What does the lovers tarot card mean? Reversed + upright keywords

What does the lovers tarot card mean? Although the lovers tarot card is about romance with positive outcomes, it is also a card about making hard decisions and balance.

The lovers upright card keywords: commitment, twin flame, crossroads, relationships, marriage, falling in love, partnerships, pregnancy, harmony, choices, union, decisions.

In tarot reading, the lovers reversed card keywords are: break up, end of relationship, disconnection, broken heart, betrayal, separation, dishonesty. 

The lovers tarot card meaning

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The lovers tarot card meaning and symbolism guide

When people encounter the lovers tarot card they immediately think of marriage, engagement, relationship, love, dating and pregnancy. However this tarot card has much more deeper meanings other than romance that will surprise you very much. Here is the full guide meaning of the symbolism in the lovers tarot card:   

The woman and the man: they are the main symbols in the lovers tarot card. They usually represent a couple like Adam and Eve from heaven as described in the bible or kabbalah. Each person in not complete without the other. Two parts that need to live in harmony. The lovers don’t wearing clothes, which means they are innocent, pure and don’t play tricks on each other and has nothing to hide.

In the image, the man is standing at the right side of the card and the woman at the left side of the tarot card. The woman is looking up to the angel while the man is looking down to earth but also at the woman. Therefore the obvious meaning is that the woman symbolizes spirituality and the man symbolizes the physical world. However because the man’s look is also at the direction of the woman, it signify that he also have inspiration and connection to heaven, but not directly as he is more occupied with daily issues. 

Angel: the angel in the lovers tarot card is not an unknown deity, its archangel Raphael. Red wings denote desire and passion, if you like something or invest yourself in a certain task or idea you will be able to go up and be on a higher level. Golden figure is meaning purity – good intention making no harm. Purple clothing indicates supremacy and wisdom, the angel can guide the lovers from above.

Sun: the sun is up in the sky, shining with bright yellow colors. The dimensions are relatively big including the rays that come out of it. It give us feelings of happiness, optimism, good energy and positive vibration – reassurance that everything is great right now, very utopia like it should be in heaven.

Mountain: in the background between the lovers there is a mountain. This is something solid and stable, it can’t be taken down easily. Therefore the meaning is solid foundations between the man and the woman. The common ground they have together will help them to climb to higher spiritual level. However this mission can not be accomplished alone, they must do it together as a couple, even though they are coming from different directions.

Grass: the lovers are standing on a grass, they are giving space to each other, and they don’t stand too closed. The grass is a soft plant so it gives them comfort and vitality of fresh start, it’s a good time frame to be acquainted with, at a nice place that looks like a garden. 

Flame tree: in the lovers tarot card there is a tree behind the man. It has 12 red leaves which actually look like flame of fire. 12 is the number which symbolize the zodiac signs in astrology wheel. The color of the leaves matched the color of the angel’s wings, bringing the male energy up in the sky. Furthermore the leaves have the same pattern as archangel raphel`s hair, this give us a clue that whatever we do on earth has also a higher meaning, and that we can reach our potential if we want to.

The tree of life: on the left side of the lovers tarot card we can clearly see the tree of life, although it positioned behind the woman. This is the tree of life as we know from the famous bible story about heaven. Just like as described in the scriptures it has red apples and a snake. The apples are red as the angel’s wings color and as the flames of the tree colors, this also denotes that we can enjoy the fruit of our hard labor.

Snake: or more accurate the serpent, is not an evil symbol. It is actually a sign of fertility that bring birth and change, supporting the idea that humans can have babies and create other wonderful things.

Clouds: represents mystery as we can not see what is behind them. On the contrary the angel is representing clarity, which is gained just by those who can see behind the obscure vision, like psychic readers. They are also like gates between earth and the celestial world above us.

The lovers tarot card also suggest triangle of ideas that are all connected simultaneously, you can not have one without the others: The man is the logic and the material characteristic. He is looking at the woman, which is more emotional and more expressing her feeling. And she is looking at the angel which is the symbol of enlightenment. And the angel looking back to the lovers reassure them that he is taking care of them, the circle has been closed.

So if we are looking on the lovers tarot card as a person, it tells us that we should live in balance and harmony with ourselves, when it comes to logic, feelings and the unknown divination.

It also suggests that we need to seek something meaningful in our existence. We can’t be too preoccupied with our daily routine, we have destiny, we have ambitions and purpose to accomplish.   

The male is also embodying the conscious mind and the female the subconsciousness. So when we are facing a hard decision we should use both. The angel is guarding us and guide us when we are lost and don’t know what to choose.   

The man and the woman are looking at each other, they don’t really know what to do next and the angel give them the space and time to come together. However there is a decision to be made and in the end there will be also consciousness to their actions.   

The lovers upright card keywords meaning

The lovers upright card keywords: commitment, twin flame, crossroads, relationships, marriage, falling in love, partnerships, harmony, choices, union, decisions.

The broad meaning of the lover tarot card upright keywords is balance. The balance can be within you or with other partner in a relationship. Every person has different sides to his or her personality. In order to live life better all of those elements need to be integrated, if you are going on one extreme end then you are not balanced, so sooner or later you will find yourself going to another extreme, just to balanced the behavior, and it happen without you noticing it. This is why it is very important to be aware of what is going inside your mind and spirit. If you will go with the median way, it could save you a lot of troubles.      

Other upright keywords in the lovers tarot card describe choices and decision making which you have to do at the current timing. It suggests that you don’t know what to do. You are on a crossroad and consider your options. Each path that you will choose will take you to a different wild adventure and you want to maximize your potential.

Like the clouds in the center of this tarot card, there is a fog or uncertainty right now. You can not see what the future hold. A lot of people are telling you what to do and it’s confusing you. You try to listen to the rational mind, you try to dig your feelings and emotions, you even look up to the sky asking the angel to guide you. But they all tell you that there is no answer to your question. The best practice in this situation is to take the time and think.    

This brings us to the next pile of keywords related to the lovers card which is repercussion. Whatever choice you make will impact your life. It will not determine your destiny completely, you will be able to change it, but it will be much harder to fix a mistake in the future. When you have a choice don’t just flip a coin and forget about it, there is a reason why it is so hard situation to be in, it takes your focus and energy because this is an important moment.

The lovers reversed card keywords meaning

In tarot reading, the lovers reversed card keywords are: break up, end of relationship, disconnection, broken heart, betrayal, separation, dishonesty.  

You are not completely satisfied with the decisions you made in the past. Now you are asking yourself how did it all come to this? What went wrong down the road and how you could have made it better? The key point to get out of this negative loop is to acknowledge what happened. Make a little exercise in your mind: go back in time to where you took a certain resolution. Notice all the little details that brought you to the current present. And then learn from it in order to improve your issues at the current phase you are in.

The lovers upright card keywords being at a crossroads: Our actions can predict the outcomes, if we have done mistakes we will pay for it. If we had done good things we are more likely to get some kind of a reward. The lessons from the past can help us creating a brighter future. Don’t be afraid to fail, it will only make you stronger.

When the card is reversed (upside down) the lovers don’t communicated as they should. The meaning that applied to you is that you wanted to be happy. But something happen and you chose to focus on the material world, buy too much products that you don’t even need. Worked extra hours just to pay for expensive items or vacation. These practice didn’t made you happy because it didn’t had any impact on your soul, you were looking at the wrong direction.

To fix the effect of the reversed card you need to pay more attention to the spiritual aspect of your life, to get there you will have to pass through the mind and feelings.    

The lovers yes or no – tarot card meaning (upright & reversed)

The lovers yes or no? when we ask a yes or no question, shuffling the cards and we get the lovers card upright the answer is “yes”. The lovers is an optimistic tarot card it has positive energy and basically gives us the feelings that everything is good.

For questions about falling in love a relationship is almost 100% yes. Keep in mind that on of the most important keywords of this tarot card is “decision”. So nothing is destined yet, it can still be changed and this is why it is crucial that you will do your part, don’t just trust the universe, and take a step forward.

When we ask a yes or no question and the lovers tarot card is reversed than it leans towards a “no”. it can leads to positive revelation but it is not for sure. This is why we pull 2 more cards to get a second opinion and to know for sure if they support or disapprove the answer we got from lovers tarot card.   

The lovers tarot card meaning in love and relationship (upright & reversed)

When the lovers tarot card is upright, the meaning in love and relationship is pretty much self explained. Especially when you are asking questions like: Does he miss me? Will he contact me? What someone thinks? What someone wants? How someone sees you? How someone feels about you?

The meaning is that your relationship or marriage is going very well. There are good feelings, emotions, reconciliation and connection between the man and the women. You two understand each other and living in stability and cooperation.

For singles the meaning is that soon you will find a new relationship that will bring you lots of good feelings and love.

The connection between the man and the woman has lots of different levels from physical, emotional to spiritual. This is why relationships like these also called “twin flame” or “soul mate”.

And here come the big warning: although it feels good and in most cases it can last for a very long time even to infinity, sometime it can be too intense and cause a break up. Most people in the psychic and spiritual community, reports that even after a break up, the love is still there. Even after the couple is no longer together and don’t see each other anymore.

The lovers tarot card can also be interpret in reversed position. In a marriage or any other kind of long term relationship it suggests that you are having troubles. While there might be things in common, you and your partner are not on the same vibration frequency.    

Hopes and fears are blended together. You want to keep on living together but there are doubts, it is not the same as it was before. The main reversed keyword here is separation which can lead to a permanent break up. Very much the situation when Adam and Eve were expelled from the Garden of Eden.

For single man or woman the reversed lovers card tell you that you won’t find your perfect match anytime soon. This event is being delayed because you are not specific in what you want. Once you will make up your mind the universe will guide you straight to your soul mate. It also denotes that you need to look at more aspects in your future partner. For example don’t judge him or her only based on superficial factors like money, profession, popularity, assets and looks. Get to really know the person who is in front of you.

The lovers tarot card: Career work and finances meaning (upright & reversed)

The lovers tarot card can also answer questions when it comes to work, career and finances. When the card is upright it denotes that there will be a new business, more likely between two or three people.

Every person will have its own strength, and he or she will be able to contribute a lot. This is why it is very important to work in conjunction. The business partners need to complete one another and live with full synergy. Problems will occur when a person is interfering with the field of expertise of the other person.

Another meaning is that you want to change your career. You are facing a huge dilemma which many people have: to work for the money or to work at something you really love, but pay you less. If you will choose the money then you will be unhappy with the job. If you will choose the passion, than your financial situation will be harder. Maybe after a while you will progress and be able to combine those two portions.

The lovers tarot card are symbolizing positive energy and this is also the case when it come to investments. But pay attention that there are choices to be made. It won’t happen miraculously, you will have to examine those investments really deep and consult or get education or an advice from someone who really knows about those financing. For example don’t open a shop if you don’t have experience in that field and don’t invest in the stock markets if you don’t know anything about it.    

The lovers tarot card in reversed have special meaning when we ask question about career, work and finance.

Something doesn’t fits exactly, it can be that you are not in the best profession that you thought is good for you, maybe you want a promotion but someone else won it. Maybe you are a manger and the workers don’t listen to you. And there can be many more other situations that make you feel doesn’t complete in what you are doing right now.

If you are a freelancer or self employed than you don’t have good communication with the costumers or colleagues. You fail to deliver them good products or services because you don’t understand their needs. It can also be a case that you present yourself in a different light. To success you have to identify the consumers’ needs and address them with the best solution.

As a rule of thumb, in any case in which a tarot card is reversed never decide without thinking before.  

The lovers tarot card: Health meaning (upright & reversed)

The lovers tarot card has a special meaning when it come to health questions. When the card shows upright it means that someone need to help you, it is more about moral assistance than actually help in daily life. Usually it should come from the people who are most close to you. In this manner it can also indicates the healing of the soul or the mind.

As one of the main keywords related to the lovers tarot card is “decision”, you will need to examine your health condition, gather all the information you need from a reliable source like a doctor.

The lovers tarot card reversed in health is meaning that you need to listen to your body more often. Your body give you signs when something is wrong, at first you might ignore it but if it’s persists than the health condition can deteriorate. You are unaware of certain physical issues that might need to be addressed by a professional consultant.

The lovers tarot card as feelings

When we look at the lovers tarot card we feel relaxed and quiet atmosphere and not too much passion. This indicates that the situation is more complicated that it might appear from first glance. The main feeling is strong connection which is very positive especially in the matters of love, relationships and friendships.

The connection supposes to be wide and encompass lots of aspects such as values, lifestyle, mutual understanding an etc.

This is also a decision card so it blends feelings of hopes and fears all together. You hope that everything will continue to be good as now, but you also might feel fear of losing or destroying what you had accomplished in the past. As of now you are in a position when you want to progress forward but the fears are holding you back.      

The lovers tarot card zodiac sign astrology meaning

In astrology the lovers tarot card zodiac sign in Gemini, because there are two people in the image, one is a man and the other is a woman. In horoscope Gemini sign is depicted by twins.

Gemini is an air sign this is the reason why Raphael the archangel is there. Planet mercury is affecting this zodiac sign, meaning a connection and this is what we see between Adam and Eve – the first time that they meet and communicate. As Venus is the star of love is can also be connected to this specific card.      

The lovers tarot card number and numerology meaning

The lovers are the sixth number in the tarot deck. In numerology 6 is created by multiplying the digits three and two. 2 is the man and the woman, 3 is when we add angel Raphael. 6 is the number of harmony in which everything is happening in a complete equilibrium.

It also has the meaning of a group or family that cooperate. Everyone is sharing his or her part. And together they can achieve wonderful destinations. That being said, it’s usually more relevant to people in a relationship such as marriage.

This number is also about healing, but most likely with a connection to the spiritual world such as shamanism. 6 is a sign from angels, according to some believes angels are sending us messages through numbers. When you keep seeing a certain number it means that there is a message for you from them.

A person with the number 6 is someone who likes to help other people, he or she is more understanding and they are also very good with money and career.

The lovers tarot card meaning: past, present and future

As the main keywords of the lovers tarot card are falling in love and decisions, it reflected in the timeline.

Past: in the past you made decisions. These actions can not be changed now, they are apart of the path you choose and made you who you are today. It doesn’t matter if you have bad or good choices because you are still here today. Regarding love it can symbolize people that were closed to you like spouse in relationship or previous marriage.

Present: the present is where you live right now. Everyday we have to make decisions, some are unimportant and some will have big impact on your future. Do your best to gather all the information before you make a choice, if needed consult an advisor. Regarding love it suggests that this area in your life is going to flourish.

Future: the future looks very promising in most of aspects, especially when it comes to love and romance. The world is guiding you to the right destination. This is a great time to relax, don’t over do things and stress yourself, just be on the track.

The lovers tarot card combinations

The sun and the lovers tarot card combination – the sun amplifies that the outcomes in the future will be positive.

The chariots tarot – when making a choice move forward without a doubt.

The moon tarot – illusion, something is not what it seems to be, the future might not be as you think. Be aware of your current partners in your life.

What do the devil and lovers tarot cards mean? Usually that the relationship will not last for a long time. The devil is all about enjoying right now and don’t thinking about tomorrow. He is also denotes bad habits that doesn’t make us feel good in the long term.

The world tarot combination – harmony in your relationship and the feeling that everything is possible.

The empress tarot – with the lovers the combination suggests pregnancy, birth and optimisms.

The magician tarot card – the magician is a person that can do anything so all possibilities are a head of you. You can create whatever you desire.

Wheel of fortune tarot – signifies the karma in the relationship or your choice. If you treat others well and good you will get back the positive energy. If you will be occupied in doing evil than what you will get in return will be negative vibrations.

The hermit – you don’t know what to do, you need to be a lone for a while to think about it. People near you will only distract your attention.

The hierophant – you are looking for a traditional guide or mentor to show you the right way.

The star and the lovers reversed – because the cards are not in upright position than you will not get a reward, in fact it can indicate misfortune and break up.

The lovers and justice reversed – negative consequences to your present action, maybe you have bad intentions long time ago.

King of cups and the lovers– represent kindness and this is the main issue you are concerns right now

Page of wands – you are not taking things too seriously. While it can be a good thing and fun way to live your life you can also be unaware of important things that you need to pay attention to.

Page of cups and the lovers combination – symbolize lots of emotions in your current relationship or any other area even at work or spiritual awakening.

The tower – destruction is waiting for you. The reason is that you didn’t take into account all the factors before taking an action.

Ace of wands or ace of cups or ace of swords combinations with the lovers tarot card also denotes good outcomes.  

The lovers in the original rider waite deck is very popular, through the history of the last decades there were lots of art forms with this famous image like. It can be found in drawing art, tattoo, tapestry, t shirt, wall hanging, poster, print, phone case, wallpaper, background, quotes and more.

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