Wheel of fortune tarot card meaning upright reversed guide

The wheel of fortune tarot card meaning is change. This tarot card describes the ups and downs in life. As the wheel of fortune continues to roll, it guide us to go with the flow, but also to be smart about our choices. This tarot card has positive energy which reflecting other combinations in tarot spread. If you are asking a yes or no question it is usually yes. Some readers claim that the upright card keywords and reversed keywords should be the same because the wheel is always rolling and spreading good luck.    

The wheel of fortune tarot card upright card keywords: triumph, destiny, change, opportunity, luck, faith, good odds, karma. 

The wheel of fortune reversed card keywords: misfortune, disappointment, bad luck, disorder, regret, withstands to change, break the cycle. 

Wheel of fortune tarot card meaning

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The wheel of fortune tarot card meaning and symbolism guide

The wheel of fortune tarot card symbolizes the beginning of a journey. And to be more precise, the start of an inner journey. Additionally it holds the symbolism of change and the cycle of life.

Wheel: symbolize the cycle of life because it doesn’t stop to move. Our life is on a constant change even if we don’t notice. Even though every day might look the same, to the matter of fact this is not actually true, there is a change in every little details of our daily existence. We have ups and down, good moments and bad moments, positive and negative experiences and so on.

Letters: at the center of the wheel of fortune tarot card we see a wheel with 4 letters in English T, A, R, O. this has a double meaning, it can be a short of the word “tarot” but it also can be read as “tora”. The word “Torah” represents the part in the Hebrew bible where all the rules of god are written, and according to the common believe they should be followed. These letters also appears on the high priestess tarot card as a hidden scroll and have the same meaning: the rules of the world according to god.

The letters can also be read as “rota”, in ancient Latin language it means wheel. 

In addition there are 4 letters in Hebrew on the wheel. The letters are: Yod, Heh, Vav and Heh. When combined together they assembly the name of god: “Jehovah”, according to the religious scriptures, the name is so sacred, that it is forbidden to pronounce the deity’s name.  

Summing up the meanings of the letters and the words inside the wheel of fortune, we can conclude that during our life we have scriptures (Torah), destiny (Tarot), the way(Rota) and spiritual guidance(Jehovah).

Furthermore number 4 represents the four elements: air, fire, earth and water and also the four direction: west, east, north and south. Hence god and spiritual beings encompass every place and every component here on earth. No one can get away of their influence or presence.

Chemical symbols: the wheel of fortune is divided into four sections, each one of them has a unique symbol. These symbols represent chemical materials which are: salt, water, sulfur and mercury. They are all related to a certain kind of energy. Sulfur meaning is fire and the essence of life, salt meaning is death and mystery, mercury means balance and knowledge, water is the energy of life meaning birth.

In life there are many challenges we need to conquer. The chemical symbols are energies we need to use if we want to be successful, and even more important, to reach to a higher spiritual level.     

Typhoon: on the left side of the wheel of fortune tarot card there is an image of a snake with two heads. This is not the serpent from the Garden of Eden as featured in the lovers tarot card. This is the evil deity from the Greek mythology, he is the father of all bad monsters. Typhoon in going down from the wheel so he denotes very bad luck. However it has a positive meaning as well. Because the snake shed its skin there is a chance to turn around the negative energy into positive energy. This can be done only by making a change and in order to do so we need to let go of the past (death and end) and move on (birth and beginning).

Anubis: at the right side of the wheel of fortune tarot card we see another figure. An orange colored man with a dog face and two horns. This is the image of Anubis the god of death from the Egyptian mythology. Although he is looking like a demon his intentions are good. His duty was to guide the lost souls in the afterlife, to lead them to the right place they should be after they died. He also guarded the Egyptian tombs, protecting them from pirates who tried to steal the valuable artifacts. In the image he is going up, symbolizing good luck.

Sphinx: the chariot tarot card also featured sphinx figures but in that card they are not working together, each one of them has a different color, one is black and one is white. But here at the wheel of fortune tarot card the head of the sphinx has both colors of black and white. This means a perfect balance which we all strive.

The sphinx is at the top of the wheel of fortune and holding a sword. He tells us to be wise and to make a decision. At first glimpse we can’t see him because his body is royal blue as the sky in the background. He is hiding a little bit and emphasizes that often times we don’t see who is rolling the wheel and to which direction. We need to take a close look at the situation and then to decide. 

Four living creatures of Ezekiel: continuing to describe the wheel of fortune tarot card, we encounter again the number 4. At every corner of the tarot card there is a creature which related to prophet Ezekiel. They have wings as they are angels that connected directly to god. Each angel has a unique incandescent figure: eagle, lion, ox and human. First and foremost they symbolize the zodiac signs: Scorpion, Leo, Taurus and Aquarius. Secondly they teach us about the four cardinal virtues we have to seek in life: justice, prudence, fortitude and endurance.   

Clouds: every one of Ezekiel’s creature is surrounded by a grey cloud. They symbolize the winter but more important that the creatures are not in the right place. They should be here on earth and not up in the sky. They symbolize earthly elements and not spiritual elements. They are all reading books because they need to learn their duty: water – emotions, earth – stability, air – logic and fire – action.    

The wheel of fortune tarot card is also related to the magician card. We have to indication to this claim. The first is because the wheel of fortune is number 10 in the deck and the magician in number 1. The second is that there is a deep description of the four elements.

When the fool encounters the wheel of fortune he learns that there are definite rules in the universe which should be trusted. All humans and animals are subjected to these laws and they can not be broken even if we want to. These rules influence our destiny from above but we can also have the free will and the ability to change it a little bit. The world s operated on two levels. The first one is things that are out of control and the second one is this we do have control over.

The wheel of fortune also prompt us that we are not alone or living by ourselves, we are all connected somehow. Whatever you do here on earth is a part of something much bigger than you can ever imagine. For an example the concept of karma. If you are doing good things, other people will be affected by the positive energies and continue to spread them all over the world. After a long time you will receive these energy back and the circle will be complete.  

The wheel of fortune tarot card upright card keywords meaning

The wheel of fortune tarot card upright card keywords: triumph, destiny, change, opportunity, luck, faith, good odds, karma.  

Luck and good odds upright keywords: when the wheel of fortune tarot card is show up in a spread it a good sign. You will be very lucky, it will come from a place that you never thought of, a complete surprise in the middle of your life. But this is a reminder that sometimes things are out of our control. So in this instant it was good future outcome, but who knows what will happen next? This takes us to the next upright card keyword which is karma.

Karma upright keyword: karma is a spiritual concept which is easily explained. Your actions will depict your outcomes, the past will influence the near future divination. So if you work hard you will get money, if you will learn you will have wisdom and if you will do bad stuff, negative energies will haunt you. This gives you the control to design your life although you can not control all the factors. The lesson you should learn from the wheel of fortune tarot card is: have a strong personality, do your best and the universe will take care of you, do nothing or bad deeds and the universe will punish you.

Change upright keyword: change is a part of life. Sometimes we fear and don’t want to lose what we had accomplished. We also got used to do things in a particular way, but in the end change is inevitable. If we want to survive, develop and have growth we need to adapt to new situations and circumstances.

If your life is a mess at that very moment and nothing is going on as it should be, with some effort from your side it shall pass one day. But more important if you are at the top of the world, if everything is working for you, don’t be arrogant, don’t take things from granted and make sure you treat other people well. Because the wheel can change instantly and you might find yourself at the bottom very soon.       

Faith and destiny upright keywords: we should embrace whatever we keep getting in our lives. First because most of the time we can not actually control all the possible factors of an event, and second, there is a bigger picture that we usually don’t see. We need to have faith in the universe and trust that it will take care of us. Another kind of faith is within ourselves, we shall have confidence in our actions that we will do our best efforts in order to enhance our existence. It is also a good advice to be positive and to manifest joy and happiness. Don’t waste your time on negative thoughts that will only harm you.

When it comes to spirituality the wheel of fortune tarot card upright meaning is change, going to a higher level. Usually it indicates that things will be really good or there will be a slight adjustment which will be very important for you. In other words, you will be more balanced and right on the track. Small complications will be solved easily, neither dangerous nor negative things will happen to you in the long term.

The wheel of fortune tarot card reversed card keywords meaning

The wheel of fortune tarot card reversed card keywords: misfortune, disappointment, bad luck, disorder, regret, withstands to change, break the cycle.  

Some psychic readers claim that the wheel of fortune tarot card shouldn’t be read in reversed (inverted). Because the energy is already there whether it is upright or upside down. The good and the bad are entwined together so it doesn’t matter which one of them will happen first.

Disappointment and regret reversed keywords: if something bad happen to you, most of the chances are that you brought it on yourself somehow. Is can be little faults and omissions, but you knew about it and decided that it is not very important at that time. But the karma of the world has its own way of working and the final results don’t seem very well. For good or for worse, things doesn’t happen randomly without our help.

This is not the time to be a victim or to regret past events. First recognize that you had direct or indirect responsibility on the bad event and than do you finest to raise into a higher level. Take the control back to your life.   

Withstands to change reversed keyword: if you are ready for it or not, change will come, there is no point to resist it. Especially as the wheel of fortune tarot card is usually a good sign even if it’s reversed. The only concern with the upside down card is that you might like to block the change. If you will build a wall or try to run away it won’t help you because the universe is much stronger than you. Repelling the outcomes will only result more chaos in your life, things will get worse if you choose to do this.

Therefore, when you get the wheel of fortune card in reversed, accept the change and don’t try to fight it. Although the situation might be uncomfortable for in this timing, it is generally for the best in the long term.

Misfortune and bad luck reversed keywords: it seems to you that you have bad luck and you can not do anything about the misfortune event. Additionally you might feel that bad things happened to you with no reason at all. These feelings are misleading you because, this is not true. You do have control over life, you can decide and make the right choices which will be very beneficial to you in any area of your life, whether its money, love, healing or other lifestyle choices.

Disorder and break the cycle reversed keywords explained: you lost your hope and surrendered to the chaos. The world has created a chaos around you because you neglected crucial factors that should have been taken care. To arrange you life again, break the cycle. Don’t continue with same patterns and routines, pursue different ideas and practices to gain back the control. You went off the road and at the current time frame you need to come back, it will take huge effort but there is no other way to deal with it.

The wheel of fortune yes or no – tarot card meaning (upright & reversed)

Is the wheel of fortune yes or no card? The answer is “yes” because the main keywords are about change, good luck and trusting the universe. The answer is still “yes” even if the card is reversed. In that case it can indicate small complications in the way so you may think that it is a “no” answer. But the reality is that in the end everything supposed to resolve by the laws of the cosmos and good karma.  

The wheel of fortune tarot card meaning in love and relationship (upright & reversed)

If the wheel of fortune tarot card revealed in upright position than these are the meanings in love and relationships:

Your current relationship or marriage had lots of ups and downs in the past. Now you have come to the point where you have to decide to where it is going. The wheel of fortune tarot card meaning is positive and suggests good future outcomes. However you have to re-evaluate the whole situation with your soulmate. Consider whether the love to your twin flame is still there, are you compatible with each other, do you see yourself together for a long time, your feelings, emotions, reconciliation and etc.       

For singles who wants to find love and relationships this is a good omen as well. However you have to put yourself out there. Go out with friends, have fun nights and meet people for date. If it doesn’t help don’t give up after one or two weeks, continue to seek and take the initiative. For example ask your family and friend to introduce you to new people. Consider visiting a matchmaker, try online dating sites, social networks and meetup groups. 

You have to be active in pursuing love and the wheel of fortune will take of the rest. Your action will be like a snow ball, that is getting bigger and bigger by the universe until you will accomplish the mission.

The meaning of the reversed wheel of fortune tarot card in love and relationship, is very similar to the upright meanings:

Long term correspondences and past relationships with your ex boyfriend or husband need to be reviewed. If you are asking questions like: what he wants or thinks of you, how he feels about you and does he miss me, than something doesn’t work quiet well. The wheel of fortune is like a crossroad, things are never going to be the same, for good or for worse. So decide today how so you want your relationship to unfold in the next years. The positive energy is still there, but you must direct it to the desired way. Otherwise it will pass just through you and you will miss the opportunity.

If you are single the positive vibrations are still there, but you have to use them correctly.  You can not be passive about this issue, you have to flow with whatever life brings you. Go and have new experiences even if you don’t think that they will help you to find your new love or long term relationship.

Don’t think a head too far, and don’t ask “what I’m going to get from it?”, “how this will help me to find a new partner?” and so on. Let the universe to take care of all those questions. You just need to do your part, participate in this world. Play the game of life, be active, take action and most of the times you will get the reward.

The wheel of fortune tarot card: Career work and finances meaning (upright & reversed)

The wheel of fortune tarot card upright meaning in work, career and finances: the common ground is change.

A change will happen on your workplace and it usually positive. For instance, you will get a bonus for your hard work, you will be promoted or you might get lucrative offer for new job position, or work on a new exciting project. Keep in mind the fact that there is a minor chance that it will be temporary negative, such as being unemployed or losing money.   

Regarding career the wheel of fortune tell us to follow our desires. Maybe you should consider changing your career path. People works years over years in places that they don’t like because they need the money, or because their family and friends expect them to have a certain path, or they just afraid of doing changes. But when this tarot card is revealed in a psychic reading session, we need to ponder on a new profession.  

When it comes to money, the wheel of fortune tarot card meaning is representing a person that will have financial success. Money will come in your way more easily, it is more likely because of your hard work in the past. But it can also be pure luck and miraculous coincidences like winning the lottery. Be clever and plan your steps because the wheel is up, but it can go down as well, so save some money in a case there will be a sudden expanse.  

Furthermore, if you have already been successful with money, the change of the wheel of fortune can indicate, that some negative energies are waiting for you in the corner. Not something serious but be caution and prepare for it.

The wheel of fortune tarot card reversed meaning in work, career and finances:

You are not satisfied with what you are doing at work. It can be either you lost interest in a specific profession or that you want to earn more money. This tarot card means that right now the situation is not optimal for you. Switch your mind and follow your true desires.

Chances are that you will have good luck in finding a better job, don’t be afraid to step into the unknown. There is no reason in keep on working at a place that doesn’t do you good. So yes, it can be hard and difficult to start from square one, after you already got used to your current life. But what are the alternatives? To be unhappy forever?    

The wheel of fortune tarot card: Health meaning (upright & reversed)

The wheel of fortune tarot card also has meaning when it comes to health. Our physical being always changes and we have to care of it. Therefore it doesn’t matter if a psychic pulled the wheel of fortune tarot card upright or reversed. In any incident make sure you live a healthy life style, don’t let your condition to deteriorate.

So if your health situation is bad, do everything in your capability to improve it and if everything is fine, keep on the good work. In the long run this tarot card indicates positive health.

The wheel of fortune tarot card as feelings

The wheel of fortune tarot card as feelings can be a little tricky. Although it’s well known as a positive hint, it can also make you confused because it delivers change. Sometime we might think its good and other times that this is bad. The wheel of fortune symbolizes ups and downs and it has a direct impact on our feelings. 

So when things are not going the way we wished, it will generate bad feelings inside of us. On the contrary, when life course is going well, we will have good feelings like amusement, hope, love and inspiration. The emotional roller coaster can make you feel unstable. Everything is happening so fast and go to extreme edges.

The wheel of fortune tarot card zodiac sign astrology meaning

One of the most interesting interpretations of the wheel of fortune tarot card zodiac sign, is that it actually referred to four different astrological signs which are: Scorpio, Taurus, Aquarius and Leo. So if you are getting this tarot card in reversed or upright positions, and you are connected with one of these zodiac signs you will have huge amount of good luck.

In astrology Jupiter planet is usually represents good luck and positive future outcomes. Jupiter is related to Sagittarius zodiac sign and is the biggest planet in our solar system, so it symbolizes also growth and expanding spiritual frequencies. It tells us to “think big” to have new wonderful ideas and to want to make the world a better place for everyone.

The wheel of fortune tarot card number and numerology meaning

The wheel of fortune tarot card number is ten symbolized by the Greek letter “x”. In tarot card reading number 10 represent a new cycle, the last cycle was ended with the hermit card which was number 9. The number ten is build from number one which is a beginning and zero that is an addition energy transforming you to the next phase.

In the major the arcana series card number one is the magician and card number zero is the fool. The fool has started the journey to the unknown. The magician is the person who can do anything because he has all the material and spiritual tools.   

In numerology the number 10 means to complete a mission, usually on a successful note. If this number is related to you, than you don’t have the problem to be alone, but you are also very good with teamwork and social situations.  

The wheel of fortune tarot card meaning: past, present and future

Past: in the past you had the opportunity to succeed but it didn’t went well. In general meaning the wheel of fortune card in the past represents your hard work and drawbacks. It symbolize the long way the ups and down that brought you to the present moment.  

Present: be part of the change if you want to have a beautiful future. The wheel of fortune tarot card encourages you to take action and trust the cosmos that everything will sort on the good way. By taking the right measures you can generate good luck, open doors and have great opportunity. And on the contrary if you do not listen to the messages you are getting from the spirits, you might end up with misfortune.

Future: your life is not going to be the same anymore. While this is good news it can sometimes be a little bit overwhelming. Don’t resist the change, don’t think negatively, and don’t worry about the future too much. The wheel of fortune is going to take you on a positive ride. You might feel it is going too fast or too weird but this is how life works. There are good forces which are working to your favor, even if you don’t understand them.

The wheel of fortune tarot card combinations guide

Here are few tarot card combinations that will guide you to understand the function and interaction of the wheel of fortune with other cards.

The wheel of fortune tarot card is taking the aces tarot cards and make then stronger: ace of cups higher knowledge, ace of swords is clear thinking, the ace of pentacles turn to achievement and ace of wands become the truth.

Combines with the sun card it means collaboration and teamwork.

The justice card can be interpret as the reward or punish to your past actions. It takes of the random factor or outer circumstances that are out of your control and presented by the wheel of fortune.

The moon tarot card suggests that you have doubts and can not express precisely what you think or feel. Although this is the situation you feel right now, don’t quit, you should have faith and keep on moving forward.

The temperance card inspires us to take good measure, not going overboard. We need to be cool and calm. 

The star tarot card is adding the hope and the good spirit factors to the psychic reading. You wish that your life will take a good turn.

Wheel of fortune and queen of wands tarot combination convey hard work and been focused on the quest.

Queen of swords and wheel of fortune tarot cards together means criticism. You try to make sense and logic with elements that are spiritual or metaphysical. This kind of attitude block the energy so it is recommended to be more open minded.

Wheel of fortune and queen of cups tarot card combination is stressing the point of emotional aspect of the change. Sometimes it is not easy to deal with life situation but in the end it worth it.

Wheel of fortune and empress tarot cards means that you have good karma and you will be successful especially with your occupation. The seeds of tomorrow are today’s trees.

In rider waite tarot deck the judgement card appearance is a wake up sign, you need to be more vigorous and flexible. 

Page of cups and wheel of fortune tarot card can signified a new romance or other emotions and feelings regarding relationships.

The wheel of fortune with tower tarot cards predicts that you will have a situation that is out of your control.

The emperor and the wheel of fortune tarot cards mean to plan and go forward, although the road is changing all the time, keep on moving on.

Eight of wands and wheel of fortune tarot card combination: overall things are moving very fast so ride the waves as long as you can. If you have bad events at the current moment, you should go much slower.   

Six of wands denote success which will follow you in the future, but only after you will have a full transformation in your inner self.

2 two of cups symbolizing a new start between two people. In can be love, relationship, friendship or even business related.

When the Knight of cups is combined with the wheel of fortune it means that you will get a nice offer and it will be a big surprise.  

King of swords tells us to think carefully about the future, to be brave, smart and make choices which will be beneficial for us.

With the ten of cups the interpretation is all about happiness and celebration after you had a rocky period.

Page of wands brings optimism and constructive thoughts. It is like an anchor that charge you with good karma.

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