Voodoo dolls

Voodoo dolls are religion rituals that call the spirits, they can bring us joy, happiness and luck, but they also might be used for black magic. The history pages of the voodoo dolls tell us that the doll itself is a representation of a certain person that we want to help and get him or her closer to the dead souls which can offer guidance in this life.

New Orleans voodoo – How does it work? First you have to buy or make a dolls, usually they are very small and they are based on a cross shape, meaning they have a body and two hands spread to the side. Next you have to decide who will be the person represented by the mystery doll, in order to do it you have to write his or her name on the doll or to attach a picture of the face to the doll’s head. Please note that you must use only small metal pins for this task. But wait, only a picture is not enough you need to have in your possession something that this person had. The most classic item is hair but whatever you can find will be good as there are lots of psychic powers involve in this process. The next step is to attach the voodoo doll something that you like to wish to this person, for example if you want to wish him success in life then you can fold a dollar bill around the doll and pin it, for love you can use flowers, candle for health and etc… it is also called Gris-Gris. The last thing you have to do is a ritual and voodoo spell casting.

Warning! Keep this in secret: the best way is to hide it in a place where no one will find it, especially the person who you are targeting. If someone will know about it, then the magic might not work. Further more, if you use your psychic talent to conduct black magic and witch craft the evil spirits can hunt everyone who comes close to this object, and also the target might find it and will be prepared for this and probably will cancel any affect.

Every vodou ritual starts and ends with the presence of papa Legba, which is the gate keeper to heaven; He is the only one who can let the ghosts move from side to side. The African believe that long time ago in the beginning of history god lived on earth near the people but something wrong has happened and he decided to leave, it was mainly because he found that the humans are not good and they treat really badly each other. The road to the gates of heaven was marked by the rainbow, but the earth people couldn’t see it all the time so the next best thing was the snake. The snake is a scared animal in every voodoo festival among glow skull, spell casting and singing. The voodoo dolls are just the tools, the real help or curse is within the spirits we invite to our world. This is why believing is a big part in this mysterious phenomena.

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