What is the meaning of karma?

If you are wondering what is the meaning of karma, than first you have to understand that the meaning of this word is “action”. The basic principle behind this psychic mystery is that every action has its effect in our wonderful world. If you are doing something good, then you will have a good karma and in return more people including you, will have better life. Alternatively, if your intention is only to harm and deceive than you will get bad karma in return.

Good karma is a fabulous way to interact with the universe. We are made of one unit of spirit or soul but there are many others like us and we are always affecting each others even if we can really understand it. Sometimes you will not see results very fast and it’s ok. The universe works in mysterious ways but in the end everyone get what he or she deserves. So don’t lose hope, keep on doing good deeds, don’t even except to get something in return just walk on in your enlighten path and everything will sort on its good way.

What is bad karma? You might be very surprise but not all the bad things in life are really that bad. Yes we all have ups and downs but the most important is what happens in the end. For example you might think that the universe is being cruel to you if you lost your day job. But maybe it’s a new opportunity to find a better and high paying job? Maybe now you can change your carrier or spend more time with your family? So even if it might seem depressing at the beginning don’t loose your hope because after bad times there is always a good phase. On the contrary, you might become a millionaire in one day but the money can change your behavior and karma. If you will forget that you are a person like everyone else and start to be vicious than the evil forces of life will come to hunt you.

You can change your karma by changing your actions and surround the world with positive energies; this is not a Foretold destiny. Although there are some views that the past life can affect us in our current life it is not always true. Maybe it can direct us to unwanted paths in our life, but we can choose if we want to live like this or not. We have the power to control the future, it is only a question whether we want to do everything needed for the cause or not. There are no weird coincidences if you want happy life and to experience heaven on earth you must act like you deserve it and help other souls.

Sometimes it is very hard to make the first step, if you drown in the river of misery and the water flow is dragging you to hell you have to fight back with a lot of effort to swim to the shore. It is not easy but every big change start with a small good step and you can start even today.

What does karma mean?

What does karma mean? Does it have anything to do with religion or reincarnation and the answer is it depends. For example you know that the Hindu religion talk about reincarnation and karma in past lives. And Buddhism does the same thing. But karma is very simple, it has to do with cause and effect, what you do come back to you, what goes around comes around. This is the real essence of karma.

What does karma mean is not a complicated issue and everyone can understand it and use its benefits on their own lives. The fact is that regardless to what religion you belong to, whether you are a woman or a man, how old you are, how rich you are, how many cars you have it is just doesn’t matter. What is really matter is your relationship between you and your inner self. That is the combinations with karma. And what you do with that relationship leads you to live to the higher values and that is your dharma.

You can also think of what does karma mean and something different, karma is something you can transmute and change. It is actions that you take that change the trajectory of your life and your destiny and bring to realization of who you are deep inside your soul, and that what is meditation does. It connects all the channels, generates energy and open you up and eliminate your negativity, brings you creativity, empowerment, being open hearted and living to you truth so you will have the ability to be connected beyond yourself. And then having and using this connection to serve other people who might need you. And that is really the key to what does karma mean.

Because karma is a lower energy, it is what you do for yourself. But dharma is what you do for other people. And what this meditation does is move way behind any concept of religion and reincarnation. It is about the here and now, living in your best life possible, having the best quality of life you can ever have with great brain and great mind. Open heart with lots of love, a service to others will bring you a great happiness. So that is basically the answer to what is karma and what is the meaning of life – to change karma to dharma where you are always keep yourself close to higher powers and your best self. And this is what you can do now and in the future.

Karma symbol: Myths and reality

The words Karma symbol are mostly understood as the law of cause and effect. The theory of Karma symbol is taken to be akin to Newtonian principle that every action produces an equal and opposite reaction. Every time we think or do something, we create a cause, which in time will bear its corresponding effects. The cyclical cause and effect generates the concept of reincarnation.

Myth – every action, voluntary or involuntary is karma symbol.

Reality – involuntary actions are not karma. Like reflex actions of the body. Also, those actions to which our feelings, emotions and mind are not party to or attached to are not karma.

Myth – karma is payback.

Reality – karma is payback is only half true. Karma is payback but payback as we choose it. We select how and what of our life. Right from the first birth to every subsequent reincarnation. We are thus the creators of our own destiny.

Our choice of how and what we wan, though, is likely to be influenced by the way we have been living across reincarnations. Again by choice there is no one else judging us. Our psychic source, what we call as god, is neutral and unconditional love in its true essence.

Myth – Karma is bad and we should be afraid of it.

Reality – normally when one talks of karma symbol, the immediate feeling is that of bad karma generated through so called bad or wrong actions. There are two other important aspects which are forgotten. First, so called good or right actions generate good karma as well. Second, and more importantly, nothing is really good or bad, right or wrong other than the moral side of it. Implying thereby that whether you call it good or bad, the fact is that our karma’s presence will continue to recycle us into subsequent states of existence, till we burn them all – good or bad. Many this call good karma gold and the bad karma is called iron. The silver lining thought, is the fact that it’s just perceived as only physical body is subject to the game of karma. Our true nature the real self is above it and beyond it.

Myth – karma can not be undone.

Reality – not only can karma be changed, altered or rewritten, it can be completely erased or removed, and this, even when we are in the physical body.

Karma definition

Karma definition – to know about Karma definition you don’t need to go India, study or become a monk. All you need to do it to look at your hand; everything in the universe is connected. It’s a collaborative creation of life everything has a meaning and makes sense even if we don’t know it yet.

We don’t have to be clueless through life we can be peaceful and clam as we understand what it works. This is how karma works: with words, actions and even with thoughts. When you say to someone: “you are bad”, “I don’t like you”, “let’s hurt them”, “let’s do something against him” these are actions or words and any energy that we send out come back to us three times and it is also written up there. What are you sending out to the world and what are you receiving. Are you sending out love, kindness and support and they are coming back to you? When you show up, do you show up with your heart or with your story? Stories bring only stories but love brings love. And often if we are single or lone the energies that we send out to us is a little bit negative. You might feel very polluted just by saying that. With Karma definition you should think like this way: the energy is there and I love myself. I love the way I show up it the world, when you show up with positive reflections the evil disappears and you have to work for this for a long time to see better results.

What life is all about? If you don know the laws that govern your living then it is like operating in a very dark room it which the furniture is placing randomly. If you want get from one side of the room to another you will end up wounded, you will fall down and lots of many bad things will happen to you. So next you try to rearrange the furniture in the dark and it doesn’t helps because you are still missing the point. All that you need is light and even a small light is enough. The purpose of life is to go to the 4th level of conciseness until you will get there you will not rest for even one day.

How to create good karma

Karma is a pattern that we have put in place as a result of something that we did. It’s a pattern of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. So karma is cause and effect, what ever we put in place something always comes as a result of this. So for example if we put hatred in some place we will get hate in return from other people or we will get our internal body reacting to this bad energies. But if we put love and forgiveness in place, then the Karma will brings us to happiness.

Now how do we clean the karmic computer? Because it is not fair, if I don’t know what I did wrong then how can I clean it up? You know how to build karma by the challenges you have in your life. So for example if you have a challenging situation at home or at work that is karma that tries to teach you how to build skills to overcome those obstacles. It is a blind spot for us and we need to find a way to go around that is why adaptation is going to clean up our karma.

How do we do it? By learning critical thinking and observation, these are the only ways. Every spiritual step that you take that actually changes your life is a process of Karma building. And eventually we will be spotless because we will not put anything in place that builds a reaction from somebody else. Karma is a material that stands in your way but all of evolution pushes us in a direction that we have to adapt to higher value. And that what karma does – force us to adapt.

Whatever choice you make, if it’s working for you in terms of taking you to a higher level then you are being in truth. But if you see that your life is taking you to a place that you don’t need to go, so you are in some form of self deception. How do you know that? You are going now to take a deep look on your life and say: am I happy? Well something might make you unhappy but that doesn’t mean anything, are you happy inside? Is your life successful in the full spiritual sense? Is your life creative? Are you really able to create and give and look at life new every day? Is you life want giving and receiving? Then those are the things that can indicate if you are successful or not.

So with good karma building you are going to find if this is an illusion and deception or if it is truth. If you feel fake you will not really appreciate your life but if you see that you are truly changing, transforming and build your life with beauty of all kinds like people, relationships, joyful more then ever before that means that you are successful.

Where is your karma life? Times like anniversaries, birthdays, and end of the year are periods when you take stocks of your life. Ask yourself those very hard questions: where am I? Am I in a good karma place? Do I need to adapt myself to a new level? Probably that is what you are going to find out and you are going to do that. The best way is to learn critical thinking because the process of thinking is always going to help you no matter what you are doing in order to improve your Karma.

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