Zodiac signs personality

Aries zodiac sign personality

Aries horoscope March 21 – April 19

Aries like to win challenges, compliments and they are very action oriented. They like to have the best of things and know exactly what they want to have or do in life. Most of them try very hard to look good and make strong impressions on other people.

Positive Aries zodiac traits: very supportive, they help to their friends very much and everyone can feel their presence in sad situations, they have no problems to go extra mile and be there for you. It is all about sharing and they don’t try to hide the personality, the best of all is that they accept people as there are.

Negative Aries traits: too much honesty, that means – sometimes they have problems in keeping secrets or to keep private issues to themselves. You might also be aware that they are too judgmental.

Aries rules by the star of mars which represent goals and motivation. They are natural leaders so they can’t live with the thought that they will be on the second place or even lose. No one can tell them what to do. Aries are associated with the symbols of house, they take the position of the ruler of this house and if someone will try to doubt it he or she is going to have a big fight. It is a bit of childish trait. But this high temper can also be good for you because as in nature the lion protect others because he is very strong.

Aries don’t have too much patience they want to have immediate results. If something doesn’t happened fast or on time they will lose an interest it in and move to the next thing. This is also the reason why they tend not to finish what they started. They want the excitement more than anything else.

Aries is the first zodiac sign this is why the traits surrounds mostly about being number one, lead and self oriented. But still on the other hand they really love to give a hand when needed.

Taurus zodiac sign personality

Taurus horoscope April 20 – May 20

Taurus is the second sign of the zodiac is an earth sign; it is very good in doing things and especially in initiate stuff. They are the masters of continuing and keep on going until the end so it’s practical, steady and relievable and it will get there in the end even if it will take a little time. but being ruled by Venus Taurus has a lot of practicality and also has a good taste so they tend to love good things in life here are few examples of what Taurus like and useful in:

They are good in resources, the material resources of the earth they are good in giving financial advices, they like to be involve is some kind of occupation were they are harvesting and working with the most natural resource in the modern society which is of course money.

They are also very good at bringing out the earthly things and preserve them like plants, gardens and maybe even choose the environment path in their life. They are also very creative and adore the good things in life: food, drinks, luxuries and presents. But still these will no make them lose their goals and ambition down the road; they will do the job done and will not let it go. Taurus are really stubborn and they like to do things in their own way.

They are the best friend you can have; they are very loyal and prefer few good friends over big audience which they don’t really know. They are also very shy in the company of strangers, but as you get to know them you will find a great personality down there. They also don’t like too many changes in life, they prefer to know their exact daily routine and not so spontaneous. They also keep the feelings to themselves and will not normally share them with everyone. They also spread security around them and have good sense of aesthetics and like to decorate stuff.

Gemini zodiac sign personality

Gemini horoscope May 21 – June 20

Gemini has lots of interesting facts and meanings; it’s the third sign of the zodiac and it ruled by planet mercury. Gemini is all about communication: looking at the newspapers, watching the television, reading books, chatting on the internet, networking on twitter and Facebook, emailing, blogging and any other activities you might think of that including lots of communications. Because really what Gemini likes is to know a lot of different things in fact variety is very much important for them. They might know enormous amount of things, maybe not always in depth but they always have an answer for something they know like facts that not too much people aware of them.

Gemini likes to travel probably to short distance and not long adventures. Because they like to interact they find a mutual language with lots of people, therefore they know few essential phrases to take with them to where ever they are going. They are really amazing friends to have because they have so much enthusiasm, they love to go out and talk to people and they are very comfortable talking about ordinary everyday things which are the news basically. They are an air sign so this is very much again have to do with interaction. They are always moving on to the next thing.

They like flexibly in their life and can not live by hard confinement and rules; they will always find a way to be free. They are not too loyal because they always want to meet new friends this is why sometimes they might consider superficial. But it doesn’t mean they will leave you, in the end they will come back and tell you all about their new discoveries and adventures.

Gemini are very multitasking they can do many jobs at the same time this is why they have the traits of managers and organized persons. They are also good in marketing and have special approach to customers. They also don’t like to wait or think for a while, they have fast answered and solutions.

Cancer zodiac sign personality

Cancer horoscope June 21 – July 22

Cancer is the zodiac sign of the crab, it’s a cardinal zodiac sign which means very go ahead it is also a water sign so they have very developed emotions, the feeling planet is the moon that is associated with sensitivity. They are actually family and home oriented, they are the sort of people that will find the neighborhood where they live and very important – they want to be extremely involved and want to know the people who lives around them. The family will be the key issue here.

The cancer will want to nurture and nourish the people they care foremost that will be so important for them. They tempt to make good care, so they might find themselves working as nurses, social workers. Often the zodiac sign of cancer is associated with taking people under their wings and really bring them on. They are doing this not in their job and not in their profession at all but in the home to feed people and they are also very good with food, so they make an excellent cooks. They love nothing better than have their family around them sitting at the table sharing a meal together.

The cancer is just a little bit as the crab in the natural world. Crabs have very hard armor and very protective but it side very soft and vulnerable and they tend to be like that, they tend to protect themselves and their secret feelings. Because they ruled by the moon and the moon affect the tides and flows and other waters which are the substance of the earth, they tend to be a little bit moody.

They also have good intuitions and many psychic powers that help them to find another meaning in this life and see what is far beyond. They can give great advises about how your future will look like and what you should do in order to achieve the goal. If you are in some kind of trouble then you need to hear what they have to say.

Leo zodiac sign personality

Leo horoscope July 23 – August 22

Leo is a fire sign on the zodiac and it is also a fixed sign, so imagine what fixed fire is like. It’s kind of got a strength and consisting so it knows where it going. But a fire sign love a lot of attention. And of course in Leo the ruling star is the sun but it is actually very important to the person’s sense of self.

So Leo is very much about doing something but also getting recognition for it. Leo doesn’t like to be ignored; they have a sense of pride that is associated with the lion in nature. This is their main character and therefore they got the zodiac sign on the lion. They have to be appreciated for everything they are doing so they also tend to like an audience, they like people to be in front of them and admire them for what they have to say or present. They have lots of presence and big skill to be actors; most of them find their work in the entertainment business. Their life blood is getting their applause when they are on the stage.

Of course Leo can be quiet dramatic as well, they can throw very dramatically words and they like this effect. Bit on the other hand they are very good and the most loyal friend you can find. They are fun to have around and make very interesting people to have near you because nothing is going to be boring.

Leos are very spiritual people and they can make others very happy. People are very attract to their lightness. They like to work with people, they are not lonely stars. They like to success and most of the time will not take no for an answer. They also want special things, to have stuff that others don’t possessed, it give them a very good feeling of proud.

Virgo zodiac sign personality

Virgo horoscope August 23 – September 22

Virgo as you probably knows like to be organized. It’s a mutable earth sign which is flexible, mobile and moves about. Earth also means practical and down to earth, they are very good in doing everything that is practical and put their hands on the stuff.

To be quiet honest they tend to be extremely perfectionists they don’t like to get things wrong. They really want to be perfect and to tick all the boxes, get all the details sorted out. Virgo is the best sign when you need an organized job to be done. They have the ability to work 24/7 and get into the deep details of every task they need to complete. They don’t like chaos, they like things neat and sorted out. They are very good personal assistants and cataloging things so they might make very good librarians. Virgos are also care very much about other people and can teach a lot.

Doing things for the people is a very big part of the Virgo zodiac sign; they care very much and want to be at the service to other people. They don’t like to get something wrong and therefore they can be very critical about things. But it also can be interpreted as being helpful. If they do something and they feel they have hurt somebody else then they will go and be very sorry about it as well. They also very busy people because they got so many things on the go.

Virgos counts more on their logical brain and less on emotions and feelings. Some might say they are cold or emotionally block, but most of the time this is not the case. Their mind is just working extra time. Also they are not much of talkers they keep things in secrets to their selves. Another great aspect of a personality is that they can remember everything and have extraordinary memory. This skill helps them to analyze every problem with logic.

Libra zodiac sign personality

Libra horoscope September 23 – October 22

Libra is a zodiac sign that is very much associated with the meaning of keeping, maintaining and creating balance and harmony in our lives. People who were born under the zodiac sign of the Libra tend to be nice because they don’t like to upset other people and to distract the balance of life around them. They are very sensitive to get things right, keep stuff equally on both sides.

Because of these personality traits they are very good in being diplomats. And mainly they are very good at not take obliviously side about issues. They are also mostly associated with relationships; they want to keep on being with their friends on the side of the dispute. And of course what ends up for them is to sit on the fence which is not always the best comfortable place to be because they don’t want to hurt anybody.

Librans are also fair minded people and they are very aesthetics and love beauty. They don’t like atmosphere that you can cut with a knife, they really like things to be pleasant around them. They will try hard to express that desire in the way they look, dress themselves. Very often Libra is associated with fashion, makeup, beauty, hairstyles and also with arts of all forms and music. So all of these topics are very important for Libras.

The effect of being just and fair is very is a very good one, the opposite sign is Aries which is very much to do with the self and with “me”, with Libra zodiac it is all about “you” – the other person. So they are very good in forming and keeping relationships. It is the sign that is probably the most beautiful and the most physically attractive, but it doesn’t mean only physically beauty, it might be the beauty of the mind, attitudes and the way they relate to other people.

More words that match to the meaning of this personality are: Calibrate, being equable. Libra is the ruler of the part of the body which is all to do with keeping and maintaining balance which is the kidneys that maintains the fluids in our bodies.

Scorpio zodiac sign personality

Scorpio horoscope October 23 – November 21

Scorpio is a water sign very intense and the symbol is the sting in the scorpion’s tail. Scorpio is a fixed water sign like ice, something very cool and smooth only on the surface. But underneath they are very deep dark of a mercury depth. It is also a very secretive sign so they will tell you the truths but they don’t know always what they are thinking about and what is going on inside.

They are very intense and the emotional stuff is very deep and passionate. They are passionate about everything they are involve in, focus and what they are interested in. there is no two ways about it, it is switch on or switch off.

Scorpio is often a zodiac sign that is quiet deceiving and penetrating with their eyes they are very piercing and there is a lot going on inside of them. If you cross them and even if it is only a joke they will wait to get you back, the revenge will come sooner or later. But they don’t mind how long they wait. They got forensic ability to get to the bottom of things; they often make very good detectives, they have a great skill to collect and assemble all the clues. They can be very strategic and plan.

They will be looking at the meaning of things such as truth and they will not be satisfied until they got the answers. They will also want to be recognized in some way for their intensity, for the integrity. But they will demand respect as well; they don’t want to be applause like Leo sign. If they will not get what they want they will let you know about it.

Sagittarius zodiac sign personality

Sagittarius horoscope November 22 – December 21

Sagittarius is the center of the zodiac signs; they are very positive and optimistic people and want to explore life to its fullest. To be in places they never knew about and to meet new people who can teach them more about the meaning of life.

Even when you lost all your hope and don’t know how to continue or what to do know, they will help you by being optimistic. They believe that justice will be served that like in karma – good things happen to good people. Therefore they are very good at the law professions like lawyers, policemen, detectives, judges and even politics. They also have great luck because they see the world in optimistic view. Being lucky is very easy for the, all the best thing in life really come true for them, they celebrate every moment of joy and they don’t mind to share it with their family and friends.

Sagittarius is also having great vision; they can see for the long run, it is also give them very high skills of being psychics. They will always search the deep meaning of things; they don’t think that whatever happens is just a coincidence because according to them, everything has a reason even if you can’t see it clearly at first. The time will tell you everything.

Sagittarius often has problems in balancing their career with the personal life. Most of the time, they neglect one of the two. So from one side of the coin they are free but on the other side, this freedom has its price. They also need space and can’t live in a place where there are too many restrictions and rules, this environment might make them sad and depressed. The ultimate freedom for them is to travel and just be in the wide open nature.

Capricorn zodiac sign personality

Capricorn horoscope December 21- January 19

Capricorn in the goat zodiac sign which mean that they are very stable and everyone can counts on their words. They have big self esteem and sure that whatever they do is very important and that they will success in it. They don’t afraid of hard work and putting lots of effort and resources in what they are doing. They are goal focused and will not stop until full achievement is done.

They are very good with their hands, they know exactly how to build, fix and operate stuff, and something that can also be interpreted as artistic but only if it something very practical. They are also very creative and can make everything from nothing. Capricorn is ruled by the Saturn star which symbolize strict rules and therefore they are people that don’t compromise on what they believe in. they also like to be in control of everything around them and this is also sometimes associated with over materialistic characteristics.

Saturn is also representing limits so it makes it difficult to gain what they are working for. For them life is not a joy or a time to relax and have fun, there is always something that stop them from higher achievements. This is why they often take big challenges, they like the fact that it is not easy and not everyone can do what they do. They take life to seriously which make them problems to meet new friends.

Capricorn worry too much about what other people will think about them, they don’t like gossip and will be very sensitive in these situations. They like to care and help, they need to be needed. A good memory is another great skill of Capricorns it helps them to be safe, they need to create a good past in order to continue developing their future.

Aquarius zodiac sign personality

Aquarius horoscope January 20 – February 19

Aquarius zodiac sign is associated with knowledge; they are very smart and know everything about everything. The down side of this is that they tend to argue if they think you challenge them intellectually. They are a water sign which means lots of emotions and feelings. But it doesn’t mean that they are only intellectual or only too emotional. They have the skill to combine these two personality traits. For example a scientist or an inventor who is really smart and brilliant but his or her mind is in another place.

Aquarius always think about the future, it make them good planners and investors, but sometimes they forget that the living in at the present. This is why they also have a good vision and imaginations when it comes to visualizing the future; it is a great psychic power and it also makes them spiritual people that connect to nature and can feel energies.

Like other zodiac signs they do love their freedom, they can not give themselves only to a person or a closed friend, they need some time to be alone, to be able to clear their minds and feel independence. They try to understand the meaning of things and it might come on the account of enjoying the experience, which means that they think too much about issues that are better to leave. They are not too open to strangers but once you get to know them you can find a lovely personality. They connect to people more with the logical aspects and less with the heart.

Aquarius like to be a rebel and defy the common structure of the world, they don’t want to live their life in a boring routine. They will help to people and give them lots of attentions and resources. They will fight for justice and even sacrifice themselves to this cause.

Pisces zodiac sign personality

Pisces horoscope February 20 – March 20

Pisces is the fish zodiac sign which associated with love and trust; they will believe their friends, in good life and of course in spiritualism. They feel that every person on earth is somehow connected to another person, this give them a special psychic view when they are looking on the big picture. You trust their advices and they will help you to reach out and meet new people.

They are very emotional and you can see it on their eyes, their soul is so fragile and when someone hurt them they can be very sad an upset. They want to be themselves and express it in artistic way, the career is not very important for them and they don’t mind to move from place to place as long as they will find the right way to live as they wish.

The big struggle of Pisces is to find their shining path in life. Sometimes they are too good in many professions that make them confused in which way they should go. If they don’t find it then they might fall down and be lonely. They know how to guide others in spiritual journey but it is very hard for them to help themselves in this task.

Making a decision is also hard for them but the good side of it is that they are very flexible to any change that might pop up in their lives. They have to make reality check every once in a while because the real life is not always easy, and cruel decisions will have to be made along the way. They are very romantic is fairy tales style and will stick to relationship even if it’s not good for them. They forgive and forget very easily and this makes them very vulnerable because some might use it for his or her needs.

Ophiuchus zodiac sign personality

Ophiuchus horoscope 9 – December 17

Ophiuchus is the 13th zodiac sign which is a snake and has the personality traits of Scorpio and Sagittarius signs together. These people have lot of knowledge, they like to learn and discover new things in life. They also need intellectual adventure or they will get bored very soon. However they can be very impulse and irrational and sometimes act out of the blue and be very surprising, so be careful and think twice before you make a meaningful decision.

Ophiuchus like to have fun, act and even dress in unique fashion they can also mask their intention very good, like the snake in paradise. They can’t relax or sit quiet they are always after something. People don’t feel so comfortable to be around them all the time, but to love them you have to know them first, because after all they are very unique in their own way. They want to be appreciate, to be important and to be noticed and if not they will be very jealous.

In the mythology Ophiuchus was a doctor who could bring back to life dead people, he first practiced these psychic mystery with snakes – which is the symbol of medicine but the gods couldn’t allow him to make all the human kind to be immortal so they exiled him to the stars. But from there he could help people by providing them good luck and success. He is wise and keeps the knowledge to himself until he need to use it to help others.

They have special psychic powers of healing not so physicals but mainly mental and spiritual. The 13th number has many negative associations so sometimes people connect it to black magic and evil energies, but most of the time this is not the case.

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