Who invented angel numbers? Original research

Who invented angel numbers? The truth is that no one really knows. It is speculated that Pythagoras was the first to invented angel numbers even if he didn’t referred it to a specific term. In addition there are many other people or phenomena that found or helped to develop the concept of angel numbers.

In recent year angel numbers has become a well know divination tool which help to guide us through our personal journey. Yet, no one has took the time to create an original research and try to answer the question “who invented angel number?”

In this guide I will try to answer the question from the dawn of civilization through mathematicians like Pythagoras and John Dee. We will explore together the unknown world of psychic mediums, numerology and astrology. Furthermore we will investigate the connection of angel numbers to the holy bible, book writers, the internet and even lottery tickets.

who invented angel numbers?

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The ancient man invented angel numbers

In ancient times angel numbers were a medium to predict the future. For example the Egyptians could foresee when the Nile river will flood the land and the Babylonian civilization used to document the phases of the moon with engraved symbols that were representing sophisticate numerical system. The evidences have been found inside of remote caves at the wild nature of Mesopotamia. They invented the perfect method to predict astronomy events such as eclipses and star movement in the sky. In that period it was associated with the divine and referred as sacred numbers rather than angel numbers.

In Greek there were small group of people who conclude that everything we see on earth and the far distant stars in the sky is operated by numbers. They associated numbers with psychic powers, they used to label rituals, spell casting, alchemy and ceremonial objects with angel numbers. Dark magic numbers were 13 and 6 and good numbers were 10 or 12.  

Although every culture or civilization interprets angel number in a different way, there are some worldwide common meanings. For instant the number 3 is usually a good omen, there are many myth and legends in which this number magically appears: Norse gods, Greek deities and even Christianity trinity with the father, son and the Holy Spirit. This angel number suggest balance, it is the middle between right and left and it is also about creation, birth and pregnancy.   

When people started to see these numbers at the sacred texts and religious practices, they though that if they encounter them during the daily life, it must be a message from an angel or any other spirit they believe in.  

Therefore we can almost be sure that the ancient man or woman has invented angel numbers, even if back than it wasn’t called “angel numbers” but sacred or divine numbers. Unfortunately we can’t know who exactly he or she is as there is no clear documentation from that era in the history of human kind.

Is Pythagoras the one who invented angel numbers?

Pythagoras was one of the most famous philosophers and mathematicians of all times. Basically he is the first mathematician and thanks to him we know a lot about this topic. All the others who came after his time were building theories based on his findings.

There are many evidences of his work with number, so we can try to find a link between his wonderful work and the contemporary angel numbers phenomena.

At the basic core of his theory, he suggested that numbers are not random, there is an order or a reason why they appear like that in nature. Furthermore he didn’t explained them by what some might considered as boring and complicated equation, but with symbols and pictures which we all can understand and identified with. He used to draw dots, circles, squares and stars, so from the moment people saw the pictures, they understood that behind every object or living creature there is a sequence of numbers.

When we are taking this concept one step further we discover that every interaction is also represented by numbers. So if we see the numbers we might be able to predict the event. For example the length of the waves at the beach, the velocity of the wind, the hours of day and night and so on.

Combining this explanation with the old and common notion that god or other spirits are ruling the world, we perceive it as angel numbers, meaning the universe is sending us a sign that something is going to happen. We need to decrypt the code in order to know what exactly is coming. But more important we have to know how to interact with the future occurrence. Many people developed hopes for good luck and happiness, while other might felt fear and sadness. In this gap of worrying about the future psychics has entered to the situation and tried to give their assistance.   

Psychics interpreted these numbers according to the knowledge they had back than, which is more likely to be from personal experiences and other cases they have seen before. For example if a person catches 9 fishes in the river he will be very wealthy. Why? Because the food will last for few days to all the family. As times goes by they developed this connection of cause and effect, not by mathematics calculations nonetheless by spirituality.      

Numerology invented the first form of angel numbers

If we take a closer look at all kind of divination methods like tarot reading, runes stone casting, astrology, crystal ball, mediumship and etc, we can see that numerology is the closer one to the invention of angel numbers. This is because the main principle behind the specific kind of psychic reading is the symbolism of numbers.

The spiritual concept of numerology is base on the notion that everything in the world has a vibration and it is symbolized by unique number or sequence of digits. In scientific words, everything around us has a frequency and we actually able to hear or record it with digital equipment.

Numerologist claim to predict the future, check compatibility between lovers, disclose important dates in the future and lucky numbers. For them, everything happen from a reason, nothing is left by chance and it can be predicted accurately if you’ll just give them your name and birth date. So basically this believes is like astrology because your birthday date was already determined and so is your first name.

However in angel number the concept is completely different, it doesn’t matter what happened in your past as the angels are sending you messages related to the present and the near future. With angel number reading you have more options because it doesn’t depended on past action. Therefore even if angel numbers invented from numerology it was later developed in a different way.

Here is a good example: let’s say you were born with life path number 5. A numerologist will tell you that you have the following personally traits: you can adapt quickly to changes, you like to live on your own terms and have some characteristics of leader. Furthermore the luckiest days of the month for you are: 5, 9, 14, 18, 23 and 27.

However when angels are sending you messages from the spiritual world, there is no importance to when you were born or what are your personality traits. They connect you because there are certain things you must do if you want good outcomes. Additionally angels warn us from danger and sometimes guide us to accomplish our life’s mission, whether we know it or not. Nothing is predetermined and your destiny might shift rapidly, if you will only be aware of the sacred signs.           

Angel numbers invented by book writers

It wasn’t until the early 2000s until books about angel numbers has been published and read by millions of people around the world. Back than book writers were the first people who actually called this phenomenon by its name “angel numbers”.

After reading many of them I discovered some common topics which addressing angel numbers and can shed light on the process of inventing them as a heavenly concept.

First at foremost it is very practical, in most case it is written like a dream dictionary chart, you have an index of numbers, usually  a big list from 0 to 100 or even up to 1000. Each one of them has a short interpretation of the meaning and sometimes an advice concerning what you should do when you keep seeing this number.

Secondly there are chapters dealing with “meaningful numbers” or “important sequences” that you shouldn’t miss. It usually described repeated numbers like 555, 777, 1313 and etc. these are not regular numbers because they repeat themselves. The propose of the repetition is to grab your attention, to shift your mind from the daily tasks and focus on the spiritual sign that is coming right towards you. This is a life time opportunity that will not come back any time soon. The messages of the angels behind these sequences are crucial.

So if book writers invented angel numbers than they are focusing more on repeated numbers, which according to them, have a greater symbolism than the others. It’s explained as a combination between numerology and searching for spiritual signs and guidance.

Everything that happens to us during life can be interpreted as a sign from the divine, however in these books the scope is only about numbers. For example you have lost all hope that a certain situation will be solved. But suddenly you see the number 555 on car plates, price tickets, clocks, screens and phone numbers, than it is a note from the angels that everything is going to be just fine. So meanwhile keep on positive mood and expect for good fortune.

The same concept works when the angels want to warn you about bad paths or roads that crossing your destiny. Certain numbers are warning signs encourage us to redirect ourselves into a different thinking, behavior or places.     

After angel numbers invented they amplified by the internet

In today’s world we are surrounded by digital electronics. Almost every item have a screen that is giving us information whether in pictures, videos, audio, text and of course numbers. More and more people encounter these angel numbers on a daily basis and as a pattern seeking creature we start to wonder what is the meaning behind it.

After a while a major circumstance has occur and we associated it with the number we seen repeatedly before. In the past people were sharing the information with each other only when they met or talk in the phone. However in the internet era everything is wide open and we can share and learn about angel numbers and their meanings.

There are many Facebook groups where people are sharing their number related stories and coincidences, community forums, blogs at tweets all discussing the phenomena. However Google and other search engines are the reason why many people who don’t know about it are discovering this psychic approach.

When we type anything in the search box we usually are getting related search suggestions. So if we are looking for a street address, phone numbers or bus schedule we are also getting related keywords for the specific number. One of them is usually mention the term “angel numbers”. Therefore people who didn’t knew about it are now interested because they think that the number they search for hold a bigger meaning for them.

This is the reason why people might think that the internet or special computer algorithm invented angel numbers, although it is not true. Furthermore there isn’t much information on the internet for the query “who invented angel number?”, not to mention history references. Hence it looks like a new phenomenon that was created in the digital age, but the origin is dated back to the ancient time of human civilization.

Did angel numbers invented in the biblical times?

There are many stories about angels in the holy bible and numbers appears there as well. So it will be very wise to ask the question “Did angel numbers invented in the biblical times?”

According to the bible, God send sign in many forms like messengers, people, animals, angels and paranormal events. However there is no explicit reference to a number as a code but as a part of the prophecy. So the number itself is not the sign, it is just a small part of the message although sometimes it is very critical. 

Numbers are very common in the bible book. Did you know that 20% of the words are actually numbers? It is a clue for the importance of numbers in creating the world and operating it according to precise principle. So numbers are part of greater plan the universe or the spirits have for us. It will be only logical to conclude that we can interact with the world on a spiritual way by deciphering the meaning of angel numbers, although the direct evidence is still missing.

Michael, Raphael, Gabriel, Uriel, Saraqael, Raguel, and Remiel are considered to be the 7 main angels or as they are called Archangel. If god wants to send messages to people on earth than these seven spiritual beings will deliver it. Yet there is no specific message that includes just a number which need to be interpreted alone. But research shows that there were almost half a million other kind of angels. Because we don’t have documentation on every one of them, it could be possible to assume that some of them interacted with people on earth by sending coded numbers.

According to numerology we can assign a number to each angel’s name from the bible and therefore know what he wants to tell us. For an example Gabriel is a guardian angel who is usually delivers news about compassion. So if you are getting numbers that means empathy like 7, 67 and 3349 they have been sent by him.

Are angel numbers astrology?

Did astrologer invented angel numbers? No. although astrology uses numbers it usually limit it to dates and hours. Even though there are few calculation to do it still doesn’t says anything about the symbolism of numbers, only about zodiac signs.

It also doesn’t talk about angels. The predicted events don’t necessarily have cause and effects of angel, it can be other beings and the energies of the cosmos from out of space. In that manner astrology is more resemble to numerology than angel numbers.

However the date of our birthday might be connected not only to zodiac sign, but also to the angel numbers phenomena, because we can calculate a number which ultimately signifies our path in life. According to astrology, the day and time we have born was set by the universe as a part of bigger plan. We are carrying this plan or mission inside of us and with every interaction we can either get closer to achieve it, or go to the other way and do the complete opposite, which distance us far away from being fulfilled and enlightened.

In order to keep on walking at right track we should listen to astrology prediction – daily, weekly, months and yearly. Because the stars and planets are moving in the sky and influencing on our future.     

Another connection between numerology and astrology is that in numerology there are 9 base numbers. These digits are the core foundations of all the bigger numbers` interpretation following from 10 to infinity. The same as with verdict astrology, there are nine celestial bodies in our solar system. They suppose to connect us to the universe in metaphysical and mysterious way. The planets are: the moon, the sun, mercury, mars, venus, Jupiter, Saturn, southern lunar and northern lunar.

Nevertheless, the connection of angel numbers to astrology is very weak and can’t be linked directly, but through numerology – the psychic method we discussed earlier in this research article.

Who invented angel numbers? Was it John Dee?

John Dee was a mathematician who spends lots of time practicing psychic methods in order to predict the future. He used astrology, occultism and alchemy as well. The scientific community refer him more as a magician and less as a mathematician, especially because of his story about how he communicated with angels.  

He claimed that Adam from the Garden of Eden story talked to angels and was able to understand them, but not by words and sentences of some ancient language. On the contrary, it was done by special codes which are similar or actually numbers. 

John Dee believed that with numbers we can decode the mystery of the universe and tried to replicate the exact way Adam could talk to angels. In order to do so, he paired up with Edward Kelly, a well known medium who channeled spirits and lost soul through a mirror.

The plan was that Kelly will record the codes he hear or see from the angels through the mirror or the crystal ball and Dee will try to translate the code to English. Together they thought to be the ultimate combination between science and spirituality. Maybe in this way they will finally bring higher knowledge to the human kind.

In the end they wrote few books, all of them are about conversations with angels, it called “Enochian language” or “angelic dictionary” and it also include numbers among the sacred symbols from the divine. Kelly claimed he had talk with famous Archangels from the bible like Urial, Raphael, Gabriel and Michael. According to the book there was one more additional angel who called “Madimi”, it looked like a creature with golden hair and red clothing.     

This is the only evident by far which directly correlate numbers with angel language. Not just an omen, but also as a mean of communication. So if the story is true, it is very possible that numbers are actual codes like any other symbols, letters and words.   

Who invented angel numbers? Psychic mediums?

Psychic mediums claim to be able to contact angels and spirits. How exactly it is done and do they get message in numbers as well? Is it possible that psychic medium invented angel numbers?

According to Wikipedia’s definition, mediums are contacting dead souls. These spirits were a live in our world but after the death or a person they moved to another world. So mediums usually don’t contact angels directly, just in rare cases. However the souls usually have information about the angel so they act as messengers between the angel and the psychic person.

This form on divination become very popular in the 19th century, it that specific century people could contact spirits without the need of a medium because of the invention of the Ouija board. The board is usually made of wood and it contain the words “yes” and “no”, letters and numbers from zero to nine.

If you would like to summon lost souls or angels than there is also a small Planchette. It has light weight and when you touch it gently the angels suppose to move it across the board. In the end it lands over specific letters and numbers which are part of the divine message. Therefore if the Ouija board has numbers, it is more likely that angels are contacting us via numbers as well and not only by words or mysterious symbols.

Another way to summon angels is by letting them to take over the body of the medium and speak directly. This practice considered very dangerous because the spirit might be a demon who pretend to be an angel and will never leave the possessed body.  

Through history psychic mediums did mentioned numbers as part or future prophecies, but never referred to specific digits as a code. Most of the information they gained was through whispering words or just feelings vibrations and energies around them.

Did angel numbers invented because of the lottery?

Many people around the world are participating in lottery games and purchasing lots of tickets everyday. Winning the lottery is one of the most desirable dreams of almost any person, because the prizes are usually very substantial. In order to win money you have to have luck and guess the right numbers. 

Picking up numbers is done in many ways and methods but we normally tend to look at familiar numbers like birthday dates, zip codes and phone numbers. However when we don’t know what to do in this situation or any other situation, we usually tend to seek guidance from the universe. Angel numbers is a method of paying close attention to numbers we encounter during out daily routine in order to guess them on the lottery ticket.

The assumption is that the angels will send you the right digits and will help you to win. Many people believe in the specific method and hope it will aid to manifest the dream. The more games they play the more they start to believe in the concept of angel numbers.

However these people are missing the basic point because angel numbers works differently. The numbers are just symbols so they are representing events, feelings and specific action taking. They don’t represent merely themselves. For an example if you are getting angel number 57 it doesn’t mean “number 57”, it means you should be more creative and find a spiritual road to enlightenment. 

So although the lottery had contributed great amount of awareness to angel numbers phenomena, it didn’t originated it just because people want lucky numbers from the universe. In fact it actually has a wrong meaning because the numbers are symbols of something else. Therefore people might get the wrong idea of the concept of angel number.

They usually have good meaning and represent love, growth, wealth peace, protection, friendship and sometimes pregnancy. Still they might be bad warnings and predict sadness, weeping, envy, renegade and battle.

Who invented angel numbers? Conclusion!

Numbers has a huge role in our life and especially in the spiritual world. While trying to answer the question “who invented angel numbers” we went through a long journey, just to find out we can not conclude for sure who was the one to invent angel numbers. So to this point it will remain a mystery.

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