning

The two of cups tarot card zodiac sign can be numerous options. First of all Venus is the planet of love which rule the astrology signs of Taurus and Libra. Libra denotes balance especially in relationships and Taurus serenity and harmony.

However Cancer is much more suitable because it is an aquatic sign and the cups represent water. It’s ruled by the moon and according to the mythology the moon is associated with femininity, nurturing and love.

And indeed the two of cups meaning is mainly about love and relationships. However there could be an illusion when the moon as astrology sign is involve because it sometimes indicates illusion. Therefore beware of manipulation, fantasies and dreams. Being too excited about romance might turn to be a big disappointment.

Some refers the specific card to Gemini horoscope sign because it features a picture of twins which related to duality as the man and the woman in the card imagery. 

Two of cups tarot card number and numerology meaning

Two of cups tarot card number is 2. In this case two represent the connection between man and a woman. The number is also associated with the moon and attracts people that like small moments of happiness. Because the fact that the moon is white, many people around the world who associated themselves with life path number 2, prefer to wear white clothing in times when they need to be lucky or the guidance of the divine.

It combines good and bad energy together, it encourages you to find different approaches to life. So don’t look at a situation only from one perspective because it might limit your understanding and opportunities. Therefore the number 2 is considered lucky one only if you can see the whole spectrum in life, putting together all the little details without bias and judgemental. There are places in china that consider the number very unlucky. 

Two of cups tarot card meaning: past, present and future

Past position: in the past you had meaningful relationships but they are all over now. Some ended because of you, and other connections because external influences. You still have feelings to past memories and want to revive it again. It might be a case of reconciliation, but if it has been long time now than those people might moved on to be with other partners, and you should move on as well.  

Present position: two of cups denote a decision. You have to make a choice where you going to put emotional effort. Who is the special twin flame or soulmate you want to be with forever? The choices you are making right now can be in other areas of life like choosing the right career path, where to build a house and basically how to spend your life time.    

Future position: the two of cups featured a small house in the background between the two lovers. This is a good sign of progression and building yourself as well whether it spirituality, mentally or even physically. However the house is tiny because it is far away right now, meaning there is still a quest to pass until we will be able to rest and enjoy. 

Two of cups tarot card as a person

Two of cups tarot card as a person means someone who sees himself or herself in long term relationship. They don’t want to date forever and be single until very old age. They want marriage, kids and a house. So basically they are driven by the big force of creating a family.

If you are asking the tarot spread questions like: What someone thinks of you, as how someone sees you, what someone wants, how he feels about me and how they see you, you probably need to understand the two of cups tarot card as a person:

A person who is attracted to this card is usually believe or doing some kind of healing, whether it physical or mental. They are very spiritual and aware of the surroundings. As a person they don’t like to stay at the same place or job all their life. They are on the move and want to go further until someone or something finally stops them.

Sometimes they conceivable too emotional so they are very attached to what they already have in life like friends or material objects and have great sentiment to nostalgia and the past. This can shift them from balance, although they are usually sort the life in perfect harmony, where everything is in its place and predictable.      

Two of cups tarot card combinations guide

What is the difference between to of cups and lovers? The lovers tarot card is more about choices and the initial meet up between the man and the woman. With the two of cups there is more emotional involvement and intent to be together for many years, having children and living together. Moreover the two of hearts tarot reading in other decks is the equivalent to the two of cups because the main keyword is love which associated with cups and water. 

Wheel of fortune and two of cups combination indicates lots of luck to those who are singles and searching for a potential lover. For married couples it might symbolize ups and downs in the relationship.

Temperance is the phase of testing and keeps oneself in balance, and if someone is unsure it has the angel and a guide. The two of cups is the next phase where you emotionally invested in the process. 

The high priestess is a goddess, she signifies secrets that are kept away from you. Someone is not being honest with you and might be very misleading. Trust your senses and act carefully among those who couldn’t be trusted even though they are close friends.

Death is the end and two of cups is the new door. It is about reconciliation with the past cycle, it brings you closure and the energy to move forward in a better direction.

The sun reveals great love in a relationship and that you are not going to be alone. If you need help it will come very soon as well.

The star is the hope to find good relationship or being happy spiritual wise. Te relationship will also be spiritual and fulfilling. The star was alone in the sky, but no more as more stars will join it. So it symbolizes being more active in the community, work, with friends and far family relatives.    

The magician in de Marseille, Thoth and Rider Waite tarot decks is your emotional healer. He is a person who takes whatever inside of you: thoughts, desires and feelings and make them real things in life. So if you will feel good about something, you will suddenly see the universe is sending a god luck message on the specific topic.

The hierophant represents the old classic form of marriage. Return to the past norms where the man has a specific role play in the relationship and the woman has it own duties. If it is regarding only one person it means a safe choice with emotional implications. 

The emperor is clarified as somewhat very different from the two of cups tarot card. This combination is the distance between logic and feelings. It suggests the need to emerge the two cards if you want to live in balance or to solve some kind of serious problem.  

The empress physical appearance in the card indicates that the relationship is on a good track, however it needs to be taking care of like a mother taking care of the children. One part will have to be the nurturing and giving. Sometimes it might destroy the attraction. It also might predict fertility and pregnancy.

The chariot is only about one man’s mission, meaning it’s discussing only about personal journey followed by a desire. The two of cups tell you that you are not alone in the quest, friends will help you as well, or you will be expected to care and interact with them as well. Don’t throw anything just because right now you have bigger mission.    

The devil is the opposite of the two of cups tarot card. The devil is deviant and reveals short term relationship and two of cups is much more longer which will lead to marriage. So you have to decide what you are choosing.

The tower is a big problem in a relationship that leads to divorce or a break up. Only if the connection is very strong the correspondence will survive. 

The hermit is the card of loneliness and it indicates inner struggle and reflections. There are some things you need to solve and review before you can develop emotional connection with another person.

Judgement is the realization that something need to be change. You already had been in this situation before and now you need to take a different approach. Explore the sentiment it will give you the right answer.  

Justice might suggest making the relationship more formal like getting married in traditional or modern ceremony. However justice tarot card teach us about balance and choice making. So if you are not completely match with the spouse it is an omen to break up the unification.

The moon is negative emotions that are bubbling inside of you. It requires an attention because it might burst. After you will get them out of the system you will have a relief.

Three of cups is more about friendship and could suggest a deeper connection as well. Two of cups is more about attraction and initial spark. Sometimes it can be a romantic progress and sometimes it might denote the opposite of just being friends or belonging to the same group of interest.

Four of cups you are on your own world and can’t see pass your own benefit. If they are other people around than you just ignore them and prefer to be alone. You have no motivation to be social and interact with the world.

Five of cups mean that the happy days are gone and now there is only sadness. You lost something but still have hope for the future. It’s a fragile situation and you are disengaging for a while. It is a time to gain some education from past mistakes. 

Six of cups urge you to forgive and forget to someone who hurt you. If that is the case than a reconciliation is more likely to occur.

Ace of cups and two of cups combination describe the start of a relationship or some kind of emotional maturity. However it is only the beginning and although it looks promising things can go wrong down the road, don’t ruin it.

Ten of cups is the happy ending of what started with the two of cups tarot card. In the simplest way, you had a relationship or emotional journey that comes to an end flourishingly.

Seven of swords indicate that someone is lying, there is a piece of information which is misrepresented to you. Another possibility is that someone just doesn’t care anymore or don’t want to be committed.  

Ten of swords is about not taking action because there is suffering involved in the terrible situation. So it describe a situation or exploring the feelings maybe acknowledge them but from some reason you don’t do anything about it. 

Eight of wands on the other hand is an action card so you are more open to the notion of acting upon those feelings. For an example moving forward with a relationship.

Eight of cups is about getting away from unwanted feelings, maybe in the past you thought that something is important but now there is no value in it anymore.

Eight of swords reveal emotional stress, something that is actually paralyzing. Two of cups is about love, but love has different kinds and levels so with the eight of swords in more on the negative spectrum right now.   

Page of cups signify good luck and wonder offers, the two of cups is a good sign that this proposal has nice potential to be very satisfying.

Page of swords is about decision and being inexperience enough to cope with life difficulties. For example problems in marriage or someone that is acting like a child while he or she need to be more serious.

Page of wands tarot card delivers good message in any situation and it brings big inspiration and ideas.

Six of wands might imply being arrogant and people don’t like to be next to a person like that. So keep it in mind when you enjoy a victory. The two of cups symbolize the link between you and society so don’t break it.

Four of wands and two of cups is about feelings that related to house and living as a family. On a broad interpretation it also denotes belonging to a certain group.

Five of swords suggest that the person you are with is not really into you. You are putting too many efforts and you are going to be disappointment at the end. 

Knight of wands emphasis the will to act and move to the desired direction, in this case toward a person that might be a soulmate. However there is insecurity due to fear from past events. Therefore slow down a bit.

Knight of cups is basically the lover who comes and offers his heart. With the two of cup combination there is a connection but you still hesitate to go for it.

Knight of swords tarot card reveals good communication which is a very desirable tool when it comes to express feelings.

King of cups is very romantic person but is also someone that is too emotional and can not be always reliable. Little obstacles might freeze this person like a statue.

King of swords on the other hand is “a royal man with a plan”. It is a practical leader who can be trusted anytime and will never disappoint, unless it is a rare situation he didn’t had the time or experience to learn how to deal with the specific situation.

King of pentacles is very analytic and professional when it comes to work, money and finance. He is the opposite of a sensitive person but still the opposite personalities are complimentary.

Queen of cups signify pure intentions and it is really important when we are connecting with people. It is the will to aid and be understanding whenever someone is in trouble.

Queen of swords is a sign of trying to make sense out of feelings. They are two different entities and can not be explained by logic.

Nine of cups reveals that you are happy for now but the quest is not over, there is still one step further to take and now you are not willing to do it. You think you are happy but soon you will realize that this is not the truth and you will want something else or more than what you already have.

Nine of swords grab the attention because it creates worries and the sense of pulling to the sideways of the road. Something is not clicking and your instincts are right.

Nine of wands tarot card means you are being defensive and not willing to go all the way. Try to be vulnerable and open the heart in from of loving people you know for a long time.

Two of wands is about crystal vision and sensing things a psychic way. It is like you can almost predict the future as a seer regarding some situation or element in your daily life.

Two of swords you are not being decisive and it has emotional implications. You had a chance to make the decision in the past but you wasted it. Come to your sense soon because soon your heart might be broken by someone.

Three of swords is the complete heartbreak especially from someone who suppose to love you unconditionally.

Ace of wands is all about desires and being creative. However sometimes we can not do it alone. This is where the two of cups tarot card is being handy and it hints that you should work with more people complete the project.

Ace of swords denotes positive outcomes, so if you also have the two of cups tarot card the meaning might be to find a new relationship. It also encourage you to make a decision based on your feelings.

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